Damir Kedžo - Divlji Vjetre - Croatia 🇭🇷 - Official Video - Eurovision 2020

Eurovision Song Contest
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Damir Kedžo will represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song Divlji Vjetre.

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Eurovision Song Contest
Read more about Damir Kedžo here:
TAYAO Prije 2 dana
Eurovision Song Contest 🐱Like ,
Moria M
Moria M Prije 13 dana
Wild wind (You wild wind) - Divlji vjetre ( translation to english just for everyone to understand lyrics of this song) One day when you forget my name And when bed stays (remains ) cold Like, with a snow, chained winters Nothing remains I will love you even then, you wild wind In silence leave me where I am Every word now is simple Go away and leave me letting me not to know how I become a man The one you are not anymore, You Wild Wind ! Chorus: Here to my door steps bring me wither flowers And a rain to leave a trace of a sorrow in the shades of autumn And it looked like everything Forever With a soul and body smitten I remain to you to be a sadness in the colors of a fall The one you're not anymore Cold like a freezing rain when you stop to love And it tears branches apart, Untameable , before you disappear , You wild wind Chorus: Here to my door steps bring me wither flowers And a rain to leave a trace of a sorrow in the shades of fall (autumn ) And it looked like everything Forever With a soul and body smitten I remain to be for you a sadness in the colors of a fall Only it remains to me Sadness in the colors of the fall, The sorrow in the colours of the autumn Sadness in the colors of the fall
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Prije 18 dana
@Nerd0! Tražim hrvatsku ženu za brak
Jack Martin
Jack Martin Prije 18 dana
Tražim hrvatsku ženu za brak
Jerko Leko
Jerko Leko Prije 29 dana
Croatia 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏💟😍💟😍💟
Владимир Антонович Канов
Croatia please send him again next year with another Balkan ballad, this is so beautiful
ASC candido
ASC candido Prije 10 sati
Bella musica ,gostei do seu estilo ,😀😁👍👌🎆👏👏👏
mjau mjau wau wau
mjau mjau wau wau Prije 20 sati
Michael D. Larson
Love this song sooo much...and so glad countries are singing more in their native languages! It's beautiful.
Marko Basaric
Marko Basaric Prije 2 dana
Nas divlji vjetre ❤🇭🇷💎👈
TAYAO Prije 2 dana
Marko Basaric 🐱 Like ,
Sanio Santos
Sanio Santos Prije 3 dana
This is quality. Thank you, Croatia!
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique Prije 4 dana
Simple, but very beatiful Song, one of the better
CruelLioness Prije 5 dana
Интересная, сложная песня. Красиво исполнена. Редко когда беки и вокалист поют так слажено. Пожелала бы удачи от России, но увы, теперь только впечатления.
Stefan Rakić
Stefan Rakić Prije 5 dana
Pjesma je super! Bravo ! Ali 2:30 bole usi 😫😫
Anana Ana
Anana Ana Prije 6 dana
Bravo Damire, predivna je pjesma
Nafal Iž
Nafal Iž Prije 6 dana
Posto iste pjesme nemogu otici 2021 na euroviziju ajmo mi zeznut cijelu Europu ostaviti isti tekst samo neka se pjesma zove Dobri vjetre a ne Divlji vjetre 😁😁😁
Helena Prije 6 dana
Absolutely beautiful when countries send such poetic songs in their native language
anoli2208 Prije 7 dana
Beautiful, greetings from Latvia 🇱🇻
TAYAO Prije 2 dana
anoli2208 Like ,
Sally Williams
Sally Williams Prije 7 dana
good performance, good song
TAYAO Prije 2 dana
Sally Williams Like ,
RA Dugarov
RA Dugarov Prije 7 dana
Прекрасная песня
RA Dugarov
RA Dugarov Prije 7 dana
Great 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
TAYAO Prije 2 dana
RA Dugarov Like ,
Liam Kinch
Liam Kinch Prije 8 dana
It really kills me that this ESC year is cancelled (for understandable reasons) because this was easily my favourite entry. In a year as strong as this, Croatia's entry was the one that struck the strongest chord with me.
Balon Greyjoy
Balon Greyjoy Prije 8 dana
12 points and a top 3 finish on my list. Outstanding selection this year, Croatia. Thank you.
katz playz
katz playz Prije 8 dana
TumannostOriona Prije 8 dana
Like for Croatian language! 💗
Roxy sponge
Roxy sponge Prije 8 dana
slava rodu 12 points from Estonia.
TAYAO Prije 2 dana
Roxy sponge Like ,
nekt char
nekt char Prije 8 dana
Kiri Fox
Kiri Fox Prije 8 dana
Русские, вы где блин?
Zdesław Prije 8 dana
E moja molitva!
Manuel Sekic
Manuel Sekic Prije 9 dana
Most epic part: 2:23
Nikola Milenic
Nikola Milenic Prije 9 dana
kao kip slobode uzas pesma indira je indira ovo je za sahrane samo ma colonia 10 puta bolja pesma od ove zalosne stalno moja braco iste greske pravite balada pa balada ovo ako prodje svaka cast ali tesko kraljica je uvek kraljica najbolja hrvatska pevacica indira barem po meni zalosno je ovo samo trosite se ne valja
Ekaterina Katy
Ekaterina Katy Prije 9 dana
очень красивая песня👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
GD gaming
GD gaming Prije 9 dana
Divlji vjetreeeeeeeeeee
Katarzyna O.
Katarzyna O. Prije 9 dana
Silvia Sisa
Silvia Sisa Prije 9 dana
My winner 2020..amazing song ♥♥♥
Neox Tv
Neox Tv Prije 10 dana
Jbt Prije 10 dana
Dosadna i isrpljujuca pjesma ...steta ,ovo kad bi morao slusati bilo bi mi kao kazna 🚮
IcyLuck Prije 10 dana
Good song but the I don't like the instrumental Rip esc 2020
Naim V
Naim V Prije 10 dana
His backup singers are like angels!!
Natalija Prije 10 dana
@Naim V now when you said that, I hear it in last part after that key change. But before this part, I don't hear it so much.
Naim V
Naim V Prije 10 dana
@Natalija its just, the chorus part they should not always sing on that part. Because they already outshine his voice. They should be in and out, to support the chorus.
Natalija Prije 10 dana
They blend so good with his amazing voice!
Mirta Niksic
Mirta Niksic Prije 10 dana
Koji smo bili????
Paco Dedić
Paco Dedić Prije 9 dana
pobjedili smo sta nisi gledo *
GX niko
GX niko Prije 10 dana
Letos bi tale Slovenka glasovala za Hrvate... Ker Damir je poslan od boga! ❤️
Marcus Steenbergen
Marcus Steenbergen Prije 10 dana
Marinko Mali
Marinko Mali Prije 11 dana
OMG, da Eurosong nije otkazan, Keđo bi SIGURNO pobijedio 😂😂😂
Tiki Game
Tiki Game Prije 11 dana
Mia je trebala pobjedit 😥 I Kedžo je dobar... Valjda... 😥
Alen Mt
Alen Mt Prije 11 dana
I'm so sad because Eurovision not will be this year😓
Leclercq Thibaut
Leclercq Thibaut Prije 11 dana
That's what I call singing. Croatia was my second favorite this year, just after Estonia.
Dialgvo&URAN Prije 11 dana
Хорватия няши!
Minecraft frendovi
Minecraft frendovi Prije 11 dana
Šteta što je otkazano
Jose Lugo
Jose Lugo Prije 11 dana
what a beautiful voice! awesome work Croatia!!! I really enjoy this song. So much power and feelings in his voice and singing although I dont understand a single word. Thanks for it! man min 2:30 is just so exciting, the chills!!!
Сибирский регион
Для меня это была первая зацепившая песня из всей кучи представленных на конкурсе! Очень красивый голос. Еще молодцы, что не на английском поете - он реально надоел. Пойте на своем языке. Для меня рейтинг: 1. Россия 2. Азербайджан 3. Хорватия!
Diva ESCMolitva
Diva ESCMolitva Prije 11 dana
Alexander Bass
Alexander Bass Prije 11 dana
EUROVISION 2020 - Telegram Edition : TELERDAM Hi there! We’re all sad that this year’s contest has been cancelled and we have to wait for another year, but we want to still celebrate this year’s songs somehow and have fun! We’re looking for one person for each country, first come will choose from the available countries list so only the first one who writes me will take part in the voting, the others are welcome aswell to follow. If the request is higher, I’ll take into consideration rising the number of the voting members. The more the merrier! Apply now on Telegram : @ESCT2020 More info once we get in touch!
skittles Prije 11 dana
Oh my god? i understood it! Good luck from Bulgaria
V Prije 12 dana
Now, it's for sure that Damir is already made a history for Croatia...We all will remember this beautiful song and this horrible situation. 😞
Felicity for now
Felicity for now Prije 12 dana
Corona je otpuhala divlji vjetar i Hurricane 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 P. S. Nije zlonamjerna šala, inače mi je u duši žao zbog svega ovog
Nafal Iž
Nafal Iž Prije 11 dana
Geo Lithium
Geo Lithium Prije 12 dana
Sing in your own language is already a differential
Leon Vuković
Leon Vuković Prije 12 dana
Sljedece godine se opameti i izaberi dobru pjesmu
Senou Natsuru San
Senou Natsuru San Prije 12 dana
Неожиданно мощно! Может 3-4 место... Было бы.
Felipe Cordoba
Felipe Cordoba Prije 12 dana
I do not understand a single word, but MY GOD!!! this man sings!! and I absolutely feel it. If contest was about skilled talents, this man would be the winner, no doubt. In 2018, I remember I wanted so badly to learn armenian song Qami, and now I die to learn this croatian song :D
Viktoria Roglic
Viktoria Roglic Prije 11 dana
Such a compliment for our language 😊
Damir for 2021.. 💔
matea spajić
matea spajić Prije 12 dana
Ovo je sve...još i bolje od toga ! Srce titra, uši uživaju, koža se ježi... ❤❤❤ glazba u pravom smislu 👏👏
BloodMiss ._.
BloodMiss ._. Prije 12 dana
Hrvati mislim da imate pesmu za finale ili top 10🤞🤞🤣❤ Iz Srbije 🇷🇸❤🇭🇷❤❤
thormaster06 Prije 12 dana
One of the best vocalists this year! This guy is amazing!!
Vanessa Nicholo
Vanessa Nicholo Prije 12 dana
Divna pjesma ❤️ Pozdrav iz 🇧🇬
Kirill Anderson
Kirill Anderson Prije 12 dana
I love this song! Hello from Russia and good luck! Hope you'll be in the Grand Final!
Heehehe Hehe
Heehehe Hehe Prije 11 dana
Kirill Anderson what grand final?
I am
I am Prije 13 dana
It will Zagreb 2021, I am sure Love Croatian brothers from France 🇫🇷🇫🇷❤️❤️
Ana Lolio
Ana Lolio Prije 12 dana
Lumi Bekiri
Lumi Bekiri Prije 13 dana
Amazing voice! For sure he will be one of the favourites among jury votes! Croatia, I wish you all the luck of this world from Kosovo! Sretno prijatelji ili braćo, kako god želite! :)
M. Cappa
M. Cappa Prije 13 dana
Jednom kad zaboraviš mi ime I krevet hladan postane Kao snijegom okovane zime Kad ništa ne preostane Ja ću te voljeti tad Divlji vjetre U tišini ostavi me gdje sam Svaka riječ sad prosta je Odlazi i pusti me da ne znam Kako čovjek postaje ono što nisi više Divlji vjetre, Tu na moj prag uvelo lišće donesi mi I kišu neka ostavi trag Tuge u bojama jeseni A činilo se zauvijek smo dušom i tijelom zaneseni Ostaje mi tuga u bojama jeseni Hladna kao kiša ledena Kada voljet prestaneš I kidaj grane neukrotivo Al' prije nego nestaneš Divlji vjetre Tu na moj prag uvelo lišće donesi mi I kišu neka ostavi trag Tuge u bojama jeseni A činilo se zauvijek smo dušom i tijelom zaneseni Ostaje mi tuga u bojama jeseni
Ewelina Szłapa
Ewelina Szłapa Prije 13 dana
Unfortunately, sounds like "Molitva". But I like it! (Good luck brothers iz tourism in this season). Greetings from Poland :)
Dember Javier
Dember Javier Prije 13 dana
He's hot.
Никита Деточенко
Красивый мужчина - красивый голос
Maxi maxi
Maxi maxi Prije 13 dana
Our Slavic brothers
Serhii Duda
Serhii Duda Prije 13 dana
Дуже гарна пісня.
Георгий Соловьев
The most underrated song of this year. Good luck from Russia :)
Dominic Torretto
Dominic Torretto Prije 13 dana
Ниже 20го места 100 пудов
Sebastián Perez Pizarro
I hope he could qualify for finals. He deserves it!!
Asterix X
Asterix X Prije 14 dana
Ovo je najbolje sto Hrvatska ima??
Leon Vuković
Leon Vuković Prije 12 dana
Даниела Йорданова
Beautiful song! Greetings from Bulgaria!
Patrick Hinchey
Patrick Hinchey Prije 14 dana
well, this is great croatia
Tamara Alvites
Tamara Alvites Prije 14 dana
Queen B
Queen B Prije 14 dana
Oddschecker je trenutno baš između zemalja koje bi mogle biti u top 5 stavio na broj 3 RH. Oddschecker just placed Croatia at third place in the Top 5 Finish. So the song might have a chance at the Finals :)
Ivica Šimin
Ivica Šimin Prije 14 dana
Jedan od najboljih nasih predstavnika,zadnjih nekoliko godina,svaka čast,Eurosong ima pobjednika,sretno Damire
Vadim Kazak
Vadim Kazak Prije 14 dana
🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷Draga Hrvatska, u ovom vrlo teškom polufinalu, mi Bjelorusi tražimo vašu pomoć kako bismo dobili šansu za plasman u finale. Molimo razmislite o glasovanju za "Da Vidna" od strane VAL; mi bismo to stvarno primijenili. Puno hvala i sretno! 🇭🇷 Iz Bjelorusije! 🇧🇾
Leon Vuković
Leon Vuković Prije 12 dana
@I 7777 nece nitko za nikoga trenutno
I 7777
I 7777 Prije 14 dana
A hocete li vi glasovati za nas?
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