Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ The Show's Creator Justin Roiland

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10. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 12 898
h3h3Productions Prije 3 mjeseci
Hey ya'll we shot this video weeks ago and it was 90% finished when Yung Theodore was born, so here it is - Hope you guys enjoy it! Please support ya boy Justin Roiland's new game, Trover Saves The Universe out now on Steam and PS4 🙏 Also the colorblock hoodie is back in stock over at 🙏
Devan Lewis
Devan Lewis Prije 5 sati
h3h3Productions You need to post a vid
Samuel K
Samuel K Prije 4 dana
h3h3Productions kipl yourself ethan
Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera Prije 9 dana
New vid?
Genitalien Prije 13 dana
We need austin aka post malone on the podcast again asap
The Boom
The Boom Prije 17 dana
You still didn't put in the links to the videos
Justin  McKenzie
Justin McKenzie Prije 6 sati
Channel is finally dead
A StoinkyDoinky
A StoinkyDoinky Prije 10 sati
I didn’t think there was maternity leave for youtubers
Jake77 Prije 11 sati
this guy is smoking
tatisere4 Prije 12 sati
It been 3 months
-Skywalker- Prije 14 sati
There is no PrankInvasion Video in youtube, you need to celebrate this (if you have time)
Jack Graham
Jack Graham Prije dan
This is hard to watch
Infamous Predator
That thumbnail had me crying 😂
Further AM
Further AM Prije dan
sharp937 Prije dan
They quit their main channel again to go back to.. that channel.. didn't they
otaku osu
otaku osu Prije dan
No uploads
J E Prije dan
Ethans imitation sounded more like rick and mickey mouse
Saman Rai
Saman Rai Prije 2 dana
This is my favorite HRvid video.
WesleyTheG Prije 2 dana
Ethan dude it's been 3 months. Time to make a new video
Phisher DeRidder
Phisher DeRidder Prije 2 dana
Put that game on the v Xbox
Shy Boony
Shy Boony Prije 2 dana
Its aiii
Myke Prije 2 dana
Rick: *Gets a wig* I did it Morty I'm Ashley, I'm Rick Ashley
Jude The Neko Gamer
Jude The Neko Gamer Prije 2 dana
Unsubbed til you figure it out
Jack Faust
Jack Faust Prije 2 dana
Bruh upload more vids
Travis Murdock
Travis Murdock Prije 2 dana
J tricks
J tricks Prije 2 dana
so did his girlfriend give birth?
J tricks
J tricks Prije dan
Mighty Isotopes
Mighty Isotopes Prije dan
Angelo De Dio
Angelo De Dio Prije 2 dana
Can someone bring up the fact that CNN just reported on this supposed SOURCE that was a C_A spy that Trump supposedly burned?? The real story is that supposed spy is one of the false agents who gave false news to BRENNAN and Brennan couldn’t give it to his C_A TEAM to check if it’s real so instead he told STEELE to report it to the FBI so nobody would have to look into the information they received if a credible source like, STEELE someone who previously worked for the FBI, who nobody would question what he was saying because he was a vetted credible source who worked for the FBI in the past..the problem is the stories that STEELE reported were the SAME EXACT STORYS that this fake SOURCE in RUSSIA SUPPOSEDLY HAD.. THE SUPPOSED SOURCE SO CLOSE TO CNN just last Monday says that DONALD TRUMP was so afraid of this “SOURCE” ,that BRENNAN PLANTED to make up this story ,that TRUMP Burned him and we lost such a big SOURCE CLOSE TO PUTIN BECAUSE TRUMP WAS AFRAID THAT THE SOURCE WAS GOING TO FIND OUT ALL HIS DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS.. the truth is CNN BURNED THE SOURCE BACK IN 2017 BECAUSE WHEN CNN AND THE MEDIA GOT NEWS FROM ILLEGAL LEAKS FROM THE ,OLD OBAMA GOVERNMENT THAT WAS TRANSITIONING OUT ,THEY REPORTED ON THE STORY AND THE C_A HAD TO TAKE HIM OUT OF RUSSIA!!! So understand that this source was burned by CNN.. the reason this story was just brought back into the news last Monday is because AN EX OBAMA STAFFER WHO NOW WORKS FOR CNN ,JIM SCHIUTO, WAS TOLD TO GET AHEAD OF THE DOJ REPORTS THAT ARE COMING OUT ABOUT FISA ABUSE AND WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BEGINNING OF THE TRUMP RUSSIA HOAX .. SO HE RUNS A COMPLETLY FALSE STORY THAT EVEN THE C_A SAYS ITS FAKE ALONG WITH WSJ AND NEW YOUR TIMES.. CNN WANTS TO GET AHEAD OF THIS REPORT BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO LOOK SO BAD FOR CNN AND THEIR CONTRIBUTORS SUCH AS MCABE ,WHO WAS HIRED AND FIRED FROM CNN IN SUCH A QUICK TIME, BRENNAN, and CLAPPER.. SO THEY WANT TO TELL YOU “A”STORY NOT “THE” STORY ABOUT THIS SOURCE WHO TRUMP BURNED BECAUSE THE SOURCE WAS SO CLOSE TO PUTIN FOR YEARS THAT HE WAS AN AMAZING SOURCE WHO WAS GOING TO FIND OUT ALL THE DIRT ON TRUMP..SO BEFORE HE COULD DO THAT TRUMP GOT RID OF HIM.. that is not the story at all.. OH AND BY THE WAY, IF THE C_A REALLY HAD A SOURCE THAT CLOSE TO PUTIN FOR YEARS, DURING THE OBAMA YEARS ,THEN I HAVE A QUESTION ..WHY DIDNT HE LET US KNOW ABOUT THE RUSSIA HACKING INTO EMAILS AT THE DNC OR HOW DID HE NOT LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE ABOUT RUSSIA. CAUSING TROUBLE IN CRIMEA??IT IS BECAUSE HE WAS A FRAUD AND A FAKE SOURCE.. THEY DONT THINK WE ARE SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE IT OUT WITH EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP.. THESE PEOPLE THOUGHT WE WERE STUPID AND WE ARE SHOWING THEM WE ARE NOT.. I hope whoever reads this carefully will understand and share because this is the truth that you will see come to light more than it already it and if you just have an open mind and listen then you will figure it out and see the truth .. by the way this is NOT A CONSPIRACY THIS IS FACTUALLY ACCURATE.. thanks for everything
NitSUj Prije 2 dana
Honestly how hard is it to upload atleast once a month even?? Wha the fuck could you possibly be doing besides the podcast. Yes Ik y’all a pregnant and shit but if that baby is still not out that is not an excuse to not post
NitSUj Prije dan
MidnightFrog yes I agree witht the fact that managing a baby is hard to do in the first few months. But with a job such as HRvid it does not require a lot of effort. They are still doing the podcast, so if it’s so stressful and time consuming how do they have time to sit down for hours and do a podcast but not post a video
MidnightFrog Prije dan
@NitSUj babies (especially in the first few months) take a lot of time and care. it's hard to get into a rhythm and I imagine they're probably trying to figure it out. honestly I would rather they just take their time and get to a place where they can balance the two. being a parent and working isn't easy, that's why there's maternity leave because people need time to adjust to this huge life changer
NitSUj Prije 2 dana
Chris Ozimina Yes taking care of a baby is hard. But not hard to the point where you can’t do anything. They are just using it as an excuse not to post:
Chris Ozimina
Chris Ozimina Prije 2 dana
Yeef they don’t got time to make a video. Doing a podcast once a week is easier and takes less time. Taking care of a baby is stressful
Yeef Prije 2 dana
Chris Ozimina all they’ve been doing is the podcast
RK_6ekka Kase
RK_6ekka Kase Prije 2 dana
Is that Skippy?
Xavier Perez
Xavier Perez Prije 2 dana
What’s wrong with H3’s eyes
löaf Prije 3 dana
4:40 oh god I didnt upvote now my mom died of cancer
Hokage 0
Hokage 0 Prije 3 dana
5:20 modern problems require modern solutions
Freedom 523
Freedom 523 Prije 3 dana
what is his eyebrow tho
Yuni Wa
Yuni Wa Prije 3 dana
Symon Alex
Symon Alex Prije 3 dana
Justing looks like a great humble dude.
MEME LING Prije 3 dana
Yu haven’t uploaded in three minths
Turkish Punisher
Turkish Punisher Prije 3 dana
Wish your son a healthy happy life dude.
Weave snatcher
Weave snatcher Prije 3 dana
Can y’all chill they taking care of a baby rn look on Instagram
FluX Prije 3 dana
Where are the videos,Ethan?
Secondo Account
Secondo Account Prije 3 dana
concorde british airways
dlc simulator like if u remember
William Boyer
William Boyer Prije 3 dana
I went to the Rick Mobile, didn't get nothing tho
ChilledCow Fan
ChilledCow Fan Prije 3 dana
What a poor choice I’m going and plan to buy all the rare shit Edit: to sell it all on eBay for triple the price ez profit
Kane Deakle
Kane Deakle Prije 3 dana
Pleeeeaaaasssseeee upload
Kane Deakle
Kane Deakle Prije dan
I know but he should do a video with his kid don’t you want that
MidnightFrog Prije dan
@Kane Deakle a podcast takes way way way less time to make then a video
Kane Deakle
Kane Deakle Prije 3 dana
They upload on h3 podcast
Weave snatcher
Weave snatcher Prije 3 dana
They taking care of a baby rn
Kane Deakle
Kane Deakle Prije 3 dana
Can u please upload
J F RANDY Prije 3 dana
Why does it feel like he hasn’t uploaded this year? He definitely has but I don’t remember a single video at all
krasj bandikut
krasj bandikut Prije 3 dana
Sooo... no more H3H3 videos?
humey higuain
humey higuain Prije 3 dana
Alexander Knopf
Alexander Knopf Prije 4 dana
When is a new video coming reeee
Megan Rose
Megan Rose Prije 4 dana
Any fellow infunny goers here? My usernameis PillurKase on there
SlapMeSilly Gaming
SlapMeSilly Gaming Prije 4 dana
how come you dont post regularly anymore ?
Ebola Child
Ebola Child Prije 2 dana
they are taking care of their child
Sawyer Ackerman
Sawyer Ackerman Prije 4 dana
We miss you, come back
Paper Jhhuvuh
Paper Jhhuvuh Prije 4 dana
Oh it’s her dad I’ll just turn down the volume down
Dale Tall
Dale Tall Prije 4 dana
Loved rick an morty, wish my view didnt just get tainted by this ilk.
Olivia Muchow
Olivia Muchow Prije 4 dana
6:39 “how it feels when uhh...” me-“I chew five gum”
GreenTea Prije 4 dana
3 months ago... this dude truly switched to full-time podcast.
MidnightFrog Prije dan
also a father who takes care of a baby and doesn't have the same kind of time to make videos
Jerryhayes2 Prije 4 dana
The cringe is real. So much autism
MichaelChiklisCares Prije 4 dana
no upload in 3 months h3h3 is retarded and dead , since you are having your brain dead podcast , you showed your true liberal SJW status.
B.Roberts Prije 4 dana
Can anyone tell me whats up with this guys eyebrows?
Samuel K
Samuel K Prije 4 dana
Welcome everybody to the biggest sellout of all time
Fahmi Kahtaan
Fahmi Kahtaan Prije 4 dana
Guys I’m sorry I was watching IT 2 and I’m 110% sure Ethan was in the movie, someone please back me up on this
Chan Ching Cheng
Chan Ching Cheng Prije 4 dana
Tobias Engel
Tobias Engel Prije 4 dana
He keeps mentioning humans like he’s reptilian or something
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh Prije 5 dana
The channel that started it all, but now has been left in the dust to rot, h for hypocrisy, he wouldn't produce anything here cause it takes effort.
GreenTea Prije 3 dana
@Ban Oh yeah he became a housewife... fitting.
Ban Prije 3 dana
He's taking care of his child dude and I assume podcasts are just a lot easier to make.
GreenTea Prije 4 dana
Why would he when podcast makes 10 times more ? Ethan truly abandoned his origins.
Sirlene Andria
Sirlene Andria Prije 4 dana
Also ca$h - the minute he was demonetized, he vanished
TarrantBot 2020
TarrantBot 2020 Prije 5 dana
K1ke shill
Alex Hayes
Alex Hayes Prije 5 dana
Just mute the incest porn I feel itt😂
Hello :)
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