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Check out the official trailer for Frozen 2 now, and see the film in theaters November 22.
Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll set out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Award®-winning team-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez-and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, “Frozen 2” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.
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11. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 49 826
Video Bot
Video Bot Prije 29 minuta
Hello this is your local video bot. I am just wondering if this movie has nudity, violence, hate speech, or anything bad in it?
Snowball Prije 55 minuta
*Olaf:* _ah sh*t here we go again...._
3b0d# Prije sat
new t--shirts
Fornbjorn Prije sat
What's my boi Hans up to? Sure that sword in Anna's hand at the end of the first teaser was meant to shave him a new cut. I know you're hiding him Disney, I just know it! ☝️❄️
Chandelier Meli
Chandelier Meli Prije sat
RunicDoughnut53 Prije sat
Please no
Rich Smith
Rich Smith Prije sat
Se Nyuk
Se Nyuk Prije sat
Trailer forzen
EbberDeeMills Prije 2 sati
It takes place in Canada.
Jade Fox
Jade Fox Prije 2 sati
First toy story turned dark now this? Kids must be getting darker these days next thing we know the purge is gonna happen
22 De Novembro
Okay but my favorite singer aurora is singing in the background, it only makes me want to watch the movie more!
How to Meme [DOOM] CLAN
Frozen 1: LET IT GO Frozen 2: I got the under water horses in the back
Raphael Dominique
Raphael Dominique Prije 3 sati
Olaf is Summer,Elsa is Winter,Anna is Fall and Kristoff is Spring
Keep Out
Keep Out Prije 3 sati
I am still confused, does Elsa actually wear clothes? Literally in the first clip her clothes look like they're fused to her.
ItsAddie :3
ItsAddie :3 Prije 3 sati
I’m an older kid and below is literally after every movie: All my friends trying to act cool after the first Frozen movie: That movie’s lame 😉 Frozen ll comes out: WHO WANTS TO SEE THE SECOND FROZEN MOVIE!? Me: I knew you liked it! That’s how awesome Disney movies are XD
Infinity Beatz
Infinity Beatz Prije 4 sati
The stonehenge place from Brave? 1:30
Thunder Bird
Thunder Bird Prije 4 sati
Still number 1 trending out on movie
Infinity Beatz
Infinity Beatz Prije 4 sati
That COD Zombies opening tho.
Anni - Alice Voll
Anni - Alice Voll Prije 4 sati
O.M.G i am twelwe yrs old and....I NEED TO SEE THAT!
**-Lelie-**- Mini-**
Is this a joke or is it real I’m honestly so confused lol
*APS *
*APS * Prije 5 sati
What the hell took them so long
Alexander Boston
Alexander Boston Prije 5 sati
Amr Mory
Amr Mory Prije 5 sati
I can't wait to see the movie it's going to be so awesome i watch the trailer like more then 20 time in the day
Pausha Dias
Pausha Dias Prije 5 sati
BTSKOOKIE 21 Prije 5 sati
I can't believe that this was 6 years ago. It felt like 2 years ago😂😂
HOPE ST. JOHN Prije 5 sati
Tanz Mim
Tanz Mim Prije 5 sati
Are those the menhirs from Brave? Crossover? PS: i ship Elsa and Merida
yuur momma .
yuur momma . Prije 6 sati
I swear if this turns out being bad.. 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol
TOON GARDEN Prije 6 sati
Well, she is the idol figure of many children in the world. she is very beautiful😁😁😁
Field Of Carnations
Field Of Carnations Prije 6 sati
I wanted Elsa with Jack Frost ugh
Kåwåii Gåchå
Kåwåii Gåchå Prije 7 sati
Anyone else think that when Kristoff said “haya” it sounded like link?
Juliano Dias
Juliano Dias Prije 8 sati
Cade a parte do beijo com a Branca de Neve?
Aderlindo Silva de Santana
A voz vai ta diferentes
DuoPo Prije 8 sati
Here comes the memes
Cyrano Kariem
Cyrano Kariem Prije 8 sati
no i don't wanna build a snowman
HD Film İzle
HD Film İzle Prije 8 sati
subscrible plsssssss
Tình Bùi
Tình Bùi Prije 8 sati
Abdo Mohamed
Abdo Mohamed Prije 8 sati
Chicken Chadly
Chicken Chadly Prije 9 sati
Just the trolls
Girl fan 2
Girl fan 2 Prije 9 sati
City Siri
City Siri Prije 9 sati
funny bracelets
funny bracelets Prije 9 sati
*Screams in fall excitement*
Kevin Playz
Kevin Playz Prije 9 sati
Who else thought in the beginning that the movie was going to promote global warming
Fluffyspaceboy !
Fluffyspaceboy ! Prije 9 sati
I wish her and Frozone could meet.. 🤔
Field Of Carnations
Field Of Carnations Prije 6 sati
I wish her and Jack Frost would get married 💀👀
Colette Crochet
Colette Crochet Prije 9 sati
Did anyone else notice Elsa lying on the ground when Kristoff is running away from with Anna on Sven? What the heck is going on here?! Either way, it looks and sounds great!
Wafiy Syahmi
Wafiy Syahmi Prije 9 sati
who is excited like me
ishdorj bolormaa
ishdorj bolormaa Prije 9 sati
outdoor gaming
outdoor gaming Prije 10 sati
Please make this frozen movie part 2 on july 1st and make till part4 because this is nice movie😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Did Olaf lost his hair😨? 1:10
Isabella Sunshine
Isabella Sunshine Prije 10 sati
Lol frozen came out 6 whole years ago
urganch tv
urganch tv Prije 10 sati
uzbekistan ok salom
Heyit'shelen. -Bored-
Heyit'shelen. -Bored- Prije 10 sati
This movie is practically "The mist" but rated PG.
Nycolas Gustavo
Nycolas Gustavo Prije 10 sati
Só único do Brasil chupá americanos
Furry Adventures
Furry Adventures Prije 11 sati
Endgame: *We had the most dramatic amazing movie of all time that had people in tears...* Frozen 2: *Hold my snow...*
Angel Calle
Angel Calle Prije 7 sati
This is such a good meme
Lil Puff
Lil Puff Prije 11 sati
What's the last movie gonna be called? Melted? Then Melted 2??
Lil Puff
Lil Puff Prije 11 sati
Son: dad I'm freezing Dad: Yeah, I'm Frozen 2
Elif Polat
Elif Polat Prije 11 sati
Hiếu gip
Hiếu gip Prije 11 sati
Vn ơi say oh yeah
Sienna Perera
Sienna Perera Prije 11 sati
This is what I call a trailer!
kitty gamer
kitty gamer Prije 11 sati
YAY, more songs to annoy my brother with >:)
BuzzedBox Prije 11 sati
It looks 2012 to me and scary for my nephew to watch. :(
Amazing Things
Amazing Things Prije 11 sati
And I thought I was the only person that knew about frozen :/
Zeynep Birgül
Zeynep Birgül Prije 12 sati
Türkçe lütfen
Janaína Silva
Janaína Silva Prije 12 sati
Cadê os brasileiros
YDốp Êban
YDốp Êban Prije 12 sati
Nicholas Ma
Nicholas Ma Prije 13 sati
OMG Elsa vs Monster
RadenWillyam #Rw
RadenWillyam #Rw Prije 13 sati
Film joker 2019
Enditya Putra
Enditya Putra Prije 13 sati
Indonesia ada gak nih yang nunggu ini😊😋
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Prije 14 sati
The movie is called Frozen! But let's just call it Burning
Yosephin natalia sagita Natalia
Ruin Man
Ruin Man Prije 14 sati
Hermione Weasley
Hermione Weasley Prije 13 sati
Turk buldum lan
Z Official Kids
Z Official Kids Prije 15 sati
takuttt... zoiee....
Blind Prije 15 sati
0:33 and then she dies
Bao Pham
Bao Pham Prije 15 sati
Khi nào chiếu vậy?
Dewi Nurmala
Dewi Nurmala Prije 16 sati
Elsa ini nisa
Angel Katuwal
Angel Katuwal Prije 16 sati
Its up on 123 movies .com. welcome☺☺
Mental Things
Mental Things Prije 16 sati
ItsMeChloe Prije 16 sati
I didn’t really like the first movie but I actually think this one will be good!
Nesti nesti
Nesti nesti Prije 16 sati
Lucu. Sekali😁
Fate Br
Fate Br Prije 16 sati
Ugh, Moana but with Elsa in it
Alex Romano
Alex Romano Prije 16 sati
elsa's wearing pants yalllll the gays are winning😂😂
Rafly Raihan
Rafly Raihan Prije 17 sati
Tobirama takut sasuke dengan hanya 1 jari 60fps
Bluefire Lost
Bluefire Lost Prije 17 sati
Professsor Ozpin, what have you done?
Dr. Zebra
Dr. Zebra Prije 14 sati
Clickbait Jr
Clickbait Jr Prije 17 sati
The beginning beat kinda sounds like a star wars trailer beat
Harman K
Harman K Prije 17 sati
8(!),9(8: of them to jjj
well we love that tea
well we love that tea Prije 17 sati
elsa: *holds her sister's hand* everyone else: *OMg GUyS sHES lEsBIaN*
Giliya Bakboord
Giliya Bakboord Prije 17 sati
Woow het is egt kool
Steph Leach
Steph Leach Prije 17 sati
I love the 2nd
Love Haul
Love Haul Prije 18 sati
Hi !!! I'm form Indonesia 🇮🇩
Bayu Prayogo
Bayu Prayogo Prije 11 sati
Autumn_ Anime
Autumn_ Anime Prije 18 sati
Frozen 2 is still on tending wow they might do better than the other movies i never knew that Anna should be even braver than Elsa and I think Anna has fire powers?
Super husky Tumor
Super husky Tumor Prije 18 sati
It's dumb
Guzun Nicolae
Guzun Nicolae Prije 18 sati
Only Elsa can defeat the Night King
E. Blackfyre
E. Blackfyre Prije 18 sati
Does the sound at the start freak anyone else out?
OwlEye2010 Prije 18 sati
1:41 Oh boy, where's Captain Levi when you need him?
Nurhaida Silaen
Nurhaida Silaen Prije 18 sati
di tunggu
Banana Juice
Banana Juice Prije 19 sati
Is this a commodity ?
Mufti Gelar
Mufti Gelar Prije 19 sati
Sange liat elsa gak guys