Can we get rid of Covid-19 forever?

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How to eradicate a disease, in 4 steps.

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As of March 2021, Covid-19 has killed more than 2.5 million people. It’s brought on a dramatic economic downfall, a mental health crisis, and has generally just put the world on pause. But we don’t have to look far back in history to see how much worse it could have been.

Smallpox was twice as contagious as Covid-19, and over 60 times as deadly. It plagued humanity for centuries, left many survivors blinded and covered in scars, and killed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century alone. But today, smallpox has been eradicated. Through a massive global effort, we were able to wipe the disease completely out of existence.

So can we do the same thing with Covid-19? And if we can’t, what are our other options?

Read the article this video is based on, by Kelsey Piper:

On Smallpox:

Edward Jenner’s story and more on the first vaccine:

On the Balmis Expedition, which brought the smallpox vaccine around the world:

The fascinating story of the last smallpox outbreak in the United States: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out .

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10. Ožu 2021.



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Komentari 6 307
Michelle Carew
Michelle Carew Prije 6 dana
Why small pix not big pox???? Hey how r ya
Michelle Carew
Michelle Carew Prije 6 dana
Lol covid covid rar rar covid covid ha ha yayyyy i love covid hahhhhh saw saweee
876 Plug
876 Plug Prije 10 dana
wait are you saying scientist is gonna make another deadly virus lol, becuase nature didn't create this virus its ya'll god the scientists
Julene Stephanie Good
Julene Stephanie Good Prije 10 dana
Must be 18 years or older to read this: 98% say they're not getting the jab until Trump go's back into office. 80% say because they don't trust the vaccine. another 30% say they don't want the jab because they rather wait until they have they're 2nd or 4th child to get the vaccine. 20% of women say they rather wait until they go threw natural menopause 1st before they get the vaccine. 20% of men rather wait until they can naturally no longer have children.
James Hill
James Hill Prije 12 dana
Covid is a huge problem because our rent and mortgage are still due every month utilities still have to be paid food costs money and nothing is free.
helloitsmefilip Prije 13 dana
hopefully covid ends
Dimitry Gamer
Dimitry Gamer Prije 19 dana
No we can’t wipe it bc it was man made
qaedi ariffin
qaedi ariffin Prije 21 dan
And it getting worsen
Bill Collins
Bill Collins Prije 23 dana
What if rabies was airborn?
Blessed Girl
Blessed Girl Prije 23 dana
Lol the WHO is evil and don’t deserve funding
Irwin Murphy
Irwin Murphy Prije 11 dana
Answering Man
Answering Man Prije 25 dana
Small pox : non exist Anti vaxxers: allow us to introduce ourselves
Panda Pie
Panda Pie Prije 28 dana
*Preparing Mark of the Beast System* The Lord’s coming and the False prophet *WAKE UP*
Jacky Xu
Jacky Xu Prije 29 dana
Wrong. China invented smallpox vaccine before Jenner did
Southtrack Productions
Variolation is not the same as vaccination.
Fallston Cougars 8u & 10u
If it originated in bats; did a human digest a bat, did the bat bite a human? How did we contract it?
김현모 Prije mjesec
Hey Vox, If you hate the richer country's action of taking away too much vaccine that should have went to poorer countries, you must attack the current Biden administration. For now, the US is the biggest perpetratior of it by taking too much vaccine and approving them as Booster-shot, which should have went to the less-vaccinated, poorer countries.
Dee Ess
Dee Ess Prije 24 dana
What you say is true, but by saying it like that you politicize the problem which is one of the root causes of the epidemic.
Ambitious Prije mjesec
1:10 thats what she said
Elene Prije mjesec
I lost my father due to Covid...He got infected 3 days prior to his vaccination appointment. Families around me are also losing their loved ones..pregnant women and toddlers dying...Get vaccinated asap..If not for strangers, then do it for your own families. Even if vaccines don't offer 100% protection, it is something we must do to save lives. I still feel as if I am in a dream... It is a horrible pain that I wish nobody experiences. May god bless you all.
Qi Huna
Qi Huna Prije mjesec
McElectroculus Prije mjesec
Godless Prije mjesec
More people are getting vaccinated but cases of covid is rising rapidly. It does not make sense. Vaccines are useless.
665 Demon Dog
665 Demon Dog Prije mjesec
7:17 we shouldnt, yes we should why do you think a lot of people are gathering with friends and family regardless becasue it is inhumane to be distanced all the time like we hated each other or having to wear face masks that are so annoying, and the vaccine doesnt solve anything we can still get sick regardless
Dee Ess
Dee Ess Prije 24 dana
The lockdowns would have been worse if it wasn't for the internet so thank goodness for that. But people should change their behavior. This last winter was the first year in many decades that I didn't get sick. That was mostly due to the fact that if someone did get sick they definitely stayed home. That behavior should remain. Truthfully, before Covid if you had a cold you probably still went to work (and people should be given paid sick days so they can afford to stay home), didn't wear a mask to protect your family. And masks, quarantines, and the vaccine are proving effective.
Chancellor Asher
Chancellor Asher Prije mjesec
WHO has failed the world more besides China. WHO and China was basically working together at the beginning to downplay the virus despite all the evidence. WHO and China claimed there isn’t any clear evidence that it could be transmitted through humans. But China’s action tells otherwise, they were locking down the city and silenced the doctor who gave them strong warnings. Yet WHO supported and backed China. WHO even critique Trumps early travel ban from/to China and that it is overreacting.
Chancellor Asher
Chancellor Asher Prije mjesec
@McElectroculus it ain’t bad as they are assimilating their fellow muslims in they territory.
McElectroculus Prije mjesec
But China isn't bad
JP Prije mjesec
Nature: let's make an ebola covid remix
Magical Dream
Magical Dream Prije mjesec
We can get rid of it when man stops manipulating and the government stops politicizing
Kenneth Jimenez
Kenneth Jimenez Prije mjesec
6:03 great how they get the projection of Bhutan wrong.
Zuko Prije mjesec
I genuinely believe that eradication is no longer an option at this point
Alicia Nelson
Alicia Nelson Prije mjesec
Sure just turn off your tv go out and live your life.
Denis Andrade
Denis Andrade Prije mjesec
smallpox eradicated? but I’m from 2001 and I’ve had it in my childhood, and then I got shingles which was awful
K B Prije mjesec
If you want the truth....don't watch or read anything from The these cartoons.
Rehan Sajid
Rehan Sajid Prije mjesec
This sounds like the beginning of doomsday. Jesus
Shawn Royer
Shawn Royer Prije mjesec
Wow… foreshadow much?!
Adam Ismail
Adam Ismail Prije mjesec
What is more sad about this is that the number of deaths has basicly doubled since this was uploaded, just a few months ago.
TSR-Animations Prije mjesec
Who knows, maybe Covid will be one of those diseases we'll need boosters for every year or every few years, until the disease mutates into a less harmful strain, like a cold
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq Prije mjesec
If My people
essentialeugene Prije mjesec
This virus is never going away. The pandemic may not end until 2027.
eastern2western Prije mjesec
Cartoon Entertainment
it's the government.they should be blamed.
Adhitya Ferdi
Adhitya Ferdi Prije mjesec
Nice information 👏
Cwtch Prije mjesec
Don't ever forget the name Wuhan
MEDIC Me Prije mjesec
We? Whos we, you mean who let it rise
Cradle of Anal
Cradle of Anal Prije mjesec
short answers.. NO..
Checkma8s Prije mjesec
Not too much talk... Exact words i like this
I G Prije mjesec
"And this pandemic shows us we're not ready for something worse" : This is why we should stop any kind of animal interaction like livestock, zoo, fur industry, hunting etc. And eat plant based. Also because we don't want to be immune to the antibiotics which is coming from the animal products we consume, it might be even more deadly than virus!
Ernest T
Ernest T Prije mjesec
We let it spread to pandemic proportions?? Try telling that to China.
The Frontmen 5R e-gaming
This is the cause of a 'gain and function ' research?? Why not do a 'lows and function ' ??
kennyw Prije mjesec
The Ro for the delta strain is 5-8! Thanks to under-vaccinated and unvaccinated people, the delta strain will ample opportunities to develop an even more virulent strain. It's also possible that it will not, but keep in mind that as far as nature is concerned, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has the same right to life as humans do and has selected humans to do just that. We have a unique opportunity to outsmart the Covid virus through vaccinations, but will a brainless protein particle outsmart a species with brains?
Chandra Penthala
Chandra Penthala Prije mjesec
And now we have the Delta variant
Mexican In Japan Gaming
Mexican In Japan Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
It spread because the common person Is selfish and think they know it all. If small POX happens in 2020 we would never get rid of it.
mippy Prije 2 mjeseci
corona virus is not just a disease, its a setup that we cant see, like a green screen with a overlay. only china government, American government know whats going on, and i found out
Gia Prije 2 mjeseci
Spill the beans @mippy
mippy Prije 2 mjeseci
mistake, i know the truth and it has nothing to do with this
TheAntichristGod Prije 2 mjeseci
Humans deserve covid-19.
katrina rose
katrina rose Prije 2 mjeseci
my idea may not be right but i think we should all go into lockdown again (i know its boring) and stop all traviling abroad because covid-19 is still here and we need to get rid of it i also think that it is best if everyone gets the jab because tehn covid rates would go down and everybody would be at less risk of catching it
God C. BeDeInFOrcEr.
God C. BeDeInFOrcEr. Prije 2 mjeseci
Ebbefication of the globe means annihilation of the Racovid. That's what's happening.
Ethan Kupser
Ethan Kupser Prije 2 mjeseci
Can someone explain why I don’t have it but my wife has had it for about week? Others that got tested and said they have been exposed, tested positive but my friend and I didn’t. Been doing nothing what so ever to be “safe”?
John Luderer
John Luderer Prije 2 mjeseci
“We’ll be able to go back to the way things were before. But, we Me: wElL tO bAd sO sAd
Pale Dude
Pale Dude Prije 2 mjeseci
Covid ain’t no ho vid.
Chocolate Is Life Chocolate Is Love
"Global cooperation" Sorry, we don't do that here...
SeeTeufel Prije 2 mjeseci
Please vacinate against all 4 varrients!
Alberto Beto
Alberto Beto Prije 2 mjeseci
Factor number 5, which helped erradicate smallpox : 5- the fact of the infection be clear to identify, bubbles on sking, while covid-19 have many people infected but without symptons. If smallpox have such characteristic of covid-19, it would be harder to erradicate since the "ring of vaccination" would be more difficult or even impossible. So, with covid-19, we woud need not just a vaccine that avoid infection and not just symptons, and we would need to vaccinate nearly everyone (90% or more), and find what animal transmited to humans, and stop to eat/hunt such animal. In other words, covid-19 will be more difficult to erradicate than smallpox.
David Cordukes VR
David Cordukes VR Prije 2 mjeseci
If you really still think that COVID originated in the wild your willfully blind….
McElectroculus Prije mjesec
@David Cordukes VR Well as you know the patogen has an ability to mutate, it doesn't mutate under the pressure of time but it basically adapts to the humans body. So if there was an animal carrying COVID in an early phase, and someone ate it then they have it in their body
David Cordukes VR
David Cordukes VR Prije mjesec
@McElectroculus what evidence can you present to me proofing otherwise?
McElectroculus Prije mjesec
The Black Girls Guide
The Black Girls Guide Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought the music was scary, until I realized it sounds similar to Depeche Mode. My favorite band!
Dean M.
Dean M. Prije 2 mjeseci
Destroy China and they will never make problems again to mankind
McElectroculus Prije mjesec
Shut up boomer
Violet Ho
Violet Ho Prije 2 mjeseci
As long as not only rely on vaccination, need to stop it in different ways will do
Rayson Virtuosi
Rayson Virtuosi Prije 2 mjeseci
"Because our failure isn't that we can't eradicate Covid 19, is that we let it rise to pandemic proportion to begin with" Aren't we all know how to respond this sentence?
GANSAW Prije 2 mjeseci
C L W Prije 2 mjeseci
I honestly doubt it can ever be as it was
Shantanu Kulkarni
Shantanu Kulkarni Prije 2 mjeseci
Not possible
ArASsEO_ WaKaRiMaShiTa!!!
This is want we want ERADICATION...vaccines that cannot make immunity or make herd immunity is NO SENSE...we cannot stop this pandemic but we can reduce the deaths and severe cases...why not focus on drugs like ivermectin for more research. I think we must take time for vaccine development. And we must still do the protocols because COVID is real.
Androides Paul
Androides Paul Prije 2 mjeseci
mRRA vaccines produce new types of RNA viruses. Some can integrate with dangerous DNA viruses. The spread of virulence factors and virulence plasmids in mRNA vaccines may lead to the cultivation of completely new and great types of viruses in the midst of human. Can we get rid off Spahn and its Biontec mRNA - ideas vor ever ?
Subverter 1.1
Subverter 1.1 Prije 2 mjeseci
It can take 2 steps revert to common cold or turn into a super virus, judging by the forecast its the latter, if it was destined to be a common cold then new mutations shouldn't have formed, its smart its trying to form a super mutation why cant anyone see this?
Jose Macasero
Jose Macasero Prije 2 mjeseci
China has the best strategy in dealing with the virus: Capitalism. Covid originated in China, they mass produce and export face masks and shields, and they sell their vaccine to poor countries.
Hill Rudolf
Hill Rudolf Prije 2 mjeseci
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Garry Singh
Garry Singh Prije 2 mjeseci
After watching this video I’m in hospital..! “Don’t worry, I work there” As a cleaner.
Grace Kim
Grace Kim Prije 2 mjeseci
p l
p l Prije 2 mjeseci
There is another important file forgotten. The long term effects of covid19. Brain fog, systemic pain, neurological changes, heart inflammation. Those are just some the effects we know of... so far. Even if we make it out if this we don't know yet what other long term changes this virus has done to previously infected adults but especially to previously infected children.
TheFunnyguy9000 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes we can
Richard Long
Richard Long Prije 2 mjeseci
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oracle _2010
oracle _2010 Prije 2 mjeseci
No one is safe until everyone is safe
Reign Allens
Reign Allens Prije 2 mjeseci
Dr.ademise on youtube truly got the total cure for hsv i'm a living testimony of his good works and so i recommend him
Pitadee D
Pitadee D Prije 2 mjeseci
We let it rise to pandemic proportion to begin with
Darwin Kamto
Darwin Kamto Prije 2 mjeseci
Covid19 gives mother nature and earth to breathe..less destruction..think covid19 as a positive sign for living earth..
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Let me turn peoples Floridic brains on a minute. Did we get rid of INFLUENZA with a vaccine?
ron!!! Prije 2 mjeseci
"global cooperation" where is it
Kieu Loan Nguyen
Kieu Loan Nguyen Prije 2 mjeseci
The ill-fated thursday provisionally command because lamp analogically fold pro a childlike locket. lazy, possible cardigan
A A Prije 2 mjeseci
Problem is that in past people not make problem for many don't want to be vaccinated, to many don't want to obey safety rules so we still have to many people who ceep covid engine running and helping virus to mutate
KEX CZ Prije 3 mjeseci
And ofcourse, as always, Americans forget to mention anyone non-US who truly invented the way to erradicate the smallpox, the genial Czech Karel Raška....
Ritik Thakur
Ritik Thakur Prije 3 mjeseci
Great work👍
Diễm Quỳnh Nguyễn
Diễm Quỳnh Nguyễn Prije 3 mjeseci
"Our failure isn't that we can't eradicate COVID-19, it's that we let it rise to pandemic proportions to begin with" This is so true If we have taken the virus more seriously as first, it wouldn't have become a pandemic But it's the past now. Now we have to fight against this virus together. Guys please wear your mask, wash your hands and don't go out too much, as well as interacting with other people. Stay home, stay safe guys. Hope COVID-19 will be defeated.
Fazal Noor
Fazal Noor Prije 3 mjeseci
If smallpox was eradicated then logic says use well tested methods to make an effective vaçcine for Covid too, Why use these new techniques to make and test on humans which themselves are causing serious damage and many side effects just as many as one tree branches out into its different branches. Each branch representing a side effect. Have some patience perfect the tested methods and then give to public. Rush, rush, rush first is not yet solved and create other problems.
msfsaint Prije 3 mjeseci
No, we won't. New vaccines every year, then every few years.
:Joe -bloggs.
:Joe -bloggs. Prije 3 mjeseci
The farce continues.
Jewelson Noronha
Jewelson Noronha Prije 3 mjeseci
As a spiritual person, for years I heard the higher beings communicate with me about "The event" that was about to come. I didn't knew it was the pandamic as they confirmed it. Then came the shocking new info through them, "The Second bigger event" which is far bigger than the first... Think about it, if it's true the next very bigger event could be WW3. But no, they dealt that by causing shortage of CPU. And problems with USA - China, India-China and USA-Taiwan. The next big event is very mysterious.
DJ Official Super Music Top #1
At the best this is like eradicating the flu.
SURI D Prije 3 mjeseci
I don't believe that these diseases were created by nature, I believe they were created by man. There's a pattern in which these things come out. Also, there's the man who consider himself a god claiming that the world is overpopulated and that something needs to be done about it. such a sad world that the innocent, especially the kids are going to suffer.... sad
Danika Mamie
Danika Mamie Prije 3 mjeseci
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BRAINDEAD VIRUS Prije 3 mjeseci
lets make a vaccine for car accidents that kills 1.5 million every year and the cars just get away with it! its not right and they have been doing this for 100 years adjusted for people inflation this is 150 million covid oooops I mean carvid deaths so far ! this is just a tradgedy ! please someone do something?
The Arbiter 0721
The Arbiter 0721 Prije 3 mjeseci
Well we didn’t eat the bat did we
Pale Dude
Pale Dude Prije 2 mjeseci
They were augmenting the virus in a lab for testing purposes and it escaped. Nobody ate freaky animals.
Denisse Espinal Reyes
Denisse Espinal Reyes Prije 3 mjeseci
The three glass immunohistochemically suggest because tortoise really object despite a gaudy colombia. pink, materialistic puma
Neptonic101 Prije 3 mjeseci
ZHE LI Prije 3 mjeseci
Poor virus went extinct 😢
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Prije 3 mjeseci
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What if We Nuke a City?
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