Chrisette Michele - A Couple Of Forevers (Official Video)

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Music video by Chrisette Michele performing A Couple Of Forevers. (C) 2013 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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9. Ožu 2013.



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Komentari 100
kendra janaee
kendra janaee Prije 13 sati
Goon really angela davis 23 avant 22 21 cheers to you playa genius mars michael 🇯🇴 🌙 adina howard Brooklyn valentine 5
flblackbutterfly1 Prije 18 sati
I thought they were together for sure! Their chemistry is CRAZY!
Rueben Prije dan
Chrisette Michelle the theatrics and beauty you gave us was truly a blessing
elwanda carter
elwanda carter Prije dan
This pandemic got me pulling up all kind of goooooooooood music
Jennifer Mostoller
Jennifer Mostoller Prije 2 dana
Linda Henderson
Linda Henderson Prije 4 dana
Juan Coleman
Juan Coleman Prije 5 dana
You keep singing beautifully young lady. My wife and I have been together for 41 years and she just sent this song. God will open doors that no man or woman can close. Its harvest time and your blessings are on the way. You sang pretty lady.🎤🌹
Valerie Campbell
Valerie Campbell Prije 6 dana
Such a SOULFUL real R & B song. Sang Chrisette Girl....!
Kia Kia Baby
Kia Kia Baby Prije 6 dana
It's the TONE for me. . . 😍
Angela Bernard
Angela Bernard Prije 6 dana
❤️this song
Sherry Sims
Sherry Sims Prije 6 dana
I dedicate this song to my children's farther whom I will forever love
Lashawn Carter
Lashawn Carter Prije 7 dana
Listening in September #2020, I love it!!!!💜💜💜
Tonya P
Tonya P Prije 7 dana
I still love this song♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Danielle Prije 7 dana
Shaun M
Shaun M Prije 7 dana
JnS for 30 plus years. My soulmate and I have enjoyed a couple of forevers💗.
Ieashia Green
Ieashia Green Prije 7 dana
I'm so said her career didnt go further than it did, her music was so calm and relaxing🙌 Today's singer's i can't get with them music will never be the same again i know we suppose to give the next generation a chance but i cant spend my money on them at a concert
Twinn Johnson
Twinn Johnson Prije 8 dana
September 2020
Chari F. Holloman
Chari F. Holloman Prije 8 dana
This songs makes me think of my beautiful husband every time. ❤ I'm truly blessed. 💞 What a beautiful song and a beautiful voice! I'm surprised by all the dislikes!
Resilience Prije 9 dana
A natural beauty queen with a beautiful voice.
Katherine Alpough
Katherine Alpough Prije 10 dana
My Fav Song Smooth
nubiannitengale Prije 10 dana
I haven't cancelled anything. I support who I want with my money. All of these colorist and racist still going strong, and I'm suppose to turn my back on sis. Never!!!
Ruth Johns
Ruth Johns Prije 11 dana
This song WILL FORVER BE ONE OF MY FAVS🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️🙌🏽
Mike Banks
Mike Banks Prije 11 dana
How clever it was to sample Stairway to Heaven for the message in this song.
ACUTABOVE PROMO2 Prije 12 dana
Still a beautiful song
missA m
missA m Prije 13 dana
Glad she ditched this hairstyle 🤮
Ronda Giddings
Ronda Giddings Prije 15 dana
I was just listening to the O'Jays stairway to heaven & I had to hear this
J-Funk Prije 16 dana
I popped the big question to my girlfriend while the restaurant staff played this song on speakers and while they carried the ring in on a platter, she was like... "somebody's getting the question tonight, awww!" She was shocked when they stopped in front of her and she turned around and I was on one knee. I said something completely different than I'd memorized and rehearsed but I guess she still liked what I said because SHE SAID YES!! Thanks to COVID-19, our wedding and honeymoon plans had to shift, but just as the song goes, "it can get hard and it can get rough" but as long as she's by my side, and I hers, there's NOTHING we can't overcome... Not even forever will keep me from her precious love.
Mickia Major
Mickia Major Prije 16 dana
William Davis
William Davis Prije 16 dana
If yall think her demise was performing at 45's what ever. Yall dont get it she was about to kill it and they wasn't ready. The industry only allow so many queen voices.
Letty A
Letty A Prije 17 dana
Regine B
Regine B Prije 18 dana
This tattooing trend accomplishes nothing. It take away from the beauty of our bodies. Keep artwork that you admire on paper, not on your physical body.
Mark L. Mobley
Mark L. Mobley Prije 18 dana
Destiny Brown
Destiny Brown Prije 18 dana
still loveee this song ! who is the guy in the video ????
Tawanna Young
Tawanna Young Prije 19 dana
September 2020 still listening
Ceci WowjustWow
Ceci WowjustWow Prije 19 dana
I always loved Ms. Chrisette Michele her song Foreve! Loved the hair cut too! Everytime I cut my hair off. Yes. I want this cut. Short natural hair is so easy to care for as well! Thanks!
Aminah Cousin
Aminah Cousin Prije 20 dana
Malibu Ken
Malibu Ken Prije 20 dana
“A Damned shame what happened to Chrisette Michele”.
Amanda Pepion
Amanda Pepion Prije 20 dana
I want you for a couple of forevers baby together till it starts again
Melanie Nicholson
Melanie Nicholson Prije 21 dan
I love this Song. It means a lot. Know matter what you go threw. Love remains couples are forever. Life gets you where you think Its hard to find a Gd men & a Gd Women. But it comes with trust. I been with mine hubby for 30 Years. I love this Song so much couple of togetherness for Always.
Kim Miles
Kim Miles Prije 21 dan
This song is so deep
Schmantha Evans
Schmantha Evans Prije 21 dan
Who’s still listening to her n 2020?? That’s all I need 💋✍🏼
Star Lethunya
Star Lethunya Prije 21 dan
haven't heard this song in a WHIIIIIIIIIIILE CHILE!
Angela Conley
Angela Conley Prije 22 dana
This is my wedding song i love how they both got the matching tattoos thats real love
Torron Joyner
Torron Joyner Prije 22 dana
Love this song
Della Rameau
Della Rameau Prije 23 dana
Our first dance song.... we will be married for 6 years.... been together a total of years....
Luxx Lonnie
Luxx Lonnie Prije 23 dana
Okay then. Just a couple of forever 😭😭😭
Empress Eve
Empress Eve Prije 24 dana
Our 💒 wedding song 7/2015
James Curtis Poindexter jr.
Beautiful song that fits I in inside the original Ojays joint
Phyllis Frederick
Phyllis Frederick Prije 24 dana
Love this song this young lady can sing
Nekia Chambers
Nekia Chambers Prije 25 dana
I love her I will be sanging this song at my very own wedding one day lawd knows I will 🎶 love her beautiful soulful voice!! Who with me all 20/20 and forever more.....🔥💯💃💃💪🙌😘😍😘
Kiesha Williamson
Kiesha Williamson Prije 25 dana
Favvvvvvv ♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯 #Aug2020
Rita Amakeke
Rita Amakeke Prije 25 dana
So amazing
Mizz C
Mizz C Prije 26 dana
Listening to this song 9-2-2020🙌🏽💞😍
Tonya Williams
Tonya Williams Prije 26 dana
I sing this song almost everyday....💕💕💞
LaRhonda H.
LaRhonda H. Prije 26 dana
I love her big chop in this and the whole video
Cassandra Amore
Cassandra Amore Prije 27 dana
i wonder if she makes more music. She is beautiful she made one mistake I hope she keeps making music such ashame to waste that beautiful talent
Malik Young
Malik Young Prije 27 dana
Omg i love this song so much❤
Unique Howard
Unique Howard Prije 28 dana
NaTaHa N. Loveyou. Unique. 😇
Christopher Mysnyk
Christopher Mysnyk Prije mjesec
That sunshine and all that gold on her and in this video is so beautiful and Angelic
Busiswa Nxumalo
Busiswa Nxumalo Prije mjesec
Who is still enjoying this in 2020? Quarantine vaaaarrbsss
Tashiya Harris
Tashiya Harris Prije mjesec
Quarantine got me in my feelings 😔❤️❤️
Denise123456ism Prije mjesec
I wanna a love 💘 like this
oMgeeURLuV Prije mjesec
My bride entrance at my wedding. Thinking of the lyrics and when I heard the song the first time made me think of my husband 😊
CHEF Prije mjesec
What happens to her
Gina Peterson
Gina Peterson Prije mjesec
She is the bomb
shawna ziegler
shawna ziegler Prije mjesec
Where are you???? Where? You to me are the best of the best young lady! Please reply to me please. @ I love your voice, music and more importantly how you've presented yourselve to us ..your people/ fans whom absolutely love you!!! Please come back to us, please!
Grace and Marvellous wonders
This woman is just beautiful in every way, loving the hair and the sound of her voice is everything
Sharde Collins
Sharde Collins Prije mjesec
I thank God for sending me my other half getting married 8/28/20 I love you Marcus always and forever ❤️🙏🏾💪🏾
Natalie Scott
Natalie Scott Prije mjesec
Who’s still listening to Chrisette in 2020? 🙌🏽 Just A Couple Of F ❤️. R E V E R S
Jerome Murray
Jerome Murray Prije mjesec
I'm hoping for this young talent to return....
Michelle Buford
Michelle Buford Prije mjesec
Amen 🙏
DAVID MCCRAY Prije mjesec
Jay Gillespie
Jay Gillespie Prije mjesec
I love this song
Jay Gillespie
Jay Gillespie Prije mjesec
Me and my soon to be wife first dance can’t wait for our big day
lorettamemphis Prije mjesec
Sometimes when you owe people money it's your life or else. Forgive her people. Whitney, Tupac, M.J etc. showed you how dirty the music industry is.
lele jones
lele jones Prije mjesec
I was listening to this song in the car on the way to my house while my dad was in the house having a sepsis attack. (Yes he passed away)
Patricia Dukes
Patricia Dukes Prije mjesec
This is a beautiful song 😍
Yolanda Levis
Yolanda Levis Prije mjesec
Adelaide Mackenzie
Adelaide Mackenzie Prije mjesec
Just hearing this wow I gotta check this Queen out
Jennifer Hickman
Jennifer Hickman Prije mjesec
Amazing love ur music and voice the real deal.
shammah ndzalama
shammah ndzalama Prije mjesec
My wedding song ... ❤
Listening to this song in August 2020💕
Qua Qua
Qua Qua Prije 3 dana
September 24 2020❤️
Vivian Velez
Vivian Velez Prije 11 dana
September 2020 💗
jay ro
jay ro Prije 15 dana
Sep 2020, still loving it. It's good to come here and be able to smile and listen to great music.
Alton Bunche
Alton Bunche Prije 21 dan
September 2020!!!
Diana Davis
Diana Davis Prije 22 dana
Me 2, luv this song
Viviana white
Viviana white Prije mjesec
Chiiiiile, !!!! You are absolutely JUDAH!!! KNOW IT.. Make at least one hommage to our Creator and you will be blessed.. We are his chorus We praise him above all
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera Prije mjesec
this my step dad and mom real mom wedding song
Darlene Price
Darlene Price Prije mjesec
To quianna Diaz this would have been our wedding song I love you...may god bless you still your voice sounded just like her.....hope your happy.
Douglas Jewell
Douglas Jewell Prije mjesec
This song makes me fall in love 😍 🥰 💘 all over again ❤ it's heart refreshing ♥
Mr Gucci
Mr Gucci Prije mjesec
If Chrisette dont do some Minnie Ripperton- silly of me & Back Down Memory Lane, plus a few others it would be a catastrophe because she is the ONLY 1 that can pull it off Gracefully! Factz💪💪💪
Taiwo Williams
Taiwo Williams Prije mjesec
This was one of my wedding song dances 8 years ago💜💜💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿🎶🎶🎵
Kae LaRae
Kae LaRae Prije mjesec
"you don't get fired, you fire yourself"!
Donna Pinkney
Donna Pinkney Prije mjesec
I absolutely love this song!
Johnnie Williams
Johnnie Williams Prije mjesec
She's so pretty
New Yorker2
New Yorker2 Prije mjesec
Who is still listening to this in 2020....going into 2021?
Dino Wright
Dino Wright Prije mjesec
It doesn’t get any better than that
Shsemaya Bhuup
Shsemaya Bhuup Prije mjesec
The dislike button pushers are haters.
SoundHealex Radio
SoundHealex Radio Prije mjesec
#CertifiedSmashHit 💥
Loretta Solomon
Loretta Solomon Prije mjesec
You have to have experience true genuine love to really feel this song. Just beautiful & cozy
Keith Beamon
Keith Beamon Prije mjesec
May GOD's peace be with you
Just Saying
Just Saying Prije mjesec
What happened to this kind of music? What happened to real raw talented artist? This is fire 🔥
Tre Buxx
Tre Buxx Prije 2 mjeseci
My kingdom
Spend My Life with You
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A Couple Of Forevers
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