Charli D'Amelio Teaches a Dad 8 TikTok Dances

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Charli D'Amelio "Say So" and "Git Ups" her way through some of TikTok's most viral dance challenges to teach Jimmy. Full list of TikTok handles of each dance's creator below:
Don’t Start Now - dc: @thexhan
Say So -dc: @yodelinghaley
Get Up dc: @yungdaddycack
The Git Up dc: @ajani.huff
Spooky Scary Skeleton dc: @minecrafter2011
Hard Times dc: @jameswrightt @jack.wright
Get Busy dc: @sarahmagusara
Oh Na Na Na dc: unknown
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Charli D'Amelio Teaches a Dad 8 TikTok Dances



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Komentari 80
Mikaela Mata Townson
I think she now all tiktoks
Tim Luigi
Tim Luigi Prije 8 sati
Is there any way we can do this video again without Jimmy standing there?
Google Now
Google Now Prije 9 sati
I wanna know why she didn’t do renegade
Liz Rosende
Liz Rosende Prije 9 sati
Anjhely Pantoja
Anjhely Pantoja Prije 10 sati
Se mueve como hombre además tiene cuerpo de hombre
Lena Robinson
Lena Robinson Prije 10 sati
How could she see the signs
Ali Janbay
Ali Janbay Prije 10 sati
Joan Valencia
Joan Valencia Prije 10 sati
charli through the whole vid: :D
DontKillTYLR Prije 11 sati
how are your parents proud of you
Goat Prije 11 sati
Jimmy: ._. Charlie: :D
Anna D.
Anna D. Prije 12 sati
This girl has no talent and doing this shit 🤦🏻‍♀️
Alex Life
Alex Life Prije 13 sati
Where is renagande
Ghost Speed
Ghost Speed Prije 13 sati
Thies is good
Iris eleane Palma
Iris eleane Palma Prije 13 sati
Está Is tik tok
Maher Hasan
Maher Hasan Prije 13 sati
oh humanity, you did again !
İpek Gök asan
İpek Gök asan Prije 14 sati
Charli: dances with skirt* Me: cant even do renegade with pants* Ugh😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Nikko M
Nikko M Prije 14 sati
It proves that spoiled girls get everything they want
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence Prije 15 sati
Ngl the dancing was pretty impressive
Ghazal Hafiz
Ghazal Hafiz Prije 17 sati
I want this like 5 times in one day
Cyric Binuya
Cyric Binuya Prije 18 sati
It’s such a shame it’s not the real song
Mia S.
Mia S. Prije 19 sati
I love Charli❤️❤️
Scott Harris
Scott Harris Prije 19 sati
shes not really teaching she is just doing the dances
Scott Harris
Scott Harris Prije 19 sati
i dollow you and my name is macenzie i am 13 i follow you on tiktok and i have a tiktok plzzzzzz follow me and like all of my tiktoks here is my channle name goodgirlggcvvvvv love you charli
Thaleias Xxx
Thaleias Xxx Prije 20 sati
Where's the renagade!!!????
Tea Perica
Tea Perica Prije 20 sati
I Love
Anna McGowan
Anna McGowan Prije 21 sat
she is an amazing dancer
1 Prije 21 sat
Ruby Sings
Ruby Sings Prije 21 sat
I don’t even like her, so I don’t know why I’m watching this trash
Maria 44
Maria 44 Prije 20 sati
Ruby Sings fuck off then
Lunah Thommis
Lunah Thommis Prije 22 sati
So good
Victoria Dzapasi
Victoria Dzapasi Prije 22 sati
when you see her do all the dance combined you can really see the effort she puts in keep it Charli
Laura Fernandez
Laura Fernandez Prije 23 sati
soy e comentario español que buscabas
daniela pizzini
daniela pizzini Prije dan
Quem me seguir lá no meu tik tok sigo todos de volta na hora o nome da cont é @carolinapizzini9
KOLLOS ! Prije dan
Tami Vlogs
Tami Vlogs Prije dan
Awesome video nevertheless the only site that worked for me is *F u n O n l i n e W o r k .c o m*
Baby blue foxes
Baby blue foxes Prije dan
She is just dancing lol how does she dance so fast!
grisha0509 Prije dan
I don't hate her or what but she kinda dances awkwardly
sumyh maklani
sumyh maklani Prije dan
l like the oh na na na one
Catalina Enriquez
Es increible!!!!!!
Catalina Enriquez
Naushin Islam
Naushin Islam Prije dan
am i the only one who is really triggered by the two people continuously yelling "woo!" in the back. Like-
Jamilla Omer
Jamilla Omer Prije dan
she looks dead inside
Katelyn gl
Katelyn gl Prije dan
I just learned the renegade and I was getting all ready to do it with her but she never did it 😢
Fernanda Montenegro Bazan
Aparte de regia y divina delicada y hermosa
Enrico Elpus Ebelte
We should send this video to the people who are asking, "Why is she popular?" PERIOD
Enrico Elpus Ebelte
Enrico Elpus Ebelte Prije 21 sat
@Arnu Martinez It is an app where you can act, sing, dance or anything. As I've said, you should visit her Tiktok account to know her better😊
Arnu Martinez
Arnu Martinez Prije 21 sat
What is Tiktok? And what talent?
Enrico Elpus Ebelte
Enrico Elpus Ebelte Prije 21 sat
@Jeannette Cruz Well, because of her talent. You should visit her Tiktok account😊
Jeannette Cruz
Jeannette Cruz Prije dan
Enrico Elpus Ebelte why is she popular?
luis r
luis r Prije dan
Even if she looks stupid she doesn’t care. That smile says it all. She’s making money
YRN Prije dan
Her face looks like a guy.. But she's cute.. But still she looks like a guy.. But she's very cute tho.. Idk..
Emily Alkire
Emily Alkire Prije dan
And no Renagade
junior domande
junior domande Prije dan
vlpgs lee
vlpgs lee Prije dan
these days now you have to be white and skinny to become famous
David Pattinson
David Pattinson Prije dan
This appeared on my feed, I'm here to dislike it
Amy Mardon
Amy Mardon Prije dan
gacha girl
gacha girl Prije dan
Hey Charli I wish I could meet yoi
Lokk J
Lokk J Prije dan
Is this why she is famous?
ChocoFly J.MoCo
ChocoFly J.MoCo Prije dan
She became famous for this LOL
LIZARD Hunters Dachi & Giorgi
Qartvelebi damenaxett
Gabriela Garabina Maya Vila Lopez de la Cruz
i don’t like her lmao
sylvia unK-N-O-Wable
For some reason the crowd didn't seem amazed. They just said *wooo* at least a *woop there it is!*
gurpal kaur
gurpal kaur Prije dan
I thought she would do the renegade
Oof God
Oof God Prije dan
Not simping I'm just saying she is a skillful dancer
Hannah Play Kids
Olá 👋 Venham conhecer meu Canalsinho
Dan Brother
Dan Brother Prije dan
Sherri Olsen
Sherri Olsen Prije dan
lets all be honest we all agree shes kinda cute
chung velex
chung velex Prije dan
I have respect for the people cheering 🥺❤️
Famosos de TIKTOK
Yo me se Todos
Pati P
Pati P Prije dan
Can we appreciate that she's dancing like this in high heels?
GaryGuevara Prije dan
This girl has got real star quality.
eilish the eyelash
it triggered me when they didn’t use the real music :(
jacobツ Prije 18 sati
eilish the eyelash copyright wouldn’t allow it
🔥🔥 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 trending 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 1:41 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💓
Xxxtentacion R. I. P
I'm sorry but I don't like she
Daniyal Akram
Daniyal Akram Prije dan
No one: Not a single soul: Jimmy:wears trainers and a suit
Daniyal Akram
Daniyal Akram Prije 16 sati
Klea Ordolli haha lol 😂
Klea Ordolli
Klea Ordolli Prije 17 sati
Daniyal Akram my pe teacher did that 🤣
slasher 28
slasher 28 Prije dan
Go check my tik tok out please
Ebru Gürses
Ebru Gürses Prije dan
Wow tik tok I love tik tok a have tik tok
joelma ferreira
joelma ferreira Prije dan
Y love Chali
Lil Bank account
Where’s renegade
master stich
master stich Prije dan
Soy el boton de buscando un comentario en español
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
Damn some of the moves with the legs are hard
Mercy Prije dan
its sad that she gets a lot of hate for no reason i feel sorry for her
Daksh Raghuvanshi
What the fuc, she appearing on jimmy gallon when all she do is dance and am over here eating frickin sour cream and onion on my toilet seat. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Andres Gabriel
Andres Gabriel Prije dan
I know what youre looking at
ZvinH1 Prije 2 dana
She looks so happy dancing!
Doing Charli D'Amelio's Makeup!
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