Comparing Singers With & Without Autotune (Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth & MORE)

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Can Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and other pop artists really sing? By comparing their genius interviews vs autotune we will find out!
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11. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 10 254
RoomieOfficial Prije 5 mjeseci
Saw some comments saying there's ads on the vid - that's true, but it's the record companies monetizing after claiming it, I get no revenue from this video *sad violin plays*
ReznoV Vazileski
ReznoV Vazileski Prije 2 dana
@MrIlleatyourcookies even if it did youtube hardly cares. You can legit claim your own video and they'll still demonetize it because it got claimed. It's that broken.
MrIlleatyourcookies Prije 2 dana
why doesn't it fall under fair use
ReznoV Vazileski
ReznoV Vazileski Prije 5 dana
AdBlock: Hold my revenue.
Y0U N0OB Prije 9 dana
HRvid premium
Diane Tantiangco
Diane Tantiangco Prije 9 dana
...u liked ur own comment.... Eh I do that
Casey Mitchell
Casey Mitchell Prije sat
You talk to much
Karolus Magnus
Karolus Magnus Prije sat
When Billie pirate said "I just really really hate myself." I was like " oh wow! Me and you both! I hate your freaking guts."
I need this cannel name to be unique
Am I the only one who didn't know roomie was 31.... I thought he was like, 25 or something.. please tell me I'm not alone
Aleula Prije 3 sati
Why does hearing Billie's voice give me chills?
gemma balmediano
gemma balmediano Prije 3 sati
Billie doesn't need an auto tune *Auto tune needs Billie* 😉😎
Anna Betz
Anna Betz Prije 4 sati
11:39 Ok but mood af
iamknosound Prije 7 sati
Billie is a terrible singer. How dare you give her credit.
Aurora of the North Pole
Billie Eilish : 11:40 you’re welcome
Tammy Brantley
Tammy Brantley Prije 10 sati
Billie Eilish is so impressive and real.
Sawyer Henry
Sawyer Henry Prije 23 sati
Instead of "dirt all on my name" I hear "turtle on my knee"
peppa pig sjsjsjjkss
When Billie is singing stfu
Ezra van den Boogert
1:11 it's not
Kayla Malinga
Kayla Malinga Prije dan
Why does he sound so much like Cole Sprouse ?
lia michael
lia michael Prije dan
why do you look like cole spouse with light hair
wasabi Prije dan
charlie puth’s old youtube music is better than his current music
imicca Prije dan
Billie Eilish is like knockoff Scarlett Johansson
DASPRiD Prije dan
That's why I love metal, Autotune is (mostly) not a thing there.
Rebekah Kersey
Rebekah Kersey Prije dan
this is literally the kindest video i have ever seen
Izabella de Jong
Half of this video is about charly puth
Sarah Murphy
Sarah Murphy Prije 2 dana
Who was the last dude?
aviaryforever Prije 2 dana
Every time I hear Charlie Puth on the radio I think of his “man with a wig” series
AnnieRose Prije 2 dana
Who knows Sub Urban ? He was in Genius interview with his song Cradles and he sounds exactly the same with and without autotune ( in my opinion XD ) you guys should check it out
Kinara Uma
Kinara Uma Prije 2 dana
What?! Joel's 31?! He looks 25!
MinimiMax Prije 8 sati
Why do you say that like a 31 year old should look like a 50 year old? 25 and 31 aren't that far apart.
Galaxy Neko
Galaxy Neko Prije 2 dana
Autotune: Nobody can sing without me in this decade Billie: Hold my burritos A real fans will understand lol
Minimum Effort
Minimum Effort Prije 3 dana
Emmett Wesley
Emmett Wesley Prije 3 dana
I like how he does videos even though not getting money
Music Covers By Essie
Me at 0:09. frantically trying to wipe water off of my screen.
Wild Card Playz
Wild Card Playz Prije 3 dana
At puths next concert let’s all throw pickles at him
shady flux
shady flux Prije 3 dana
Kyle: All this shade that's coming at me I wonder who throws it Charlie: *WhO tHreW tHe PicKlE aT mE?*
nur athirah
nur athirah Prije 3 dana
Lele is veryy kinddd she good at singging at she is very funny
zeroskate426 Prije 4 dana
Sorry man you literally have no idea what youre talking about. Most of these singers were fine, I do live music for a living
ooshie gooshie
ooshie gooshie Prije 4 dana
Am I the only one thats starting to not care if they sound good naturally as long as the end result is good and I never go to their show.
The Dark Void
The Dark Void Prije 4 dana
can you do one of these videos with half alive, live. Me personally they sound good recorded but live in my oppinion isn't that good. please Roomie i begeth you
Hayley Prije 4 dana
Now I really want to go to a Charlie Puth concert and throw a pickle at him..
Amy the chicken nugget
Why do you remind me of Cole Sprouse??? 💞🥵
LK Wolfie
LK Wolfie Prije 4 dana
Billie eilish is perfecting littaly god just said fuck it and gave her every power
Nicole Susch
Nicole Susch Prije 4 dana
Billie- *exists* Auto tune- *left the chat*
Brittany N
Brittany N Prije 4 dana
Billie has such a truly beautiful voice
animation nation
animation nation Prije 4 dana
*but who through the pickle*
One Guy, 15 Voices
One Guy, 16 Voices