Former Gang Member Gives 15-Year-Old Wannabe Gangster A Reality Check

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A former gang member has a powerful message for a 15-year-old who is going down a criminal path of drug dealing, stealing and carrying guns.
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The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.


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27. Kol 2019.



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Komentari 80
GreenEYESfromOHIO Prije 7 sati
“Don’t ever try to judge me dude, you don’t know what the f#%k I’ve been through, but I know something about went to Cranbrook, that’s a private school!....What’s the matter dog? You embarrassed? This guys a gangsta?....his real name is Clarence” - Eminem
Calm- Men
Calm- Men Prije 20 sati
Everybody gangsta till former gangster give you a reality check
kelvin monteiro
kelvin monteiro Prije dan
White folks just need (everybody) should spank their child
Amberly Terzin
Amberly Terzin Prije dan
The kid thought he was “a gangster” till the real gangster came out. and that kid looked so scared when Joseph stepped out
Amberly Terzin
Amberly Terzin Prije dan
Did Joseph (Idk if I spelled that right) but did he call Dr Phil Boss?!? Plot twist he’s the gangster and Dr Phil is the boss 🤔
Ashton 3.2
Ashton 3.2 Prije dan
The way he looked when he came out scared me😰
Ricardo Alves
Ricardo Alves Prije 2 dana
This dude played too much GTA... he was a real gangsta but when Joseph came in he was shook.
Dean Fillery
Dean Fillery Prije 2 dana
Everybody gangster until they don't have their keyboards.
RonaSZN Prije 2 dana
Guarantee this kid lives on 4chan servers
DIO Prije 3 dana
brothers lets talk about dr.phil that know a gang member
That dude
That dude Prije 4 dana
“I was first arrested at 9” *how*
That dude
That dude Prije 4 dana
Wannabe gang member *-1 fool*
Loner Sins 。
Loner Sins 。 Prije 4 dana
wait a Dr.Phil video with comments that aren't disabled ?
Izzah Suryanto
Izzah Suryanto Prije 4 dana
He couldn't even look at the ex gangster's eyes and he said he wanted to be a gangster?! 💀
Han Ahn
Han Ahn Prije 5 dana
3:06 Dr phill lookin at him like Willy Wonka used to look at the kids before letting them make mistakes.. like "Yes.. let's see about that, little kid"
Mr Rumbo
Mr Rumbo Prije 5 dana
Dawson normally be like 😎😂🤬💪 But on the show he be like 😳🙄😒😔😣😐
Faustino Cruz
Faustino Cruz Prije 5 dana
This kid looks like he spent half of his life playing minecraft and would cry like a crybaby if his parents didn’t buy him v-bucks
RoadDogGypsy Prije 6 dana
This generation is nothing. Because they choose to be. Wanna be's, copycats, Delusional and LAZY.
Rose Woods
Rose Woods Prije 7 dana
I hate spoilt kids
AppleGameID Prije 7 dana
His hair looks like the universe
DontraX23 Prije 8 dana
I've never been to Disneyland nor have I've ever been in a gang. Am i missing something here?
OminousKuraka Prije 8 dana
Its a crime he still has that 2010 haircut in 2019.
GMaria • Ask the Spirits
Kid needs to put his sling shot away b4 he pokes out someone’s eye and gets a beat down. Dumb kid!!
Random TF2 Guy
Random TF2 Guy Prije 8 dana
Looks like what the roblox gangster community is IRL.
Baby G
Baby G Prije 8 dana
Everybody gangster until Sesame Street pull up
E equals mc2
E equals mc2 Prije 9 dana
I don't see any jojo references here, finally
kayoza Prije 9 dana
jason looks like he makes great hotdogs
yee Prije 10 dana
He called Dr. Phil boss and sir
UncleIvan 55
UncleIvan 55 Prije 11 dana
0:44 My persona is Zorro. Anyone know the reference?
Deadshot 103 bcw and pg3d
Aye bruh y’all know how hard it is to not laugh even if u the most respectful person that’s hard not to laugh like there’s no background noise and it’s just not even funny it’s just hard to not laugh
MikeyFN Prije 12 dana
Dude wants to be a gangster but can’t even look him in the eye like a real man
George Nelson
George Nelson Prije 12 dana
I get he is showing respect,but don't start with at that moment the pleading with him to realize "he has a Mother and Father who loves him". The "scared straight" didn't have to be full blown,BUT he could have snatched his heart easily (..of course with a fore-warning to his parents on some intense words and close eye to eye he will start off with). You see how he was looking down the whole time; couldn't even look a REAL GANG MEMBER in the eye. All he had to do was bring attention to how he was looking down and not eye to eye, no raised voice...just a simple..." son you are 100% soft! You are NO couldn't make on the streets in any city; you will shut down so fast you'll be begging to go back home." loud that even the audience jumps.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Prije 12 dana
"You were at the dukes in eleven yrs old right" "Yes sir" "Now is that someplace he wants to be?" "No sir disneyland is a good place to go"
Anybody La Llama Sexy
Anybody La Llama Sexy Prije 12 dana
Is this a Jojo reference?
Bertruder Bird
Bertruder Bird Prije 12 dana
Am better then everyone and Everything am a GOD
This kid should be slapped across the face
Charles Conrad
Charles Conrad Prije 12 dana
why this kid look like morgz
Mr Blue
Mr Blue Prije 12 dana
Yep! He's correct The best place to go : Disneyland
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Prije 13 dana
hmmmmmmm 15 year old wants to be a gangster hmmmmmm seems familliar hmmmmmmm does he have a dream?
s4cuul Prije 13 dana
he looks like discount Justin Bieber
Kyle L.
Kyle L. Prije 13 dana
This kids underbite is bigger than his forehead.
HonMattPat Lee
HonMattPat Lee Prije 13 dana
Former Criminals Whom Turn Their Around Must Tell Their Own Stories And Give Youths Who Are Criminal Want To Be A Reality Check, So The Youth Will Rethink About Commit Crimes.
Money counter 555
Money counter 555 Prije 14 dana
It’s not worth being a stupid gangster and then dying after words
Kyle Mullins
Kyle Mullins Prije 14 dana
I know this has nothing to do with the message of the video but I'm 6'6" and want those chairs so bad so I can swing my feet at dinner time like I was a kid again
Stefan Calenic
Stefan Calenic Prije 14 dana
Dr Phill knows mexican gangsta!? damn :D
Riyaan Shabir
Riyaan Shabir Prije 14 dana
This kid has no friends no wonder
MARCI 111 Prije 14 dana
Nobody: Me when I had orgasm for the first time: 1:20
Jake Picard
Jake Picard Prije 15 dana
Thank God this man gave this kid a reality check.
Marco Angelo Nicolas
Marco Angelo Nicolas Prije 15 dana
this kid looks like Michael reeves
SpideyPool -94
SpideyPool -94 Prije 16 dana
This dude looks like he’s holding in a laugh
STENDERMAUN Prije 16 dana
aye im the 400,000th like
sidthekid456 Prije 16 dana
By the time he was 25 he was incarcerated for 13 years Jesus
sidthekid456 Prije 16 dana
Dr Phil meets scared straight 😂😂😂
Nathan Melak
Nathan Melak Prije 16 dana
This kid looks like the kid who brags about stealing gummies from the corner store.
peace 76
peace 76 Prije 16 dana
Please dont let him be the gangster, he will bring shame to the gangsters, he cant even look at the eyes while someone is talking to him.
boosie 4l
boosie 4l Prije 16 dana
I bet that his parents have a happy marriage, he live in a safe place, didn’t know what is hunter, never seen a gun personally and never stepped a foot in the hood
Alex Prije 16 dana
Giorno Giovanna
Bünyamin Albayrak
Bünyamin Albayrak Prije 16 dana
This guy is Creeper from Mayans MC
Annika Loci
Annika Loci Prije 16 dana
I just want to slap this kid!
icekweam _
icekweam _ Prije 16 dana
This guy looks like the rat from teenage mutant ninja turtles
and I oop
and I oop Prije 17 dana
Why’d the dude say how u doin boss?
Edgelord of this universe
This man needs to talk to 6ix9ine
dendendenizhan Prije 17 dana
i have so much respect for the gangster guy, he straight up told the kid in the best way possible
Jennifer Katlin
Jennifer Katlin Prije 17 dana
Can’t even look the real gangster in the eye
Wut? Prije 17 dana
I wish someone could do this to most of the kids in the UK...
Xander Prije 17 dana
Bro this dude looks weak af
Opper _Red
Opper _Red Prije 17 dana
This is probably one of the least threatening children I’ve ever seen in my laugh
Harini Senthilkumar
Harini Senthilkumar Prije 18 dana
Omg the comments aren’t turned off what
Anika k
Anika k Prije 18 dana
Well I guess he doesn’t wana learn jails the place no reason to be acting like tht at tht age the guy had point it’s out the window
Kz Tts
Kz Tts Prije 18 dana
who is here because they are bored in quarantine???
Stun Prije 18 dana
That kid looks like the other guy with the rap stuff and dj silk episode
Ezra Grootfaam
Ezra Grootfaam Prije 18 dana
Disney is a good place to go tho
Help me Killer
Help me Killer Prije 18 dana
White people
King Vidster
King Vidster Prije 18 dana
Alternete Title:Bald Man shoves his face into a one direction fanboy,while mafia boss watches with the fanboy's parents.
Ranga Jesus
Ranga Jesus Prije 18 dana
Joseph is dead set so respectful
ZED Morde
ZED Morde Prije 18 dana
Cant even look straight in the eyes...but still a wannabe gangster...
Rafiuddin Galib
Rafiuddin Galib Prije 19 dana
Why does the kid look like Ted Cruz in the thumbnail?
Milob Prije 19 dana
Bruh i cant take this show seriously while looking at Dr. Phil just bruh his hairline and moustache. lmao Tbh he just looks like an m and m.
Milob Prije 19 dana
Sad that there parents would humiliate him and put him on Dr. Phil
Milob Prije 9 dana
@lisa pan Nah they should just go to an actual therapist and not Dr. Phil LOL
lisa pan
lisa pan Prije 9 dana
Ain’t that a good thing to do though???
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