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Win as One in FIFA 21 with new ways to team up on the street and in the stadium to enjoy even bigger victories together, featuring the FIFA 21 global cover star Kylian Mbappé and FIFA 21 Ambassadors Trent Alexander-Arnold, Erling Håland, and João Félix:
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FIFA 21 releases October 9, 2020. Pre-order the Ultimate Edition before August 14th for an untradeable Ones to Watch player for your FUT 21 team:
Entitle for FIFA 21 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before the release of FIFA 22 and upgrade your game for the equivalent next generation console (Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5) at no additional cost:
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23. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 60
VK Prije 17 minuta
It look like some kind of brand commercial
• Lofirefly •
• Lofirefly • Prije 24 minuta
EA never disappoints us when it comes to disappointing us.
Buji Oture
Buji Oture Prije 38 minuta
So its just Volta?
Kolebiz Prije 3 sati
Imagine releasing a game 21 times.
Ahmed Seyam
Ahmed Seyam Prije 3 sati
maybe they should make it just seson update like pes 2020 a new version every yeare without any huge differences is wasste of time and money
yahya umar
yahya umar Prije 4 sati
i really do not get the point of this trailer. Your right if you call it a pepsi commercial. I mean come on EA sports. what is going on. the same thing all the time.
rafael zanchez
rafael zanchez Prije 6 sati
Pes es mejor juego
Clemens Bracher
Clemens Bracher Prije 9 sati
WHere was Chelseas Keeper Wtf
Priyam DAS
Priyam DAS Prije 11 sati
We are buying fifa because of their licenses
Eduar Ramirez
Eduar Ramirez Prije 13 sati
La misma mierda de todos los años desde 1999
lilxdeadve 3
lilxdeadve 3 Prije 14 sati
Christopher Larsson
Christopher Larsson Prije 16 sati
What? Where's Messi? Or Ronaldo? Or anyone else but these guys?
JAHbymeside forIverandIvermore
I dont see any difference? Looks just like FIFA 20.
Archie Humphreys
Archie Humphreys Prije 19 sati
Just had a look at some of the world class trailers from a few years ago (fifa 16 and 17) and was so disappointed with this 🤣🤣
Vitor Quero
Vitor Quero Prije 20 sati
What kind of sick believes that looks like a football game?!
Blind. Prije 22 sati
Only getting for pro clubs and Volta.
Everardo vega
Everardo vega Prije 22 sati
They need to bring back “enrique bermudez’” the commentator. I’m getting bored of hearing the same guy lol
Tom Daniel
Tom Daniel Prije dan
Im looking forward to the fourth FIFA 17 update
Ajay Prije dan
Get this comment to loads of likes so ea will see this and try make their servers better 👇🏽
frauarini ,
frauarini , Prije dan
Il bidet in francia
Mool Pool
Mool Pool Prije dan
25 things I want on FIFA 21 career mode 1. Juventus and Roma to be back on FIFA 2. More national teams there's not enough as there should be almost every country there if FIFA wants to attract more fans 3. World Cup on Career Mode and on play 4. Scouts on Career mode to go to every country in the world (especially the likes of Wales, Jamaica, Iceland, Madagascar, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Phillipines, Panama, Papa New Guinea, Guniea, Senegal, etc 5. Scouted players to look more realistic and for there to be way more faces 6. Ability for Career mode to be as long as possible (should be able to reach year 20000000000 7. Be able to make players LW or RW or CF or LWB or RWB 8. Be able to make created players play in more than one position 9. Be able to convert a player into a different position as their main position and their old one as their 2nd position (e.g. Trent RB>>>>CM) 10. Make career mode way more realistic (too much times I see loans that make no sense e.g. Trent went on loan from Liverpool to Wolfsburg and Depay went on loan from Lyon to Dortmund) 11. Be able to have a proper u23 and u18 academy for each and every team and be able to play and sim ames with it 12. To include u21 and u19 national teams at a minimum 13. Stop really low 60ish rated players requesting a transfer to the senior team when everyone else is 20+ ratings higher than them 14. Be able to get players on loan with a release clause that you can trigger to keep them permanently and same with letting players go out on loan 15. Make low rated players not as unhappy about lack of minutes 16. Make more international cups like AFCON 17. Be able to give created players the leadership trait and other traits 18. Make the release clauses bigger. They are too unrealistic most of the time 19. Make more individual awards available at the end of career mode like team of the year and player of the year and player of the season for each league 20. Make transfers for other teams more realistic (e.g. If Liverpool had players with a potential of less than 78, make them transferlist them) 21. Make the shirt numbers more realistic as when you reach the 4th or 5th season you start seeing too many players getting given shirt numbers so high because the lower shirt numbers have been occupied by players that are low rated who came back from their loan but aren't good enough to start the games on career mode 22. Make shirt number inheritance (e.g. when Messi retires it should make Barcelona give like Fati or something no.10) 23. Make more players available for a loan from other teams (e.g. I saw loads of left wingers at Barcelona in the year 2025 but Barcelona refused to let me get their lowest one who's 75 rated go on loan to my team). There should be a thing where if there's more than two playees in that position, the lowest rating should be transfer listed or loaned out 24. Make players who you scout available to play for more than one nation (e.g. Messi was available to play for Italy because of his ancestors before he picked Argentina) 25. Make the biggest clubs chase after the generational players. Usually mid table championship clubs come after young players I scout on career mode who are like 64 rated but have 90+ potential).
Mubahil Ahmad
Mubahil Ahmad Prije dan
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
tinpot club like PSG and BVB EA u drunk
FIFA 21 shows more people doing other stuff than playing soccer
proccesingROBLOX Prije 5 sati
Ailsa Ni ikr
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Prije dan
Fucking pay to win game
Kannan Svas
Kannan Svas Prije dan
Fifa 19 trailer is the best fifa trailer ever
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Prije dan
Like ??????
hawicon Text
hawicon Text Prije dan
Fifa 21: il miglior aggiornamento di sempre - delux edition
Oscar Handsome
Oscar Handsome Prije dan
FIFA 2021? No it's FIFA 2015
Filip Petroušek
1:21 They rather didn't even show Kepa :DD
Elli Prije dan
oh my god this is not the same as it was a year ago
Bananen snoepje
Bananen snoepje Prije dan
Bananen snoepje
Bananen snoepje Prije dan
Bananen snoepje
Bananen snoepje Prije dan
Bananen snoepje
Bananen snoepje Prije dan
The FIFA X Gaming
Can I take your video
Wriju Guha
Wriju Guha Prije dan
Last one I played was Fifa 18. Looks like will be skipping this year too. What a Lame Ass trailer.
GOLD3N KID Prije dan
Everyone: I ain't buying Fifa 21 EA: 2:09
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Prije dan
“Ea SpOrTs” “ItS ThE SaMe GaMe.” 😝
Marko Markovic
Marko Markovic Prije dan
Where tf is the keeper when Trent had his Freekick?
URTsheep Prije dan
Finally, Cantona is on Fifa
Sebastian Bech
Sebastian Bech Prije dan
Fucking pay to win game
DaMango Prije dan
Honestly it’s just been the same thing since FIFA 16
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Prije dan
нормальный человек ставит дизлайк
Jordan Maverick LAL
Fernando Martins
the best
4gg3los Prije dan
Song name?
Lain Prije dan
Ок) А я ролики еще делаю по fifa20
ali velican
ali velican Prije dan
shitty game if you want to play football just try pes 2020 maybe not perfect but at least a football game not an arcadey ping pong game
Joaquin Elias González González
"replay/rewind" ah taking notes from codemasters i see
Jake Currie
Jake Currie Prije 2 dana
Sooooooo are you gonna finally make pro clubs one of your most updates things as it is the best feature in fifa period
Luboš Matoušek
Luboš Matoušek Prije 2 dana
Not for switch ?
Stephen Chege
Stephen Chege Prije 2 dana
Why are people like this you know it the same fucking game
RevolutionGamingGr Prije 2 dana
trash company , i already know your games trash just move on and dont releash any other games you are the worst on what you are doing
I can't breathe. 11
I can't breathe. 11 Prije 2 dana
زينو سيرفراتكم ارا
I can't breathe. 11
I can't breathe. 11 Prije 2 dana
Pouya Lucky
Pouya Lucky Prije 2 dana
When you realize you have a trailer assignment due in a few hours and you have not done anything yet 😂
Xeverade Game trailers
Barca fans after seeing Trent's ball😂😂
JU DE Prije 2 dana
нормальный человек ставит дизлайк
fortnite sweaty guy
fortnite sweaty guy Prije 2 dana
Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde Prije 2 dana
Whole lot of money went in to the marketing I see.
Alvaro Andres
Alvaro Andres Prije 2 dana
The worst trailer of a football game
Sir Wanks alot
Sir Wanks alot Prije 2 dana
Honestly who even likes fifa
Clint Mascarenhas
Clint Mascarenhas Prije 2 dana
Yoo Fifa 17 is out
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