Customizing 11 iPhone 11s, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 (Giveaway)

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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30. Ruj 2019.



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ZHC Prije 4 mjeseci
We hit 1 million likes! In the process of ordering 20+ iPhone 11s to giveaway 😂 Giving away 11 custom iPhone 11s! Join the giveaway! Btw please subscribe. I still have a cracked iPhone X since I want you guys to enjoy it first :) 1 million likes and I will give 20 iPhone 11s away! I'll actually do it lol Btw do not click on zhc giveaway. Don't get scammed please! Giveaways are only on this channel! First Comment: Cloud Bait109
Alexis Shipe
Alexis Shipe Prije mjesec
Cloud Bait109
Dylan Elija
Dylan Elija Prije mjesec
I really want the iPhone 11 pro max because I'm no that rich
Aaron Guinhawa
Aaron Guinhawa Prije mjesec
Cloud Bait109
Eka Ferdiaja
Eka Ferdiaja Prije 2 mjeseci
Give please, i'm from indonesia 🤗
Isla Ogg
Isla Ogg Prije 7 sati
Can I have the blue one with people or something like that with money
Sahasrakshee Sharma
Sahasrakshee Sharma Prije 7 sati
Give me iPhone 11pro max😢plz 😕
Rafiq Ramazani
Rafiq Ramazani Prije 7 sati
can i win one plz
Cazandra Ricafort
Cazandra Ricafort Prije 7 sati
I really want an iPhone coz I don't have any iPhone in my entire life my oppo phone is almost 3 years and I can't still have a new phone :>
Denis Cruz Rodriguez
I want the I phone 11 pro
Valen Umlandt
Valen Umlandt Prije 7 sati
Psame uno
Tapu Nandi
Tapu Nandi Prije 8 sati
I want one
Huzefa Hafiz
Huzefa Hafiz Prije 8 sati
I want one iPhone 11
Meymey Prije 8 sati
Queria eu morar aí sksksks, ia ficar tão feliz Man skskksksks
Lisda Rahmadanisa
Lisda Rahmadanisa Prije 8 sati
This guy are crazy!
Pauline Mcdowell
Pauline Mcdowell Prije 10 sati
Plz can i get a i phone 11
midlex tanggote
midlex tanggote Prije 10 sati
others:iphone 11 Me:samsung galaxy core to i wanted iphone11 for my birthday little many (sad)(crying)
Marites Contemplo
Marites Contemplo Prije 10 sati
I hope i can have one iphone
vianelle ramos
vianelle ramos Prije 11 sati
ZHC can you get me one pls i just really want i'll share sudcribe like and your the best i ever seen
danielle kafif
danielle kafif Prije 11 sati
Can I I have an iPhone
Viral Satya
Viral Satya Prije 11 sati
Like to have that
xoxo 26600
xoxo 26600 Prije 11 sati
I've subscribed to your channel.can you give me one iPhone 11 please 🦋🔥✨
Việt Dương
Việt Dương Prije 12 sati
Wow I want some too
JAYA SREE Prije 12 sati
Can u give me pls and i forgot I LOVE UR VIDEO
KILLER GAMING Prije 12 sati
apni body banao
KILLER GAMING Prije 13 sati
bhai apne dimag ka opretion karwao
Rhonda Buras
Rhonda Buras Prije 13 sati
I hope I get a customized I phone 11
fathan_ haidar
fathan_ haidar Prije 14 sati
What your frend
Vivina Patis
Vivina Patis Prije 14 sati
Can i have a ipone11
Angel Q.
Angel Q. Prije 15 sati
Gimmme pls
Tifannyjewel Basilio
Tifannyjewel Basilio Prije 15 sati
Scan you pls give me one pls dripping.
Mylene Esconde
Mylene Esconde Prije 15 sati
im in the philippines iwant to win this time😭
Carl Galvez
Carl Galvez Prije 15 sati
Can I have one iPhone 11 I'm the ur mommy From tiktok plssaosapllplss
Kayy Wrld
Kayy Wrld Prije 16 sati
Hi your my favorite channel
fathima noushad
fathima noushad Prije 16 sati
@ZHC plssss get me one i am really thrilled and want one plsssssss
//Tatiana Sutton //
//Tatiana Sutton // Prije 17 sati
Your so nice🤣
Tina Sinets
Tina Sinets Prije 17 sati
I need a iPhone 11wrtr pr
Harveyjake Longskie
Harveyjake Longskie Prije 18 sati
wow you so god
Terra Birdwood
Terra Birdwood Prije 18 sati
Can I pls have the IPhone 11pro bc love ur vid and i need a new phone
Eujan Kenjin Malapad
Eujan Kenjin Malapad Prije 18 sati
Hope I win one next time :(( From the Philippines ❤
Andrea Canada
Andrea Canada Prije 18 sati
I wish i have iphone 11 pro max zhc😯
Ries Diazbauste
Ries Diazbauste Prije 18 sati
Badal Sagar
Badal Sagar Prije 19 sati
Candie E
Candie E Prije 19 sati
I love ur vids i would follow y on insta but i dont have it well keep up the good work
Suhaila Kashvi
Suhaila Kashvi Prije 19 sati
others iphone 11 pro me iphone 5s
Alijah shamele Saura Cahigao
Hi ilike your vlig it's so nice❤😍
Lover Girl
Lover Girl Prije 20 sati
Different phone brand user: "Owh I wish he could customize different phone too😭😭😭. " He is so good..gawd feel like gonna cry..
Ishhak Umatiya
Ishhak Umatiya Prije 21 sat
Pleas give me iPhone olive in surat
ANDRIE GAMING Prije 21 sat
Iphone11 with airpods -philipine
Ericca Mariztelle Reveche
meeeeeeee plss☹️😪
Ericca Mariztelle Reveche
meeeeeeee plsss
Lowellah Mae Simeon
Lowellah Mae Simeon Prije 21 sat
Others:iphones Me:Samsung j1
Janine Villocino
Janine Villocino Prije 21 sat
I want that phone because I have no iphone 11pro max😥
Rosieer Raynbowns
Rosieer Raynbowns Prije 21 sat
Perfection of the iPhone's
Leslie Tenelema
Leslie Tenelema Prije 21 sat
Please can you give me one they never have one
Letica Ramos
Letica Ramos Prije 22 sati
Please give me the rose gold iPhone 11 pro
Timothy Mintz
Timothy Mintz Prije 22 sati
Keep on uploading now I'll keep watching your videos
Danica Austero
Danica Austero Prije 23 sati
What markers do you usee?🧐
Cline Twins
Cline Twins Prije 23 sati
ZHC I really want an iPhone 11 so bad but my mom said I can’t get one bc she doesn’t have enough so could I PLS get an iPhone 11 ILYSM and your videos!!!!! I think you are so creative! And I like art a lot!😭❤️🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
sad music
sad music Prije 23 sati
I got an LG k 40 i wunt a new 📱 please
mona amer
mona amer Prije 23 sati
You are a good person.. This is the scond vid am watching .. Giving rangem people.. Wooow ✔️💐
Linda Mahan
Linda Mahan Prije 23 sati
Oh and i have a brick house
Linda Mahan
Linda Mahan Prije 23 sati
I want a iphone11 i live in grantcounty my name is payton my adress is 80410 napolean zion station road
Winter Madison
Winter Madison Prije 23 sati
I want one
Winter Madison
Winter Madison Prije 23 sati
Where do u live I am going to move there so I can get one
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