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17. Svi 2019.

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Komentari 2 645
Peter Morales
Peter Morales Prije sat
😂😂😂😂😂😂 to funny
Snap iOS
Snap iOS Prije 7 sati
Rotten spoiled I would’ve daid
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez Prije 12 sati
Orba said Disney
Tr1p4e G
Tr1p4e G Prije 18 sati
you made the vid on my birthday
kingboaz Prije 20 sati
7:16 I literally said shrek before he did lol
SyCo Bryce
SyCo Bryce Prije 20 sati
Plat it with actions
SyCo Bryce
SyCo Bryce Prije 20 sati
Play charades
TeddyWarBearTTV Prije dan
Rug throwen shade at jarvis
Gmod Prije dan
thanks rugggy
MK Diamond
MK Diamond Prije dan
Your insane Jarvis
King_DB Prije dan
that’s insane bro😂😂
Jonathan Gabriel
It was a tie with adapt and kay
TSP - Faaiz.
TSP - Faaiz. Prije dan
Jarvis: Becomes Kay's teammate Kay: yOuR iNsAnE bRo
SableCardinal 17
6:21 im dead he sounds like a whole different person 😂😂💀
Marshmello Prije dan
Were on earth is hightsky so i mean h1ghtsky1
Jarvis Prije dan
Your insane bro
ELITE - Brawl Stars
If blaze were in the withdraw one I would just say squirtle
LIGHTGAMING Prije 2 dana
Apex and Alex
It’s Dreftz
It’s Dreftz Prije 2 dana
Rip cizzorz
Rapidd_ galaxy
Rapidd_ galaxy Prije 2 dana
honestly i think rug should be kicked, no one likes him
Winztet Prije 2 dana
13:50 rug smaller than aPeX 😮
Dem Sunn
Dem Sunn Prije 2 dana
I like this group , they should make a youtube channel.
Lionel markborg
Lionel markborg Prije 2 dana
10:38 Cmon FBI you just ruined the video By that noise
Brody MacNiven
Brody MacNiven Prije 2 dana
Adapt even is not good at fortnite
Remi Pallemaerts
Remi Pallemaerts Prije 2 dana
Thetryhardgator 696
Thetryhardgator 696 Prije 2 dana
Rip faze It’s gonna die
Walid Abualafia
Walid Abualafia Prije 2 dana
I like how adapt and kay are in every final round ever
Supreme Rey
Supreme Rey Prije 3 dana
For the last one I would have used “Expired” 😎🤷🏻‍♂️
Dhweep Shah
Dhweep Shah Prije 3 dana
how did cizzors guess "scream" ?
Joseph Aime
Joseph Aime Prije 3 dana
Lowkey faze Kay sounded like Alex when he had an English accent
Joly Musammad
Joly Musammad Prije 3 dana
May 30 was my birthday
5LToro El Toro
5LToro El Toro Prije 3 dana
jarvis: eating breakfast faze kay: JARVIS NO WAY BRO YOUR INSANE!!!!
Real Madrid
Real Madrid Prije 3 dana
Have you guys gone to school
Camo LIfestock
Camo LIfestock Prije 3 dana
Apex and adapt are my fav
Jonathan Aguilar
Jonathan Aguilar Prije 3 dana
Kay bout high af 😂🙅🏽‍♂️
MamaCoco Fitness
MamaCoco Fitness Prije 3 dana
Who lost? Seeya
amn immakissuinurmouth
Did he say shrek was a donkey stupid
oof dragz
oof dragz Prije 4 dana
And everyone doubted apex and adapt, yet they still won lol
_ R3N3GADO _
_ R3N3GADO _ Prije 3 dana
oof dragz SPOILER
LukaS TV
LukaS TV Prije 4 dana
Zanmm Prije 4 dana
Password is fazeup
Xity blindyt
Xity blindyt Prije 4 dana
aPeX iS sHoRt
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno Prije 4 dana
i laughed so much😂💀
Need My Burrito Mom!
For the clever one they should have said cunning
Elijah Barnes
Elijah Barnes Prije 4 dana
it is my dream to join faze like i would do anything to be in faze like fr anything
Angel yeet
Angel yeet Prije 4 dana
Awkward 1:20
OneShot- Paradoxx
OneShot- Paradoxx Prije 5 dana
”Long” 😏😏 No homo BTW
Frost Cobra
Frost Cobra Prije 5 dana
FaZe Clan=#1
Storm AXZIETY Prije 5 dana
It's so funny when Fraiser talks in a normal English accent
iPoonch Prije 6 dana
_Themic _
_Themic _ Prije 6 dana
Only governer wude work cus it is more than 7 letters
Frankie Katalinas
Frankie Katalinas Prije 6 dana
It's unfair for the person who goes first becausethe other team got a hint
daddy Prije 6 dana
12:15 just say Robbie
Cristian Rosales
Cristian Rosales Prije 6 dana
This reminded me of Golden State VS Toronto 😂
ojPump Skates
ojPump Skates Prije 6 dana
Kick rug
RoXeN -Games
RoXeN -Games Prije 7 dana
solo hacker who hacked nasa look like FaZe Kay
Timothy Nguyen
Timothy Nguyen Prije 7 dana
Neck cizzor
Cl3ar_. Aimbot
Cl3ar_. Aimbot Prije 7 dana
I lost half of my brain cells watching this
Apollo-Finn Prije 7 dana
Pom donkey 8 would’ve said ass
Tyree Davis
Tyree Davis Prije 7 dana
Shadow Ghost3133
Shadow Ghost3133 Prije 8 dana
1:34 his chin.
scouser321 Prije 8 dana
Who ever likes thinks faze Kay’s gf Charlotte is fit
Tea Fam
Tea Fam Prije 8 dana
Tea Fam
Tea Fam Prije 8 dana
You could’ve said raw and could I have a shout out I want to play of you FaZe member and could add me s.sitmesteve
Julio Colon
Julio Colon Prije 8 dana
Merrick 724
Merrick 724 Prije 8 dana
When the word was lamp I would said moth
Sawyer Vision
Sawyer Vision Prije 8 dana
I’m watching Jarvis I the block party
Zachary Whitaker
Zachary Whitaker Prije 9 dana
2-17 Prije 9 dana
Kay in an American accent, is fucking amazing
Raúl Schwencke
Raúl Schwencke Prije 9 dana
People who aren’t British or American won’t know what some of those words mean...
Julia Brown
Julia Brown Prije 9 dana
apex is short tho
Mikey Fras
Mikey Fras Prije 10 dana
My sister likes faze adapt
cesar a
cesar a Prije 10 dana
cesar a
cesar a Prije 10 dana
I can’t stop laughing when he said “yess”
Pubg gamer
Pubg gamer Prije 10 dana
Adapt is handsome
QUID_ Prije 10 dana
How many people saw that Adapt was holding his stomach at 8:16
Forrest Giard
Forrest Giard Prije 10 dana
My names Forrest
Default skin
Default skin Prije 10 dana
Bruh Apex said the n word lets jump him
Farpos123 Prije 10 dana
blessed vid
ArTiC Prije 11 dana
No one: Absolutely nobody: Alex or adapt: terminator ah ah
kiy m
kiy m Prije 11 dana
Thieves you stole your tfue’s money
Tina Silverman
Tina Silverman Prije 11 dana
best fortnite player in FaZe is jarvis
Thanks for that Goal Salah
I’m not saying faze are racist or anything obviously but did you ever realize there has never been a black persons in FaZe
42 0
42 0 Prije 11 dana
Lmao the plug was calling faze adapt
Leighton Preston
Leighton Preston Prije 11 dana
Apex is small
Hyper Kidstreamer
Hyper Kidstreamer Prije 11 dana
That was the day of my birthday
T Boy Gaming
T Boy Gaming Prije 11 dana
I kept Apex as my password It said too short even apex is short coincidence?
Athic Prije 11 dana
T Boy Gaming old joke, shut the fuck up kid.
dae the unhappy tree
dae the unhappy tree Prije 11 dana
i got triggered when they asked kay to start using american accent like the fuck americans? people have accents too and u cant takr that away from them !!!!fucking idiots!!!
The Murder
The Murder Prije 11 dana
Jarvis : Kay : U ArE iNsAnE bRo
perso n
perso n Prije 5 dana
dargon sword !!!!!
dargon sword !!!!! Prije 11 dana
Cant you just say rotten FLESH
Sharpie0424 Prije 11 dana
Shrek was made from Dreamwork lol
Sweethomealabama Prije 11 dana
Omfg when the video started I couldent bring myself to say that was adapt he look so fucking different man is a tank now?!?!?!
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez Prije 11 dana
I feel like adapt is always high 😂
Pug Ster
Pug Ster Prije 11 dana
Is faze adapt on drugs?
Crow Prije 11 dana
Lol I just realized cizzors is in FaZe Damn He Irrelevant
Xzokz Prije 12 dana
For Donkey, they should've said Draymond Green.
Ray Pest
Ray Pest Prije 12 dana
Rug is the the Vikstar of FaZe
MrSparkles Prije 12 dana
Who else played along too
Majestic Pizza
Majestic Pizza Prije 12 dana
For the “Rotten” I would’ve said “expired” 201 IQ 🧠
Brayan Mata
Brayan Mata Prije 11 dana
Somaly Lam
Somaly Lam Prije 12 dana
Rotten > spoiled. Dispose > Remove. Withdraw > take.
I’m SilentYT
I’m SilentYT Prije 12 dana
I wanna put this whole thing out of context 😂😂
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