Former Beauty Queen Murdered by Her "Doctor" Husband... The Michele & Martin MacNeill Case

Kendall Rae
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Kendall Rae
Kendall Rae Prije mjesec
Did you know my podcast has a visual version on youtube?
Maria Guadalupe
Maria Guadalupe Prije 6 dana
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Elenecktra Prije 24 dana
Gosh, I fell in love with you two days ago, your voice and way of narrative is lovely and now YOUR HUSBAND turns to be equally good. THANKS!
Aimee M
Aimee M Prije mjesec
#toecancer #clown oh Lord. Worst excuse ever for sympathy. 💜
sarah sallet
sarah sallet Prije mjesec
Hey Kendall, I was wondering if you could cover the solved cases of Holly Bobo and Jasmine Fiore? Both are really interesting and I can't seem to find any videos covering their murders.
Jungkooks Spicy thigh
Can you do this one man named pervis Payne?
carlie b
carlie b Prije 9 sati
They should have obtained a search warrant for Gypsy. They could’ve checked her phone records to see if her phone pinged at Martin’s address the day his wife died.
Shelby Henderson
Did Alexis get to finish med school 🥺
Jenna Prije dan
Good riddance to him. I fully believe Martin was a sociopath :(
Sage Keebaugh
Sage Keebaugh Prije dan
You know what they say, "Can't turn a hoe into a housewife" 🙃 Disgusting.
Marina Ali
Marina Ali Prije dan
As someone who aspires for a medical career, hearing stories about these fraudulent doctors is super disheartening. I’ve had to fight tooth and nail to get my grades and MCAT scores, and it feels like crap that other ppl can skate through the system. 😔 Great storytelling, though, Kendall!
miss hester mofet
miss hester mofet Prije 2 dana
This guy is a narcissist. It's chicks with stupid names like gypsy that do that kind of shitty shit.
Susan L. Britt
Susan L. Britt Prije 2 dana
That poor woman
Red Rum
Red Rum Prije 2 dana
Martin is more than an asshole, he's a total W@NKE®. A surgeon has higher social standing than a doctor. He should have told Martin to go whistle for all those controlled drugs. One of their adopted children had special needs so they returned her swapped her for another girl without issues.
emily raven
emily raven Prije 3 dana
That doctor that gave him all those meds should have his license taken from him immediately. The fact that he gave out that many LETHAL pills is disgusting and an abuse of his both of their positions. His most definitely killed his wife, something like a heart attack that is ruled “natural”. Im studying criminology in college and this man screams sociopathy. He doesn’t care, seems affluent, smart, cunning, and has no empathy. He’s very impulsive, marring her only 90 days after her death. And didn’t care about public opinion. He is probably using the schizophrenia as a cover to make an excuse for his actions. This man seems scary and mean. This is just my analysis! I hope those kids are okay and doing well, death to that man
Ethann Prije 3 dana
A DOCTOR gave me Chlamydia and tried to lie at first and act like I gave it to him when that was impossible. Do NOT trust doctors.
Christynna C.
Christynna C. Prije 4 dana
thank you for making a real difference everyday, love you kendall
Arya ghazi
Arya ghazi Prije 4 dana
Hope when he die he will burnt in hell
ada hernandez
ada hernandez Prije 6 dana
I was at work listening to this and it fascinated me that she has the same name as me which is Ada I have never heard that name before and now I did so I found that kind of funny
Kirsty A
Kirsty A Prije 6 dana
What an absolutely horrific excuse for a human being! Both Martin and Gypsy. Makes you wonder if you ever do really know someone Michelle shared a life and 8 children with this man and he tossed her aside like she was garbage
Dona Sejdiu
Dona Sejdiu Prije 6 dana
She was drowned because she had water in her lungs acording to the EMTs.RIP to this woman I feel sorry for her kids but he was a monster that needs to be out of the streets together with the mistress.Jipsyy should be in jail with Martin.He got what he deserved.
Dona Sejdiu
Dona Sejdiu Prije 6 dana
I am happy that you made a foundraiser for Vanessa and it reached his goal and hoping some justice will be done.
trinity-anne janes
trinity-anne janes Prije 6 dana
martin seems like the kind of guy that pulls the "do you know who i am?" card when he doesn't get his way
Caitlyn Acree
Caitlyn Acree Prije 6 dana
Interesting fact, Ada is NOT actually adopted from the Ukraine. Their biological daughter Vanessa had a child out of wedlock and they kept it hush hush and adopted her.
Obsidia Prije 6 dana
I hate this man.
Princess Macas
Princess Macas Prije 7 dana
I really like her ❤️ I am an asian sometimes I don't understand english people speak and talk but this woman I really do like her how she speaks 🥰
Thelma Foppiano
Thelma Foppiano Prije 8 dana
My condolences to the family and they got justice for there mother may there mother rip
Seeking Serotonin
Seeking Serotonin Prije 8 dana
The audacity of this man...infuriating.
Geneva Tait
Geneva Tait Prije 8 dana
This case is just like the staircase
Abria Angel
Abria Angel Prije 9 dana
Gypsy needed her ass beat, badly. And Martin deserved a slow and painful death. Two disgusting excuses for human beings.
ZeroDepresiv Prije 9 dana
Awww .. what a cute pillow.. Also, wtf, Josh, why would you do that ?!
Vaginatarian 69
Vaginatarian 69 Prije 9 dana
It's Uncanny how much you look like my daughter! Of course she's Beautiful! Why do men who have beautiful, loving, caring wives murder them?? At times for another woman who is ALWAYS less attractive than his original wife. At times for life insurance money. There is no amount of money that could take the place of a wife who loves you and cares about you. I'm very serious when I say that a lot of men do NOT appreciate their wives.
Jan Conley
Jan Conley Prije 9 dana
I hope you get this& okay, now I'm a huge fan. I'm obsessed with your channel. You clogumentaey is aaward winning. One of the best docs I've ever seen! Great going young lady! ( Me? 58f) ♥️
Maddi Nauss
Maddi Nauss Prije 10 dana
If purchasing a shit ton of chocolate covered cherries is a sign of being a murderer, 🙌🏻 my hands are up officer
Cory Mario
Cory Mario Prije 10 dana
why did i notice the strings of your sweater? 🤦🏽‍♂️
Megan whitmoyer Whitmoyer
How in the hell can she not say her mom told her to make sure her dad didn't do it bc its "hear say" but they can drag 2 or 3 criminals up there for things they heard him say isn't that "hear say"?
NeeNee Marie
NeeNee Marie Prije 11 dana
The doctor who prescribed the meds should be penalized too.
Ruqaiyah Al-Dainy
Ruqaiyah Al-Dainy Prije 11 dana
I was watching this true crime video as my mum was on the phone with my dad. And it was at the time Gypsy was introduced as the woman his cheating on Michelle with. I yelled B*tch so loud that my mum was shocked and looked at me like. WTF🤨
Hannah Y
Hannah Y Prije 11 dana
Gypsy: it was nothing serious also Gypsy: Hey kids I'm your new nanny and your dad is pretending not to know me even though we've been having an affair for years.
Paige Lawson
Paige Lawson Prije 11 dana
I'm a dispatcher and he is 100% not doing CPR... if he can yell like that... he's not doing it right.
Paige Lawson
Paige Lawson Prije 11 dana
I'm a dispatcher and he is 100% not doing CPR... if he can yell like that... he's not doing it right.
DaniTheGoatGirl Prije 11 dana
I would get the surgery with his money and then dump him. I feel so so bad for her and the kids
Janelle Diaz
Janelle Diaz Prije 11 dana
Wth unlikes videos like this 🤦🏽‍♀️ like come on
Kayela Dew
Kayela Dew Prije 11 dana
Not only is this so sad but I've had to pause multiple times just to process the information because its all crazy as shit 😳
Jessie Garwick
Jessie Garwick Prije 11 dana
Kendall: “She met a guy” Me: uh oh
nobodycares Prije 11 dana
I so amazed by the kids. Their amazing and strong to stand up to father. He is a disgusting excuse for a “father”.
Sophia You
Sophia You Prije 12 dana
“Michelle kept her kids very *slaps hands together* you know”
Brianne Caswell
Brianne Caswell Prije 12 dana
Over 50k that's awesome!
Hannah Oberpriller
Hannah Oberpriller Prije 12 dana
he's a fucking coward! suicide?? really? he deserved to suffer in that prison
Susan Storm
Susan Storm Prije 12 dana
Rip Michele, I’m so sorry you had to die bc of that monster
SillySid4Ever Prije 12 dana
I always feel bad for the families of the victims in your videos but this one in particular made me cry. I just can't imagine adopting 4 kids then after killing their mother threaten to send them back to a horrible situation... I'm a huge advocate for fixing the foster system so adoptions gone wrong really just hurt me
Carissa Sterling
Carissa Sterling Prije 12 dana
Finally! I’m a month late but I have been WAITING for this!!!!! This is one of the weirdest and scariest things ever...
JesseShortFor Jesse
JesseShortFor Jesse Prije 12 dana
No matter how famous you get how many views you get you always remain humble and have good intentions. You really show there are still good people out there. 💌
New York Girl
New York Girl Prije 13 dana
🤣🤣🤣the way he was yelling
Honey Queen
Honey Queen Prije 13 dana
I feel like I wouldve thrown hands with gypsy. Maybe that's just me but-
BORED At HOME Shenannigans
Her family and kids are absolutely wonderful
K A Prije 14 dana
A doctor AND a lawyer? Ah, a liar I see. Also, if you bring your mistress to my mother’s funeral you & her are getting a grave that day 🥱
BORED At HOME Shenannigans
Gypsie and martin are just alike
BORED At HOME Shenannigans
jessica suchy
jessica suchy Prije 14 dana
Two fake military ID’s. Holyyyyyy shoot. I had to absolutely prove who I was to get one, and they wouldn’t give me one because we had just gotten married and my social was under my maiden names! WOW.
USALibertarian Prije 15 dana
Sending the little girl to find dead mom is COLD.
aralaceber Prije 15 dana
It’s always the Gypsy’s 🙄🖐🏼
Celine Egeman
Celine Egeman Prije 15 dana
It goes to show you, be very careful who you get married too! Run a background a check, hire a private investigator! For real! No shame, I got engaged and he never showed me red flags or anything, but I still ran a background check! Yes, I wanted to know who I got married too!
Bailey Augusta
Bailey Augusta Prije 15 dana
But what about the other people he killed? Did his brother die the way that Martin’s patient described? I’m so curious.
Amanda Wright
Amanda Wright Prije 16 dana
Thats really awesome what u did for Vanessa's family
SARAH DAVIS Prije 16 dana
abby catherine
abby catherine Prije 17 dana
The way the med school application process works now, it would be impossible to fake documents like that.
Mara Gubanic
Mara Gubanic Prije 17 dana
Thank goodness for the older siblings.
Julianna Prije 17 dana
I wonder if he was on steroids since he was raging
Angela Hetherington
Angela Hetherington Prije 17 dana
Wow He was a real POS!!
jessica m
jessica m Prije 17 dana
He said he was giving her cpr at one point... but u can’t give cpr to someone in water
Peachy Queen
Peachy Queen Prije 17 dana
Michelle would be so proud of her kids, Alexis especially, for making sure all of her siblings were taken care of no matter what. Those girls are so inspiring & even though that monster took his own life, I'm glad that they had a chance to forgive & let go. One of my favorite stories you've covered so far.
Janet Njau
Janet Njau Prije 18 dana
He was basically just a really intelligent serial killer. I think he'd contemplated murder his entire life but was always afraid he'd end up in jail so after swindling the army he decided to go to med school to learn how to kill someone properly then law school to learn how to avoid incriminating himself. He must've also contemplated what he would do IF he ever got caught and decided he'd off himself when push came to shove. If he hadn't had kids he would've never been caught and that's so insane to think about, like how many spouses die of natural causes but no one is smart enough to investigate? If Michelle never hinted to Alexis that she was afraid he'd kill her would she have suspected it? We need a method of testing people for psychopathy onc e the brain is fully developed so that we can filter out the lunatics from society.
FashionFlash Prije 18 dana
Clarissa Encino
Clarissa Encino Prije 18 dana
I can. Not. Believe. This. This one was wild!
Lia Kim
Lia Kim Prije 19 dana
On August 15 is my sis tee birthday and she a fan of yours
Grace Molloy
Grace Molloy Prije 19 dana
I need an 8 episode netflix special on this immediately
Cari Schumann
Cari Schumann Prije 19 dana
Omg he probably killed his patience too what a phycho .I feel bad for all of his victims and their families.
ThatGirlIsAwkward Prije 19 dana
You best bet that 1, if you tried to give my sisters away it'd be over your dead body not mine and 2, if you were my dad and you brought your mistress to my mother's funeral, you'd be fulfilling your end of the 'til death due us part' bargain 😤
romigjam Prije 19 dana
As a "physician" (veterinarian haha), the killing a person with potassium being undetectable is most likely a crock of poo. There is a normal blood range of potassium that most people sit at, and if your blood potassium is extremely high, it causes the hearts rhythm to slow (bradycardia), leading to poor perfusion of blood to tissues, low oxygen to tissues, and then tissue death. This is our big concern in vet med for blocked cats, besides bladder rupture. But it looks different from a heart attack on autopsy (or necropsy in vet med), as the tissue death of the heart is different than a block of blood causing heart muscle death (or an actual heart attack/myocardial infarction).
Rachel Hofmeister
Rachel Hofmeister Prije 20 dana
Please run the items again. I want to contribute. I have been affected and silenced by the military as well. I def want to buy the merch to help the family out!
Fluffy Prije 20 dana
I have taken Ambien, oxycodone, diazepam, Phenergan and quetiapine together. I walk around like nothing is wrong. Granted , it wasn't all started at the same time and gradually got more. The fun part? I also have Ritalin because of a sleeping disorder. At slmw time that came on top too. I don't use more than half of it now, but it is possible to do so. Just not all out of the blue together. Even I acknowledge and know that and Im, not just the patient but a pharmacy technician too so I know a thing or two about meds.
chelsie renee
chelsie renee Prije 20 dana
I'm just discovering you! I love listening to u while working!!! Your doing awesome 👌
Jaclyn Lessard
Jaclyn Lessard Prije 20 dana
You flushed the medications?! Those are perfectly good painkillers! You crazy?
Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Baker Prije 20 dana
Such a sad case.
C Stevens
C Stevens Prije 21 dan
Ugh hearing him shouting on the call like that. Clearly a person used to getting his own way and having his force of personality win. Disgusting.
Veracity Prije 21 dan
You should go pizzagate.
Lucy Nathalie
Lucy Nathalie Prije 22 dana
tbh a dead body full of water is way heavier!
Mags Arkadiusz
Mags Arkadiusz Prije 22 dana
Again what's wrong with these doctors giving so many meds to the patients spouse?
SimplyKailyn Prije 22 dana
When she put the "???" by his hair, I couldn't breathe. Dead. 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Mags Arkadiusz
Mags Arkadiusz Prije 22 dana
You are amazing Kendall with a huge heart. Thank you for helping families like this. Love your videos 💕
Sara Holleran
Sara Holleran Prije 22 dana
If you have ever lived in Utah as a non-Mormon woman none of this surprises me. It’s a disgusting state. Disgusting people. Thank God she gave birth to strong, smart women who aren’t in the church anymore and saw the actual real “light”
T R Prije 22 dana
"Please give my father the maximum sentence" chills
T R Prije 22 dana
Eileen a looker fr fr
Nicole Sanderson
Nicole Sanderson Prije 22 dana
He was a doctor where i currently work. wack. i didn't know so many people knew about this case.
p.roosa Prije 22 dana
This dude is so fucked up I can not
Arlene Martin
Arlene Martin Prije 22 dana
That beautiful soul did not deserve this 🙁 I think I always want to keep at least one close friend who would absolutely verbally obliterate any partner I could possibly have who might act like this. Just in case I forget myself and start trying to please someone else over my own health and safety.
Lucero Prije 23 dana
I hope he burns in hell
ns4181979 Prije 23 dana
Make no mistake about it, Martin is an insecure man.....deadly insecure POS!
aliciaa2x Prije 23 dana
not the hairline- I screamed 💀💀
augusta Prije 24 dana
Those older sisters really stepped up and took care of their family. They are heroes.
Lil Yanni
Lil Yanni Prije 24 dana
Gypsy and Martin are literally the same person, just different genders. Selfish, narcissistic and cold.
Chatty Cathie
Chatty Cathie Prije 24 dana
I can't imagine the pain their children were going through. Losing their mom and their dad. yes, he was clearly a bad person, but you know they loved him so much at one point. Such a tragedy.
Amber Reid
Amber Reid Prije 24 dana
The fact that so many white dudes have manipulated their way into important jobs is why I always will request women or non-white men to be my doctors when possible.
Amber Reid
Amber Reid Prije 24 dana
Imagine being cheated on, manipulated/forced into getting full face surgery by, and then being murdered by your HUSBAND all within the span of like three weeks. And then imagine being the kids of this man. Aaaand then imagine being one of his kids who he tries to get adopted out, or sent to a different country, or have their identity given to his girlfriend. WHAT EVEN. This dirtbag needs to be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life and then some.