Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

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"Life is Good" available at:
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Directed by Director X
Future online:
(C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz.


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10. Sij 2020.



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Komentari 68 640
Angel Taylor
Angel Taylor Prije 17 sati
150 M views in a month.... I felt that
Gjaa Gjaa
Gjaa Gjaa Prije 17 sati
Drake : haven't done my taxes , I am too turnt up. IRS : omae mou shinderu.
Muhammad Fasih
Muhammad Fasih Prije 17 sati
21 savage is stan lee of music videos 😂
mendoza Mendoza
mendoza Mendoza Prije 18 sati
Dude why did u say n**ga if your not black
mendoza Mendoza
mendoza Mendoza Prije 18 sati
When your so rich but u act poor for money
Fuz3 Jn
Fuz3 Jn Prije 18 sati
6ix9ine is gonna snitch on drake because he didn’t do his taxes😳
You expect a name?
You expect a name? Prije 18 sati
2:50 lol 21 savage the type of dude to come to the party just to drink and eat
tatibabi23 Prije 18 sati
GREAT ☺️☺️☺️😁😁
Young Infernus
Young Infernus Prije 18 sati
Did i just see yachty
S Ditty
S Ditty Prije 18 sati
Love drake doin it rite got alot hate but he on 👌 👌
Shica Riley
Shica Riley Prije 18 sati
I get 100,000 taxes I’m tunt up
Majestic Gestures
Majestic Gestures Prije 18 sati
He inspired by Lil Nas X that’s literally what’s up
Lucas Prije 18 sati
When you Have so much money that you do normal jobs for funn
Devin Cofmin
Devin Cofmin Prije 18 sati
Badass song
Gabriela R.
Gabriela R. Prije 18 sati
Q letra maravilhosa ♡
- Early -
- Early - Prije 18 sati
2pac still better then u guys💀
Def.purp23 Prije 18 sati
Anyone else think this beat snatched from 6LACK
1k.jd3 Prije 18 sati
when future starts rapping *English vocabulary has left the chat
Sebastian Baginski
Sebastian Baginski Prije 18 sati
Black music for black people.
Prince Sedibane
Prince Sedibane Prije 18 sati
Future with a cracked phone screen 😀😀😀
Lucas Pugh
Lucas Pugh Prije 18 sati
Futures verse is legendary
Ryan Dunham
Ryan Dunham Prije 18 sati
Bruh feel like future ruins this song
Maxim Hillebrandt
Maxim Hillebrandt Prije 18 sati
This is really the fastest growing number of views in a while.. 147 MILLION in 1 month and 13 days, wtf! That's more than a million a day!
Kimberly Macias
Kimberly Macias Prije 18 sati
Lol I didn’t pay attention to the song just the video and I saw lil Yachty
Quay_theNBK Prije 18 sati
0:15 future look like he used to this shit befo he got famous
Animango Prije 18 sati
Wow, how polite of Drake to pick up Future's music in the beginning of the video :D
Tyreese Lee
Tyreese Lee Prije 19 sati
Why drake look white no matter whaf he doing
Aden López
Aden López Prije 19 sati
0:16 Drake and Future *the two houses that come have the ticket for which they paid to have their garbage collected.* 0:46 *The next house didn't pay.*
Red Goat Black
Red Goat Black Prije 19 sati
The song is trash after 1.35
Rocket Nunez
Rocket Nunez Prije 19 sati
I wish work was this fun!😂
beulah brawley
beulah brawley Prije 19 sati
Cha bye . The Lord is Rock my for cess and delivery
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
I find it funny how at 2:32 he has the frunk open on a mid engine car
AWFULLY AWSOME Prije 19 sati
1:07 was that lil yatchy🤨
Temesgen Medhanie
Temesgen Medhanie Prije 19 sati
They smoking weed In the kitchen 😂
Isiah Buck
Isiah Buck Prije 19 sati
That was fly
i -ritical
i -ritical Prije 19 sati
Pulling cat5 from a server dont turn off lights like that. Lolol.
stacy barber
stacy barber Prije 19 sati
Good job💖😻😍
Kenneth Atchison
Kenneth Atchison Prije 19 sati
Future what do I do w the little boy when masks off
Kim Lubbers
Kim Lubbers Prije 19 sati
Ik hoor je xx
Didier somaryjski pirat gankplank
No Rev Limiter
No Rev Limiter Prije 19 sati
“I’m in the lubidawoo, I’m in the lubidavoo”
Olivia Diamond
Olivia Diamond Prije 19 sati
Kinda looks like one of NF's music video: when I grow up.
Itsme Peep
Itsme Peep Prije 19 sati
Imagine getting your food and future asks for your order while drakes gives you your order
Shikell Johnson
Shikell Johnson Prije 19 sati
Tritii Prije 19 sati
Did anybody else notice 21 savage 2:50
Smo Prije 19 sati
R.I.P old (versatile) Drake 2009-2016 these days all his songs just sound the same
LUCAS Espinola
LUCAS Espinola Prije 19 sati
Sunset Sunflower
Sunset Sunflower Prije 19 sati
FBI Prije 19 sati
You have the same video concept as “When I grow up”
immortalshots- Prije 19 sati
Bro can’t nobody say they ain’t the best friends in the rap game😂 these niggas are hilarious together and they go hard
Li Horne
Li Horne Prije 19 sati
Thanks, I hate my job now. Quitting my job to become a rapper.
Adam Teeple
Adam Teeple Prije 20 sati
2 songs 1 track
alasco de paris
alasco de paris Prije 20 sati
Hi how are i doing well i would like to do a project with you i want to be an actor i want to make a film about people who leave their country to go to the usa thanks for answering me♥
Pog Chomp
Pog Chomp Prije 20 sati
3:40 what hoodie is Future wearing?
FL MUSIC Prije 20 sati
Like if future ruined this song
thats maney
thats maney Prije 20 sati
Taxes hit the savings now I'm to turn up......
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
When you're so rich that you hire lil yachty to preset the phones at the apple store
petre neda
petre neda Prije 20 sati
Cruel reality....
Artisan Rebel
Artisan Rebel Prije 20 sati
These my brothers!!
Linda Slaughter
Linda Slaughter Prije 20 sati
How come when drake say the word nigger no one is screaming but when someone else say it we r ready to fight WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE
Future - Crushed Up