Extreme 1:1 City Hide and Seek!

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We play hide and seek in Minecraft. In a big city. It took hours.
Check out Pippen's 200 hour Seattle timelapse video!
Shoutout to Build the Earth for making this amazing 1:1 map!
Join their discord now if you want to be apart of this project!
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31. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 60
somegreatguy Prije 2 sati
This is Minneapolis in Minecraft.
Angel Prije 2 sati
Louis Hernandez
Louis Hernandez Prije 2 sati
Chris: ENEMY AC 130!!!!!!! MrBeast: I didn't see anybody die, but the player count went down by three😂
M Prije 3 sati
4:51 chandler was making fun at gorge floed 😡?
Isiah Johnson
Isiah Johnson Prije 3 sati
Why he destroy work
Emmy Hopper
Emmy Hopper Prije 3 sati
Joseph LETEXIER Prije 3 sati
They destroyed my house :( lol
R SB Prije 3 sati
You mean concreate powder Chris
Maria athena Andig
Maria athena Andig Prije 3 sati
Jimmy and Chris finding person in the city while Chandler and Carl playing around hahahhaha😂🤣😹😂🤣🥰
ZERO Prije 4 sati
Chandler is dumb and weird af
Yeet Mcteet
Yeet Mcteet Prije 4 sati
Chris and mrbeast : Chandler and Karl:DO U WANT THIS MEET ALL ACROOS UR FACE?
Calgary_ Developer
Calgary_ Developer Prije 4 sati
8:13 Chris calls it Rally.
jimmy be triggiring chris tho :O 1:44
Peyton Joncich
Peyton Joncich Prije 5 sati
Lemme walk to Raleigh real quick and check if the map is accurate
Nature Wing
Nature Wing Prije 5 sati
How do I get in your server
dragonfire10705 Prije 5 sati
3:34 AYO
Axel Prije 6 sati
Hey beast, do the queen city of Charlotte next, I feel like there are bigger buildings and more places to hide in it.
Toa Liuanga Aulika
Toa Liuanga Aulika Prije 7 sati
ImSKATER. exe Prije 7 sati
4:51 "i can't breathe" chandler 2020
Denise Debono
Denise Debono Prije 8 sati
Please tell me you have the world backed up or a replica......cause they worked hard on it and you didnt even see that each floor has its own design😪
Cookie Cake
Cookie Cake Prije 8 sati
Karl's head phones are green and black and you could see through the green bit! 🤣
Fake Ruds
Fake Ruds Prije 9 sati
Vid 15 of liking and commenting on mr.beasts. Video until he gives me any amount of the moneys
꧁ṡȗṅ ғʟѧҡє꧂
I feel bad how all the buildings that too so long to build get blown up
Baggerfan 03
Baggerfan 03 Prije 9 sati
15.600th Comment
LoopyLooop Prije 9 sati
I love seeing mr beast Chris Chandler and Karl happy 😊
Mackenzie Murray
Mackenzie Murray Prije 10 sati
am i the only one that was super happy when the guy that actually won got the ten grand?
Yanesha Aguilar
Yanesha Aguilar Prije 10 sati
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Theresa is Best Waifu
Theresa is Best Waifu Prije 11 sati
Damn that last guy was 200 iq using his skin as camo
Abbi ll
Abbi ll Prije 12 sati
Hoped he saved the world before he destroyed it
TyreBuxCant YT
TyreBuxCant YT Prije 12 sati
cHrIs SaId: I wIlL ObLiBeRaTe It AlL
Gloria Guevara
Gloria Guevara Prije 12 sati
U mean pika fails?
TyreBuxCant YT
TyreBuxCant YT Prije 12 sati
where is he announcing the game times now? I never saw it on gaming discord...
Gloria Guevara
Gloria Guevara Prije 12 sati
When mr beast said your not stuck your chris I laughed alot XDDDD
CYRuS Prije 13 sati
chris is like in a noob like dad phase where he's honing his skills to make embarrassing dad jokes
The Black Hand
The Black Hand Prije 14 sati
i think the guy at 9:53 has an attack on titan skin
grace estrada
grace estrada Prije 14 sati
K- Gaming
K- Gaming Prije 14 sati
10:41 no comment
RishilPro _
RishilPro _ Prije 14 sati
Petition for Mr Beast to start a Minecraft Survival Series.
Yoshi Toons
Yoshi Toons Prije 15 sati
Chandler is my favorite
Kyle Irwin
Kyle Irwin Prije 15 sati
They just made a copy of the city and put it somewhere else, they wouldn’t destroy the city
Chris Chamberlain
Chris Chamberlain Prije 15 sati
Chandler, awkward choice of words
AddiSmith528 Prije 16 sati
Am i the only one that’s noticed that there have been no FEMALE Minecrafters that have won on the gaming channel?
Ashley Z
Ashley Z Prije 16 sati
Lol does anyone not care about the fact that he just destroyed a whole entire city that took days to build and they don’t even care xD
Will Serong
Will Serong Prije 17 sati
Thats thumbnail tho
Aceiinaut Prije 18 sati
I hope they made a backup
ali sa
ali sa Prije 18 sati
Dear Mr.Beast I'm a Lebanese living abroad for studies (doing fine but not great) If you're up to the news, there's a economic(corruption),health(Covid19),political(corruption) crises. And August 4th a giant explosion of chemical substances (3rd biggest in the world after Heroshima and Nagasaki) at our port caused so much damage to us. And since you're a person with influence (social and financial) I would love if you share our status or promote through your platform for donations Thank you Pray for Lebanon
ali sa
ali sa Prije 18 sati
Would love any kind of support for the Lebanese people (or even me)
Roi Boi
Roi Boi Prije 18 sati
Noah Jazz
Noah Jazz Prije 18 sati
Love the vids
The Tiger Squad
The Tiger Squad Prije 19 sati
So who is more richer? Bill gates or Mrbeast? 😂🤔
Christina Belmares
Christina Belmares Prije 19 sati
What about another boat challenge soon? 🙂 That could be a safe beast gang challenge or kayaking races?
Luigi NES 64
Luigi NES 64 Prije 19 sati
5:48: That Scream tho...
CoolKai100 Prije 19 sati
Mr.Beast you could have just made a duplicate of the world and then destroy it instead of destroying it and not being able to get it back.
Rahima Begum
Rahima Begum Prije 19 sati
MrBeast&Chris: trying to find everyone and destroying buildings Chandler&Karl: Having the time of there life and doing cpr |Instantly die| AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Hannah Cahill
Hannah Cahill Prije 20 sati
First hi
Luckylaurelever Prije 20 sati
Hi mr beast
LeBron Tongue
LeBron Tongue Prije 21 sat
4:54 lmfao
Edward is cool Gaming
How do i join you in discord mrbeast
JessTheGem Prije 21 sat
I love when Karl gets scared it’s cute 😂💗
exsitment Animal Life
Mr beast I would LOVE to be in a video I love to play Minecraft and love to watch Mr beast gaming
Nejen TSG
Nejen TSG Prije 21 sat
i like how from 1:51 to 2:44 it went from 100 to 83 and we didn't see anyone die