Comparing Singers With & Without Autotune (Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth & MORE)

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Can Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and other pop artists really sing? By comparing their genius interviews vs autotune we will find out!
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11. Srp 2019.




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Komentari 8 619
RoomieOfficial Prije mjesec
Saw some comments saying there's ads on the vid - that's true, but it's the record companies monetizing after claiming it, I get no revenue from this video *sad violin plays*
Destroyer- 13
Destroyer- 13 Prije 16 sati
RoomieOfficial Do La La La
Chloe Flores
Chloe Flores Prije dan
I like how you liked and pinned your own comment
Damari Smith
Damari Smith Prije dan
You clearly stole the intro from PewDiePie
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Prije 5 dana
It’s The Lee Boys
It’s The Lee Boys Prije 6 sati
4:24 Charlie puths face
Emilio Matias Parra
Emilio Matias Parra Prije 7 sati
No one: Literally no one: Charlie Puth: WHO THREW THIS PICKLE AT ME
Abby Southida
Abby Southida Prije 9 sati
Who came for Billie Eilish ?? I love her she’s a big mood she’s amazing 😍😍
Charity Rivers
Charity Rivers Prije 10 sati
6:20 well he’s just so stoned jesus 😂
Jack Napier
Jack Napier Prije 11 sati
Most artists out today have zero talent. Autotuned to death. I remember when people could actually sing and had to have good music for an entire cd to have a career versus 1 or 2 trash ass singles
OpenYourEyes Prije 13 sati
Billie Eilish has a good voice, but that emo thing about her and the way she makes her music makes me really dislike. I didn't like the beat in "Bad Guy", her calmer pieces are kinda boring.
Mah Ranch
Mah Ranch Prije 13 sati
"Everybody uses it"? Yeah, no. Maybe here in the U.S but believe it or not, the U.S doesn't have the largest domestic music market anymore. Japan surpassed them in 2012 (U.S still holds the international title). Japanese artists don't use autotune nearly as much because their artists can actually sing. In the U.S, they pick some pretty faced boy or girl, have someone write songs for them, then just autotune them. In Japan, that can happen, but it's ridiculously more rare. People actually write and sing their own songs. There's way more originality -- kinda reminds me of the 90s in Japan where there was so much awesome music and people trying different things.
Abi M.
Abi M. Prije 14 sati
I have only one request: look up Alec Benjamin and listen to any one song. You won’t regret it, I promise.
Amazing Allison Amazing Allison
I came here for the Billie eilish part lol but if you are too here is where it starts!12:21 hope that helps!
Kaela Wilson
Kaela Wilson Prije 16 sati
Why is Bad Guy in the description lol
belle.of.the.ball Prije 16 sati
learn how to pronounce inaccuracies bruh...duh 😂
Calamity Cop
Calamity Cop Prije 17 sati
the only difference is that the autotune version had music for them and the no autotune had no music.
Benjamin Blackwell
Benjamin Blackwell Prije 20 sati
4:30 I mean with a body like that it’s a crime not to share it!
Lucky Goof2019
Lucky Goof2019 Prije 20 sati
just saying, u look a lot like Cole Sprouse
Damari Smith
Damari Smith Prije dan
The funniest part is to give his comment to Heart
Pepu Prije dan
4:31 ROOMIE CARE ABOUT US GAYS!!! (when he said "girls like it... some of the dudes..")
The KingPin
The KingPin Prije dan
Auto tune doesnt not sound pleasant and it is not better than natural voice of talented singers
Laguz Prije dan
I have a sibling in an elementary school and everyone is kinda obsessed with Billie Eilish, that's a representation of, generally, how young her audience is
chub chub
chub chub Prije dan
Fuk lele pons
gacha luna
gacha luna Prije dan
Billie: i really really hate myself Me: noo don't bet sad
XxmayhamxX lit
XxmayhamxX lit Prije dan
5:16 do i hear auto tone on "so" ?!?!?
N/A Prije dan
Mike posner has such a beautiful voice tho it’s not like any other singer I’ve heard
Tanner Kauffman
Tanner Kauffman Prije dan
How fucking dumb are you one is a singer who is trying in a recording studio and the other the singer just going over lyrics
MNM mcg
MNM mcg Prije dan
Billie Eilish reminds me of Aubrey Plaza.
Crazy Colton
Crazy Colton Prije dan
I speaks english guys
Graycee Phillips
Me: *sees Billie Eilish in title* Also me: *clicks*
Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson Prije dan
0:27 the way he say inaccuracies make me uNcOnFoRtAbLe
Greg Jones
Greg Jones Prije 2 dana
Whatt you're 31??
Billie's voice is GREAT! 🤤❤️
Avie -Adigue Dizon
Avie -Adigue Dizon Prije 2 dana
yeah but *who actually threw the picke at him?*
1000 subscribers without a vid??
It was I who threw the PICKLE.
TheLonelyMe Prije 2 dana
"Lele pons is an American internet celeberty." i thought she was latina
Devin Reilly
Devin Reilly Prije 2 dana
Ay your hair color is lit
Marlene Ambriz
Marlene Ambriz Prije 2 dana
you talk to much
Charlie Findlay
Charlie Findlay Prije 2 dana
I wonder who threw the pickle...
NXK Xpert Killler
NXK Xpert Killler Prije 2 dana
I only found out about "cooler than me" in GTA 5 radio station in my car
ya boi
ya boi Prije 2 dana
Turtle on my name
Alex Hipetinger
Alex Hipetinger Prije 2 dana
In Attention, I always heard “You been running round running round running round throwing that turtle on my knee” and now i can’t unhear
Luna English
Luna English Prije 2 dana
Billie sang better
Superior Octopus
Superior Octopus Prije 2 dana
Even without autotune billie sound is still fuckin good
Natalia Colvin
Natalia Colvin Prije 2 dana
12:20 is Billie Eilish if anyone was wondering :3
Cindy Rahn
Cindy Rahn Prije 2 dana
Roomie: I really like when he takes his shirt off on the stage 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
StaleChile Prije 2 dana
No one: Roomie: I like that guy shirtless on stage.
Isak C
Isak C Prije 2 dana
It's not like they only use autotune, there are a lot of other effects on their voices aswell
ScattySafari Prije 3 dana
John Denver sounded amazing live. Even better than the record. I'm so glad I was alive when pop singers could actually sing.
Cyro Prije 3 dana
14:08 im in deep with this girl but she's out of her mind
Gabriel Alvim
Gabriel Alvim Prije 3 dana
Broooo wtf i was listening to the charile puth part and the exact same music starts on the radio wtfff
PewDieFistBro !
PewDieFistBro ! Prije 3 dana
11:14 It is the shape f an F lol
Gir Prije 3 dana
1:12 that voice I will buy it
Hello Hi
Hello Hi Prije 3 dana
What a savage pickle Its more famous then Charlie now
Fortnite G
Fortnite G Prije 3 dana
I like how your honest about literally everything
Tuulikki Aas
Tuulikki Aas Prije 3 dana
It sounds like billie dosent use auto tune she only uses an echo
That was back when everyone wanted to be like smosh
REEDA ROSE Prije 3 dana
i HATE genius because it could ruin people's careers....well maybe I dislike it not HATE it....OK FINE I LIKE cooks up good drama....I was trying to be a good person....k
Helen Prije 4 dana
I hate it when people use Autotune.
Nextra YT
Nextra YT Prije 4 dana
I bought your merch!
That Reverie
That Reverie Prije 4 dana
anyone else come here just for billie eilish?
jestina haslam
jestina haslam Prije 4 dana
Billie doesn't need auto tune, she is auto tune
Lemonade Prije 4 dana
I don't like Billie i feel like my ears are going to explode when i listen to it.
H Prije 4 dana
maybe you all like this robotic bullshit. It just shows no talent.
Maackiplier Prije 4 dana
Fun fact: I think Lele Pons might be latina
Role Victor Sudaria
Role Victor Sudaria Prije 4 dana
scrolled through the comments and ummm... in this episode of "straight men hating on famous female singers to prove their fragile masculinity"
Ryannn T
Ryannn T Prije 4 dana
I feel like all those good bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Green Day, and Guns N’ Roses AC/DC, you get the point but I feel like they get less attention now that autotune is taking over people it’s making them sound better then those bands but if you were to take away autotune those bands would rise back up
GrizzlyBearPlayz Prije 4 dana
This is why I like oldies more. It's more original and unique.
Terry Profitt
Terry Profitt Prije 3 dana
Justin Y.
Justin Y. Prije 4 dana
He needs to react to Luh Kel
Meagan Smith
Meagan Smith Prije 4 dana
did he just call cher, cheer?...
Juxtin Lyon
Juxtin Lyon Prije 4 dana
For people that plays gta5 It’s 1am in the morning and you’re chillin in gta with your friends having fun driving through the streets of los santos. You turn on the non stop pop midnight city, cooler than me, I want it that way comes up. Good times
Leonard Lange
Leonard Lange Prije 4 dana
Your a cunt mate microphones are way different assclown s
Wa Prije 4 dana
Oh shit its Cody from zack and cody what's up?
Red Pennywuzzey
Red Pennywuzzey Prije 4 dana
Why did Charlie Puth look like Andy Samberg
Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown Prije 4 dana
happyboii Prije 4 dana
6:05 GTA V Vibes anyone?
Ida 06
Ida 06 Prije 5 dana
I really thought a girl sings i took a pill in ibiza lmao
Nerthus Adler
Nerthus Adler Prije 5 dana
Look at the singer from Sabaton XD
Yvonne Paschall
Yvonne Paschall Prije 5 dana
Just stop talking and play the video we didn't come to watch you look up things
Opal Dar-Le
Opal Dar-Le Prije 5 dana
VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs
*OkAy, ThErEs A fEw ThInGs To UnPaCk HeRe*
G.A.I.N Awesomeness
G.A.I.N Awesomeness Prije 5 dana
No pirate shanties for the win
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