Easiest iPhone Glass Fix - WITH LASERS (Not clickbait)

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Glass breaks. Apple has once again made the back glass on their new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro permanent. Apple charges 300 to 600 dollars to replace the glass back on their new iPhones. Lucky for us, there is now an easier way to replace the back glass on your iPhone 8, iPhone X, or even iPhone 11. And that is with the new Laser Separator machine. There are several brands out there, the one I use in this video is from REWA:
Watch us try to remove the back iPhone glass with liquid nitrogen: (it is near impossible)
Watch the Apple Watch screen replacement: (also near impossible)
For every step a company might take to make their product repairable, there are thousands of awesome people coming up with solutions, and ways to repair 'repairable' devices. This iPhone laser glass separator machine is one of the coolest solutions I have ever seen.
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Small Smartphone Tool Kit:
LARGER tool kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:
The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:
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JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.

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Komentari 13 339
*Mike Stephano*
*Mike Stephano* Prije minute
everytime a small crew beats the shit out of a big rich company everyone goes nuts
The Torch
The Torch Prije 20 minuta
Now for the second time when you want to remove glass, you can not remove because of black glass.
Syed Afzal
Syed Afzal Prije 30 minuta
Well that's easy... Now all I need is an iPhone X and a laser machine and wait for iPhone to break
Reclame Grase
Reclame Grase Prije 53 minuta
This calls for the the black rap teenagers reaction gif now.
richard sewgolam
So what I see is , not able to win the right to repair law , to making a non repairable designe
WTF, Laser is NOT an acronym for simulated radiation, it's light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Good luck with repairing a phone with simulated radiation.
LyuboA Prije sat
just buy a phone with a plastic back high end devices are just NOT WORTH THE PRICE ANYMORE Complete SCAM + most ppl use cases for their phones so you never see the back anyway just get the more practical pretty dosnt mean good
Nathan Gehman
Nathan Gehman Prije 2 sati
I think you just found an easier way to make the clear phones.
R D Prije 2 sati
King of Random! 😢
mluu510 Prije 2 sati
Fucking apple for doing this on purpose
freeze originals
freeze originals Prije 2 sati
Apple: oiv never heard of lazarbeam obviously not that famous
Do Doo
Do Doo Prije 2 sati
There is one thing you do to save money- Don't buy the fucking Iphone
Anuj Udanshiv
Anuj Udanshiv Prije 3 sati
Apple is EA of cellphone industry.
付荣 Prije 3 sati
This laser machine is made in China, from HuaQiangbei market.
Hardtsonfire Prije 3 sati
I dont understand why idiots everywhere are STILL BUYING Apple products. They're obnoxious evil wankers. But I guess that doesn't matter, even if there are great alternatives? Just baffles me.
Vergey Prije 3 sati
Apple: you gotta pay 600 dollars theres No other way Laser: im going to end this fruits whole career I would love support ❤️
Agent Office
Agent Office Prije 5 sati
Butch Apple
Emanuel Burki
Emanuel Burki Prije 5 sati
Super Intro!
Sir Paeng MoToVlog
Sir Paeng MoToVlog Prije 6 sati
Just stop buying iphone. Not practical practice.👎
Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan Prije 6 sati
Lol title changed from "APPLE won't gonma like it" to this. 😂
Miss. Wright
Miss. Wright Prije 8 sati
I took mine off with a $30 heat gun with a tapered foil tip. Put foil around cam lens so you don't burn it.
Watienla Jamir
Watienla Jamir Prije 8 sati
JerryRigeverything Jerryfixeverything
We will meet soon after 7 years when HRvid recommend this video again
Andrew birchmore
Andrew birchmore Prije 8 sati
So what's happening with the right to repair bill? Surely that should be stopping apple from doing crap like this
Ilia Iurchenko
Ilia Iurchenko Prije 9 sati
Yep..Apple charge 600$ for glass replacement and this machine manufacturers will charge 10-15 grands for this small machine even though it should costs not more than 2K$
taha arsal
taha arsal Prije 9 sati
Jerry:"repairs iphone saving 600 dollars at home" FBI:"OPEN UP!!!"
Kris Tray
Kris Tray Prije 9 sati
Can i have that phone sir 😅
Kurama Rosetta
Kurama Rosetta Prije 9 sati
So much effort just for repairing a back cover. Can we go back to a plastic now?
Mad Ricks
Mad Ricks Prije 10 sati
Very impressive
what if u put ur hand for it Hmm imagine that all bro and sis
Surjith S M
Surjith S M Prije 11 sati
So how much does the machine costs?
Maksi 00
Maksi 00 Prije 11 sati
Лысый из бразерс?
slycraft Prije 11 sati
Laser Asmr pls
Сергей Шик
Сергей Шик Prije 11 sati
And at this time Putin boasts drawn rockets. )))
Alexandre Souza
Alexandre Souza Prije 11 sati
Woudn't that be an easer prying if you glued a strong adhesive film on the broken glas, so the shards woudn't fall apart and enter into your skin? O_O
Zoid Burg
Zoid Burg Prije 11 sati
Did you try and Jerry Rig King of Random's corpse?
bignamek Prije 12 sati
Will you post a video of the setup of the equipment? Does the package come with the software or is just downloaded online? How about the ordering process? Oof, I think I just gotta get one of these now...
Mirajane Strauss
Mirajane Strauss Prije 12 sati
first ever youtuber that doesn't click bait *mad respect*
David Boone
David Boone Prije 12 sati
have any manual or instruction come with this machine?
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan Prije 13 sati
What system is this software requiring?Macbook supported?
Leonel Aubree
Leonel Aubree Prije 13 sati
Any warranty for this machine?
Maelstrom Sama
Maelstrom Sama Prije 13 sati
Hmm, so that's how Jerry removed his barcode..
carolinecx Prije 13 sati
So rewa is only OEM company for this laser machine but not manufacturer of this machine?
Özcan Eminoglu
Özcan Eminoglu Prije 13 sati
I did bought this laser machine from other supplier but not manufacturer,buy they just sell machine,they dont know much about how to give good aftersales service to customer
SuperJtree Prije 13 sati
How to update the templates in your software?
Deandre Luongo
Deandre Luongo Prije 13 sati
What's the difference between buying from M-Triangel and rewa.
Tim b. hansen
Tim b. hansen Prije 13 sati
M-Triangel I knew them long time before,The quality is great indeed,I bought a M-T laminate machine 3 years ago,and it still work very well till now except the color collapse a !Thumbs up for you definitely gonna get one laser from you too,frank
Lashaunda Boynton
Lashaunda Boynton Prije 14 sati
Is this machine hard to use ?
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson Prije 14 sati
How long is the working life for the laser head?
Aдаптол Иванов
Apple: it’s impossible to repair the glass back Lasers: let us introduce our selfs
tiger boss
tiger boss Prije 14 sati
Woww no clickbate ay?
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds Prije 14 sati
I would like to know why the back of a phone has to be glass lol.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Prije 15 sati
2010 : Apple is a bully 2020 : Apple gets bullied
Acaicia Hogan
Acaicia Hogan Prije 15 sati
Why does Apple make their phones basically unfixable? Money.
3Xnc Prije 15 sati
Can you include a link for the glass that fits over the camera? I am a repair guy looking to buy said laser and would like to get glass
Dolan Dah Rape
Dolan Dah Rape Prije 16 sati
I wish my future is bright than his head
Mer Girl
Mer Girl Prije 16 sati
Bryan Ruiz
Bryan Ruiz Prije 16 sati
JerryRigEverything? more like JerryFixesEverything
Max Tsiu
Max Tsiu Prije 16 sati
Why glass instead of aluminum back?
luke kin
luke kin Prije 16 sati
Fuck Apple
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