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Beyond fear, destiny awaits. Watch the trailer for the highly anticipated #DuneMovie now.

Oscar nominee Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival,” “Blade Runner 2049”) directs Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ “Dune,” the big-screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal bestseller of the same name. A mythic and emotionally charged hero’s journey, “Dune” tells the story of Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, who must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence-a commodity capable of unlocking humanity’s greatest potential-only those who can conquer their fear will survive.The film stars Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet (“Call Me by Your Name,” “Little Women”), Rebecca Ferguson (“Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep,” “Mission: Impossible - Fallout”), Oscar Isaac (the “Star Wars” franchise) Oscar nominee Josh Brolin (“Milk,” “Avengers: Infinity War”), Stellan Skarsgård (HBO’s “Chernobyl,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron”), Dave Bautista (the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, “Avengers: Endgame”), Stephen McKinley Henderson (“Fences,” “Lady Bird”), Zendaya (“Spider-Man: Homecoming,” HBO’s “Euphoria”), Chang Chen (“Mr. Long,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), David Dastmalchian (“Blade Runner 2049,” “The Dark Knight”), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” Netflix’s “Sex Education”), with Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling (“45 Years,” “Assassin’s Creed”), with Jason Momoa (“Aquaman,” HBO’s “Game of Thrones”), and Oscar winner Javier Bardem (“No Country for Old Men,” “Skyfall”). Villeneuve directed “Dune” from a screenplay he co-wrote with Jon Spaihts and Eric Roth based on the novel of the same name written by Frank Herbert. Villeneuve also produced the film with Mary Parent, Cale Boyter and Joe Caracciolo, Jr. The executive producers are Tanya Lapointe, Joshua Grode, Herbert W. Gains, Jon Spaihts, Thomas Tull, Brian Herbert, Byron Merritt and Kim Herbert. Behind the scenes, Villeneuve reteamed with two-time Oscar-nominated production designer Patrice Vermette (“Arrival,” “Sicario,” “The Young Victoria”), two-time Oscar-nominated editor Joe Walker (“Blade Runner 2049,” “Arrival,” “12 Years a Slave”), two-time Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Paul Lambert (“First Man,” “Blade Runner 2049”), and Oscar-winning special effects supervisor Gerd Nefzer (“Blade Runner 2049”). He also collaborated for the first time with Oscar-nominated director of photography Greig Fraser (“Lion,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”); three-time Oscar-nominated costume designer
Jacqueline West (“The Revenant,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Quills”) and co-costume designer Bob Morgan; and stunt coordinator Tom Struthers (“The Dark Knight” trilogy, “Inception”). Oscar-winning and multiple Oscar-nominated composer Hans Zimmer (“Blade Runner 2049,” “Inception,” “Gladiator,” “The Lion King”) is creating the score. Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present “Dune.” The film is slated to be released in theaters on December 18, 2020.


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9. Ruj 2020.



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Komentari 100
Lord Nox
Lord Nox Prije 56 sekundi
Rated R Star Wars.
Charles Dickerson
Charles Dickerson Prije 22 minuta
Anticipating this movie more than a climax.
Uteuschmidth Prije 32 minuta
1:52 Protoss carriers lauch their interceptors
TOP 5G Prije sat
Iska director star war wala hi hoga😂
Борис Гичев
Try listening to this while reading the book and use your imagination ....
Barış İnan
Barış İnan Prije 47 minuta
I didnt know there were soundtrack for the greatest movie never made. thanks for sharing budy.
Борис Гичев
It looks to me as the next DUNE movie who will only disgrace the book. But hopefully will spark more young people to read it!
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Prije 2 sati
most personal project yet, so I’m done with trailers after this; I want to walk in as close to neutral as I can get. 🤩
Isabel Cannon
Isabel Cannon Prije 2 sati පිරිසිදු ශක්තිය ස්වකීය මනසෙහි ගැඹුරට ගැඹුරට ගෙන එහි බුද්ධිය ඉරා දමයි
chris town
chris town Prije 2 sati
neejoy sola
neejoy sola Prije 2 sati
Seriously. I've watched this more than a hundred times already.
Rania Khan
Rania Khan Prije 2 sati
the background sound felt like dark's theme song
Erick Alejandro
Erick Alejandro Prije 3 sati
Teathrical cut 3 hours Directors cut 4 hours
elai Prije 3 sati
Timmy literally dyed his hair jet black for this role omg I am so eager to watch this masterpiece.
BucyKalman Prije 43 minuta
Isn't his hair naturally dark ?
kishore A Prakash
kishore A Prakash Prije 3 sati
Its a time for hans zimmer🔥🔥
Zak Prije 4 sati
I wonder how many conversations the artists had creating the sand worm, and getting it not to look like a butthole
viyal soni
viyal soni Prije 4 sati
Please don't f**k it up
BucyKalman Prije 4 sati
I'm afraid WB will if it insists on an early December release in the middle of the winter's Covid second wave. They should delay the movie until the summer of 2021 when most of the population in the developed countries will have been vaccinated.
Suyash Gupta
Suyash Gupta Prije 4 sati
i can see the studio did not interfered with the vision of the director, that is a progress.....
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For This Riptide
Nik Scarr
Nik Scarr Prije 7 sati
fucking yes please
Ollie is awesome Lowe
b RAD Prije 7 sati
I F****** LOVE that Bautista is regularly working with the Kubricks and Spielbergs of our generation. Just seems like a cool guy to hang out with in general
Onkelhumptydumpty Prije 9 sati
The Great old Man,The old Soldier,Master of Murder,Head of the Assassins...Hmmm...i take the Umbrella to go out???
Cody Games
Cody Games Prije 9 sati
Why is there just a blank space at 1:22?
Ryan Stafford
Ryan Stafford Prije 9 sati
BETTER be rated R
Bruno Birth
Bruno Birth Prije 10 sati
Seriously. I've watched this more than a hundred times already.
Philoctetes Returns
Philoctetes Returns Prije 10 sati
Dune is a top 10 Sci Fi classic of all time, but turning into film is tough. We shall see.
Jax Trusty
Jax Trusty Prije 11 sati
I better read the book again. So excited to see the movie. IF the trailer is anything to go by.
WeirdoWeeb Prije 11 sati
This trailer is soo good that my grandpa came back to life
Speed waiwiri
Speed waiwiri Prije 11 sati
I fell for the SFX from the 1st movie, after watching it again, omg! This will be a supernova in SFX! Looking forward to seeing it!
Farid Alavez
Farid Alavez Prije 12 sati
It's like matrix, Star wars, game of thrones on one movie, that's awesome dude!!!
fleng shah
fleng shah Prije 13 sati
Scott King
Scott King Prije 13 sati
Ok... so maybe they picked out the best, most iconic scenes from this story for this trailer...ummm...did anyone who read the books not recognize a single scene from what they imagined? Just curious...
Drew Weiss
Drew Weiss Prije 13 sati
Warner brothers Studios: So we want to make Dune and The Batman Film finance group: Yes
Seth Hultkrantz
Seth Hultkrantz Prije 13 sati
Yeieh_ La_para
Yeieh_ La_para Prije 13 sati
Solo tomas 1 segundo para leer este comentario ,dios te bendiga .a mén🤗🤗
Markus Orth
Markus Orth Prije 14 sati
OK, when/where can I see this?
The Balrog Of Morgoth
The Balrog Of Morgoth Prije 14 sati
I can't believe this is what Elio has become after Oliver left him.
malowski111 Prije 14 sati
Cool trailer, the song is shit tho
xevious2501 Prije 15 sati
Is this movie to be broken in to several chapters? or is it just one film?..because thus far.. it looks as if its just a mirror copy of the original Dune film.
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Anni M.
Anni M. Prije 15 sati
Almost forgot to watch this today
R Jonboy
R Jonboy Prije 16 sati
Very good special effects and I like much of the story and the behavior of Paul. But I must question the authenticity of the Reverend Mother's statements about Leto. While factual, in the novel it was left at "nothing can be done for the father" leaving Paul to have to find out the hard way that even his beloved father was flawed and how not to be flawed. A monarch can't be democratic, he must be godlike. Under that social structure (without a destructive jihad) it could not be otherwise. Paul must learn that from Stilgar. The Bene Gesserit's character requires this. They do this not from cruelty but because it is necessary for the boy to become the tool they wish to employ for the "greater good". It is part of a breeding plan that had been going on for "time out of mind" (until prequels were written).
Govinda Wijaya
Govinda Wijaya Prije 16 sati
And the Oscar goes to...
RedRex Prije 16 sati
Love it! Only have 1 question...why use melee weapons? you telling me this factions that can bend space, control multiple planets use melee weapons? I know is just a trailer, but harkonnen and sadukar should have heavy machine guns no? Not blades and fucking whips
BucyKalman Prije 4 sati
Their personal force shields can deflect any projectile weapon , so machine guns are basically useless. Slow moving daggers/swords can, however, penetrate the shields and that is why they are the weapons of choice in Dune's universe. It probably doesn't make sense from a Physics point of view, but that is the explanation which is given in the book.
NS200 FANCLUB FOREVER Prije 16 sati
Grungus Jarvis
Grungus Jarvis Prije 16 sati
I Love That Guy, Jason Momoa Is Funny, Plus I'm Praying For Him.
Tungstenum666 Prije 16 sati
Nope... just... nope.
Bloodhunter Prije 17 sati
Is it just me or are just like 5 actors in every damn movie now
Bigchill42 Prije 17 sati
Here for my daily rewatch
Annie Oviedo
Annie Oviedo Prije 17 sati
Fans of the book: I'M SO EXCITED Me: Ehhh looks alrig -- hold up, Jason Momoa?? I'M SO EXCITED
João Ribeiro
João Ribeiro Prije 17 sati
MisterFilOfficial Prije 17 sati
This new high-budgeted Tremors movie looks amazing! I am pretty disappointed that Michael Gross isn't in the cast though...
Pual Sims
Pual Sims Prije 8 sati
Have you not watched dune? I get that the worms look alike just asking ?
lortea Prije 18 sati
Oki. How many folks is going to watch only to see beautiful boy?
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson Prije 18 sati
So are they going to split it into 3 films like they usually do?
DR. Sensei
DR. Sensei Prije 18 sati
i see Drax's laser surgery went well
Kevan B
Kevan B Prije 18 sati
Is it bad that I think the 2000 mini series was more entertaining?
richdeflepfan Prije 19 sati
No Feyd? Lovely Feyd.
Trrr Reyrt
Trrr Reyrt Prije 19 sati
I'm not impressed... These books aren't filmable, as every science fiction masterpiece.
Sam B
Sam B Prije 19 sati
This book trailer looks pretty over the top imo. Why can't they just make a movie?
Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul Prije 19 sati
How far into the book should I stop at? In my book, book one is Dune, book 2 is Muad'Dib, and book 3 is Prophet. Should I stop right after Muad'Dib?
Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul Prije 19 sati
@Derek Bryceson Thanks!
Derek Bryceson
Derek Bryceson Prije 19 sati
Read as much as you like; it's a good book. But if you intend to stop reading at the part where the movie will end, then stop reading after book 2.
Ravi Negi
Ravi Negi Prije 20 sati
What is this
CherrySS Prije 20 sati
I loved Herbert's writings, my family had a copy of Dune´s printed on 65 then I heard of it throgh Tame a lamb/Piece of MInd by Iron Maiden . I loved the movie back in 84 in spite of critiques latter on sagas and versions of it...waiting to this one!!! So cool!..Spice!
Massive Dynamic
Massive Dynamic Prije 20 sati
Those 15k idiots.
Dorcas Bill
Dorcas Bill Prije 20 sati
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Dorcas Bill
Dorcas Bill Prije 20 sati
My Superman Hex_hacker09 on InSTa restored my account 💯 legit and affordable ❤️
Ben Cruz
Ben Cruz Prije 21 sat
Pink Floyd
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Prije 21 sat
Man, this trailer completely gave away the most important thing about this movie: IT'S UTTERLY MAGNIFICENT!
Till Freitag
Till Freitag Prije 21 sat
Looks generic.
Simone Reis
Simone Reis Prije 21 sat
Brazil loves you Timothée.
razaelx Prije 21 sat
GGGOOOOO mon Denis go!!!! Ca l'air solide en tabarnak pis tu t ramasser un line-up de fou. Svp, une trilogie SVP. UNE TRILOGIE, DENISSSSSSS!
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Prije 21 sat
Bollywood ka kdwa sach 😱😱👇👇
Life for humanity
Life for humanity Prije 22 sati
Elngma El zhbya
Elngma El zhbya Prije 22 sati
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Zero Prije 22 sati
Khaled Mohamed
Khaled Mohamed Prije 23 sati
Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻
RenatoGPadilla Prije 23 sati
OK, so after watching this trailer I finally caved to my father's wishes and started reading the book. I'm about halfway through (haven't even met Chani yet) but I gotta say, other than genderbending Kynes (which seems to be the only change, so I'll take it) it looks SPOT ON. I think we'll even get to see Idaho's raid on Geidi Prime, and more scenes in Caladan, so that should help spread out the film. I don't expect Zendaya to show up too much this time around, but I get the feeling she's going to be here to hype up the sequel... All in all, this looks SPECTACULAR.
Levael Prije dan
up until 1:44 - great :) past that?? turn off the music, it's not bad. just the music is a disgrace
Jozef Mahojakotyc
Trailer looks good, but the fact that planetologist Kynes will be black and a woman raises fear that leftist (progressive) propaganda will be more important for the makers than respect to the original book and its fans.
Jozef Mahojakotyc
Jozef Mahojakotyc Prije 3 sati
@Dundoril for sure it is :). I have also suspision there will not be a single word of Baron Harkonnen being gay. Lets see if Im right or just paranoid wacko.
Dundoril Prije 16 sati
Yes a character who will die after 3 scenes was changed... The end is near for sure...
kamakazmi Prije dan
I hope they are not going to replace words like "Jihad" from the book to "Crusade" to appease the audiences sensibilities.
Dundoril Prije 16 sati
No they won't. I don't think that many right winger would have watched in anyway.
TheSleathable Prije dan
I will never trust a new film again after 2049 I will stick to the original Dune
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Jen Spurling
Jen Spurling Prije dan
Omfg I can’t wait
Suraj Machabathuni
Can't wait to hear the bgm from hans Zimmer🤩🤩 and of course the movie too
Ahmet B
Ahmet B Prije dan
Not that good 🙄
Memedmmg Mdkddkmfgg
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan
Imperial Rex Gaming
Bollywood ka kdwa sach 😱😱👇👇
Handy Kamal
Handy Kamal Prije dan
That's not the worm. That's his tongue
King Schultz
King Schultz Prije dan
This is perfection.
Anubhav Yadav
Anubhav Yadav Prije dan
this was mentioned in #jovianstar
Сергей Нофам
not a bad fantasy based on DUNE
dano Prije dan
i just need a full song of their version of eclipse
Mimamo Prije dan
here you go
anees ahmed
anees ahmed Prije dan
Wheres the mentat of house atreides thaufir? If I remember correctly Paul was also being trained to be a mentat.
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逍遥小宇辰 Prije dan
Can anyone help me translate a piece of English, thanks!“Late on the afternoon of Friday, March 23, the common stock traded heavily and closed at 335/8 up 5fl; the warrant closed at 16fl up 3fl. ”
Miranda Fox
Miranda Fox Prije dan වහන්සේ ඔහු දෙස බලා ඔබ සාක්ෂාත්
Ghizlane Mejout
Ghizlane Mejout Prije dan
wow simply spectacular
Annai Studio
Annai Studio Prije dan
Fear is the Mind Killer
NAC Prije dan
There is no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.
You said CRUSADE? DEUS VULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
videocircuits Prije dan
looks as generic as 2049
Lunieczka Bunieczka
Tyler Gehringer
Tyler Gehringer Prije dan
Watched the trailer. Looks like shit compared to the original. Half of the scenes arent even the same. Stop trying to recreate classic movies
Mimamo Prije dan
have you seen other movies directed by villeneuve yet? He is very gifted and his movies have great cinematographie. In an interview he stated, that he does not try to recreate the Dune adaption from the 80s. What he wants to convey are the pictures that came to his mind as he read the books for the first time. I love the 80s version myself and watch it every couple of years again. I am convident this new movie as a whole will look very satisfying and timeless.
Alicem Çimen
Alicem Çimen Prije dan
It is not a remake of the Lynch film. It is a readaptation of the book.
THE BATMAN Trailer (2021)
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Dune - Extended/Alternate Ending