Former Gang Member Gives 15-Year-Old Wannabe Gangster A Reality Check

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A former gang member has a powerful message for a 15-year-old who is going down a criminal path of drug dealing, stealing and carrying guns.
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27. Kol 2019.



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Komentari 15 872
Nick Cross
Nick Cross Prije sat
Dawson !!!
joshua weik
joshua weik Prije sat
They need smaller chairs🤣🤣 my man walked up, hopped up in the chair, and his feet were dangling.
Jacob Hargrave
Jacob Hargrave Prije sat
Bet he'd get punched once then cry and run away
Prodigy-Ideology Prije 3 sati
Everybody gangsta until Dr.Phil brings a gangsta
Scott Lynch
Scott Lynch Prije 3 sati
It just flew over every ones head when he said you gave yourself up o National tv. Oh no his Gang career is over with. Never Fold yea you folded they good bro. That’s how you shut someone’s application down just by pointing out a behavior. I respect that. Hopefully he can save some people before they get caught up in mysery they are searching for.
Zooz Ie
Zooz Ie Prije 3 sati
That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen so far on dr Phil
VariousStylz YGLT
VariousStylz YGLT Prije 3 sati
They goin to be up his creek if he does real time
Wendi Hernandez
Wendi Hernandez Prije 6 sati
He look mad shook when he saw th gang member
Crunchy curnchstix
Crunchy curnchstix Prije 8 sati
He got arrested at 12 Dawson: gets no home work says he a g Me: ight imma head out
Pietro Ferrari
Pietro Ferrari Prije 8 sati
Very proud of Joseph. He has a unique education, speaks very well and we hear only truths. It is proof that the environment we live in does not necessarily define our character. I'm sure if I found him, I'd give him a hug.
Gmoney TV
Gmoney TV Prije 8 sati
Mf was really getting facts spit straight to him but tried to smile it off
Ross Morales
Ross Morales Prije 9 sati
He looks like the worse thing he has ever done is staying up late past his curfew! No disrespect kid intended kid. Focus on living a good life. Respect your parents. They don't know it all but know twice as much as you
NOTME Prije 9 sati
that killed holding in his laugh hahaha
Raihan Mohammed
Raihan Mohammed Prije 9 sati
I live in Trinidad, we have an entire country full of unintelligent people who think thug live is worth it. Always remember the great white shark was Apex until they saw one eaten by a killer whale.
Munna Maz
Munna Maz Prije 10 sati
This comment section is literally a trolling centre lol.😂😂😂😂
Avyakt Jaiswal
Avyakt Jaiswal Prije 11 sati
This kid needs a visit from prison mike
I love nick But I don’t like you
Chill Karen he just wanted to listen to 21 savage
Late Gum
Late Gum Prije 12 sati
2:50 prison mike
Jaydon H
Jaydon H Prije 12 sati
Other dude aint a gang member i would knocc him tf out and im still a young cat
sugar sean
sugar sean Prije 16 sati
What makes him look more pathetic is that Quasimodo haircut and those skinny lips and fat face!
Yung Soldier
Yung Soldier Prije 20 sati
Dis mf ain't gangsta cant even look og in the eye. Sit down somewhere an take care of your family. Yu not cut for tht life.
Makayla Thomas
Makayla Thomas Prije dan
" u dont look tough but i aint judging a book ny it cover Straight up
Claudio Acheampong
elle415 Prije dan
I'm a 57 year old woman. Trust me, I'm more gangsta than him ....
Ucappin Prije dan
Why are ur chairs so tall
Sexy Foxy
Sexy Foxy Prije dan
Send him one day to jail... After that he will cry like baby . play tough ... Hate this kids . he come to talk with you and give you some answers and he laugh on him.. Deam bro.. This kid even more soft when he try to play hard.
Yosef Sutton
Yosef Sutton Prije dan
haha he soft
Max Linden
Max Linden Prije dan
This is the kind of kid that shoots up a school to prove hes a tough guy. Good thing he has good parents.
ugo ibe
ugo ibe Prije dan
Movies and rapper songs make gangster life look fun but trust me seeing someone shot or bleeding out is not like in the movies is not a good sight.
Asha Abdi Ali
Asha Abdi Ali Prije dan
Just realize the former gang member got a role on hbo's Mayans Mc
Bruhhh when he said,"your gang career is over”I was dead lmao
Adriana Vasquez
Adriana Vasquez Prije dan
He should be going to Disneyland 😭😭😭
Demon blade weilder archangel
Wannabe gangsters be gangsta till the real gangsta shows up.
Harley Bowers
Harley Bowers Prije dan
What’s that hair cut and he’s no gangsta
Try Harddd
Try Harddd Prije dan
Dr phil lowkey a gangsta😂
Glitched Gargoyle
Kinda interesting the former-gangster calls Dr. Phil boss and Sir, very respectful. Gangsters respect people, wannabes don't. That's the difference.
Jason Dailey
Jason Dailey Prije dan
Disney land is the best place for this kid, that’s where you can be anything you want! This punk ain’t no g in them bleached, ripped pants 😂
Numz K
Numz K Prije dan
The way he calls Dr Phil “sir” and the tone he talks to him in is so respectful
Enkushados Prije 2 dana
This kid looks like the backpack kids little brother
Nicksolojdba4 Prije 2 dana
But gangsters are attractive, cool, popular, and funny and I wanna be all those things.
Christos Sp
Christos Sp Prije 2 dana
This Dr Phil is more fake than flying donkeys
Joey Calvo
Joey Calvo Prije 2 dana
I never seen a real gangster with a Justin Bieber hair cut 🤔🤔🤔.....haha
Exactingcupid 22
Exactingcupid 22 Prije 2 dana
I want Joseph to be my friend He’s wise
slaymyface135 Prije 2 dana
This is a glorified beyond scared straight if ive seen one 😂
TheChubbyd07 Prije 2 dana
I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t take the homie seriously every time he has to climb up those ridiculous chairs. Can’t they get these people a normal chair and not make them look like a bunch of 2 year old!?
Josh Christenson
Josh Christenson Prije 2 dana
this ex gang member definitely on steroids
Eamon Mac
Eamon Mac Prije 2 dana
Only in America
Yee Thirty
Yee Thirty Prije 2 dana
Dr. Phil is a cartel leader confirmed. 0:25 "Hey boss how ya doin"
kid BUDS
kid BUDS Prije 2 dana
The question should be why is dr.phil is friends with a gang member..
Tommaso Alì
Tommaso Alì Prije 14 sati
Joseph is now an actor. He turned is life around and is currently portraing a gang leader in "mayans"...quite convincing to be honest with you ahah
10maxforce Prije 2 dana
That boy said your gang career is
ChemoTherapist Prije 2 dana
Kid just needs a good whooping that's all.
seduktive ladd
seduktive ladd Prije 2 dana
They don't need reality checks they need discipline . May seem harsh to hit yo kids but it's better for them not to do stupid stuff before they get whacked in real life . Better the parents do the smacking then the kid getting shot for being something he's not
Qat Lane
Qat Lane Prije 2 dana
Wow a comment section here ? Am I in a parallel universe ?
George Lopez
George Lopez Prije 3 dana
I know how the kid is feeling, he wants to laugh. I use to want to laugh when any adult was being serious.
Randy Warren
Randy Warren Prije 3 dana
the only gang dis kid got is his fortnite squad
Michael Gibbs
Michael Gibbs Prije 3 dana
What gang is he in?!
ya boi Sosa
ya boi Sosa Prije 3 dana
He's on the mayans m.c.
Hamilton Mcgregory
Hamilton Mcgregory Prije 3 dana
It annoys me that everyone starts laughing
XannyDaGranddaddy Prije 3 dana
"Former Gang Member Gives 15-Year-Old Wannabe Gangster A *Vibe Check"*
Jose Smilez
Jose Smilez Prije 3 dana
This is obviously staged 👎.
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