Destroyed MERCEDES Benz Amg GT - Incredible Restoration

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This Video took my 1 month for its Making. The Mercedes-AMG GT (C190 / R190) is a grand tourer produced in coupé and roadster body styles by German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-AMG.

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14. Srp 2021.



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Komentari 1 444
Nathan Ramlalsingh
Nathan Ramlalsingh Prije 58 minuta
i from trinidad
Jameel Abdul
Jameel Abdul Prije 6 sati
Hold on, that thumbnail showed a whole car and in the video, it's a toy car. This is displeasing to me.
Flazin Prije 8 sati
You Top)))
prajay_123 Prije 10 sati
Bro car colour is great
basil pb
basil pb Prije dan
13:00 see this magic😱
arfeen pervaiz
arfeen pervaiz Prije dan
it is amg not benz
Mr. eXe
Mr. eXe Prije dan
Car mechanic simulator in real life 😂👍👌
Мобильный майнинг
А где взял 4 колесо? Было же 3
vkhl Prije 2 dana
mobile bus
همام    قيمر
همام قيمر Prije 2 dana
Craftman Mani
Craftman Mani Prije 3 dana
Mg classic
Deku💚💚 Prije 3 dana
김동현 Prije 3 dana
Good! Suer workn!
Rupesh Mohanty
Rupesh Mohanty Prije 4 dana
Nice Creativity OP
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
Cuándo hisiste este video 👏👏👏👏✌👌👍👍
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
Lo haces arecho 😮😮😮😮
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 2 dana
Contesta o te copiaste
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
El video
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
Me encanta 😍😘😻💏💑
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
Yo ya lo hice y me quedó igualito
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed Prije 5 dana
I don't knw why it popped up in my feeds and I ended up watching the whole video! I have no regrets! This is pure talent 👍👏
AS creative 🇮🇳
Sastifying × 100
Siko Bïg Boss
Siko Bïg Boss Prije 5 dana
Can you link the product in discription
Edilma Cervantes
Edilma Cervantes Prije 5 dana
Yes o not
Edilma Cervantes
Edilma Cervantes Prije 5 dana
Tes o not
Edilma Cervantes
Edilma Cervantes Prije 5 dana
You has suscriptores
King Michel
King Michel Prije 6 dana
When you where painting the car has a rear spoiler, now where is it?😂😂
Anil Kumar Sharma
Anil Kumar Sharma Prije 6 dana
Legends knows that the car destroyed by the man
ZZZ PHZ Prije 6 dana
Esse cara avacalha pintando tudo de verde ;-;
Tab Ally
Tab Ally Prije 6 dana
That is a bad ass AMG GT, now imagine that bad boy in 1:1 real life tearing up the streets lol. Super work!!
Flavio Maquieira
Flavio Maquieira Prije 6 dana
Where do I buy it?
Julio Brian
Julio Brian Prije 6 dana
What accident did they get into?
simply_ Diecast_
simply_ Diecast_ Prije 7 dana
Love those led lights ,nice job on that Mercedes. Where do you buy your LEDs & electrical battery from ?
Restoration Prije 6 dana
From a local store bro !
rishikey yadav
rishikey yadav Prije 7 dana
Fixing the hole in the bonnet was pretty Kool..🤙🏼
глюк ванюк
глюк ванюк Prije 8 dana
А мои тачки сможеш починить у меня целая коробка таких машин как этот Мерседес
soy wendy
soy wendy Prije 8 dana
Kral oyuncu
Kral oyuncu Prije 9 dana
gaMEPleY Prije 9 dana
я один русский
SINGLA audios
SINGLA audios Prije 9 dana
wow great job.
lee gibson
lee gibson Prije 9 dana
Stay by the phone. Mercedes will be calling. ;-)
victoria hadderton
victoria hadderton Prije 9 dana
davchik999 Prije 10 dana
Meme Studios
Meme Studios Prije 10 dana
Where does he find all this rusty cars
Jagadevi S Hiremath
Jagadevi S Hiremath Prije 10 dana
No it is cheating
Xhatox Prije 10 dana
Blhrz Store
Blhrz Store Prije 10 dana
OK OK OK 👌👌👌👌👌🤟
Arjuna Delhy
Arjuna Delhy Prije 10 dana
Just like my car
Muhammad Hamza
Muhammad Hamza Prije 11 dana
I want this car how much??
Avik Gupta
Avik Gupta Prije 11 dana
RomanProGamer57 Prije 11 dana
Сколько стоят такие автомобили?
GOOD News Prije 12 dana
Why is the bare not affected but it has a hole in the bonnet.i don't know bro
Просто аккаунт
Такое чувство что сами их уматывают
Thu Thảo
Thu Thảo Prije 12 dana
CuteBoy Prije 12 dana
can you send me one?
edvanio filipe rodrigues Rodrigues
you does is for me please
саша78 Prije 13 dana
18окпщп 00742
Tavasilan O447
Tavasilan O447 Prije 13 dana
I think this guys study chemi before😅😅🍬
Martha Hernández
Martha Hernández Prije 14 dana
Gran trabajo
Saveer Maharaj
Saveer Maharaj Prije 14 dana
Yea this is my man i mean he used his girlfriend toothbrush
xxxtentacion radio
xxxtentacion radio Prije 14 dana
whyyyyyyyyyy 😨😨😞🥺
Abhishek Mamillapally
Abhishek Mamillapally Prije 14 dana
John Lebowitz
John Lebowitz Prije 14 dana
The willing invention concretely list because brick correspondingly push over a yellow sound. young, didactic hen
Margherita Biasioli
Margherita Biasioli Prije 14 dana
Wow it’s very very surprainding
malek hmedeh
malek hmedeh Prije 14 dana
Ashkar Rashid
Ashkar Rashid Prije 15 dana
Are you a chemist, a mechanic, or a videographer? That was amazing!
Suraj Mohite
Suraj Mohite Prije 15 dana
Evette Engelbrecht
Evette Engelbrecht Prije 16 dana
Can we just take a couple of mins to honor this guy for spending his time on this and creating very good content. Good job bro keep it up!
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
Te quedo fino
Nicole viviana
Nicole viviana Prije 5 dana
Esta arecho
Arjuna Delhy
Arjuna Delhy Prije 10 dana
All the honor for just a Little tiny handcraft...
Nenzinha Lopes
Nenzinha Lopes Prije 11 dana
Wagner.esse Semana eu.voi Air.ok.sua.tia
Andrei Laborte
Andrei Laborte Prije 16 dana
Crazy Car
Crazy Car Prije 17 dana
Kaushik Sarma
Kaushik Sarma Prije 17 dana
Very nice
Mimi Martínez
Mimi Martínez Prije 17 dana
Artzip Prije 17 dana
Совместный_Канал Пилотов
Your videos are very beautiful and interesting to watch. I'm from Russia, of course, but I know English and watch your videos
BraKa Tek
BraKa Tek Prije 8 dana
I'm russian boy , but et i living in France ahah :p
The Michael
The Michael Prije 18 dana
The sand cast was new and roundabout way to fill the hole instead of using metal putty. Perhaps some adjustments are needed for future applications. And I love that green color. Very nice restoration.
요한 박
요한 박 Prije 15 dana
Nick Giant
Nick Giant Prije 18 dana
This guy is a total sham and all his videos are fake.This guy buys 2 identical model cars. He puts one model together then he completely ruins it. Next this guy uses the other model car for all the new parts that he supposedly restored. Also Die-cast model cars are made from a Zinc-Aluminum alloy, which doesn't allow corrosion.
Thomas Meijer
Thomas Meijer Prije 18 dana
Nice and good work
Mumthas M
Mumthas M Prije 18 dana
Вероника Макар и друзья
Скажите где вы взяли музику
ItzRian11 Prije 18 dana
0:14 Real mercedes 8:07 I said REAL MERCEDES!!!!! 15:00 Perfection.
MoonShine- Prije 19 dana
А не кто не задумывался откуда у него постоянно появляются гнилые машины под реставрацию?
DR S Prije 19 dana
I think black was more good {-_-}
العدل اساس الملك
Shafaq Hameed
Shafaq Hameed Prije 20 dana
Nhh I/fvhbv
Andrey Povyshev
Andrey Povyshev Prije 20 dana
Why did you have to bury the whole car in the sand just to fill the hole in the hood? and why did you put so much metal on the hood? then peel off ...
Xian Jeff Biso
Xian Jeff Biso Prije 20 dana
Car Wash
Xian Jeff Biso
Xian Jeff Biso Prije 20 dana
Green Paint
Xian Jeff Biso
Xian Jeff Biso Prije 20 dana
Xian Jeff Biso
Xian Jeff Biso Prije 20 dana
RANGER FLAME Prije 20 dana
i am byu this car please
Eduar Dominguez
Eduar Dominguez Prije 20 dana
Que ermoso yo quiero uno ya que no tango😭😶😐😑😩
Shatlyk Bayramov
Shatlyk Bayramov Prije 20 dana
Просто красавчик 👍🔥
Александр Бартенев
,, согласен
Hadi Gaming
Hadi Gaming Prije 20 dana
Marton Veress Drums
Marton Veress Drums Prije 20 dana
Your videos are so relaxing for some reason! :)
Subash Co
Subash Co Prije 11 dana
magani Prije 21 dan
мне одному кажется что этот мерс похож на мерс славы мэрлоу
kemal ozoguz
kemal ozoguz Prije 21 dan
Perfect 👌
I wonder how he get always metal toy cars... Is there a toy junkyards nearby? Or did some channel do "how to bury toy cars😊🤣? " is this the place u got cars? Any way.. Ur restoratwork is out standing
mobeen badshah
mobeen badshah Prije 9 dana
I think he does that to these cars himself so he can repair them for videos.
Canvases World
Canvases World Prije 14 dana
The Michael
The Michael Prije 18 dana
I wonder the same thing. Who is destroying these beautiful cars? And to put holes in them like that would take a lot of work by a kid. Yet, I do enjoy watching the process and results of the restoration so, keep destroying these toy cars and send them to this guy.
Munni Khatun
Munni Khatun Prije 21 dan
8:00 8:01 12:50 0:00
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast Prije 21 dan
Pls tell from where do yo get these destroyed cars?
Mustafa Ali Boğa
Mustafa Ali Boğa Prije 21 dan
Amazing work. Thanks for your effort.
The mad dog
The mad dog Prije 21 dan
You can buy other car with the money of the things you use but it is beatiful be like this
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