Chrisette Michele - If I Have My Way (Official Video)

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Music video by Chrisette Michele performing If I Have My Way. (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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23. Pro 2009.



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Komentari 100
annette norris
annette norris Prije 3 dana
Jrenee Vaughn
Jrenee Vaughn Prije 6 dana
I Really Miss Her Beautiful Voice 💞💞💞💞
Maggie Calhoun
Maggie Calhoun Prije 6 dana
If I had my way I would go back in time and would never make make the same mistakes. And lose some one that could have been a good friend.
darcio junior
darcio junior Prije 6 dana
Música sem firula,sem muita gemedeira e bem melhor de escutar e ainda manda o recado parabéns chrisette
T M W Prije 6 dana
she is really pretty
adamrushd8096 Prije 6 dana
Imo next to Ashanti this is one incredibly beautiful sexy woman, than that voice makes a grown man knees buckle, teasing a nigga through lyrics. Ps I said it before I'll say it again next to being a gifted vocalist Chrisette has one of the best delivery I ever heard dare I say her delivery is par to Teena Marie & Nina Simone. When Chrisette sing you can damn near hear every letter in the word
Snow Poodie
Snow Poodie Prije 11 dana
Chrisette Michele Is A Very UnderRated Singer And Beautiful Singer Dope Song And Video Real Neo Soul Music Timeless
Karen Dailey
Karen Dailey Prije 14 dana
Still can out sing many!! 2020 & until I'm gone...listening to this song bird!!
Josanne Joseph
Josanne Joseph Prije 15 dana
I love you you know....
Damante Thibodeaux
Damante Thibodeaux Prije 15 dana
I've watched this countless times
Mickia Major
Mickia Major Prije 16 dana
J u n e t t a
J u n e t t a Prije 16 dana
Pure 🔥🔥🔥‼️
Norman Ohree
Norman Ohree Prije 21 dan
I love this lady
will perry
will perry Prije 22 dana
I'm so tired of being single..I'm almost 50 and I need a good woman to spend the next 50 with any takers?
Candace Robertson
Candace Robertson Prije 24 dana
Beautiful love song
Kiesha Williamson
Kiesha Williamson Prije 25 dana
#2020 ♥️
Chyna Me
Chyna Me Prije 25 dana
Her voice is rare
Amonrah Hickman
Amonrah Hickman Prije 26 dana
I love that gap❤❤❤❤❤and here 💚💋💚💋💚💋💋💛💜❤💛💋
Claressa Lewis
Claressa Lewis Prije 28 dana
What a beautiful song!
lindor Smail
lindor Smail Prije 28 dana
Love you from the bottom
Georgialyn Guice
Georgialyn Guice Prije 28 dana
The Wild Thornberrys
male3339 Prije mjesec
She is absolutely beautiful with a beautiful voice wow!
Michelle Buford
Michelle Buford Prije mjesec
She did her thang with this song
K Bz
K Bz Prije mjesec
Not taking anything away from her ( Chrisette ) ...yes She's Sang'n that song.... I could almost hear Ledisi singing it. Or could you see the two singing it together..? 🤔
Nicole Prije mjesec
This beat just put you in a relaxation mood
Jerome Walker
Jerome Walker Prije mjesec
Sad, artist because of trump. She was so talented
Marina Moonberry
Marina Moonberry Prije mjesec
RGina Tatiana
RGina Tatiana Prije mjesec
I just cannot resist #2020
Dena Jones
Dena Jones Prije mjesec
Still listening in 2020!
Melissa Young
Melissa Young Prije mjesec
This is when you know you are truly in love ❤️
Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell Prije mjesec
She should have been a little bit bigger than she was
Shirley Dixon
Shirley Dixon Prije mjesec
Love all her music such a beautiful voice
Andrew Riley
Andrew Riley Prije mjesec
You go girl keep the good work up . I love it keep doing it 🌷💖 .
rodimuspm Prije mjesec
I STILL LOVE THIS SONG! I put this with kissing you by Keith Washington and I tried by will downing
Tiffany Ellington
Tiffany Ellington Prije mjesec
Love this song !!!
Diane Mattia
Diane Mattia Prije mjesec
Still lovin’ her 2020
Keith Beamon
Keith Beamon Prije mjesec
May GOD's peace be with you
Xavier Steel
Xavier Steel Prije mjesec
#WeHere! The best ever!
Just Saying
Just Saying Prije mjesec
This women can sing.
Mica W
Mica W Prije 2 mjeseci
💖Lyrics💘 You're who I desire, you light my fire With every kiss, you take me higher Feeling like your lovin' I just cannot resist There's something that's makin' me hold on There's no one I'd rather share my good lovin' with But I promised I'd wait till I'm ready for this One day, we'll make love, passion unheard of I'll be your woman if I have my way We will see Heaven, lovin' together We won't stop ever if I have my way I love your touch; it makes me crumble I'm in love so much; look what you've done Please, don't whisper anything else in my ear My body, my heart, and my soul is high Let me find the strength to get on up outta here 'Cause, one day, the way we feel will be all right One day, we'll make love, passion unheard of I'll be your woman if I have my way We will see Heaven, lovin' together We won't stop ever if I have my way I love you, no doubt about it I won't change my mind Love's so true If I had my way I will make love to you One day, we'll make love, passion unheard of I'll be your woman if I have my way We will see Heaven, lovin' together We won't stop ever if I have my way One day, we'll make love, passion unheard of I'll be your woman if I have my way We will see Heaven, lovin' together We won't stop ever if I have my way
MsRee Prije 2 mjeseci
2020 who still here?
Tahiry Devine
Tahiry Devine Prije 2 mjeseci
Chrisette deserves better. I hate what black People did to her. She didn’t deserve that smh
Tiffany M
Tiffany M Prije 2 mjeseci
The memories this song brings me 🥰
Idonhadenuff Prije 2 mjeseci
She was the beginning of canceled culture. All for president #45. Damn!
Tahiry Devine
Tahiry Devine Prije 2 mjeseci
Idonhadenuff she didn’t deserve that either... she was used as a scapegoat for black toxicity
Gangstaa Sis
Gangstaa Sis Prije 2 mjeseci
Peace ous, I think Sister Chrisette Michelle is beautiful inside and outside.
Toshemia Edmonds
Toshemia Edmonds Prije 2 mjeseci
Grown Folks Music 🥰😍❤️AndLolalty One Of My Favorite Songs 🔥 Of All Time💪🏾💯🎤💞
shawnee leggett
shawnee leggett Prije 2 mjeseci
Huh she sung the hell out this song....goosebumps
Sesshygirl300 Prije 2 mjeseci
The melody to this song got stuck in my head a week ago and i couldnt find it for anything im so glad with me remembering some of the lyrics i was able to find it again. Amazing song!
Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
This song is a reflection of her ❤️ attractive 😍
theresa webb
theresa webb Prije 2 mjeseci
This musicshould come back it is so cool
theresa webb
theresa webb Prije 2 mjeseci
Chrusette michael has soul in her vouce. I listen to this alot it is sexy.
Sap1 Donnel
Sap1 Donnel Prije 2 mjeseci
The guy in this song is soooooo hot
Sap1 Donnel
Sap1 Donnel Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok guys... this is officially my favorite jam 😆💝
Awillii Prije 2 mjeseci
Take me back!!
theresa webb
theresa webb Prije 2 mjeseci
Chrusette michele made a great song use sounds. so great in tb his s he need to go back to this.
Ebony Hallmon
Ebony Hallmon Prije 3 mjeseci
She definitely underrated she definitely one of the best voice in my opinion
Danny Yayo
Danny Yayo Prije 3 mjeseci
90’s vibes
#TheJermaineShow Prije 3 mjeseci
Mary-Jane Mzumara
Mary-Jane Mzumara Prije 3 mjeseci
She’s a legend, an Icon in my books, Her voice.. none like it still
Claude Foushee
Claude Foushee Prije 3 mjeseci
This song reminds me of my wife Stephanie I love the ground she walks on your lhusband Claude.
janna hurst
janna hurst Prije 3 mjeseci
One of the best singer of all time
Cinnamon Spice
Cinnamon Spice Prije 3 mjeseci
Beautifully done girlfriend.
Fred Barkley
Fred Barkley Prije 3 mjeseci
This is the sexiest video ive ever seen. And shes just standing there singing! Wow!!!
IIMixedBeautyII Prije 3 mjeseci
This is my #1 top song played on my phone and it’s so true , waiting til marriage to have sex and having that deepest bond that no one else will share with you . It’s amazing . Love this song and you can hear it in her voice the passion the want to just have her way
Kandice Williams
Kandice Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
Song make you wanna have passionate sex whew Chile
Mrs. Amber. 2 You.
Mrs. Amber. 2 You. Prije 4 mjeseci
They slept too hard on Chrisette...
Thea Charles
Thea Charles Prije 4 mjeseci
Look I'm 30 this artist was everything
Buyani Mlambo
Buyani Mlambo Prije 4 mjeseci
This song touches the soul. 👌🏿👌🏿💞💞
Idga Mffb
Idga Mffb Prije 4 mjeseci
Crissette x Remy Ma 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Idga Mffb
Idga Mffb Prije 4 mjeseci
Nina Banks
Nina Banks Prije 4 mjeseci
This is soooo sweet SHE has a voice that's naturally sweet,soft, lovely addicted sort kind of way. Thxs Rick Ross for featuring her on one of your albums it made me say THATS HER!!
Tamicia Hickman
Tamicia Hickman Prije 4 mjeseci
Love this song
Raymond Fowlkes
Raymond Fowlkes Prije 4 mjeseci
Still listening to in 2020 who is with me??Leave a comment please😊
Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson Prije 3 dana
Ebonee Griffin
Ebonee Griffin Prije 3 dana
Present 😁
tiamrblue Prije 10 dana
Cindy Lucious
Cindy Lucious Prije 12 dana
Jamaal Fagan
Jamaal Fagan Prije 14 dana
🌟🌟🌟💖💖💖💖💖🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🛫🛫🖖🏾 killa track.
Antwun. L. Barbary
Antwun. L. Barbary Prije 4 mjeseci
MANIFEST In 3D Prije 5 mjeseci
She sung the SHIT out this song! ❤️
Paulette Cooper
Paulette Cooper Prije 5 mjeseci
Lol Another Goddess At her Best 😍😍😍😍 love it ❤️
Fiveboroallthorough Xtick
Peace ous, I seen Sister Chrisettes Micheles male relatives and the females look better than the males!!! Why is that are they vegetarians?
Augustus White
Augustus White Prije 5 mjeseci
LDubzz86 Prije 4 mjeseci
Lol you keep thinking that smh people I tell you
Crownholda Trophywife
Crownholda Trophywife Prije 5 mjeseci
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy Prije 5 mjeseci
Let's see if I ever talk to tanisha teresa or anything of them again. I dont wish. I do it.
Crunch Time
Crunch Time Prije 5 mjeseci
Don't fuck with birds but she's the flyest next level she's THE highest her highness my falconess my falcon in her crest THE greatest appreciate her greatness all her ploys she employs to bring me joy and I'm not Elroy but boy oh boy I'm her boy all in my feelings she's so appealing glances of felicity I'm stealing every time I SEE her I reup on hope addict of her charm MY heart she warms she's the coldest and in a roomful she's the maturest young at heart yeah it matters to this smitten ONE more fun than when I was young infatuated with Smith AND Wesson she's my daughter but boy oh boy she's a son of a gun I'm trying to DO more than shoot my shot use my tongue to keep her rim hot freaky couple yeah I wanna tie THE knot and what NOT she's thicker THAN suspenseful plots AND as the story unfolds she's my DESTINY truth be told IT doesn't get old cause I'm juvenile TO her thighs yeah I'm under her spell telling ME TO get over her like hell she's the queen ALL hail in comparison ALL fails she's a legend storied they fables all tales ALL swell with her tail and with every of it's lift I get a lift enjoying every whiff THAT tingles MY nostril most tell the tale unfair but she's the truth like math got more angles than math she's an Angel like Maat she's always welcome like mats cause she bees that but I'd never step on her heart nor trample her devotion cause on some goddess shit she's the ONE THE godship not to gossip but hunn the guardian And I'll even give YOU extra I'm dying to sex her cause she's prettier than virgin's in heavon I'm taking a moment yeah imma have this ONE felicity how she feeling ME we were conceived in a city of felicity ya feel ME I'm talking ATEN she's the baddest at being a ten causing tension center of ATTENTION the perfect ten I just can't shun ...
Enrique Prije 6 mjeseci
Sweet Lawd! Amazing!!!
Audiwan Kenobi
Audiwan Kenobi Prije 6 mjeseci
Thee most chaste song still in 2020.
Queen313 Prije 6 mjeseci
First seen/heard this on BETJ and instantly become a fan I've bought all of her albums love her music
Simply Beautiful
Simply Beautiful Prije 6 mjeseci
Remaining In Love 2020 With The Gift of Voice Bestowed On This Lovely Woman~
Sérémise GUERRIER Prije 6 mjeseci
2020 Who's here ? 👌🏾✌🏾💯 her voice
Rafiq Ahmed
Rafiq Ahmed Prije 6 mjeseci
Repeat Mode 🎶 🎧
Susanna White
Susanna White Prije 6 mjeseci
When I have my way????
Susanna White
Susanna White Prije 6 mjeseci
Angela Mabry
Angela Mabry Prije 6 mjeseci
Just got goosebumps. She SANGIN'!
Talisa Thomas
Talisa Thomas Prije 7 mjeseci
This song got me feeling some kind of way. I love the way the guy in the video is looking at her like she is the only woman on earth. I would love for a man to look at me this way.
Ronnie Russum
Ronnie Russum Prije 5 mjeseci
Trust, when a woman knows her value and worth she knows a gentleman is looking but he is showing you the respect you deserve ✌&❤ young lady. 🖐
Sean Sartor
Sean Sartor Prije 7 mjeseci
She’s GORGEOUS !!!
Angel Jones
Angel Jones Prije 7 mjeseci
Daphne Rodriguez
Daphne Rodriguez Prije 7 mjeseci
Huey McCrainey
Huey McCrainey Prije 7 mjeseci
A completely overlooked artist and vocalist.
Rafiq Ahmed
Rafiq Ahmed Prije 7 mjeseci
Im in 💘
Deborah Steele
Deborah Steele Prije 7 mjeseci
I miss you, baby. Please come back home. I've missed you and need you. Just please come back home and let's work it out. I've missed being your Lady. *tears 🥀
Philosophical Gamer256
Philosophical Gamer256 Prije 7 mjeseci Passion unheard of 🧽🍍
James Will
James Will Prije 7 mjeseci
BCC play this in 07.
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