Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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augus1990 Prije 3 sati
SPOILER: in the last chapter Bran will control the dragon, and Jon and Arya will kill Daenerys and Gendry Baratheon (son of king Robert Baratheon) will take the throne.
Rick van der Spank
Rick van der Spank Prije 3 sati
Hooded Dreamer
Hooded Dreamer Prije 3 sati
Unpopular opinion I know but I’m loving this season. We all knew the last season would be destructive, battles and people being killed off.
Rony Paixão
Rony Paixão Prije 3 sati
Episode 5 was just a nightmare of Daenerys.
Juan Soliz Sainz
Juan Soliz Sainz Prije 3 sati
Bien Juego de tronos
Juan Soliz Sainz
Juan Soliz Sainz Prije 3 sati
Bien Juego de tronos
Wayne Filkins
Wayne Filkins Prije 3 sati
It's kind of ironic that hundreds of thousands of people are complaining about how quickly Daenerys turned evil, while their lack of understanding of this event is simply due to their lack of education in psychology. Please stop forming and spreading opinions on matters which you clearly know nothing about. Go look up "psychotic break" or take an intro psych course. What happened with Dany is actually extremely realistic. It's sad that a great show is being criticized due to the general public's lack of intellect, or at least lack of knowledge in psychology.
SUSHMA SINGH Prije 4 sati
Times when we waited for a breathtaking final season!!!!
Sergey Ser
Sergey Ser Prije 5 sati
what music from 1:08?
Cussler Nyathi
Cussler Nyathi Prije 5 sati
Dear Game of Thrones Its been very nice watching your series, I gotta say its the best in my opinion and pretty much aware that this is the end of GOT. Obviously we don't want it to end, so I thought how about we have THE ANIMATED VERSION OF GAME OF THRONES. Where we can actually see the real history of how it all started, like from the children of the forest, the first man till where it is now. I really wanna see most of the hidden characters that we only hear in theories, I'm talking Ragaer Targaryan, Ser Arthur something, and the mad king etc. It really doesn't have to be the end of GOT. Whos with me?
Dracarys Por favor
Dracarys Por favor Prije 5 sati
Hi I am from the future I am here to tell you that season 8 sucks!.
Antonio Renteria
Antonio Renteria Prije 6 sati
our enemy doesnt tire, doesnt feel, cant write.
Grand Redemption Pain
Hello everyone!Who would like to see parody of introduction from game of thrones.Invite everyone to watch!Thank you.
Sabin6 Prije 6 sati
if people would have known how terrible this season turned out to be the like / dislike Ratio would have been the other way around by now. i feel bad for all the people putting all that hard work into this terrible written season.
technically Buzz's
technically Buzz's Prije 6 sati Check code of Paytm in this video and get 50 to 100 per no
Huseyin Akdag
Huseyin Akdag Prije 7 sati
Mal manyak yav
Jacob Devadas
Jacob Devadas Prije 7 sati
Here after episode 5. Obviously, the plot is much worse than it could have been. But just enjoy the show and stop complaining. You'll have a much better time enjoying the show for what it is than complaining about the plot the entire time.
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia Prije 8 sati
it was great tonight episode 6 ends it all fucking epic the greatest show ever made
Maucham Talukdar
Maucham Talukdar Prije 8 sati
And today it's gonna end...End of an matter how bad this season is GoT will always be the best TV show ever.
Kshitiz Garv
Kshitiz Garv Prije 9 sati
Me: Remember the time when we thought this season is will be awesome? King Robert: God those were the days!
amit jain
amit jain Prije 11 sati
Cersai can be alive As it is shown in this trailer
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Prije 11 sati
Who’s here trying to find any other details that might be in the final episode 😂
Elvis Van
Elvis Van Prije 11 sati
_🌆6PM May 19 2019~_
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
Why should we support HBO with our money when HBO does not care about us, if Dany is killed and the Dragon takes her body and leaves as some have mentioned, it will be the WORST ENDING in TV history and HBO will start to LOSE MONEY shortly after that, GOT fans will remember this betrayal for a very long time to come! And i'm going to be SAD, very SAD to have seen this GREAT TV show destroyed by bad writing, and Game of Thrones FANS will blame HBO and the writers for this.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
So if Dany gets killed by Jon or Arya, mainly because of bad writing, then what was the point of her whole character from Season 1, it really means NOTHING, right. The whole thing is just a waste of time and Game of Thrones fans will NEVER support HBO or any spin off's or buy any HBO DVD's again.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
Even that will not make any sense because it's not in Jon's nature to act like that, so they would have destroyed his character arc, if Arya kills Dany, that is just stupid writing, but it could happen, because this is war and the people of King's Landing cheered when Ned Stark was killed so why would Arya give a damn if they die? Besides you expect us to believe that Dany is so stupid where she does not have her guards protecting her?
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
Now comes Episode 6, and if Dany gets killed by Jon or Arya which is what is likely to happen, that will be the worst ending in the history of TV, this is the only possible reason why they made a good Queen Dany go a little crazy in Episode 5, so they can set her up to be killed in Episode 6. This is just another forced killing which will make no sense, after all that she had to suffer to get where she is to kill her off like that just makes no sense and worse, what was the point of the previous 7 Seasons.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
Sam and Sr.Davos cannot fight and they managed to stay alive after the entire battle, plot amour is the only reason they are alive and when a show does not make sense, then fans get mad and that is only one instance, there are so many others, like how did they get 50% of all the troops back alive in Episode 4, when we all saw in Episode 3 that the living were almost wiped out including all the armies.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
Then we have very poor battle strategy, the writers decided lets just kill all the Dothraki (best fighters in he world) in like 1 minute, then lets have the UnSullied (Best fighters in the world), get killed in the following 2 minutes but then when the dead kills the best fighters in the world, some how we have Sam, Sr.Davos, Jamie and other characters still alive when they were surrounded by the dead, if the Dothraki and UnSullied can't stop the dead and get wiped out, explain to me how Sam, Sr.Davos, Jamie managed to stay alive? Bad writing......because it does not make sense!
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
The whole Night King build up was massive and to have Arya fly miles ad miles and miles in the air to reach him over all the dead was the a terrible way to end that Night King story line. I mean in the first major battle and in one episode the Night King came and died, what kind of story is that......seriously?
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 12 sati
I honestly wish HBO had either sold Game of Thrones after Season 6 to another network or they should have hired a whole new set of good writers to take this show to Season 15, but now Game of Thrones is going to go down as the biggest disappointment mainly because of Season 7 and Season 8, up to Season 6 it was great!
colliric Prije 7 sati
Don't blame them. Alot of Fans don't know it but D&D were able to get a good contract with HBO and George Martin right at the very beginning because Martin thought the show wasn't going to be too successful so he gave them alot of control over the final product. Also the series was still doing well both in ratings and with critics when this season started. Only a few hardcore fans had figured out how shit they are. Firing them wasn't an option mate, as prior to this season that ironically would have brought negative press too. Sad but true!
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 13 sati
No one can defend the bad writing, i'm really not sure what the writers were even thinking, maybe they should have got a second or third opinion but to make this great show end this way is very disappointing, i mean that whole coffee cup thing in Episode 4, just shows you how bad the show has become, HBO should have had its own people read the script before approving it, because if they did this Season 8 would not be this bad. I'm just SAD!
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 13 sati
I really HATE to say it because i love Game of Thrones but after investing 9 years into this show, to be let down with a bad Season 7 and a very very very very very BAD Season 8, is just SAD and depressing! You cannot destroy characters that were built over the previous 7 seasons in one episode and that is why fans all over the world are so mad.
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 13 sati
Look even HBO knows Season 7 was bad, when in one scene you have Dany complaining she won't have food to feed her armies and in the next one when she attacks the Lannister army she burns all the food and wine.........such mistakes in the writing was unacceptable for fans then, and HBO should have learnt from Season 7 and just hired new writers with FRESH ideas!
Sam Baker
Sam Baker Prije 13 sati
After 9 years of following this show, i'm really VERY SAD that Season 8 turned out so bad, i'm really sad, this show Game of Thrones had such huge potential maybe could have gone to up to Season 15.......what happened HBO?
Christopher D
Christopher D Prije 13 sati
I remember being so hyped for S8 now :( What a fking dissapointment
Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory Prije 14 sati
Fans : This season gonna be the best ever D&D : *hold my script*
kdr igle
kdr igle Prije 14 sati
In India there are lot of people who love Game of Thrones please release it on Hindi language
kdr igle
kdr igle Prije 14 sati
Big fan please sir release Game of Thrones in Hindi language
kdr igle
kdr igle Prije 14 sati
I am from India and I love Game of Thrones please update Game of Thrones all seasons in Hindi language
kdr igle
kdr igle Prije 14 sati
Please update Game of Thrones season 4 Hindi language
Kathir Magaesh
Kathir Magaesh Prije 15 sati
Worst season ever
FXJ RALTE Prije 16 sati
I was so hyped up for the golden company But yeah..
Rishi Rusia
Rishi Rusia Prije 17 sati
"they are coming" 3 episodes "They are gone"
Igor A
Igor A Prije 17 sati
Very disappointing bad work
Rudy Simmons
Rudy Simmons Prije 17 sati
Sorry, don't think it was funny. The possible humor of the commercial was way overshadowed by the grotesque images.
sabbir ahmed
sabbir ahmed Prije 18 sati
THE.BIGGEST.DISAPPOINTMENT.EVER.D&D(Dumb&Dumber) fuckd the whole season up.they should have taken some tips for writing from GRR martin.cinematography and all other stuffs are spectacular but the writing fuckd it up completely...
salg Prije 19 sati
Based on the trailer you'd think the long night would of had a bigger roll to play in the season.
K Anderson
K Anderson Prije 19 sati
Where’s the video montage that played right before season 8?
Dylan Cole
Dylan Cole Prije 19 sati
I know they were hyping up the long night with this, buuuut at least they hinted at Tyrion trying to convince Cersei to surrender and the execution of Varys
osman celik
osman celik Prije 19 sati
This is not a trailer for a season but just for episode 2 LOL
Rico stor
Rico stor Prije 22 sati
season 8...very disappointing...
ROBZTA M Prije 22 sati
After reading the comment section & a couple of bad reviews about season 8 I think I might just skip it & keep my memories of the once great series intact.
mattias mizznoin
mattias mizznoin Prije 23 sati
amazing season man
bubble buu
bubble buu Prije dan
this season is totally trash. only show the ending but don't give fuck about the way. you can just give a line of words tell me what's going on and save your money for doing this trash.
Arturo Flores Ramirez
juego de tronos ,bueno las palabras se quedan cortas esta serie ya es una leyenda una historia grandiosa ,todas las demás series se quedan muy pequeñas ante juego de tronos es un gran regalo para esta generación, ojala la ultima escena del ultimo capitulo sea un prologo para una secuela en el universo de juego de tronos ,ojala no pongan fin ,mejor un nos veremos.
drake128 Prije dan
Back when you thought all the leaks were horribly written fan theories...
mattias mizznoin
mattias mizznoin Prije 23 sati
+Tyler Hansen literally the most revered show of all time
Tyler Hansen
Tyler Hansen Prije dan
No one thought that. GoT was never good
Vim Ware2
Vim Ware2 Prije dan
As exciting at it may be to have Jon's history revealed, it may also interest some of you guys to find out the true history of Jesus through Erol' hilarious comedy -
OZ Prod
OZ Prod Prije dan
1:28 the death scene of varys 💔💔
Biswajit Naskar
Biswajit Naskar Prije dan
I still watch the trailer and pretend that i have not seen the season....that feels so good!!
ns Prije dan
Twists in this show have been abused beyond reason lately!! The writers seem to have gone mad too!!
Nobody Important
Remember the optimism we had seeing the two year wait coming to an end when this trailer released?
LuNAtIc PsYchO
LuNAtIc PsYchO Prije dan
D&D fucking morons ruined the whole show all my wait is for nothing....kill the main antagonist with a valyrian steel just swapping the hands...fucking lunatic nincompoops....bitch writers they had done shit in every episode..
Hirnlego999 Prije dan
Almost everything is perfect but not the writing. And yes, ep3 was too dark. You'd expect lots torches burning as they could be used as secondary weapons and of course you need to see the enemy.
Drooppz Prije dan
the show ended after the battle of winterfell
Stannis the Mannis
Shame how it all turned out
when you lagg and die and your enemy cals you noob
Why is tis in Scp illustrated sason 3 playlist
Sávio Myller Corrêa
Amo demais
V C Prije dan
Ironically, Bran (of all people) at the end there saying the last season would be good. Hah!
0:53 Jon Snow went Optimus Prime voice.
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh Prije dan
So basically this trailer focuses on how the last season is all about the fight between the dead and living and then the Night King dies is 3 seconds in episode 3 and Kings Landing falls without a fight in episode 5.
Kiri Curly
Kiri Curly Prije dan
Hey guys I just found out who will sit on the Throne!!! check this link out hahaha
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez Prije dan
Well, it was fun while it lasted.
Ubers Secret's
Ubers Secret's Prije dan
Abdullah Shamal
Abdullah Shamal Prije dan
So they show that this season is all about the fight with the dead? But it only took 1 episode and done with it. Such a false marketing.
Cloudy Prije dan
Vicente Sánchez
Mateus Tutoriais
Денис Куренков
Playing chess, the Queen will now always be Cersei in my head....
Анастасия Зайцева
Guys, who know song on 1:10?
20 Subscribers pls
20 Subscribers pls Prije 2 dana
Moment of silence for everyone’s expectations
Cloudy Prije dan
Who else is here to spit on this trailer after how bad this season has been?
Bia Travessa
Bia Travessa Prije 2 dana
Hey, let Screenprism show their video essay! Free (good) publicity!
Adam Macdonald
Adam Macdonald Prije 2 dana
Dear game of thrones, I love the show and having waited so long for the final season to enter air I am very disappointed to the way it ended! It seems to be rushed and like you as presenters stopped caring. I want I real Final finale please! X
Cloudy Prije dan
Adam Macdonald
Adam Macdonald Prije 2 dana
End with a bang!! not what we expected, it took you guys so long to fail the public of the most watched show on tv
Antdestroyer Prije 2 dana
So disappointing
gG LOBAL Prije 2 dana
Педики сраные! Был бы я Дейнерис, сжег бы этих сценаристов сраных и этих двух братьев пидарасов заживо за такую отвратительную работу над 8 сезоном!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John von Shepard
John von Shepard Prije 2 dana
The night come, then he left.
Канал без названия
Блин почему все по не русски пишут есть кто из России?
Jack Robins
Jack Robins Prije 2 dana
The pain when we see certain characters. Just in case of SPOILERS.
DRACARYS FIRE Prije 2 dana
Cloudy Prije dan
Um Kamps
Um Kamps Prije 2 dana
One of the best seasons so far !!
FreeFire fails
FreeFire fails Prije dan
+Jack Wu ehm no this season was good
Sumanta Chakraborty
+Jack Wu agree
Jack Wu
Jack Wu Prije 2 dana
one of the worst season ever due to bad writing, anyone who has followed this show for 9 years will tell you the same thing!
Noland Ryan
Noland Ryan Prije 2 dana
We knew nothing, Jon Snow
Deadshot 2.0
Deadshot 2.0 Prije 2 dana
When the trailer includes clips of only the first half of the season. (With the exception of Tyrion)
Tom Purchase
Tom Purchase Prije 2 dana
I hope bronn kills tyrion and tells him he is the last surviving member of house reyne that would be awesome.
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen Prije 2 dana
Fuck D&D
RS Music
RS Music Prije 2 dana
.......and it sucked balls.
marko j
marko j Prije 2 dana
this trailer is better than the whole season so far
Aiman Mohammed
Aiman Mohammed Prije 2 dana
have we seen 1:06 in this season yet? If not does that mean Cersie isnt dead?
Aiman Mohammed
Aiman Mohammed Prije 2 dana
+Titouan Delpech oh, ok.
Titouan Delpech
Titouan Delpech Prije 2 dana
Yes, it was in episode 1
Daniel M
Daniel M Prije 2 dana
Sign this GOT petition to remake S08!
Nico Targaryen
Nico Targaryen Prije 2 dana
Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers. #petition Link:
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