Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. It seems simple on the surface. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun and transfer it to our atmosphere. This leads to warmer winters, harsher summers. Dry places become drier and wet places wetter. Countless ecosystems will die while the rising oceans swallow coasts and the cities we build on them.

So why don’t we just like… prevent all of that? Well, it’s complicated.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
This video was supported by Gates Notes: If you want to learn more about how we handle Sponsorships like this one, we also have a medium article describing how we do it: And here is the sources doc for the vid:
New Account
New Account Prije 12 sati
Fatih Taha Baykal
@kurzgesagt-In a Nutshel pls Turkish CC plsss
Daniel Prije 4 dana
off course it is...
Bart Roberts
Bart Roberts Prije 9 dana
@Chishio Chishio 1. Add 5%/year of today’s level to energy efficiency to +40% total by 2030. 2. Taper 1% of today’s level per month fossil emission, down to zero by 2030. 3. Plant 4 new trees/person/year or equal direct air drawdown down to 300 ppmv. 4. Stabilize, fix and grow ecosystems down to 300 ppmv. (But why ever stop?) 5. Cut 100% of avoidable emissions of methane-or-worse CO2e gases right now. There's nothing political in that.
Minh Tuệ Hoàng
Minh Tuệ Hoàng Prije 9 dana
Thank you
Shrek gamer
Shrek gamer Prije 15 sekundi
Wow the problem is complicated
Mr. Yi
Mr. Yi Prije 26 minuta
Well yes, but actually no.
Exotic toast
Exotic toast Prije 52 minuta
So we're fucked?
im still gonna eat meat , maybe lab grown too.\
Misiek 104
Misiek 104 Prije 2 sati
8:34 Another Wilhelm scream 😆
Rod McGee
Rod McGee Prije 2 sati
Climate change, global warming, global cooling, your story flip flops like all faucis lies about covid lol.
Jermaine Johnson
Jermaine Johnson Prije 2 sati
I don't see why there needs to be a cost for building carbon capture machines all over the globe.. that should be done FREE we can do this at no cost if we work as a collective.. we are just too money driven that we'd fuck the world planet up because it's just too "expensive"
Alvaro Perez
Alvaro Perez Prije 2 sati
I m gonna prove U wrong...and I m a fan
Gian Lucca Gibelli
Gian Lucca Gibelli Prije 2 sati
I seriously hope that politicians and heads of state take these matters into their hands and effectively apply solutions before it is too late. There is a lot of pressure worldwide to make them change their agendas to match interests regarding the preservation of our ecosystem and making the energetic industries sustainable and renewable, rather than focusing on economic growth and expanding markets, but it is clearly not nearly enough to reach them all, and time is running out fast... I'm glad there are people like you guys trying to raise awareness and call to action, I just don't expect society to change as fast as climate is, and for capitalism to give up on filling its pockets. The world is moving too fast in the wrong direction and trying to make it slow down and start facing the other way in time seems like an almost impossible challenge. I want to believe that we as a species won't drive ourselves and all life to extinction and that we won't ruin our planet just for the sake of profit (we must be smarter than that, I mean come on we must be!) but there is this little voice in the back of my head that tells me otherwise, and looking at the big picture, I can't help but be afraid of it being right...
Sam Noobie
Sam Noobie Prije 2 sati
Great title. Good for leaning the uneducated in & educating them 💪
hausy Prije 2 sati
My country’s solution to climate change is to tax me more on the gas for my car. It feels incredibly unfair because all I use my car for is getting to work, where I’m taxed quite heavily already.
matej Kufa
matej Kufa Prije 3 sati
Thanks. You made me depressed
SeagreenSpiral Prije 3 sati
I am very ashamed of you Kurzgesagt, you should be influencing people, telling them to plant trees, bringing them hope. Not telling them they can't stop climate change. Everyone reading this comment CAN make a difference. Even if it's a tiny bit.
Dan Cooper
Dan Cooper Prije 4 sati
Excellent video!!
Phuk Rnd
Phuk Rnd Prije 5 sati
Truth is doesn't matter at This point.. even if we stopped emitting today the warming we've already locked in if not enough to cause our extinction the one's who are Alive will wish it had..
Skylar's Terrible Memes
buying an electric car is worse than driving an existing gas car. a better solution is to convert a car or even better just stop driving
Senor Corbuiser
Senor Corbuiser Prije 5 sati
This video gave me hope.
mc lovin
mc lovin Prije 6 sati
Politicians will never side with science unless they can get money out of it
An original name
An original name Prije 6 sati
Can you make a video about how climate change will change the world, climate in diffrent areas, disasters and stuff like that.
Wannabe Architect
Wannabe Architect Prije 7 sati
In order to do that, we need governments that listen to their people. In the US, what the voters want has very little to do with what policies are made. Lobbyist money just talks a lot louder to our leaders than democracy. What we need is to outlaw lobbying and implement a multi party system. Only then can the will of the people actually matter
DinoDestroyer70 Illuminate
Were all gonna die
likaboss7654 Prije 7 sati
Vegan meat is exceedingly micronutrient deficient
Kevin William
Kevin William Prije 8 sati
Being sponsored by Gates notes prevent them from telling a more likely solution to climate change: forcefully controlling the levers of power responsible for emissions by a government that takes care of the common folk because they are a part of the folk themselves. We've seen how voting shuffles one elite for another, all of which profit from our polluting industries. This solution has a name, but one that cannot be said out loud.
karışık egos
karışık egos Prije 8 sati
9:49 alimda ülkemizde 1 milyondan aşşa elektrikli araba yok
Klas Prije 9 sati
You are part of the system. If you want to see change then take responsibility and do something with your life.
Honestly, Prije 9 sati
"How about you replace your car with an electric car?" Me, never having ownd a car: "How about you stop eating meat?" Me, a vegetarian: "How about you replace your windows?" Me, not owning a home:
Googs Prije 9 sati
What if we just plant a load of trees? 🌳
Roger Quintanilla
Roger Quintanilla Prije 9 sati
Has anybody talked about what happens when all those millions of batteries from the electric cars go into the landfill and get buried in the ground and could heard the environment more than what presently happens? Let's as that little girl.
Suutari4 Prije 9 sati
12:58 I see what you mean here but banning plastic straws is nothing but a positive thing, isn't it?
Luke Foster
Luke Foster Prije 10 sati
5:09. Ah yes I do love myself some froop poop for breakfast
Kevin A
Kevin A Prije 11 sati
Hahaha holy shit. Sponsored by Bill Gates! You can't make it up.
Kevin A
Kevin A Prije 11 sati
No you can't fix it, just give all your power to the state.. they'll do it for you. And when it's decided the easiest way to reduce my emissions is to end me? What then?
Depressed Alien
Depressed Alien Prije 11 sati
The sad thing is that, nothing is in my control and I wish I could make all of these problems go away...
Depressed Alien
Depressed Alien Prije 11 sati
The sad thing is that, nothing is in my control and I wish I could make all of these problems go away...
william bebb
william bebb Prije 13 sati
Love the dread you make me feel. You all are awesome.
Robin Dex
Robin Dex Prije 13 sati
I have am so stunned. Oh How BEAUTIFUL this whole video is! Such a beautiful message that beauty of animation fall second to it. It is the TRUTH. And not many people have the guts to follow it. So lets just put our hope on the insignificant numbers of people doing their insignificant right action which is of so much significance. Best video.
rbxless Prije 13 sati
Let's say 1 million people voted in an election. You represent 1/1000000 of those people. Now let's imagine a strike of 10 thousand people. You represent 1/10000 of those people. So let's say the government wants to build 10 coal mines and the strike stopped 1 of them from being approved, but if the party you voted wins they will cancel all of the coal mines. Your participation in the strike was 10 times as useful if you do the maths. So, even if you can't vote yet, you could have much more impact than a voter!
ashutosh Prije 14 sati
If we want to decrease the carbon emissions then we need to stop using all luxury items we like and should follow the simplicity and peaceful life instead of wasting lots of money 💰 in lifestyle .... You can use this lifestyle money to plant a whole new forest and when forest is made you live in that forest the feeling you will have is super you can't imagine how feeling yours will be changed
E 班老師
E 班老師 Prije 14 sati
喔對了 我並不討厭美國民眾 我討厭的是美國的政府
E 班老師
E 班老師 Prije 14 sati
這是一個好影片 希望你們西方國家能夠帶頭 停止工業生產 停止吃牛肉 或 肉類 最好你們全部吃素 只吃青菜🥬 然後東西方和平相處 在科技技術方面大家和平交流 東方缺少的你們 西方就無私的教我們 國際空間站你們如果想使用就去學中文 再來台灣的企業台基電 如果你們想要取得一些機密或客戶資料 就請你們國家政府友善來函 以請求協助你們的方式做溝通 雙方互相增長進步 台灣並不是美國的領地 請互相尊重 請告知你們的政府
City Life
City Life Prije 14 sati
It is amazing that Joe Blow Average is causing climate change. When Joe Blow has not got a clue on how many thermonuclear bombs they are testing all the time. Those videos of the bombs being let off in the ocean must be really healthy for the planet. Nice to watch that stuff and realize that thermonuclear bombs are approved by the Science we are constantly told to trust.
PanFortress Prije 14 sati
Nice propaganda.
Tsar nature
Tsar nature Prije 10 sati
Sponsored by mr gates.
N H Tan
N H Tan Prije 14 sati
This is the most serious video he ever made, btw are you German?
Kadir Garip
Kadir Garip Prije 14 sati
they are german yes
annatanneberger1 Prije 15 sati
This is the first intelligent summary I have seen of a very complex problem. But people want simple, straightforward solutions. Here is one: The BEST thing first world people can do, is to change their attitude towards the poor. Stop the "compassion" tourism. Stop visiting third world countries to show how morally superior they are by gawking at (gloating) about the poverty. I live in Africa. It is treated like a "compassion theme park" for the first world's kids on their gap year. For most people here, it is an unheard of luxury: spending a year just having fun, not having to work to feed yourself. And let's not even talk about the carbon emitted by the unnecessary travel. Then they go home, having learnt nothing, except to have achieved a sense of moral superiority. The people who are the most preachy about climate change, are the people who continue to trample all over the earth. They travel regularly, not to and from work, which they don't have to do, but between continents on holiday, while most of the world can only admire the pictures of colourful Spain and the flamenco dancers - and then the same inter-continental commuters reprimand those of us who cannot even afford a personal vehicle, for our carbon emissions. These rich people go to "exotic locations" which, to us in the third world, is just "home," and here they show off their fabulous wealth, preach about carbon emissions, and, to add insult to injury, preach about wealth disparities! The poor, who felt blessed each year, and proud, to be able to grow enough in the backyard to feed their families, plus a little extra to pay for school and clothes, are told they are pathetically poor, are exposed to these gawking travellers' unfettered wealth and throw-away culture and told they are pathetic in their poverty. They should be able to buy more things - things that they didn't know before that they needed, and mostly things that finally end up as garbage in the environment. The worst example of this is the UK prince Harry and his wife who only flew into and out of Africa to show off their wealth, and make a documentary about how hard THEIR lives are, comment on the poverty they see here, REPRIMANDING those of us who are not so poor, because of the "wealth inequalities." Ja? "how disgusting that you people are not all equally poor!"
Rudresh Sajjan
Rudresh Sajjan Prije 15 sati
My Best Answer: Best way to stop and reverse climate change. Stop burning fossil fuels ASAP. Alternatively, Best way is to start mirror reflected and concentrated solar thermal power stations over large coastlines of India to produce electricity from steam. Then convert electricity into green hydrogen (when Sun is bright) that can be stored and transported across India. This is how, we can produce 24x7 solar energy. Also, solar energy can be stored as molten salt or sand and use it to produce steam when Sun is not bright or at night to produce steam and electricity. Unlimited and free sea water and sun can produce unlimited and cheapest fuel and electricity as India has biggest coastline. This is the best answer to climate change and also India can save 8 to 12 lac crores spent on import bill of oil and coal.
Margret thatcher
Margret thatcher Prije 16 sati
What if we build a shade of glass in space where you can controll how much light the earth gets to stop climate change. Let me explain more clearly can we In theory build a large panel in-between the sun and earth where we can cool down our planet if the temperatures get too critical and can we build it in the time we have
Bluesbr0ther Prije 13 sati
For starters, at any given time the sunny side of Earth consists of around 100 million square miles, it is a HUGE area to cover with panels. Then comes the meteoroids which poses the next problem. Earth gets hit by meteoroids all the time but they are so small that they burn up in our atmosphere before they hit the ground. In space they would rip those panels apart.
Margret thatcher
Margret thatcher Prije 16 sati
And seems as this will be in-between the sun and earth you could use the power from the sun to use it with solar panels
Margret thatcher
Margret thatcher Prije 16 sati
Also what would the cost be
Tamara Matray
Tamara Matray Prije 16 sati
Gonna need more scientists and green politicians in the future years, but I’m hopeful 😌
C N Prije 16 sati
LOL. China is building whole concrete cities that nobody ever lives in, that get torn down so that more can be built over the rubble. This is not "rising to the middle class." This is waste produced by centralized economic control.
H S 2211
H S 2211 Prije 16 sati
Just did the calculation, if all people had no carbon footprint, we'd have 225 years of no emissions from the global energy sector according to the video's calculations. Of course, this is just a hypotetical situation, but I think what some people are trying to do is say that if at least the majority cared about this issue we'd have amazing progress. It's easy to see the one second that one person would make, but it's also nice to see the bigger picture sometimes. Working together is how we solve the issue, or at least the most of us.
Edward Prije 17 sati
HEY lithium accumulators create more pollution than basic cars and creation of them and by this electric cars are worse
Alayna Prije 18 sati
I can’t imagine what my grandkids will go through if this gets worse we need to try and change so it won’t get worse
Bryan Turnbow
Bryan Turnbow Prije 19 sati
I feel a necessary step towards healing the environment is correcting our connections with others. Shaming those who hold contrary opinions to your own will inevitably galvanize them in their stances. If you want someone to move you need to be willing to do the same. You don’t need to agree with them but you should try to understand them and realize that the decisions they make are largely the results of the challenges they’ve faced. As we care for each other, friends and supposed enemies alike, bridges will be built and we’ll be able to reach compromises that are founded on love and respect and are motivated by a desire to help one another.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Prije 19 sati
If puts more plants trees and stop live egoistic yes could
IDNtrepreneur Prije 21 sat
So basically our chance to survice climate change depends on the politician willingness, well we are fucked.
ART:TECH Prije 23 sati
Here's the truth : As long as we have a profit-based economic system, this can never be solved. The problem mentioned in this video is that it COST MONEY to fix the problem, but MONEY is the reason the problem exists in the first place! You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem! We can play our tiny parts, but as long as there is a profit intensive in polluting the planet, people will still keep on polluting it! Because our very SURVIVAL in this system depends on making as much PROFIT as possible, with as LOWEST COST as possible - hence the easiest & cheapest solution that pollutes the planet! Plus, we are living in an economic system that demands infinite consumption on a finite planet. I agree with the point where we don't need clueless politicians, politicians are businessmen! What we need is technical problem solvers, scientists & engineers to lead us, without the limitation of money. An open-source world, a world of libraries of things. A Resource-Based Economy world.
Alex Solomons
Alex Solomons Prije 19 sati
Can you explain this resource based economy in more detail. Is this like going back trading?
al el
al el Prije 23 sati
I'm not eating less meat
Usuario 10
Usuario 10 Prije dan
Claro por que es mas facil que la gente no use su carro o consuma menos que regular y multar a empresas mineras, del papel y textiles que son las que mas contaminan y vuelven materias en inutilizables (como el agua)
Rema Hussain
Rema Hussain Prije dan
Also pollution has made holes in the ozone layer in the atmosphere. The ozone layer protects us from the suns deadly uv rays. The sun is a literal deadly lazer and we’re destroying our only shield that god gave to us... ( sorry for the last part I’m muslim (: )
Aaron Adle
Aaron Adle Prije dan
7 million views huh, this might work
Aibi Takahashi
Aibi Takahashi Prije dan
Kurzgesagt gettin’ REAL SICK of climate change deniers
Kevin Bradley
Kevin Bradley Prije dan
Appreciate the heck out of the Wilhelm scream at 8:30-something.
Mr. Dinnington
Mr. Dinnington Prije dan
kolim jone
kolim jone Prije dan
and discoveries.
남이강민 Prije dan
The fresh iraq undeniably dream because season analogically glue forenenst a likeable pepper. level, healthy kendo
Kursgezagt - On a Nutshell
There is no right or wrong in life, there are only consequences. When humans look for relevance in life, all they will find is paradox. History has been written, there is no turning back for humans.
Judah Mannowdog
Judah Mannowdog Prije 14 sati
History hasn't been written yet, we are still in-midst of writing it.
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Prije dan
2 Peter 3:10-13 (KJV) But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. Global warming BS propoganda and lies from the pit of hell
Sono Panino Gagliardo
Yeah, we're dead.
Wax Blast
Wax Blast Prije dan
Given its weird massive projects that tend to sound alright on paper and then fail in real life, I'm surprised China hasn't tried to just spend 10 trillion dollars of what America owes them and suck up all of the CO2. It could pretend that it singlehandedly stopped climate change, even if it was basically lying.
Гевен Prije dan
1:36 просто блестящая отсылка)
Adam P.
Adam P. Prije dan
Nah, it's fine. Big rock will come out of the sky and fix us.
Max Offerman
Max Offerman Prije dan
Okay, so the UN estimates population will hit 11billion by 2050, but this will be a disaster. There's a very simple truth that no one (and I mean no one) talks about. An increase in food supply always equals an increase in population. If we were to produce the same amount of food annually, transition to planned economies, decentralize and localize our food supplies, there wouldn't be riots or mayhem; the population would simply stay about the same. If the goal is to turn the entire planet into food for humans, and continue on our unstoppable growth, then great we're right on track. If sustainability and a livable habitat is our goal, then one of the very real steps to get there is to stop turning the entire planet into food for us and making more. (Side note: the general consensus is we make more food to feed the starving millions, yet somehow, those starving millions never get fed, and the population continues growing).
Bluesbr0ther Prije 20 sati
No the 11.2 billion is in year 2100. They estimate 9.8 billion in 2050.
Titus Fuhriman
Titus Fuhriman Prije dan
Can you please do more videos on black holes?
Afshan Sait
Afshan Sait Prije dan
7:00 What does this mean ? Well , to put it in lay man's terms. "It means that we are all fucked" !!!!
A J Thomas
A J Thomas Prije dan
I don't trust Bill Gates though I agree on doing our part for cleaner planet but I won't have artificial meat.. Relaying on battery & solar also will create new or existing problems of disposal as they are poisonous.
swish kobee
swish kobee Prije dan
Money is the issue , we need to find a better system. With nowadays technology and knowledge we could categorize every product and price it with environmental points not money.
davide possamai
davide possamai Prije dan
Thank you Kurzgesagt for always being the voice of reason and science. I have never disagreed with one of your videos. Keep up the amazing work
Fri Tanke
Fri Tanke Prije dan
As my contribution does not make a difference I'll just pollute as much as I have to to get as pleasant life as possible.. Great logic there.
Debleena Sen
Debleena Sen Prije dan
3:39 you do realize that the carbon emissions in developing countries is due to manufacturing by the "developed nations" for cutting back their own costs?
Jazz Prije dan
The thumbnail straightforwardly states that it isn't achievable with the current mindset of most people. Nobody would care and will go on the life they knew. Even somebody has the motivation, it wouldn't make a difference. The majority will just carry on. especially with the politics which is the biggest problem. With whack politics comes whack results. At least it is unachievable... for now. I hope someday these solutions will come to be realized.
Will Gunn
Will Gunn Prije dan
nuclear power + asteroid mining = problem solved
Wissenkraft Gaming
What do you want to mine from asteroids? Do use use the material to construct stuff in space or shoot it down to earth and watch it melt in the atmosphere or make it big enough to reach earth which also causes dangerous shockwaves?
Samuel Fander
Samuel Fander Prije dan
Did you even watch the video?
Bobby Patton
Bobby Patton Prije dan
De-growth is the way.
Wissenkraft Gaming
It is and it's not gonna happen unless humanity is enslaved or killed off.
Greenpanda_2 Prije dan
for the algohrithm
Tyranus421 Prije dan
The root cause of climate change is, and has always been the existence of human beings. At this point, there’s only one actionable solution left; humanity’s extinction.
박한결 Prije dan
한국어 변역 내놔 ^^ㅣ발
Alessio Martinelli
i personally give up to be sustenable, because is impossible, pollution and the nowadays economy is too strong and all the old people in the governiment don't care about that, and the mayor part of the people dosen't care about pollution or is too ignorant to even think about his lifestyle, i prefer to simply die in peace, because we are at a non return point..... humanity is literally dropping inside the hole of extincion
yuack Prije dan
Every human on earth should watch this video!!!!!!!!
Brian King
Brian King Prije dan
How about people just stop having so many kids? Wouldnt this help?
ClimateCraze Prije dan
It's usually a good idea to lead by example.
A Hardstyle Lamb
Don't put lights on, don't use heating, don't eat anything but plants, don't do anything at all. Oh and give all the poor countries money to be filtered away by corruption officials.
haristos 61
haristos 61 Prije dan
Fucking AMAZING Video!
Youtube Comment
Youtube Comment Prije dan
I like the narrator's explanation starting 03:35. You can't blame other countries, who are trying to put food on the table, while you've done it yourself (in the past). All countries have to get together to find viable solutions.
Socika14 Prije dan
But... No carbon capture works yet, it's all bs so far..
ClimateCraze Prije dan
We are carbon-based life forms. Only slaves are captured.
Riley Mcginty
Riley Mcginty Prije dan
Why don’t you use just the little amounts of those machines that will collect carbon dioxide and then save up your money again so then you can get more so then the climate change will go down each time slowly and slowly until there’s just no more of it
Riley Mcginty
Riley Mcginty Prije dan
Why don’t you use just the little amounts of those machines that will collect carbon dioxide and then save up your money again so then you can get more so then the climate change will go down each time slowly and slowly until there’s just no more of it
robert dubey
robert dubey Prije dan
Reduce population to 500 millions to 1 billion and problem solved for earth, animals and human. Don't act like human can have whole planet to itself while flora and fauna wiped out from planet including all non renewable resources. Human act too smart but cannot outrun nature and universe laws. Silly earth human will start eating money soon.
Lolita Putri
Lolita Putri Prije dan
1:25 the bird using jet pack while it could fly. lol such a brilliant representation of us and our carbon footprint. salute! 💯
Vinyl Prije dan
>Voting Laughed Implying democracy still exists
Lucas DA ultimate
"everyone needs to think rationally, and work together to influence those in power to make real change" so basically we're fucked says niduoe stre my comments : funni because people these days just dont care until the loss is too big
T Prkr
T Prkr Prije dan
I do think Bill Gates can do more you know. Like.... he has the money power....
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