Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 | Splashdown Launch Trailer

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The Island has flooded, there are new areas to explore, Marauders to take on and... sharks to ride?
Survive more than just the Storm. Adapt to the new flooded way of life on the Island.
Watch your back! Defend yourself from new Marauders as they crash down onto the island and challenge your survival.
There's plenty more to discover in Season 3 dive in now!
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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16. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 80
THANOS KING SQUAD Prije 5 minuta
I told you I would expose you so here you go epic games is selling bot lobby’s to rich millionaire kids so they get wins almost every game what’s sad is it’s pc versus mobile or really low level console players this is bullying no excuses.
Juliano Farias
Juliano Farias Prije 7 minuta
Good job
Juliano Farias
Juliano Farias Prije 8 minuta
I love the content of Fortnite. Congratulations Epic Games
Adel Majid
Adel Majid Prije 8 minuta
Diss game is bad
I Have No Idea
I Have No Idea Prije 11 minuta
B.S.E Best Season Ever!!!
Nicholas Perry
Nicholas Perry Prije 11 minuta
primal 85
primal 85 Prije 16 minuta
Can I still get the Rose team leader?
Tsion Williams
Tsion Williams Prije 19 minuta
Hi epic games I know your not going to see this I know you will have a galaxy girl skin for a tournament for galaxy users do think you can have one for Apple I’m a kid I can’t afford a galaxy phone there’s many people playing your game most of them are kids that like I said before can’t afford a iPhone let alone a galaxy all I’m saying is can you please release a Apple skin for Apple users.
Hedless Creeper1212
Hedless Creeper1212 Prije 23 minuta
At least add The Zapatron to creative
Seb's Vlogs
Seb's Vlogs Prije 23 minuta
Epic,could you please nerf or remove the build,its really frustrating that you're playing having fun and a sweat just starts building, they're killing the game
Emmahuel Martinez
Emmahuel Martinez Prije 29 minuta
it wont let me play in my pc fortnite can u help me plz
Marguerite Dogue
Marguerite Dogue Prije 33 minuta
Please do it
Marguerite Dogue
Marguerite Dogue Prije 33 minuta
Can you do fortnite in mobile
kill3r_CrOw -_-
kill3r_CrOw -_- Prije 41 minute
Epic with the new update in game I do 2/3 fps instead before I did 20/15 fps will you help me?
skapion games
skapion games Prije 45 minuta
You dumped on stw wow
Kelly Doppelmayr
Kelly Doppelmayr Prije 48 minuta
bro I have a weird glitch and I can’t see my health at the bottom left I’m so confused
grimreaper 3912
grimreaper 3912 Prije 50 minuta
Can u bring back chapter 1 map
Monkey & Max
Monkey & Max Prije 54 minuta
Pls fix your game
Epic games!!!!!!!!!! I dont want a charge shotgun its ugly!!!!! We want!!!!!!! Pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lillen 2010
Lillen 2010 Prije 57 minuta
READ THIS. Hi Epic i started playing this game s3 chapter 1 and i miss the old weapons the old pump and actually the old map. So now i am telling you to bring back the real good old days. Pleas bring back the old map and the old pump icon on the pump pleas. I trust you❤️
midnitemayhem 06
Can u bring back margeing for accounts
Patrick Davidson
Fortnite I have the best idea in history of fortnite pls consider it and friend me and I will tell u my ideas or pls contact me my fortnite name is PaddyD0914 it bdavidson0914 both on ps4 u can delete my name after I tell u my ideas so pls consider it I would appreciate it cuz it’s a rlly good idea
renegade BOSS
renegade BOSS Prije sat
Epic plss can u add traps and combat to the game
Richard Han
Richard Han Prije sat
I can't believe some fortnite HRvidrs have more subs than the official fortnite channel.
pappa rdello
pappa rdello Prije sat
Gioco di merda
XGG show
XGG show Prije sat
Ba idiotilor gata cu botzi ca mo de nervi
XGG show
XGG show Prije sat
Juan Zeferino
Juan Zeferino Prije sat
This is lit
Why does This season have a lot of glitches like broken p90s . Instant reload. Infinite xp. Gliders dissapeare in the agency . Unuseable CHUG JUGS .
Golden King
Golden King Prije 2 sati
Who else feels bad for midas
Mélisa Li
Mélisa Li Prije 2 sati
You can ban FlyHand please
un3nemy Prije 2 sati
Fix your game already!!!!!!
ItsDM20Pro_YT Prije 2 sati
Yo me compré el pack de salvar del oso metalico y no me dan pavos me parece mal que los que quieren jugar al salvar ahora no puedan recibir las recompensas que lleva esperando desde la última oferta del salvar
DemonGang Prije 2 sati
Who else wants pumps to come back
Ultimate Ninja
Ultimate Ninja Prije 2 sati
When I land the authority a glitch happened where Knight Rider disappears before I hit the ground
Кирилл Репин
Slaya Prije 2 sati
There are too many henchman at catty corner
Keovorish Parrish
Keovorish Parrish Prije 2 sati
highlighted gas stations when you get inside the helicopter
Nicolas Marnic
Nicolas Marnic Prije 2 sati
What are you waiting for to let people on PC DISABLE crossplatform?
NewdanGaming Prije 2 sati
Who else wants a RWBY event after this, i know i do. Probably won't happen, but there's still a chance!
tino granados
tino granados Prije 3 sati
Epic games if you see pease don't forget overtime challenges
luis cardenas
luis cardenas Prije 3 sati
Who am I add a game or that you can’t even build
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Prije 3 sati
Fortnite plz bring back the ikonik skin many people didn't get it as myself I'm just asking u a favor to bring back on this week Friday or Saturday or Sunday
Tomato Fam
Tomato Fam Prije 3 sati
Like if Jarvis should play again
Blender Blast
Blender Blast Prije 3 sati
Wow best game ever when I saw the video just kept my mac on to download this game and took the battle pass out very very nice game
Zachary Martin
Zachary Martin Prije 3 sati
Get rid of fricken meroders
John carson Koehler
John carson Koehler Prije 3 sati
I never got my 8k vbucks from save the world my gamer tag is Jcgoldbeast
Hunter B
Hunter B Prije 3 sati
I can not play Fortnite and my Fortnite name is LittleMav48
OMEGA LEGENDS Prije 3 sati
O epic games o fortnite não ta disponival no meu lg k10(novo) ele tem 32gb no armazenamento
samuel haley
samuel haley Prije 3 sati
At how you guys just threw away STW at 70% done even though you assured fans you’d “finish the fight” and how the game has been giving in to tournaments over fun game modes I can see that this trailer is laced with lies and a key marker your going to half arse the seasons again
G Prije 3 sati
Rayane Abbaci
Rayane Abbaci Prije 3 sati
Les français ?
Kerry Connolly
Kerry Connolly Prije 3 sati
Unban jarvis please epic
Rmc 2007
Rmc 2007 Prije 3 sati
Imagine still playing fortnite
Quis Jcharles
Quis Jcharles Prije 4 sati
And a lot of v bucks like 82982282929292 and gifting Username fortniteGOD8
Quis Jcharles
Quis Jcharles Prije 4 sati
Please let me have permission to any leaked skins are emotes Username fortniteGOD8
Goku Ultra instinct Son
Because people die so quickly we need action
Goku Ultra instinct Son
Can please add more players like 150 players public match
Antonio Garrido
Antonio Garrido Prije 4 sati
Fornite can you do a colaboration with the game the last of us 2 pls
Underwater gaming 2
Underwater gaming 2 Prije 4 sati
Gael Rodriguez
Gael Rodriguez Prije 4 sati
Bruh bring back og map😭😭😭
Cesar Paul
Cesar Paul Prije 4 sati
Fortnight and real voices to the bosses
Shaylan Patel
Shaylan Patel Prije 4 sati
Can you add where you could gift inventory items pls pls pls
ZandryRamilison MISTERX
Please remove the bots coming from the sky they are so ANOYING
Twakye Twasin
Twakye Twasin Prije 5 sati
I can’t play fortnite epic please do some thing it’s Twakye twasin
Serks Marcos
Serks Marcos Prije 5 sati
I'm visiting my father this summer, and the fortunate is with my mom AGHAHA
Tre Paison
Tre Paison Prije 5 sati
i am not happy with your dumb team rumble i want to send the msg to you so enjoy it plz make a new game mode calld bot royal witch is a battle royal but with bots
Nicole Cortes
Nicole Cortes Prije 5 sati
Wont let me emote
pee Prije 5 sati
botty 2468
botty 2468 Prije 5 sati
epic I know you won't see this but we liked fortnite before the new map like it isn't that bad to bring it back
King Billy Bounce
King Billy Bounce Prije 5 sati
Can You guy please bring the Ikonik skin back in the game but in the item shop
Rubab Khan
Rubab Khan Prije 5 sati
Poor Midas got eaten by a shark 🤣
J & C Gaming
J & C Gaming Prije 5 sati
Plz do Fortnite X Persona 5!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Prije 5 sati
verification code for that too...
haashir tayyab
haashir tayyab Prije 5 sati
Hey Epic games I want to tell you a problem please read this comment! I am a mobile player and when ever I am doing the week 3 chanlleges the lazy lake one of finding ring I can’t find a single one even I saw there spots in HRvid so please solve this problem
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Prije 5 sati
Take out Meraters There honestly annoying
Void Prije 6 sati
Fix ur game how you gon get stuck on a tree
Fortnite TOP
Fortnite TOP Prije 6 sati
Fortnite TOP
Fortnite TOP Prije 6 sati
Fortnite TOP
Fortnite TOP Prije 6 sati
FaZe Flames
FaZe Flames Prije 6 sati
Add end game back with captain America
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