Can Marbles Stand On His Hind Legs?

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16. Sij 2020.



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Komentari 19 863
Cristina Hidalgo
Cristina Hidalgo Prije 9 sati
hes so cute but so ugly at the same time
Briana Niedling
Briana Niedling Prije 10 sati
Mhairi McCrindle
Mhairi McCrindle Prije 14 sati
Marbles is so much like my own chihuahua it scary. I gave him a neck scratch as he left the living room earlier and he forgot what he was going to do.
Riley Roberts
Riley Roberts Prije 15 sati
Ur uploading videos every Wednesday and my bday is on a Wednesday so YE BOII
Riley Roberts
Riley Roberts Prije 15 sati
Love Kermit and toothless brother/marbles
Caitlin Maxfield
Caitlin Maxfield Prije 15 sati
Jenna has RDJ energy
Nikita Iszard
Nikita Iszard Prije 16 sati
Bobby has gotten so much sweeter with age
Lithuanian Vlog
Lithuanian Vlog Prije 18 sati
Jenna is monokuma confirmd
Mocha Kat
Mocha Kat Prije 20 sati
I like your hoodie. Its really cute 😚
Steven Kawleski
Steven Kawleski Prije 21 sat
How is he still alive!?
Kayla Mullins
Kayla Mullins Prije 21 sat
This made me cryyyyy. I fell off the youtube train for quite a while but I watched Sexual Wednesday/Thursday religiously since marble was like 1 :,)
Bipvhu Prije 22 sati
My Chihuahua constantly stands up on her hind legs because it gets her closer to where the attention/food is. She'll literally stand up and use our schnauzer's head as support when I'm making breakfast. Regardless, I'm still very proud of the marbly lad. He's a wonderful boyo.
Brianna Rodriguez
I wanna kiss marble’s face off!!❤️🥺
ZeroFox75 Prije dan
Yo most meta thing ever. Hearing Jenna’s background music on her phone and also in the actual background of this video. Music-ception
Melissa Flowers
Melissa Flowers Prije dan
I watched this whole damn video all the way through. The VIRGANG is easily entertained.
Megan Prije dan
God I thrive off of Marbles content
Jillian McGauley
Marbles makes me smile so big. His little tongue, his little romp that he does when he’s excited, his patience, his sweet calmness around them when he just sleeps on the podcast, his love for Jenna. He’s just the goodest boy, what I wouldn’t give to give him a hug
Juliette Macron
Juliette Macron Prije dan
Jenna: it takes a special kind of person to watch this video Me: watched this video five times
msalexander126 Prije dan
im one of the marbles
• Stary Galaxy •
You can do anything you dream of, Marble! *Marble dreams of going back on the carpet*
Lily Chavez
Lily Chavez Prije dan
“ some people just have to be marbles in life and that’s ok” that’s my year book quote
Honey Audios
Honey Audios Prije dan
marble gets more love and praise for looking *upwards* then i did for graduating
Lucifronz Prije dan
I think some people believe Mr. Marbles to be dumb. He knows what he's doing, he's no stranger to the game. To get treats, you gotta be cute. That's it. That's all you need. He'll work that angle until the day he dies. And I use the term "work" loosely. Though he was a good boy in this video and worked very hard for those treats.
Cipher Animations
So Marble was more successful at learning how to jump up than sitting on a different surface. I love this dog so much.
Foxy Floof
Foxy Floof Prije dan
6:49 XD
Nickolas Garcia
Nickolas Garcia Prije dan
Marbles is like Yoda. He walks around like an old grandpa but he can really move when he needs to. 😝🤪
TanR Con
TanR Con Prije dan
The camera man sounds like Winnie the Pooh when Kermit was crying the cameraman said Kermit good boy
David Riskin
David Riskin Prije dan
If you keep doing videos like this you’re going to break Poor marble in half
Aka Ormyni
Aka Ormyni Prije 2 dana
Marble has always had the ability to jump up. He just became so depressed when Kermit came he doesn’t even know where he is anymore. I inspire to live my life the same way Marble.
Ellie Reynolds
Ellie Reynolds Prije 2 dana
The noise Julian makes at 16:58 just as Bunny opens her mouth has me in stitches! Could watch that all day :)
Lolita Doll
Lolita Doll Prije 2 dana
Get your cermet to gRhOaW... Get your cermet to sEIt...
valerieee a
valerieee a Prije 2 dana
kermit and peach spinning at 14:17 i didn’t know i needed that but i did
L G Prije 2 dana
his tiny paws doing tiny stomps is the cutest thing I've ever seen
kamaro531ify Prije 2 dana
I just spent 20 minutes staring at a dog jump.... 😑
Manuela Beltoft Salvagno
Matbles is such a little cutie bud 😍🙏♥️🐕🥰 good boy Marbles 🥰😍👏♥️🙏🐕♥️
Viktor Lunde
Viktor Lunde Prije 2 dana
Why do you only have ugly dogs?
Nikki Burg
Nikki Burg Prije 2 dana
I'm so proud of Marbles and you for this ❤️
Laney Kerner
Laney Kerner Prije 2 dana
marble is the cutest thing ever 😭
JaieKay hollimore
JaieKay hollimore Prije 2 dana
Why was I throughly entertained
Prachu D
Prachu D Prije 2 dana
Marbles is actually very smart💙 Because a dog learning a new trick at 11.. it's amazing😍😙
Victor Pereira
Victor Pereira Prije 2 dana
i watched a rosted video from 2017 and marble looked the same, is he eternal?
Laotoole 92
Laotoole 92 Prije 3 dana
I read this as can marbles stand on his head. I was vvvvvvery confused
Sly to Fly
Sly to Fly Prije 3 dana
I watched the whole thing 🤣
Cody S
Cody S Prije 3 dana
I feel so bad for marble. When the other dogs came he realized his time was up and leaves. It's so sad
Thaddeus Deos Devradyin
I love the little stiff-legged excited shuffle Meeble does when Jenna pulls the treat along the ground, it's so fuckin ADORABLE--
yaboi roux
yaboi roux Prije 3 dana
s O i have 5 chihuahuas, yes i Know thats A Lot but here i am, and lemme tell ya when you said it takes a certain person to care for a chihuahua because they're just little kinda dumb puppers and i immediately looked down to see 2 of my dogs begging despite not having any food out knowing that just a bit earlier at least one of them was barking at the lamp
Danielle Chapman
Danielle Chapman Prije 3 dana
I'm so impressed. Marbles is my fave. Even though I shouldn't have a fave.... no one tell my dogs
Heidi Hearter
Heidi Hearter Prije 3 dana
Marble is the cutest and I am so proud of him.... BUT JENNA.... I have the same socks!
Alina Hart
Alina Hart Prije 3 dana
You should make a vegan version of the smooth peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Aquarius Lovegood
Aquarius Lovegood Prije 3 dana
Is it possible for some of us to be kermits in life? 'Cause I feel that boi's energy on a spiritual level.
Exily Prije 3 dana
I’m going to pretend I didn’t cry at how cute he is.
Fabulous Roy
Fabulous Roy Prije 3 dana
Ruby Kapture
Ruby Kapture Prije 3 dana
I love the patience and kindness with which you handle Marble. You two obviously love your babies.
Eggy H
Eggy H Prije 3 dana
Ong Prije 3 dana
Next dave by dave video: Kermit: *eat eat eat eat the shoe eat eat eat*
Ong Prije 3 dana
Poor marble... He is getting teased for learning how to stand.... I feel bad for him it hurt my heart to see that he was doing so well then his self confidence just when 💤..
I like Dogs
I like Dogs Prije 3 dana
My dog learn sit in 5 mins mastered it in a week so this amazing the type of patience you have
Kate Miranda
Kate Miranda Prije 3 dana
I've never seen marble this alive
Draiy B
Draiy B Prije 3 dana
Just have to say I have a Chihuahua that is super smart and food motivated. I can teach her most things in a few minutes. But she's also a psychopath so there's that
Legacie Phillips
Legacie Phillips Prije 3 dana
Bunny: *bArK* Jules: *opEns dOoR* hI tEmpEr tAnTrUm! Bunny: *stops* Jules: t o d d l e r
Patricia Couch
Patricia Couch Prije 3 dana
Your dogs are ugly.
jenna marbles did WHAT?
I Want A New Face
Jenna is busy!
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