Car does Art! 15 DIY Projects Made by a Car!

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My car does art! Check out 15 DIY crafts made by a car! My car goes back to school and makes the best funny DIY challenge ever. Car shows how to make paintings, wall art, DIY school supplies, DIY room décor like plant pot, DIY clothes and much more. A funny and creative video will entertain girls, boys, teenagers and entire family. This video was inspired by crushing soft and crunchy things by car videos on HRvid. You will learn what happens if car drives over art supplies and tries to make DIY crafts. My car wants to join art classes in school. In order to convince the teacher that he is a great artist, Toby - the car has to make over 15 DIY projects and present them to the teacher to judge and asses his skills.
DIY school supplies made by car! My car tries to decorate a notebook using tempera paints. The result is pretty cute and unique!
DIY clay sculptures! Can a car make a sculpture from clay? Not sure about the sculpture but as you will see in this funny comedy video a car can make DIY crafts with clay for sure!
DIY room décor! My car shows how to paint a plant pot using a acrylic paint. The result is a cute colorful planter that will bring a pop of color to your room.
Making art with crayons turned out to be pretty challenging for my car. On the other hand drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, didn't cause any problems at all.
DIY gift card! Your can make a pretty gift card for birthday, Valentine's or Christmas and so does my car!
My car loves playing with puffy paint. In this funny video he makes two gorgeous wall art designs with DIY puffy paint!
DIY wall art! In this weird video you will learn how a car can make wall art in several different ways: from splatter wall décor to tire print, painting with mini and giant sponges, creating with balloons filled with paint and more!
DIY clothes! Finally my car also steps into fashion designer's shoes! Find out how well he does when trying to DIY a T-shirt.
Watch the video to find out whether my car passes teacher's strict requirements to become an art class student.
This is a comedy video made only for you to watch and enjoy. Car is not a toy so do not try to make these DIYs yourself :)
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SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art
My car does art! What do you think of my car's DIY skills? Honestly, I'm impressed! This video was so fun to film but also super stressful and messy. I still have paint all around my house haha! But if you guys like it than it's all worth the struggle :) Please don't forget that this is a comedy video made only for you to watch and have fun. Car is not a toy so do not try to make these DIYs yourself. This is a fun and weird challenge I wanted to try, not a tutorial :) Watch my previous video here - Making deserts with balloons:
Anton Allanah
Anton Allanah Prije sat
OMG your diy is so good
hussain tamil gamer
hussain tamil gamer Prije 4 sati
Super.. but you waste money and paint .....😔
Alishia Sandecki
Alishia Sandecki Prije 8 sati
You are amazing
Honey Jones
Honey Jones Prije 17 sati
SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art z
Vivi viland
Vivi viland Prije 21 sat
Magyar vagy? Tudsz magyarul?
Meena krishnan
Meena krishnan Prije sat
Dum edit arts teacher was right
Matt Josh Pantila
Sara how to make HRvid channel
Harimoki Chan
Harimoki Chan Prije sat
Ohhhhh. Im so sorry Im late :(
Cyan Artist
Cyan Artist Prije sat
correction.. title: *how to waste your money*
Shobana kitchen
Shobana kitchen Prije sat
nice drawing
Michael lives forever
Pls make prank videos
Alexandria world Henselin
Who knew a car could do such good art work?😅😅
Deben Subba
Deben Subba Prije 4 sati
so creative
hussain tamil gamer
hussain tamil gamer Prije 4 sati
Suepr... But waste money and paint ..... Place are dirty....😞
Jeniffer Jonker
Jeniffer Jonker Prije 4 sati
Do a house. Tour
Kanishk Kani
Kanishk Kani Prije 5 sati
East or West sara is the best. Your car diys are the best cool and superb. 😍😍😍
Krishna Ghosal
Krishna Ghosal Prije 5 sati
Cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎
Aameenah Flowers
Aameenah Flowers Prije 6 sati
Her car has the name Sara on it but she calls it Tony😑😑😑😑😑
panda girl
panda girl Prije 6 sati
Why does Toby look sad during the whole video??
Adam Foley
Adam Foley Prije 7 sati
Blarrr Gaming
Blarrr Gaming Prije 8 sati
Freya_ Editz
Freya_ Editz Prije 8 sati
R.I.P Toby 😂
Giselle Ochoa
Giselle Ochoa Prije 8 sati
You’re mean
violeth01 Prije 9 sati
That teacher should be fired I gave them 1,0000,000 likes for every art Toby and you do
Night Dragon
Night Dragon Prije 9 sati
Just imagine the teacher pulls out the card and reads it everyday and tries to attract boys for what the card said. ;-;
Ahmad Junaid
Ahmad Junaid Prije 10 sati
This is also like a ASMR video
Adam Davis
Adam Davis Prije 11 sati
Thank you next... Love and like of you get it😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😏😏🍪😏😏😏😏😏😏😙😙😙😙😏😏😏😏😏
Seven leorg
Seven leorg Prije 11 sati
The puffy paint reminds me of opening black heads or spots
Jackie Sanchez
Jackie Sanchez Prije 11 sati
You are so fake Sara! My opinion
Thewolfgang Green
Thewolfgang Green Prije 11 sati
Why would you do that weirdo!!
Capreese Privat
Capreese Privat Prije 11 sati
Ally North
Ally North Prije 11 sati
“This is school.” **is outside** **i n a f i e l d**
키미 kimiii TV
키미 kimiii TV Prije 12 sati
Did anyone notice that the teacher in the beginning said thank you, next
Diana Soriano
Diana Soriano Prije 12 sati
10 for all the things toby did
Elizabeth Jr.
Elizabeth Jr. Prije 13 sati
I love u Sara and missed you so much
itsyahboiJrn SAD
itsyahboiJrn SAD Prije 13 sati
I'll give u 💯 in everything because u did your best and that's the point so yeah!!!😀😀😀
Brooklyn Rineo
Brooklyn Rineo Prije 13 sati
I love you Sara. You are so creative. I made the art project with the sponge and it turn out very well. Can i have a heart? ❤💙💚💜💛💓💖💗💟💞💝💘
Kayla Jayla
Kayla Jayla Prije 13 sati
Easy 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😣😖🤐😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
jenny daley
jenny daley Prije 13 sati
This is an abusive teacher
Faith Harley Quinn
Faith Harley Quinn Prije 14 sati
I love your art all of them are a 100000000 your car is a super star
GabrijelA s
GabrijelA s Prije 14 sati
Plizz subskribe to my chanel
MeowsToYou Prije 15 sati
When paint is more powerful that a plant pot....
rasha kassar
rasha kassar Prije 15 sati
I Love you too sara😘
Draw_ Sweden
Draw_ Sweden Prije 16 sati
18:25 that was soo cool 😎 good job Sara
K Littler
K Littler Prije 16 sati
Sinead Smyth
Sinead Smyth Prije 16 sati
Watch 3.08-3.18.
Draw_ Sweden
Draw_ Sweden Prije 16 sati
7:54 wow that was sooo sooo beautiful and amazing 😉 good job 👍🏼
Aiden Watts
Aiden Watts Prije 16 sati
1.7 2.5 3.10
Saba Butt
Saba Butt Prije 16 sati
Waste of money
* Bluberyz *
* Bluberyz * Prije 16 sati
"His name is Toby" *starts creeppasta fangirling* No one else? Okay
Rosy The Cutie
Rosy The Cutie Prije 16 sati
Natalie Mycka
Natalie Mycka Prije 17 sati
4:16 don’t try this at home? There’s a car involved, I don’t think anyone could try it at home if they wanted to anyways...
Natalie Mycka
Natalie Mycka Prije 17 sati
Is this Troon Troon in disguise???????? 🤔
rere shaker
rere shaker Prije 17 sati
م اقدر اشوف الهساره هذي
Henrieta Jonauskaitė
Henrieta Jonauskaitė Prije 19 sati
Noooooobbb so unpriti
Aiden Watts
Aiden Watts Prije 19 sati
Sadhan Sarma
Sadhan Sarma Prije 19 sati
make a diy Brain too for ypurself
Miss Chels
Miss Chels Prije 20 sati
Can you post more videos
Manoj Stephen
Manoj Stephen Prije 21 sat
l like all your video 😊😊
Manoj Stephen
Manoj Stephen Prije 21 sat
Melon Studios
Melon Studios Prije 21 sat
when a car can diy better than you...
Eva Škrabanja
Eva Škrabanja Prije 21 sat
Zelo zanimiv video! Zelo so mi všeč tvoje mojstrovine😘. Rada ti sledim
christine and calvin diwa
My scores first 3 second 9 third 8 fuorth 0 fifth 10 sixth 6 seventh 4 eigth10 eleven 6 twelve 9 thirteen 10 fourteen 9 fifteen 10 sixteen 5 seventeen 6 eigthteen 10 t-shirt 10
Yhana Parco
Yhana Parco Prije 22 sati
Shush who is the teacher Me: me Why?! Me:me smart you bobo (dumb) Me: what animal says why What? Me: monkeys Why? Me: lel
Srebre Stojcevski
Srebre Stojcevski Prije 22 sati
dali si makedoka
Muhammad Shafiq
Muhammad Shafiq Prije 23 sati
U upload so late but still i enjoy love u sarah so much keep up ur gorgeous work😚😚😚😚....
Aklima Begum
Aklima Begum Prije 23 sati
I like all the art
Fyra Ilham
Fyra Ilham Prije 23 sati
Thank you next.... thank you next Lol
Shalini Agrawal
Shalini Agrawal Prije 23 sati
Don’t try this at home? How can u expect me to drive a car at my house😂
chenowa pourchelle
I feel bad for you because your teacher is SO RUDE!!! my teachers are making me and my classmates HOMEWORK ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soha  Muzammil
Soha Muzammil Prije dan
Hey Sara love the arts done by your car looks like your car is also obsessed with art and bright colours just like you plz reply
Anand Pandey
Anand Pandey Prije dan
How you reverse your video
Milliene Gamer
Milliene Gamer Prije dan
To be honest the other arts looks like a mess...
erniati kurnia
erniati kurnia Prije dan
Love sara 😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙
The Baillie eggs
PAINT THE CAR *TOBY* like if u agree
Aliza Sumna
Aliza Sumna Prije dan
I don't like your this video because we are not having so much money for doing this stupid things.If you are having make your thing .
Kamru Khan
Kamru Khan Prije dan
My name is also Sara😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
عاشقه اديتي شارما مولي كابتن فاطمه
اكو عرب بالطياره 😴🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️اني من العراق وانتو👌🏼😂💜
vinay random
vinay random Prije dan
I liked the last one
IronMaiden fan girl
Where is Katie?😶😶😶😶
Lindsey Hormell
Lindsey Hormell Prije dan
W aopiol,vvvzx. Yuhhbnnnh
Sharbelle Albutra
The paints are so messy and its such a waste, could have use it to my projects.
Pinky Arya
Pinky Arya Prije dan
Masked Mystery
Masked Mystery Prije dan
You ruined the tiers
tmclean72 Prije dan
Lily Apple
Lily Apple Prije dan
At 0:13 the car says Sara not toby
Storytime and Adventures with Ella
Storytime and Adventures with Ella
I wish I could have one of the paintings they are cool
Andrew Welles
Andrew Welles Prije dan
Okay I won't try to home I tried outside
Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan Prije dan
Take you next girl
Sophie Cat
Sophie Cat Prije dan
Is it just me, or is Sara becoming more like troom troom? Her videos use to be so creative and fun, every single video would inspire me. Now all her videos seem a bit pointless and similar.
Lui beastmode
Lui beastmode Prije dan
Maximum cringe
Chanelle Barnes
Chanelle Barnes Prije dan
I HATE yOuR voice
shiven Patel
shiven Patel Prije dan
Allisson Rodriguez
You have good artistic skills when you pull up the tiny sponge maybe you should call a cool word on it and maybe the teacher will like it forget to give me like a 10 or 9 you're a good artist incels the car.
VnA Ang
VnA Ang Prije dan
VnA Ang
VnA Ang Prije dan
So nice
Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl Prije dan
At 9:48 she said that the colours were blended together nicely but they weren’t blended at all
EPNHO Prije dan
I love you spook Koch
Tracy Aranyos
Tracy Aranyos Prije dan
“I said I like it like dat”
Jenevieve Warner
The car does better art then me...I suck at everything
Lps Pegasus
Lps Pegasus Prije dan
This was probably a pain to clean up
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