Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2019

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Mark your calendars - Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC April 16th, 2020.
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9. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 16 482
mank Prije 5 sati
So they made 99 percent of the in-game cutscenes first person for ''immersion'' yet use third person perspective for a cinematic trailer to hype people up and feel more attached to the story being told. Righto.
Aleksander Kust
Aleksander Kust Prije 15 sati
I think that voice actor of v is aaron paul
mank Prije 5 sati
It's not.
ghorohwiak megusta
* the best polish game in the world*
onex xxx
onex xxx Prije dan
The Witcher's cgi trailer is better anyway
Gradatim Prije dan
people will watch this trailer in 2077 and comment, who else is watching it in 2077
WOLF_96 Prije 3 dana
meowzerz and me
meowzerz and me Prije 3 dana
So I'm guessing that the chip you stole from netwatch is how you got johnny silverhand in your head.
Daniel FLS
Daniel FLS Prije 5 dana
Polish game... The Witcher 3 - Best game of 2015 Cyberpunk 2077 - Best game of 2020 2025?
craftyguns the pro kid
in fallouts universe 2077 means nuclear war
WatcherBG Prije 5 dana
I hope i can get 60 fps on medium/high with my gtx 1060 6gb ! :/
FunkkyPanda69 Prije 4 dana
You got 7 months before this releases. Save up and by that time you’ll have a better rig. Not only will this game look and run better, you’ll have other games to do the same. It’s worth it!
変態Tsxnmi Prije 6 dana
*Wake the fuck up*
The German
The German Prije 6 dana
John Wick 2077 looks like a good movie
Hurtts ,
Hurtts , Prije 6 dana
3:37 this is my alarm clock song now 😂
FlyVR Prije 6 dana
Who else came here again after the behind the scenes trailer?
NY Vinchenz
NY Vinchenz Prije 7 dana
wow so it has the memory of Johnny mnemonic cool game looks great. love how this kids are like john wick do some homework and look up Keanu Reeves older movies
I Am The Boss
I Am The Boss Prije 7 dana
0:27 the name of song?
Richard Fitz
Richard Fitz Prije 8 dana
Is it just me or did v sound like Shay Patrick Cormac for a second there
Warfare Evan
Warfare Evan Prije 8 dana
Pretty sure my ps4 kill it self after this Trailer
A. Nonny Mouse
A. Nonny Mouse Prije 8 dana
The most unrealistic part is how long that faucet was going for
Uma Dzanic
Uma Dzanic Prije 8 dana
1:56 Is it just me or is really nobody talking about his blue lips..? 😂😂😂
Turbo-Fan Prije 8 dana
glad i bought a new, very powerful laptop (Zephyrus S RTX 2080) to play this game when it arives,
Keith Noremac
Keith Noremac Prije 9 dana
2:06 Is it just me or does he look like Bo Abobo from the Double Dragon movie? Also if you know the character and movie/game I’m referring to, you have my undying respect
First Red
First Red Prije 10 dana
03:22 ohh is that the neurolink Project which elon musk is talking about and making this real!! *crying in corner*
Flimsy Fox
Flimsy Fox Prije 10 dana
This game better be as good as the cinematic or I'm boycotting.
Alexa Prije 7 dana
@The Crow of Yharnam Disagreeing with a fact is ignorant. Grow up...
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam Prije 7 dana
@Alexa no
Alexa Prije 7 dana
@The Crow of Yharnam And? They could easily turn it into No Man's Sky. This game is cool, CDRP is great, but chances are a still a thing.
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam Prije 9 dana
They made Witcher 3
Chinedu Prije 10 dana
Hey Panini
Сергей Буритович
Что за музыка на 0:13 до 0:38
Dude Likes food
Dude Likes food Prije 10 dana
Whose else here because people kept mentioning this in Lil nas x music video Panini
AstruckTac :3
AstruckTac :3 Prije 10 dana
1% of the comments: nice game 99% of the comments: keanu Reeves in 2077
Shadow cv01
Shadow cv01 Prije 11 dana
Brynn Campbell
Brynn Campbell Prije 11 dana
I knew it was keanu UwU !!!!!!!!!!!!
Nomaid Brookyn
Nomaid Brookyn Prije 11 dana
Damn The MC is handsome as fuck.
Helena Ourique
Helena Ourique Prije 11 dana
By: Vitor Ourique/ Show our wow.:-)
Alexandru Rosu
Alexandru Rosu Prije 12 dana
Does anyone know if the song at 0:29 - 0:35 has an actual name or
Feral Werewolf
Feral Werewolf Prije 12 dana
Just remember, taxis are all bulletproof in 2077
Paulius Tau
Paulius Tau Prije 12 dana
Josephs balls
Josephs balls Prije 13 dana
0:19 what the name of the song plz
Alexa Prije 7 dana
Nobody have it yet.
Tesla Op
Tesla Op Prije 13 dana
Will sombra be featured
ZACK #SRN Prije 13 dana
X197ToPlay Prije 13 dana
Of fuking cors i cant play Prototype in Germany but Cyberpunk is perfectly fine.... tsssss
Mexorol Prije 13 dana
Dexter is big smoke in 2077
Jim Canterak
Jim Canterak Prije 13 dana
CDPR: We included only 15 minutes in the latest demo because we care about spoilers. Also CDPR: Jackie can die.
Qui3t Storm
Qui3t Storm Prije 13 dana
Cherry on the cake would be a club scene with daft punk as the dj's as well as some daft punk tracks.
SuperTano100 Prije 14 dana
wanderlust_feline Prije 14 dana
Ok I'm not even going to pretend like I'm a gamer girl or what not but this I would totally play lol! The storyline looks cool and the pretty graphics are gnarly. Then of course Keanu is in it so duh 😍
Alexa Prije 7 dana
I don't think you have to be a gamer. I think this pretty much gives everyone the feeling to play in a CyberPunk world.
Heath Todd
Heath Todd Prije 14 dana
I doubt it will look this good
planting bomb
planting bomb Prije 14 dana
Wake the f*ck up samurai...we have a city to burn
DaggersLegend 54
DaggersLegend 54 Prije 15 dana
hype af
ChrisStephensTCW Prije 15 dana
Just heard all the cutscenes are in first person now, I guess this footage is useless :( Why even have character customization if you can't see your character?
ahmed islam
ahmed islam Prije 14 dana
They'll still have 3rd person cutscenes, just not as frequently as you might think Also this is a cinematic trailer, doubt any of it is the same in the game
Pies T-500
Pies T-500 Prije 15 dana
This is polish game
spidy one
spidy one Prije 15 dana
my grafic geforce 710: if you run this game on me im gonna blow up in your fucking face
r3l1csvk Prije 15 dana
wish it comes a week later at my 32nd bday
scal man
scal man Prije 15 dana
and now devs saying that all cutscenes will be in first person view only ... wtf ?
I don’t even know
I don’t even know Prije 15 dana
I just realised they used the doom door sound
C Bodine
C Bodine Prije 16 dana
So this and dying light 2 in spring...both are great but I’m gonna pick dying light 2. Hard decision
Ved EROL Prije 17 dana
I have just noticed the Samurai Jack thing.
April Trefoil
April Trefoil Prije 17 dana
gopal kc
gopal kc Prije 17 dana
the year 2013 - me age 75 but still a game freak watched the teaser and got hyped. the year 2014 - still waiting for my last wish to play this game. the year 2015 - dead without being last wish fulfilled the year 2077 - from the heaven - come CD PROJEKT RED, don't play same shit with my grandson
Greg OfCanada
Greg OfCanada Prije 18 dana
3:43 The sequel to Johnny Mnemonic we never got.
Dani Hujairy
Dani Hujairy Prije 18 dana
6.9 million views lol (69)
Amitabh Mishra
Amitabh Mishra Prije 18 dana
Thats an awesome intro line - "Wake the fuck up Samurai" We got a city to burn
Keanu Reeves
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