Footballers FAKED these Tricks, But I did them for REAL!!

Kieran Brown
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Footballers faked these skills for commercials, I did them for real!
Lional Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Marco Reus amazing skills and trick shots done for real!
Kieran Brown.


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11. Tra 2019.

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Komentari 14 689
Slime Fixer's
Slime Fixer's Prije 32 minuta
In the last trick the two balls didn't even touch eachother you can tell if you look closely at 5:21
This is No 1
This is No 1 Prije 2 sati
Need the help of DUDE PERFECT
royal 47
royal 47 Prije 3 sati
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Prije 5 sati
He's just salty that he's not as good and footballers can do it easily and he takes forever
Karim47 Prije 13 sati
You are fake
best fortnite player
best fortnite player Prije 15 sati
The one that he has the pessimism bottle isn't fake because other HRvid have done it
BIG4GAMES Prije 16 sati
How you know these videos are FAKE
Matthew O’Donovan
Matthew O’Donovan Prije 17 sati
last one might of been fake because the ball was be hind the post
Elyas Jalali
Elyas Jalali Prije 20 sati
You fake
kriston rodrigues
kriston rodrigues Prije 20 sati
You mean to say that you are better than all these footballers
bhaavanees fish
bhaavanees fish Prije 21 sat
U are fake then why didnt u go to the barcealona messi is real
Sheikh Tip Sultan
you are comparing your self with messi hhaha
Dankus Prije dan
Take a look at Dude Perfect. I’m sure you’ll get a real kick out of that.
Olida De Cordero
Shut the fuck up you little shit
Ear Mohammed
Ear Mohammed Prije dan
Your wrong those soccer players didn't fake them
Aydincfcツ Prije dan
LAST 1 100% FAKE
Vayshnavi Baldan
How do you know it's fake
Lillith mccarthy
I’m so odd it’s weird
How do they fake these they are caught on camera and completed
Abdul Razak Abdul Razak
They done better than you
Mrh Apon
Mrh Apon Prije dan
Santa came to and said u those were fake 😂😂😂😂😂😂 If they r fake How u can judge that u r real 👀😂👀
Deepa sadee
Deepa sadee Prije dan
They ar legends not u😤
Kirsten Schubel
Kirsten Schubel Prije dan
My favourite one was the bottle flip one and it was so cool how he capped it its even harder then landing on the bottom
S P Prije dan
Liverpool F.C
aryan and avni
aryan and avni Prije 2 dana
I think the messi bottle flip one was real
Turtle _Squad
Turtle _Squad Prije 2 dana
Haters gonna hate
Isha Joshi
Isha Joshi Prije 2 dana
You are fake
F4TE OUPAK Prije 2 dana
It is a green football
Ysmael Campos
Ysmael Campos Prije 2 dana
He’s a hater
Hector Ong
Hector Ong Prije 2 dana
All of them real
Uriel Vega
Uriel Vega Prije 2 dana
If they not real tricks how u do it
Ziutek Prije 2 dana
This no fake but you noob player
ana gabriela obando
ana gabriela obando Prije 2 dana
matheo zazechki
matheo zazechki Prije 2 dana
messi bottle flip is real
matheo zazechki
matheo zazechki Prije 2 dana
Irma Galvan
Irma Galvan Prije 2 dana
Your just not as good as them not trying to call you out
Adham Yasser
Adham Yasser Prije 2 dana
how u say its fake if u did it then prob they did it they are better than u no offence
michal kolodziejak
michal kolodziejak Prije 2 dana
Nice skill . Master 😎
John Abulencia
John Abulencia Prije 2 dana
This guy is a fcking liar
It’s Alex Time Official
His saying that professional footballers do it fake but there not just for views and thinks his someone special doing that. The only fake thing here is me liking and subing to him
Soccer Centre
Soccer Centre Prije 2 dana
He thinks he is better than them
Noah Tracey
Noah Tracey Prije 2 dana
Is there any evidence to back this MAJOR claim up????
JOSIAH Tekao ASMR Prije 2 dana
Hey there real you didn't get all of them first try so pay some respect to other football players fatty
Muzzaffa Prije 2 dana
You only think that your a pro and all the real footballers are trash🤨🤨
Erion Suma
Erion Suma Prije 2 dana
se nuk paske dit
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Prije 3 dana
Next Fake school shooting but i did it for real
Sub to tanqr on Youtube
ZzHey. Z. Z
FeedRL Prije 3 dana
Explain how every professional shot is fake (not yours)
patronic Prije 3 dana
This is dp bloopers
Andy Wang
Andy Wang Prije 3 dana
Do you know what else was fake? The thumbnail picture
Bill Burr - UFC 239
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