Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2019

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Sublime312 Prije 32 minuta
A Cinamatic Trailer + a very popular actor, pleas don't let this be a cash grab :(
Marsh fan 2017
Marsh fan 2017 Prije sat
Not bad
Aleks Przybyła
Aleks Przybyła Prije 3 sati
Awsome trailer
1987MartinT Prije 4 sati
Holy shit! I didn't even realize he was playing Johnny Silverhand. It didn't even occur to me.
Rappor Prije 4 sati
Me to my computer: *wake the fuck up, samurai*
Fokzy Channel
Fokzy Channel Prije 5 sati
Check a video about cyberpunk at my channel
TechSavvy Hero DSD
TechSavvy Hero DSD Prije 6 sati
Got my new cosplay right here! Go Keanu! :D
Akrem Maksoudi
Akrem Maksoudi Prije 6 sati
cyberpunk 2077 is going to be breathtaking
MR g37 R3K7
MR g37 R3K7 Prije 7 sati
Hilarious original joke: *[ Insert Hilarious, original joke about EA ]*
Marian paździoch
Marian paździoch Prije 7 sati
I to jest Polska. Wiedźmin i cyberpunk- najlepsze gry świata
Onsokumaru Prije 10 sati
Barry White is gangster
Moori Prije 12 sati
Теперь жду эту игру
Добрый Женя
Добрый Женя Prije 12 sati
Дерьмо, придётся брать новый комп. Предзаказ игры на gog уже сделал.
Johan Nordstrom
Johan Nordstrom Prije 14 sati
Cyberpunk 2077 is just overhyped it will probably be riddled with microtransactions and overpriced season pass. Don't say CD projekt red wont ever do that only because they have not Done that yet. All companies are Moneysucking parasites who only care about how much money you will spend on their games. No Company cares about the player's experience just how big Wallet they got.
Aaron Stuffguy
Aaron Stuffguy Prije 15 sati
Me:Can't wait to play this game! My PC:Please My Bank Account:No I don't think you will
kamikaze #
kamikaze # Prije 19 sati
I like the game
Kanley West
Kanley West Prije 20 sati
2019: John Wick kills a man with a book 2077: John Wick kills a man while coming out of a computer with a Harry Potter book.
Kanley West
Kanley West Prije 20 sati
2019: John Wick kills a man with a book 2077: John Wick kills a man while coming out of a computer with a Harry Potter book.
Crusader Prije dan
Can't wait until 2077 when the game comes out
Hyper Pickle
Hyper Pickle Prije dan
Meanwhile watchdogs 3 has grandma
Devin Tinney
Devin Tinney Prije dan
This game looks cool so far
Victor Purceluș
Hey there Neo, nice to see you having survived till 2077 after what happened in the Matrix.
Buck's Shotgun
Buck's Shotgun Prije dan
Song Name 0:18
AgresiV 216
AgresiV 216 Prije dan
0:20 Music ???
Alessio Monari
Alessio Monari Prije dan
V ma men
Just An umbrella
I soooo wanna play that
Cool Ripple User
(This is nothing political) why do all the strong white guys like Jackie and that guy you fight in the apartment look the same and even have similar haircuts? I don't know much more yet either.
ooomuttpilot ooo
Everyone talkin bout their pcs and i'm here like oh damn i hope my ps4 doesn't die
cdt44 Prije dan
*Y O U R E B R E A T H T A K I N G*
Travis Houston
Travis Houston Prije dan
Why does it have to be all in first person besides when you drive the car.. I would say take my money if there was a third person option.. Awesome graphics though!
Kaiba Prije dan
3:54 funfact : Keavu Reeves singing
simeone ruggeri
simeone ruggeri Prije dan
Yes, I'm still playing bloodborne
Nandoxsniper Prije dan
Well they spoiled jackie’s death then Well FUCK
TTV_Get_Rekt21 5
Hey dud what do u mean basal char in the chat with the chat in side the chat boxed up with chat written all over it
Hells Divinity
Hells Divinity Prije dan
УКРАИНА !!! Отменим срочную армию Петиция @t
jackhammertwo1 Prije dan
All people: Yo "Chipping in" is the shit Me: Yes but i want to find that sick remix of Spoiler that starts around 3:11
keikan0407 Prije dan
Must game companies put samurai in their games? I’m tired of seeing samurai clothes and katana.
Rorty Prije dan
Hm... Neo is gonna to save a planet))
Alexander_OV_8 Prije dan
Cool John Wink is in cyberpunk lol
Commander Shepard
Cyberpunk was actually released in 2077 but Keanu came from the future to bring it to us in 2020! Proof he's a time traveler.
Vancetik Prije dan
“Wake the f@$& up, samurai. We have a city to burn”
Kin Mojamuto
Kin Mojamuto Prije dan
Espero que hayan negociado la fecha de lanzamiento con rockstar y su GTA VI por que si salen el mismo año, no recibirán ninguno de los dos los reconocimientos que merecen.
Agora2021 Prije dan
That was badass.
Red Lotus
Red Lotus Prije 2 dana
Too much "punk" not enough "cyber".
Ghostz Prije 2 dana
My graphics card might not make it😥
Arkidoui Prije 2 dana
song 0:25
Tobias Mckenzie
Tobias Mckenzie Prije 2 dana
0:58 Stevie wonder
Nic E
Nic E Prije 2 dana
Nobody: Robot Johnny: w e g o t a c i t y t o b u r n
2077 in real life: man invents first chair that you don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom
Carson Lee
Carson Lee Prije 2 dana
The only trailer I found with swearing
Ned's Prije 2 dana
MANO esses gráficos tão tão dahora que eu pensei que fosse Free Fire por um momento
Mike Gesu
Mike Gesu Prije 2 dana
Song at 0:25??? Anyone??
WitcherBruce B74
WitcherBruce B74 Prije 2 dana
I swear the voice actor for samurai sounds like Aaron Paul
Nate Silvers
Nate Silvers Prije dan
WitcherBruce B74 it is Aaron Paul voice acting
Hamza Bashir
Hamza Bashir Prije 2 dana
this game on the phone or pc
EagleOneoOne Prije 2 dana
Lovin' this darn game already, can't wait.
Hawk Kira
Hawk Kira Prije 2 dana
mightyvoovoo Prije 2 dana
Wondering if they are looking at ways to include a trophy or achievement called YOU'RE BREATHTAKING!
Hackin Prije 2 dana
This Witcher 4 trailer is so cool
Simić Prije 2 dana
Is there different story gameplay if u play with male and female?
Caftaf//FGstudios Cole Fox
The, who i assume, main character looks like a cyborg blazkowitz ( Wolfenstein ).
THEknight TWIST Prije 2 dana
ive been following CD Project Red for 5 Years!!!! i Can't believe this is Coming out right on my 18th Birthday! XDDDD
Massicato Safino
Massicato Safino Prije 2 dana
He looks like Lee Hardcastle lmfao
Rebelicious Prije 2 dana
Yes Yes ! Im chipping in There better be the Legendary item : '' The Pencil''
Captain Cookie
Captain Cookie Prije 2 dana
Comes out a day after my birthday lol
Uyur Gezer
Uyur Gezer Prije 2 dana
00:15 song name plz
Syfi Freak!!!!!!
Syfi Freak!!!!!! Prije 2 dana
bio jinx
bio jinx Prije 2 dana
Did someone hear sound effects from far cry 1
Ryan Springs
Ryan Springs Prije 2 dana
Killer Bean reveal next?
Xen Enlighten
Xen Enlighten Prije 2 dana
Can't wait for this game
Hessey Lean
Hessey Lean Prije 2 dana
Is the price the same for all platforms? I mean, is this a $30 game? Cause that's the pre-order price on PC (at least on Epic).
Robert 'Bob' Ross
Robert 'Bob' Ross Prije 2 dana
anybody, song?
Robert 'Bob' Ross
Robert 'Bob' Ross Prije 2 dana
@Ryan Springs Bruh k can't wait for this game
Ryan Springs
Ryan Springs Prije 2 dana
Robert 'Bob' Ross soundtrack isn’t out yet, we’re gonna have to wait
Logan Rose
Logan Rose Prije 2 dana
Shit looks like shadow run the video game. I especially felt the part where they were worried about every damn cop in town being after them
Wolf Prije 2 dana
Anyone watching in 2077?
Ace of Space
Ace of Space Prije 2 dana
Not gonna lie the main guy here looks like a younger version of B.J from wolfenstine...
Malcolm Morin
Malcolm Morin Prije 3 dana
Here's to hoping Dex's death will be a painful one.
Deadbitgaming Prije 3 dana
I would buy this game just for Keanu Reeves to tell me to wake the fuck up
DPM_ Maczo
DPM_ Maczo Prije 3 dana
Synitype Prije 3 dana
People say it's: ''Wake the fuck up, samurai" I hear only: ''Way to fuck up, samurai"
BlackHawky _
BlackHawky _ Prije 3 dana
is the first song from ice cube??
jdj9 Prije 3 dana
This will be one of the best games in history.
RedLeeFox Prije 3 dana
Polska gra kurwa
cleudy p
cleudy p Prije 3 dana
Is this a video-game or like a movie?
grumpychris Prije dan
It's a video game. Search "Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal" on HRvid if you want to see gameplay.
sahand soleymani
sahand soleymani Prije 3 dana
What a good day to be alive and enjoying games
Annikkah 4Shalom
Annikkah 4Shalom Prije 3 dana
Just here for Keanu
Foka Prije 3 dana
Keanu Reeves: We've got a city to burn Cyberpunk 2077: We've got a PC to burn
nEon Prije 3 dana
B r e t h t a k i n g
JanStraciatella Prije 3 dana
Oh my fucking god i can't wait
Humanoids121 Prije 3 dana
You came for 3:38. Your welcome
Akshay Jose
Akshay Jose Prije 3 dana
3:44 Keanu Reeves glitching ? Is he just an imagination... !
enesog Prije 3 dana
This game will NEVER come out.
Kuba K
Kuba K Prije 3 dana
Someone can tell me name of last song?
Karsten Brevik
Karsten Brevik Prije 3 dana
Keanu Reeves
star hunter
star hunter Prije 3 dana
this game looks awesome when do we get to see game play
William Campbell
William Campbell Prije 3 dana
imagine The main character (Samurai?) puts the gun in his pants at the beginning and shoots his robot nuts.
ECCO Prije 3 dana
1% Speaks about cinematics 99% KEANU REEVES !!!
fofo friend
fofo friend Prije 3 dana
Which platform are you guys buying?
sharpshooter33 Prije 3 dana
Can’t wait to party with Keanu Reeves and his robot thieves
Just A Frans Shipper
3:43 for all those looking for it
Thanos Thicc
Thanos Thicc Prije 4 dana
0:17 Song?
André Luiz de Moura Jr
Anyone know the ending song?