Emma Chamberlain Reacts To James Charles & Tati Feud

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HRvidr’s are reacting to James Charles being canceled by millions of fans following Tati’s ‘Bye Sister’ video. Plus, James’ brother Ian goes after Jefferee Star for his comments about James.
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Beauty HRvidr Tati Westbrook, 37, is saying “bye sister” to her former friend James Charles, 19. The younger HRvidr shared an advertisement for SugarBearHair at Coachella, which made Tati, who has her own vitamin company called Halo Beauty, feel “blindsided.” Tati posted a new video on HRvid, her second about James after the Coachella incident, in which she bid farewell to her friendship with James, and calls him out for his behavior. “It wasn’t just about vitamins or Halo, it was just about being lied to and feeling disrespected,” she said. “And you know, James Charles had nine days after Coachella to talk to me. He knows where I live, it’s not far from him. He could’ve come face-to-face and chatted with me because he knew this would hurt me.” Tati proceeded to claim the two have had conversations about other people making brands with SugarBearHair, and that James said he was loyal to Tati and her vitamin brand.
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Emma Chamberlain Reacts To James Charles & Tati Feud

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Alex Malcolm-Smith
Alex Malcolm-Smith Prije 5 dana
I come back to your channel to make me happy
Jennifer Madigan
Jennifer Madigan Prije 16 sati
their clickbait tho...
Sana Hussain
Sana Hussain Prije dan
Imagine celeb gossip being your only source of happiness
Baddie Chwey
Baddie Chwey Prije 3 dana
Awdcvb Bbhnm,k ummm why 🤨🙄
Awdcvb Bbhnm,k
Awdcvb Bbhnm,k Prije 3 dana
isla budd
isla budd Prije 3 sati
I am actually disgusted by this. James Charles little brother was being bullied and needed help before it was too late. You can’t say he went after Jeffrey star when Jeffery replied to his tweet I hate losers and liars u can’t twist the truth for fame that’s vile
Jasmine Pacheco
Jasmine Pacheco Prije 4 sati
Man, don’t you love clickbait
alectra acuna
alectra acuna Prije 5 sati
first of all, ian did NOT post that comment about james. if you watched james video he explained it 😌
Angel G
Angel G Prije 5 sati
Omg, I watched this video for nothing. It literally doesn’t tell you anything that Emma said nor how she reacted. I wish I could take back my view from these sons of bitches 😂😂
Hailie Deleon
Hailie Deleon Prije 6 sati
Michelle Sullivan
Michelle Sullivan Prije 6 sati
Wow. Clickbate much🙄🖕🏻
LowKey Togepi
LowKey Togepi Prije 6 sati
Ummm. This should be called JC recap video.
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Prije 6 sati
why does she say tati like that
sʜᴀɴɴɴᴏɴ ʟᴇᴀɴɴ
Kleya Isaac
Kleya Isaac Prije 8 sati
I’m sorry but the way she says “Tati” bothers me...
O’Connor Prije 8 sati
This vid is so twisted and misleading
eva iannaccone
eva iannaccone Prije 8 sati
dont watch this video it is click bait
Coffee&Mascara Prije 8 sati
Can you learn how to pronounce Tati tho
Mad A
Mad A Prije 8 sati
ugh the way she says tati fucking cringe
Emily Neville
Emily Neville Prije 9 sati
MiLkY bRi
MiLkY bRi Prije 9 sati
click bait
valarya Prije 9 sati
How do you feel about your life reporting on garbage like this? Truly.
Aubrey Best
Aubrey Best Prije 9 sati
Please for the love of God say Tati’s name right!!!!!
Karlek Posada
Karlek Posada Prije 10 sati
Clickbait... Why??
Aly. Gm
Aly. Gm Prije 11 sati
Ok first of all Ian, James brother didn’t go after Jeffree Star, Jeffree came after him -.-
Teresa Kelly
Teresa Kelly Prije 12 sati
This wasn't even Emma Chamberlain Reacting to James.. Clickbait.
Jessica Cannon
Jessica Cannon Prije 12 sati
half of this had nothing to do w emma but ight
Jessica Cannon
Jessica Cannon Prije 12 sati
half of this had nothing to do w emma but ight
Skellabunny66/Jenny Prije 12 sati
I’ve never seen this channel before.. I didn’t even have headphones on.. thank goddd.. cauuuse.. HOLYYY SHIIIT??!! Her VOICE??!! 😱 ...that pitch?!! 😖 ‘almost’...insta-migraine! If she has a husband, or husband and kids.. geeezus!! ..imagine when she goes into nag ‘n bitch mode ..or ‘that special shriek’ (I think you can only achieve if you’re a mother)..when she’s in ‘moms pissed’ mode?!!! Omg.. why hasn’t her coworkers..SOMEONE.. told her about this?! Ouuch 😣
Doodleluck Prije 12 sati
This video should have to be taken down for defacing Ian, a minor.
ABC DEFG Prije 12 sati
James is a teen, he made a mistake 💖 everyone makes a mistake, I feel bad cause Tati and Jeffrey are adults hanging up on a kid, I back you up James 💞
Andrea Varghese
Andrea Varghese Prije 13 sati
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited So did you
Alex Burkett
Alex Burkett Prije 13 sati
Learn how to say Tati before posting a newscast
Rubiia ojos_blue
Rubiia ojos_blue Prije 14 sati
Click bait
Alexa Denstedt
Alexa Denstedt Prije 14 sati
She keeps on saying Tati’s name wrong
Sophia Lamar
Sophia Lamar Prije 14 sati
the way she says tati agagfgda
Vivica Prije 15 sati
Cayleb Monroe
Cayleb Monroe Prije 15 sati
James Charles canceled? Nooooo hunnyyyyy
Michelle Garland
Michelle Garland Prije 16 sati
I love james
Bailey Sanborn
Bailey Sanborn Prije 16 sati
Emmelie H
Emmelie H Prije 16 sati
Lmao, y'all can see how people turn their back on him now after claiming to be his friend!! The whole sister squad, Jeffrey, ..., they all knew what he was doing all along but didn't do shit about it. Now that the scandal got big and someone spoke up they're all like "ooh Tati's the queen and everything she said is so true! James is such a horrible person". Lmfao, just another proof that those internet celebrities are a bunch of fake people.
Ximena Andrew García
Ximena Andrew García Prije 17 sati
What a clickbait
Mara Troy
Mara Troy Prije 18 sati
What a clickbait fucking title
Heather Mooney
Heather Mooney Prije 18 sati
Miapia Prije 18 sati
Nobody: Ali: “Tadi”
Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia Prije 18 sati
Ugh I swear No one cares abt Emma 🤦🏽‍♀️
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez Prije 19 sati
Why did I click knowing it was clickbait?
Naya Jones
Naya Jones Prije 20 sati
pure evil, people are sick.. jealous and evil.. He is human and making mistakes.
Callie Manning
Callie Manning Prije 20 sati
The way she says Tati..
Callie Manning
Callie Manning Prije 20 sati
The way she says Tati..
Romina Roqueta
Romina Roqueta Prije 21 sat
2:04 they unfollowed him waaayyy before this happened
Taylor Cockrell
Taylor Cockrell Prije 21 sat
The way she says “Tati” makes my soul cringe
Eladio Meyer
Eladio Meyer Prije 21 sat
And the point of this video was???😂
anonymous Prije 22 sati
Why the fuck do him and his brother have 2 different surnames 😐
Eat Sleep Ride Repeat
Eat Sleep Ride Repeat Prije 22 sati
im confused are they are they mentally fucked and sister are they related
Madison Eckert
Madison Eckert Prije dan
Violett Dawn
Violett Dawn Prije dan
The "sister squat" did unfollow him long before all of this has happened but ok
maggee •
maggee • Prije dan
I’m still waiting to where Emma reacts
hwasa's thighs
hwasa's thighs Prije dan
nikita Prije dan
If you think about it, would Tati ever say a word about James. If he never would of done that promotion on instagram ?. Honestly Tati and James are just as bad as each other, Tati video was basically a hidden ad video. And all of these matters could've been resolved in private.
kaylee paige hill
They unfollowed him like a month before the “scandal”
Addison Durrington
Her name is not toddy
Teresa Eade
Teresa Eade Prije dan
Okay but how did Emma react to the James & Tati drama? 😂😂 The title is legit so misleading
Raquel Urbina
Raquel Urbina Prije dan
everyone makes mistakes . But I mean James mistake was to far
halle marie
halle marie Prije dan
i’m tired of people saying “ta-di” it’s “ta-ti”
MoMo Mwah
MoMo Mwah Prije dan
Well like Jeffree Star can’t say shit. Because literally Jeffree Star fucking manipulated Nathan into loving him. Y’all see how much hate James gets with no proof of him doing what he did. And yet he still gets attacked even when proven that he isn’t a sexual predator. Like literally all he does is flirt with straight men. Literally EVERY GAY PERSON DOES THAT because it’s easy and sometimes they flirt back. But like y’all are literally jumping down his ass calling him a sexual predator. Like y’all notice how Tati kept saying shit but didn’t directly tell you what happened. Or like is that not sketchy because she literally made up shit just to drag him down. And literally Tati didn’t make James who he is. He made who he is. Sorry but like who was noticed by Cover Girl. And made his own career. Welcome to HRvid bitches. Land of lies and friendships that weren’t 100% real in the first place. And that’s not tea hoes that’s coffee. 💅🏻☕️
MacKenzie LeNae
MacKenzie LeNae Prije dan
Plot: When there's drama but you don't know all the tea.
Sammy Has ligma
Sammy Has ligma Prije dan
Tati who? I only know Toti
Emily Munoz
Emily Munoz Prije dan
Mileigh Taryn
Mileigh Taryn Prije dan
this was clickbait
addi schritz
addi schritz Prije dan
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got click baited And so did you
Ian Michael S
Ian Michael S Prije dan
Jemma Wood
Jemma Wood Prije dan
click bait damn wtf
Nyah Nation
Nyah Nation Prije dan
The little squad james had is a blow. Emma and the Dolan twins are assholes. Some friends huh?
Majo Morillo
Majo Morillo Prije dan
This kind of clickbait bullshit is the reason I hate this type “news” channels. Like you have a whole fucking office full of people reporting literally nothing? Goddammit this was bad
Kat Rabbitt
Kat Rabbitt Prije dan
It's Tah ti not toty
Ʀ Ǝ dI c U L I s
Finally early
Kai Prije dan
Tati is a fucking enabler. Plain and simple. She didnt care until he promoted other vitamins
Jessica Jaramillo
No me da para subtitulos en español por queeee
Jessica Jaramillo
No entiendo nadis :(
Dagna Dabrowska
Dagna Dabrowska Prije dan
Leah Clark
Leah Clark Prije dan
You can’t even say her name right.
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Prije dan
I feel bad for Ian. There was no need for Jefree to be like that. I’m starting to see how fake he is
Life With Leah
Life With Leah Prije dan
Ta-Tee not Ta-dee
Abbeyjsfure Prije dan
ganja ari
ganja ari Prije dan
as a purely hispanic woman, her pronunciation of tati ticked me off in unimaginable ways #stop #pleasestop
Keyshia R
Keyshia R Prije dan
That white Chick
The way she says Tati No tea no shade
Jada Adler
Jada Adler Prije dan
Clickbait don’t finish watching
Elsi Ruiz
Elsi Ruiz Prije dan
Why is she saying Tati like that though?
Chloe McGuire
Chloe McGuire Prije dan
- Ace Main -
- Ace Main - Prije dan
What he did was a mistake, but one he did intentionally. He is getting the backlash from his actions. Though this is getting put of hand, it's the internet what do you expect?
QuirkeyNetworK Prije dan
Tati gained 1M subscribers in a day, can I get to 200 in an hour?? ❤️❤️
Jxmi edits
Jxmi edits Prije dan
What the heck is with this title Emma did not directly react, get it together.
perrie hudson
perrie hudson Prije dan
i mean.. is she even relevant 😂😂😂
Kim Barbie
Kim Barbie Prije dan
clickbai af
Isabella Thompson
Like james Comment Tati
Auras AL-Rubei
Auras AL-Rubei Prije dan
Alyn Prije dan
Eyyy all the comments are about the way she pronounced Tatis name can you people please understand its a name she can say it however she wants and it may depend on her accent STOPPP thats so immature
Jessica Dunsmuire
Tati didn't make James like who he is he made himself by hiself he doesn't need stupid tati and Jeffrey star can't talk he has bount to make mistakes too so can't go around acting like he hasn't
Krizzhia Mariah
Krizzhia Mariah Prije dan
Jade Hill Sport Horses
"toddy westbrook"
Daniela Ivanna
Daniela Ivanna Prije dan
Click bait
Destiny Bullis
Destiny Bullis Prije dan
It's ta-tea
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