Cool idea! Don't throw away pieces of wood!

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Bro, I hope you like this idea!
My name is Vanya! I am the author of the channel HandCraft.
On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands.
Creative ideas, useful tips !
We turn simple things into unique ones! Subscribe, it will be interesting! #craft #wood #diy

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18. Svi 2020.



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Komentari 80
HandCraft Prije 10 dana
How do you like this idea? Put like it if you like it
Holy Beef
Holy Beef Prije 11 sati
@犬のふしだらな女 I'm white I think
Badger Gnawz All
Badger Gnawz All Prije 15 sati
Abdallah Bensalah
Abdallah Bensalah Prije 19 sati
God bless those hands , I love your job so much
CanadianHackJob Prije 22 sati
Great Job
Marcus Gamer Pro
Eduardo Gonzalez lmao
pawelito kurtzin
pawelito kurtzin Prije 8 sati
Weil alle so ein Sortiment an Werkzeugen Zuhause haben.
WoodMasters Prije 10 sati
Фром Раша?
Alex Prije 10 sati
("spruce...") omg minecraft..
Joe Kehoe
Joe Kehoe Prije 11 sati
thats not scrap wood moron and you invented the table.
Holy Beef
Holy Beef Prije 11 sati
Really I wasted time and data on this video nothing cool about this video 🤢🔫
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Prije 12 sati
Like a missing finger, blood on the lumber, or at least some stitches!"
qwdc Prije 14 sati
ill throw away what i want
Al Faruq tukang aceh
Al Faruq tukang aceh Prije 14 sati
HK Wilson
HK Wilson Prije 15 sati
I couldn't not watch the whole thing...
Keith Melton
Keith Melton Prije 15 sati
That is f ing awesome. A little more detail work same design would make a coffee table that family members would fight over! Great job!
2A Enthusiast
2A Enthusiast Prije 16 sati
I watched a lot of videos today. This was the best one. Now need to check out my scrap wood!
John C
John C Prije 17 sati
Well there's two kids who aren't going to grow up useless...
Marco Carag
Marco Carag Prije 17 sati
I have none of the tool, skills, or material to do this - but I enjoyed watching through the whole thing, regardless. 🍻
Michael B
Michael B Prije 17 sati
It's not the kind of "scrap" wood I would normally find lying around, but this is an excellent idea for picnics at the beach or even for camping. I think I'll try this when I have the time.
it might be possible
it might be possible Prije 17 sati
Easy to watch, sort of. But it's a lot of work. Harder than it looks.
Beast P
Beast P Prije 18 sati
My first time seeing a wooden vice
RiseAbov Prije 18 sati
👎🏼 10 minutes of video for a mystery project? No. Show us the completed project at the beginning, so we can decide if it’s worth our time to watch.
Rick B.
Rick B. Prije 18 sati
Nice job. Love the simplicity.
Morpheus_00 Prije 19 sati
Crappy clickbait for a crappy table.
El K
El K Prije 19 sati
If it wasn't click bait it would of actually been a decent video.
3henry21 Prije 19 sati
The ideal/concept for a fold up portable table is good, the false premise of it being made from "scrap wood" is not, nor is the "clickbait" title. Come on... you're better than that.
nomo name
nomo name Prije 19 sati
Like !
JOE Momma
JOE Momma Prije 20 sati
Presented by Goose Pussy entertainment ™️
Ibrahim Prije 20 sati
Imagine throwing away wood
Duggy Dugg
Duggy Dugg Prije 22 sati
what was the reason for the double hinge shut up in the thumbnail?
Leo Brent
Leo Brent Prije 23 sati
Total clickbait! Not to mention how dumb the whole thing is. The boards were already wide and then got cut in halves to later on glue them back together? I guess you don’t have a bandsaw to re-saw the boards to half their thickness.
相沢豊後守 Prije 23 sati
まず工具を揃えなきゃね。なんぼかかるのか知らんけどw その上で作るもんがこれって…本人がいいならいいけど
William Echevarria
William Echevarria Prije 23 sati
Pretty good.
Nic C
Nic C Prije 23 sati
Screwing into an end grain just means you’ll end up splitting the wood eventually and replacing the legs... there are better ways to make that attachment
Rios Moodie
Rios Moodie Prije 23 sati
Go to woodprix if you'd like to know how to make it easy. Good solution for every woodworker.
chris lujan
chris lujan Prije dan
Kamlesh Sharma
Kamlesh Sharma Prije dan
Very nice...You wast my 10 minutes
o inicio do game
Carole Just Carole
That is a cool table, but it is beyond my skill set and not generally representative of my scrap wood. Maybe in a few years when I have worked in wood more.
Paul T
Paul T Prije dan
I very much prefer videos that describe their content in detail. Life is too short to watch unknown content.
W Otterdijk
W Otterdijk Prije dan
Precies Precies de wat is dat in een in heeze langs de hele day ik niet aan geweest aan geweest in Someren Someren denk p000ppp0pp000p0pp00p0p00zijn
MrCarter'sRods Prije dan
"Scrap wood" lol. I'd throat someone to get me that quality of "scrap".
MrCarter'sRods Prije dan
@ 6:43 Fap level: OVER 9,000!!!!!
Christopher Williams
I wish my scrap pile looked that good 🤣
nick tube
nick tube Prije dan
how do u think we are supposed to have those tools to cut the so called scrap woods.
C Whit
C Whit Prije dan
Very well done!
chin Bk
chin Bk Prije dan
Good idea. I like it.
Eduardo Trujillo
Enjoyed watching your video. I love seeing other craftsman's ideas, I can appreciate someone else's work. Thanks for sharing.
Trevor Longpre
Trevor Longpre Prije dan
How much video footage did you shoot roughly?
debrashawn Prije dan
People are so immature/unkind to mention that you didn't use scrap because of the title??? Clearly, they had no home training and no self respect or they would find better things to comment about...I thought it was a great idea!
DVT Prije dan
Looks super easy lol
Harold Land
Harold Land Prije dan
unsafe table saw use in this video !!! Every time his left hand snatched at the waste I winced... Looks like you have done that a lot if the wear on the glove is anything to go by. it's a percentage game...1 time in how many? count your fingers chap... use two pushsticks and never clear waste by hand so close to the blade furniture maker with 35 years experience and 10 fingers
Encik Rima
Encik Rima Prije dan
mixwell1983 Prije dan
I wish I had a scrap wood pile that looked like that.
Ian Beck
Ian Beck Prije dan
Is this a joke? You have got way too much spare time and timber
Muyyasar Yousuf
Muyyasar Yousuf Prije dan
What is this tool which he used for circular cut
Carera Giuseppe
Carera Giuseppe Prije dan
Charlene Mabins
Charlene Mabins Prije dan
Tshilidzi Radzuma
Wasted my time thinking I would see something innovative. Its not hate, just put a proper video description next time. *Making a round foldable table from pieces of wood.*
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije dan
POV: Your looking for the comment that says you didn’t search for this
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prije dan
Who cares about the 8K thumbs down and all the negative comments, I like it. Thank you
Vic D
Vic D Prije dan
Петли складивания стола надо би перевернуть..!
k4yN Prije dan
I like anything has to do with wood even i could not make something under the circumstances I'm right now, nice one, just wondering how long it took you to build it?
Paul Gandesa
Paul Gandesa Prije dan
Very good.Thanks.
Aziz Qassim
Aziz Qassim Prije dan
RG Anderson
RG Anderson Prije dan
Ya, and we are all cabinet makers right? I'll make sure to save my pile of wood next time so I can do this. Ofcourse I'll have to open up an acct because I think I'll need to purchase these tools. Unless so.e cabinet maker wants to borrow them to me. Ya folks, think twice before you throw away your perfect pile of cut wood!
arijit saha
arijit saha Prije dan
B. L.M USA Prije dan
Who would've thunk?!?
Mick Green
Mick Green Prije dan
Who would throw away that wood it’s not exactly scraps !
田中サクラ Prije dan
Charlie M.
Charlie M. Prije dan
Lots of Idiots in the comments! A Job well done sir. I LOVE these kind of videos! No long drawn out talking and yammering on and on and on. Thank you for a Video well done! Ignore all the idiots that have no idea what power tools are and how noisy they can be! I subscribed. :)
Cody Prije dan
POV: Your looking for the comment that says you didn’t search for this
Gayle Cheung
Gayle Cheung Prije dan
Wow that was beautiful, and smell the wood ♥️🇨🇦🌏
Tony Castle
Tony Castle Prije dan
The idea is good but the huge gap in the middle of the table is a no go
Saby Creatives
Saby Creatives Prije dan
if anyone need copyright free music to their youtube videos i make them.
Toad Lee Amazed
Toad Lee Amazed Prije dan
I can't believe you haven't been impaled by a board left against a running saw blade 😳
Russell Olds
Russell Olds Prije dan
If you are gonna cut without a guard better learn some safety, blade way too high.
Jesse G.
Jesse G. Prije dan
Who cares about the 8K thumbs down and all the negative comments, I like it. Thank you
Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro Prije dan
like if ya mum gay
Jose Francisco
Jose Francisco Prije dan
Perfect 👏👏👏👏👏
Wayne Seltzer
Wayne Seltzer Prije dan
No guard on the table saw? Tsk, tsk.
dnfdark Prije dan
Lol 10 min Video for a table even too small for 4 year old children. Sure you can throw this wood (the table) away ( to the garbage). What a waste of time...
M Hasbi
M Hasbi Prije dan
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