Curry Sets Playoff 3PM Record! Durant, Bev Ejected! 2019 NBA Playoffs

Chris Smoove
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14. Tra 2019.



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Komentari 895
Haydhn Prije 6 dana
1:43 what is you doing clippers
Yaseen Thorne
Yaseen Thorne Prije 8 dana
Chris Smoove jinxed the 2nd game
Ghostkiller166 Prije 9 dana
KD wasn't that cocky before the warriors tho, ppl talk mad shit on the best team ever it seems.
CaliK Prije 9 dana
Iggy my niggy!
Kq Newton
Kq Newton Prije 9 dana
Warriors are weak in the paint
Xhill Vibez
Xhill Vibez Prije 9 dana
Playoff basketball smoove i rather see Durant nd bev going at it physically
Márcio Gando
Márcio Gando Prije 9 dana
I can't believe on it Patrick being bullying hahaha hahaha
Angat singh
Angat singh Prije 9 dana
I love how Durant did beverly the same way beverly did Lonzo
adu kefyalew
adu kefyalew Prije 9 dana
mmmk, so i just realised that the reason steph curry aint in contention for the goat because he aint have contacts????.... smh that boy goin for goat now
Big BIck Nick Torralba
Ballaific Slim
Ballaific Slim Prije 9 dana
Dey made Harnell change shoes at half,fooled up man
AeroKidWitASnapback Prije 9 dana
How did they miss that moving screen at 0:58 his feet weren’t even set
God Of War
God Of War Prije 9 dana
Hahaha hope beverly keeps pissing off the snake, its hilarious
Chungus Prije 9 dana
Klay has a bad shooting night. Durant gets ejected. Cousins fouls out. Warriors still blow them out. Issa sweep
Prije 9 dana
harden going for 50 2nite..
Gianpaolo Pazzini
Gianpaolo Pazzini Prije 9 dana
contact lense mode on
j s
j s Prije 10 dana
best shooter ever simple nothing else⚡️
Silver Flyer
Silver Flyer Prije 10 dana
Dang ray Allen 😭😭
Uncle Scam
Uncle Scam Prije 10 dana
I smell a sweep
De Von
De Von Prije 10 dana
Just watch out for the bucks yo or raptors then y’all can’t be getting hyped then
the dude
the dude Prije 10 dana
I miss the ole Chris smoove...
ThatLifeMotivation Prije 10 dana
Everybody who thinks Curry ain’t top 5 nba is crazyyyyyy
gaming 4 the people
gaming 4 the people Prije 10 dana
Durant just wanted to rest early lol
jdoe Prije 10 dana
Playoff Mode Activated for Curry as usual
blksbbth d
blksbbth d Prije 10 dana
Warriors need to stop existing. Ruining the fucking nba
R13_RawAngelo Prije 10 dana
Curry ain't human 💯🔥🔥
Lakers forever
Lakers forever Prije 10 dana
wow iggy still fast
Zero Two
Zero Two Prije 10 dana
Warriors in playoff mode guys...
Kek Pozzi
Kek Pozzi Prije 10 dana
They shouldn’t let Curry use his contacts
I still think Dwight Howard is the best 3 POINT shooter
learn 1122
learn 1122 Prije 10 dana
ContactCURRY 🥝🥝
Spencer likes Stuff
Spencer likes Stuff Prije 10 dana
Stupid Boi pat because is way better than KD
SS3MANIA Prije 10 dana
If you are a fan of GSW... ur not a fan of basketball
TheMrGizmo Prije 10 dana
Lu Jean
Lu Jean Prije 10 dana
He’s the best rebounding point guard in the league stop playing with him 🐐
Lu Jean
Lu Jean Prije 10 dana
He’s the most underrated player in the league , y’all take him for granted
Axxton Chaffin
Axxton Chaffin Prije 10 dana
U should talk about the clippers to
Max rainmaker
Max rainmaker Prije 10 dana
0:41 classic cousins move
callmeIsaac Prije 10 dana
Y ru only showing warriors highlights
Da nte
Da nte Prije 10 dana
Chris smoove I remember playing with you on black ops
Sidz productions
Sidz productions Prije 10 dana
What happened to Durant ik that’s not how he is. He putting on an act for sure
WBC MG Prije 10 dana
Curry with Contacts,38pts,8 3pm,15 reb, yep MVP confirmed
Kid Ink_-
Kid Ink_- Prije 10 dana
Boogie gone be they down fall
Scoot DaMan
Scoot DaMan Prije 10 dana
Steph got his contacts from downtown
Cal Hampton
Cal Hampton Prije 10 dana
Anyone who says Kyrie is the best PG in the league is an idiot
Cal Hampton
Cal Hampton Prije 10 dana
Smoove’s got a mean cold
KingsteveTV Prije 10 dana
MalikVision Prije 10 dana
IgoUdala might be the best playoff player on the warriors
INTER-FEAR Prije 10 dana
You know KD just wanted to leave early since the game is already over.
KingAlphA_ _
KingAlphA_ _ Prije 10 dana
Crazyyyyy game
Travell Harris
Travell Harris Prije 10 dana
Klay Thompson Gone turn up.
aloha ne
aloha ne Prije 10 dana
Lol ... gsw playoff mode activated
Rbrt DeAsis
Rbrt DeAsis Prije 10 dana
Love the playoff intensity 😤😤😤😤
Mr Thief
Mr Thief Prije 10 dana
Curry playin on rookie difficulty yo. Ey 2k fix yo shit.
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome Prije 10 dana
Only reason curry broke the record bc the NBA is fucking soft
Tucker Thompson
Tucker Thompson Prije 10 dana
Thrown out for trash talking😂😂😂 the nba is so soft
Ray Allen
Ray Allen Prije 10 dana
Some of the niggas opposing me could actually guard the perimeters, unlike the clowns these days. Also, my coach did not allow me to shoot at will.
mark myers
mark myers Prije 10 dana
It wasnt silly smoove let these men battle
Elisaul Mendez
Elisaul Mendez Prije 10 dana
I think Durant got that technical foul He was thinking that his team could beat them without hem So he started trash talking
sHERKY m Prije 10 dana
PRIMAL 11 Prije 10 dana
Lebron watching Durant Road to NBA Finals!
Logan The gamer
Logan The gamer Prije 10 dana
Where the magic game you sleeping on magic they beat Toronto
Goank MAHDI Prije 10 dana
Iggy probably heard what skip and Shannon said about him lol
Goank MAHDI Prije 10 dana
Ray was only allowed 5-6 three's a game. Curry's allowed 15-16 three's a game. But the games are evolving and it comes with the territory
Red Face
Red Face Prije 10 dana
The 🐍 trying to flex again.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker Prije 10 dana
I guess doubters are eating crow.
JG124 Prije 10 dana
So we just not gonna talk about Curry's 15 rebounds?
joel trinidad
joel trinidad Prije 10 dana
Is sad to see player getting ejected for trash talk, that's part of the game! The nba is getting softer and softer. In a few they're going to ask the player to wear pantyhose!
Asniel Figueroa
Asniel Figueroa Prije 10 dana
His Game is soooo OLD 3 after 3 after 3 OLD ASF
Ryan Wai
Ryan Wai Prije 10 dana
Next up... Draymond Green with glasses on
Michael Angelo Lumitao
99 overall mod stephen curry
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero Prije 10 dana
smooves highlighhts have no replays
Kobe Ross
Kobe Ross Prije 10 dana
Curry will never have a bad 3 game again
Tim_Cheng_315 Easton Basketball
Chris Smoove you forgot to mention that Curry had 15 rebounds?
2 Pacca
2 Pacca Prije 10 dana
Wondering if Draymond Green can stay consistent for once
Jun Rabanuel
Jun Rabanuel Prije 10 dana
5 all stars just to beat lebron
PURPLEHAZE 26 Prije 10 dana
3 all star just to beat boston😂😂🤡🤡🤡
Rose Belle Granzo
Rose Belle Granzo Prije 10 dana
Pb sucks
Oh Damn
Oh Damn Prije 10 dana
Durant was backing Westbrook by beefing bev 😂😂
Sports Mixes
Sports Mixes Prije 10 dana
i don't think it is insane actually, he basically onyl shoots threes
Swaggy B
Swaggy B Prije 10 dana
Durant think he hard as soon as he went to the Warriors
Fortnite Funny Moments
Draymond was going off in first quarter 15 points 5-5 2-2 3pm
Ralph Matthew Caparas
Ralph Matthew Caparas Prije 10 dana
Curry should stop shooting the three and then suddenly lays down on the floor. Stop flopping man.
J.Magic25 Prije 10 dana
why eject someone for talking smh
Respec Wahmen
Respec Wahmen Prije 10 dana
sound check
21savage21 Lbj
21savage21 Lbj Prije 10 dana
Curry is better than kd... don’t @me.
Никола Петровић
0:10-0:25 listen closely... AND RAY IS BETTER???
TimdubW Prije 10 dana
pat bev is a bum
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday Prije 10 dana
Playoff Draymond is real. GG
Pumpkingamer 41
Pumpkingamer 41 Prije 10 dana
NBA should fine curry for those contacts
Snapie Snapie
Snapie Snapie Prije 10 dana
I love Chris Smoove, amazing basketball knowledge
bryan ethan
bryan ethan Prije 10 dana
Steph Curry real life cheat code. The Real MVP.
hamza ksentini
hamza ksentini Prije 10 dana
Beverly card 200 Atk 300 Def : a monster that is so weak but can take out one monster a game .
MavC Prije 10 dana
Its really not insane with how different today's game is
Kareem Codling
Kareem Codling Prije 10 dana
KD baited Beverly In the end....
Tyler Prije 10 dana
guess the warriors were able to upset my clippers, no big deal, clippers in 5
Baseball Sucks
Baseball Sucks Prije 10 dana
Defective Ryan
Defective Ryan Prije 10 dana
Iggy is so important for the warriors playoff run.
Hector Andem
Hector Andem Prije 10 dana
*Contacts Curry* joins the God Squad along with such players as: *_Untucked_** Kyrie* *_Brushed-hair_** Durant* *_Gang-Sign_** John Wall* *_Masked_** LeBron* *_Hoodie_** Melo* *_Pot-Puffing_** Klay* It's a wrap. ⚰️🙏
everybody asking who's better: #6 or #23 LeBron, #8 or #24 Kobe... I chose Curry with contacts
Clem C Hammer
Clem C Hammer Prije 10 dana
Damn, Curry best player in the League PERIOD
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