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George Stephanopoulos (Mikey Day) hosts a town hall with Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) while Savannah Guthrie (Kate McKinnon) hosts one with Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin).
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18. Lis 2020.



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Komentari 100
C H A L O ‘ N
C H A L O ‘ N Prije 6 sati
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣When your car break down call the KKK 😭😭😭😭 So crazy uncles Stand back and stand by 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Father son Holy Ghost you’re the team we love the most.... LMAO I need a drink!
Evelyn Jackson
Evelyn Jackson Prije 6 sati
I guess low info crowd getting their only news from SNL again? CNN hiding the fact they have Hunter Biden's laptop. It has proof that Biden had his dirty dealings in UKRAINE. .It has pictures of Hunter smoking crack. You will not hear about tjis.Voting Discrimination implies minorities cannot get an i.d. card. Again, the Dems degrade Black people as usual. See below. The only systematic racism seems to be caused by the infiltration of Marxists into Democratic Party.. See below Systemic Inequality has been created by Dem Party....See below...all institutions that hurt blacks were Democratic Party Groups. The Dem Party was infiltrated by Marxists/Communists.....These operatives have purposefully held blacks back by these institutions. These were all Dem run things. Look it up. --Slavery --Jim Crow --Welfare State...only if parents do not get married---break up black family --CLINTON 1994 CRIME BILL --home loan scandal of 2000 --communist public education that purposefully dumbs people down with Common Core. It originates from Marxist China. Sight words do not teach reading...only phonics does...but yet they put phonics on back burner. ---BLM is a Marxist Organization Patrisse Cullors, founder, is Marxist trained. Karl Marx was a racist. BLM also studies Saul Alinsky. He was a marxist. BLM is pro-abortion Abortion kills more black children than white...Margaret Sanger, was a racist. She started Planned Parenthood. --Obama loved liberation was created by Communists infiltrators into Catholic church... He also studied Saul Alinsky and community organizing. Alinsky was a Marxist. Go School Choice for Christian American honest education. PS NAACP AND BLACK CAUCAUS WAS STARTED BY MARXIST COMMUNISTS.... BLM IS ALSO MARXIST. KARL MARX WAS A RACIST. THESE FACTS HAVE BEEN HIDDEN PEOPLE SAYING IT WERE BULLIED INTO SILENCE....ALAN WEST.Under TRUMP....Lowest unemployment rate for blacks under Trump....See National Review October 2019. See tax free Opportunity Zones in low income areas to attract businesses. Funding for Historic Black Colleges. Biden is a racist...Look it up. Kamala backed the illegal sale of aborted baby parts and Planned Parenthood. PP STARTED BY A RACIST...MARGARET SANGER. HITLER LOVED MS. See Radiance Foundation...Bill Gates has been pushing vaccines that have purposefully sterilized women of childbearing age in Kenya..and maimed children in India with his vaccines.....has openly said he wants to limit population growth in Africa with vaccines... and Gates is allowed to talk about Vaccines?Biden repeated all the lies of the communist news media..but if anyone does research, all can be disproved....too many silly lies to comment on all of them. KKK was a democrat party organization. Biden was friends with a KKK senator and spoke at his funeral.
gorecki_craft123 Prije 6 sati
It's odd how Saturday night live has just been playing documentaries of recent political events before the episode begins, I miss when it was just a satirical parody using actor's instead of real footage of the event.
Jack Mustang
Jack Mustang Prije 6 sati
The fact that during the town hall thing, that some lady told Trump that he had a handsome smile. I mean, that was just gross 🤢. Trump’s ugly.
Loretta Caputo
Loretta Caputo Prije 6 sati
To be comical there must be a nugget of truth. With these clowns as the choice I can only hope that our destiny does not rest in their hands. Americans always get the President that they deserve.....let's see how this turns out now.
TheMooner89 Prije 6 sati
S ,p
8bitflower :
8bitflower : Prije 6 sati
The impression of Joe is awful. He is not that energetic. Still funny but nothing like him.
Чингиз Исанбирдин
Hi, I'm from Russia, please explain a joke about "OATMEAL SPOKESMAN JOE " and about call to triple k, i am so stupid
StfuOwned Prije 6 sati
Remember when snl was funny? Peprage farm remembers.
Bonita Hobbs
Bonita Hobbs Prije 6 sati
Big secret: a few weeks ago; before that 1st debate SNL had been announced that Jim Carrey was replacing Baldwin impersonating the pres.! After the debate, obviously Baldwin stayed on and Carrey took on the vice presidents role!
Bonita Hobbs
Bonita Hobbs Prije 6 sati
P.S. Maya has got Kamala down pat now!!! I literally started typing Kamala has gott...because in this skit Maya's voice was on point!
San Antone
San Antone Prije 6 sati
Savannah all has to do is To take off her shoes Then you can pass out because of her smelly Feet !!!!
San Antone
San Antone Prije 6 sati
Hunter Biden The Emails when He went to China for $$$_$$$$$$
YourStepPops 43
YourStepPops 43 Prije 7 sati
These devil's let you know so many truths in their sick so called comedy. SNL=straight luciferin trash
okjaye Prije 7 sati
Ahem.. *"comedy"*
San Antone
San Antone Prije 7 sati
Joe Biden is just as Crazy and Nuts Like Jim Carey
San Antone
San Antone Prije 7 sati
President Trump is The Winner
Ebrar Eda Özdağ
Ebrar Eda Özdağ Prije 7 sati
Tekrar Rapordaki
Michael Kelleher
Michael Kelleher Prije 7 sati
I remember when SNL was funny.
Jordan Layne
Jordan Layne Prije 7 sati
Even though this is biased, I laughed my ass off, especially at the jokes about how biased it is.
ItsChadrick Prije 7 sati
I remember being distracted by the girl in the white shirt watching the real town hall , I also noticed it didn’t matter what was being said she was always agree and nodding with whoever .
depalma13 Prije 7 sati
It's just really sad SNL no longer has the comedic talent to do their own impressions of political figures. Now the cast just plays second fiddle to hired guns.
BlackburnBigdragon Prije 7 sati
Oh America.... How did we get here?
Jason Sans
Jason Sans Prije 7 sati
Liberal media feed my retarded brain
Jason Sans
Jason Sans Prije 7 sati
Orange man bad
1m subscribers with no videos challenge
peachmua Prije 7 sati
i knew when i was watching that snl would pick up the girl behind trump😭😭😭
REDZER_14 Prije 8 sati
Larry Southern
Larry Southern Prije 8 sati
Gosh darn it!!! I missed the town hall discussions thanks for reairing it SNLA!!!!... By the way Karmala looks delicious.. that's one hot looking tamale with guacamole on top!!!!! I'd like to squeese her tostatas... Has she gained a little weight??? Or is she going to have " Uncle Joes " bebe....uh child??? But she does look good!!!...Whats that???...this isn't about Karmela!!!..well what was this town hall about then???....Those two old geezers weren't talking about anything...but Kamela??? Whooo baby she's got my vote for president!!! Thats one hot Asian Indian woman!!!!... I mean... my goodness ...did you see her???....And that black girl in that tight black dress with that long red hair!!..what a knockout!!!!....
Floop Entertainment
Floop Entertainment Prije 8 sati
We're a small video and music channel trying to get our stuff off the ground. We make podcasts, music, music videos, sketches, shows such as one called Beast Blasters that's a funny mock TV documentary where we go and hunt beasts that are terrorizing counties, and other stuff
State of Organized Blacks Everything you to know about the death of Breanna Taylor. From the officers Testimony. (Guilty)
That Guy
That Guy Prije 8 sati
Going by the comment sections it seems to me like Republicans watch the real interviews, whereas the Democrats only watch the fictionalized versions of the interviews acted out by other Democrats. See what's going on here?
8bitflower :
8bitflower : Prije 6 sati
I see it too.
richard dawson
richard dawson Prije 6 sati
what is your point? i watched both the biden and trump town halls, and snl pretty much nails what happened. If you didn't tune in, this is a good summary of what happened.
More Boost
More Boost Prije 8 sati
This is so fckin epic 🤣 definitely going down in history as one of the best
Ally Mills
Ally Mills Prije 8 sati
Here’s the deal...
Zafar Sobhan
Zafar Sobhan Prije 8 sati
Why do we have to pretend that Alec Baldwin does a good Trump impersonation? Darrell Hammond was 100 times better.
I kinda forgot
I kinda forgot Prije 8 sati
I cant stand trump but i cant stand Alex Baldwin either. Noth horrible in different ways
Notori_Hanzo Prije 8 sati
Why are people bitching about Jim Carrey again?
ROBERT Venegas
ROBERT Venegas Prije 8 sati
Everyone watching this. Always remember that Jesus Christ loves you. 🙂✝️
Robert Iceni
Robert Iceni Prije 8 sati
Washed up actor Baldwin must be praying that Trump gets re- elected, because if he doesn't Baldwin will go back to doing crappy reality shows and game shows!
Robert Iceni
Robert Iceni Prije 6 sati
@Liesandpolitics Touche!
Liesandpolitics Prije 6 sati
Trump better hope he gets re elected too, or else he’ll also go back to crappy reality shows.
Pierre Michel
Pierre Michel Prije 8 sati
Alec Baldwin never had one great successful thing. His impression of Trump is all he can do to receive a pay cheque and it’s so tedious and crap now!
Pizza Guy
Pizza Guy Prije 8 sati
God this stupid show is so unbelievably biased. The more I see the crap they make the more obvious it is that this show has gone on for too long. So retarded.
Kh Tanveer Ahmed
Kh Tanveer Ahmed Prije 8 sati
Carrey is the best. He did Biden awesome.
MrPolyalert Prije 8 sati
Well done SNL this was really good
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson Prije 8 sati
When will snl actually bring hunter biden into the show?
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson Prije 9 sati
I used to like SNL now i don't at all But the rich get richer right
Aleksandr Boryaev
Aleksandr Boryaev Prije 9 sati
WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.
Jeronimo Cortez
Jeronimo Cortez Prije 9 sati
Trump is putting dents in child/human trafficking rings and organized crime, while yall are making skits popping each others assholes
Mark Romero
Mark Romero Prije 9 sati
This sucked. Saturday night live used to have talent. Just like the DNC...
Grant Christnacht
Grant Christnacht Prije 9 sati
Alec Baldwin is a better than trump than trump himself.
Lui Sforza
Lui Sforza Prije 9 sati
Did you notice how the Democratic Biased SNL made Savannah look so Calm and Respectful when the actual Interview she was Rude and Disrespectful... That being said ... This was Hilarious !! 😄😄😄😄😋😋😋😋🐉
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
Trump love so much y'all don't understand
Vega Sosas
Vega Sosas Prije 9 sati
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
If Trump is America then that means that we are Trump because he's a reflection of America
RicardoTheFlamer Prije 9 sati
RicardoTheFlamer Prije 9 sati
RicardoTheFlamer Prije 9 sati
RicardoTheFlamer Prije 9 sati
fungidungie Johnson
fungidungie Johnson Prije 9 sati
President Trump is for the people, I would vote for him.
Liesandpolitics Prije 6 sati
Trump is only for himself.
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
trump is peace ✌️ man that's what Trump said one Love one heart let's make America great again and feel alright 😌 peace and blessings
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
fungidungie Johnson
fungidungie Johnson Prije 9 sati
@Wilins Jeanbaptiste He is the only one keeping the last best hope on earth from becoming like any other nation. If Americans knew the truth he would get 90% of the electors.
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
If Trump is America then that means that we are Trump because he's a reflection of America.
Cole Reynolds
Cole Reynolds Prije 9 sati
Jim Carrey does an amazing Biden impression
Abby Bonds
Abby Bonds Prije 9 sati
Can't wait for how boring the Biden presidency will be
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
If Trump is America then that means that we are Trump because he's a reflection of America
Vince M
Vince M Prije 9 sati
I love Jim Carrey's Biden. He brings that humor and energy that's uniquely Jim. It feels like I haven't seen him like this in years! It's awesome 🙂
PsyRaf Prije 10 sati
Just how hard do you have to try to be funny?
Joshua Holcomb
Joshua Holcomb Prije 10 sati
Jim Carrey could you please make a cartoon depicting Trump as the Titanic and the GOP as the band. Instead of being in the Atlantic could you make it in a swamp.
Mmmyess Prije 10 sati
Jim Carrey seems to be doing Jim Carrey, not Joe Biden. I thought Jason Sudeikis was better, tbh.
Scott Donald Campbell
Scott Donald Campbell Prije 10 sati
snl not funny again
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Prije 10 sati
This has to stop being funny at some point maybe gotta show a little reverence..I mean snl mad tv has always been funnier hmm
Bahl Wahid
Bahl Wahid Prije 10 sati
Hahae so good
Boozewalk Boozewalk
Boozewalk Boozewalk Prije 10 sati
jim carrey sucks lol so duz biden lol oh well.... seriously? FIRST SENILE PRESIDENT? DO YOU SWEAR TO UPHOLD... ---- when can we have our pudding? cut his mike!!!! do a voice over Rooby dooby do
see and look
see and look Prije 10 sati
The dance of Biden 😂😂😂😂😂
Psalm Pollock
Psalm Pollock Prije 10 sati
Jim Carrey has too much energy to play Joe Biden...
Natural Technologist
Natural Technologist Prije 10 sati
Interesting that Joe Biden nor his son Hunter aren't threatening to sue anyone over all of the criminal evidence against them. Why is that? *IF anyone were to do such a thing to us we'd be millionaires but after a brief and winning court battle of course.
Siti G.
Siti G. Prije 10 sati
That Black Woman in the back is a staunch T.rump supporter and is an immigration lawyer in Miami. It’s pathetic.
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
If Trump is America then that means that we are Trump because he's a reflection of America it is what it is
American Males
American Males Prije 10 sati
Jim Carrey, bravo.
Adrian Zinovev
Adrian Zinovev Prije 10 sati
WalterCoinProof. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.
AGS Prije 10 sati 🔥🔥🔥
nakedBison69 Prije 10 sati
i dont think that alec baldwin does a good donald trump at all, but that nodding woman was absolutely hilarious
Tiffany Prije 10 sati
JOHNDTONY Prije 10 sati
It sucks how partisan and biased SNL has become. Politics aside, you should at least be fair. Instead your so invested in the failed ideology of the Democratic Party that you can’t even see logic anymore. It’s SO obvious how in the tank you are for the progressive socialists, NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! T R U M P 🇺🇸 2020
jennifer knight
jennifer knight Prije 10 sati
Q is watching
Jesse Bella
Jesse Bella Prije 10 sati
Sadly, it's true that this is what we're reduced to.
Killer Junior
Killer Junior Prije 10 sati
Trump lives rent free in these bastards heads for real. Wipe the foam from your mouths guys and buckle up for another 4 years cuz boe jiden sucks serious chinese egg rolls!
Wilins Jeanbaptiste
Wilins Jeanbaptiste Prije 9 sati
If Trump is America then that means that we are Trump because he's a reflection of America
Force Awakened
Force Awakened Prije 10 sati
Sure, they lie and exaggerate like crazy about what trump said , but never brought up the "You ain't black" moment Joe blasted past.
JA S Prije 11 sati
She really has Kamala's voice down...
rejo chummar
rejo chummar Prije 11 sati
Not even smart enough to see himself getting the 25th amendment used on him, cause ya know he got dementia.
Wilson Crawford
Wilson Crawford Prije 11 sati
I mean snl is doing better about being biased ,but how did you ain't black not make it in. They're doing better though.
John Winter
John Winter Prije 11 sati
AJ Walker
AJ Walker Prije 11 sati
Ok, it started off slow but it was really funny by the end 😂
Ian Hawxhurst
Ian Hawxhurst Prije 11 sati
BIDEN 2020
Bobbuterman123 Prije 11 sati
These are the greatest videos 😭😂😂
Jimmy D'Angelo
Jimmy D'Angelo Prije 11 sati
Matt Phoenix
Matt Phoenix Prije 11 sati
Anell Agyapong
Anell Agyapong Prije 11 sati
Not the black woman in the background!😂
Joseph Cavazzini
Joseph Cavazzini Prije 11 sati
This should just be called CNN on Saturday Night Live. I mean they spread about the same amount of false information
Kinzie Burton
Kinzie Burton Prije 11 sati
Sad can’t even come up with an original idea
Tay Han
Tay Han Prije 11 sati
Very stupid, not even remotely funny
Brian St.bernard
Brian St.bernard Prije 11 sati
They taking shots
B MillHouse
B MillHouse Prije 11 sati
I remember when SNL wasn’t a leftist propaganda political hack job. Those were the actual funny days. Now it’s just more of the same ole crap tv.
Robin Daily
Robin Daily Prije 11 sati
I don't care for his version of Biden. Woody was better. "Crazy uncle, lol!" Rump.
Robin Daily
Robin Daily Prije 11 sati
Trump is the Crazy Uncle.
Armando Munoz
Armando Munoz Prije 11 sati
How cute these stupid celebrities and SNL have to laugh off there problems while showing biased and hatred
HasAMonitorTan Prije 11 sati
confirmation bias on full display past this point, think lightly.
Jewel Bennett
Jewel Bennett Prije 11 sati
FU and I blocked you thanks a lot for not blocking
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