Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

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Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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12. Ruj 2020.



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Komentari 100
Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy Prije 15 dana
"You still have more, matpat."
LT_ sweatytoes
LT_ sweatytoes Prije 5 dana!😭😭😭😭
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Prije 8 dana
hey imagine william commemting here
Proftyion / [Ionrenaline]
That New Trailer tho.
i blog 9393i ow my handi38rjrh Nevarez
Well mat Theres more in the future
Shadow Freddy
Shadow Freddy Prije 14 dana
brobotbrobot Prije 2 sati
Why does Andrew have the beginnings of a beard?
What about the trailer of fnaf sb
Decearing Apple
Decearing Apple Prije 3 sati
I now see stichwraith in my nightmares.
Soup Prije 3 sati
Jesus christ how many more videos will he make about fnaf?
Naomi Rice
Naomi Rice Prije 3 sati
FINALLY! Maybe Gachatubers will stop making shadow freddy the crying child!
Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragon Prije 5 sati
The theory of there being more than one person in golden Freddy is confirmed in UCN. Listen to nightmare fredbears voice in his lines
Pastel Pink :3
Pastel Pink :3 Prije 6 sati
This ep: We did it! Next one: So... You guys remember last ep right? Well....
jakegif 10
jakegif 10 Prije 6 sati
I know who killed Henry it wasn’t endo skeleton it was”””
mizcs Prije 7 sati
it also makes sense with Golden freddy attacking Michael, since he looks like william, Cassidy sees him as that, and with his brother wanting to find him, cassidy sees him and wants to attack
Kris Gacha
Kris Gacha Prije 7 sati
Wait, wait I have a theory So you must've heard about the Security Breach hype going on especially about the trailer right? Well if you watched the trailer you hear someone named Georgie running away from Vanny, now what if, WHAT IF Georgie was....the crying child! That's a loose connection but what if the crying child is still alive- No that just seems like a bad theory I am sorry...
Melodi Rosen
Melodi Rosen Prije 7 sati
I know you probably won’t see this matpat, but i have something that might be important to the ballora story. In help wanted, the same thing happens with Glitchtrap when you collect the cassette tapes. We know that once all have been completed you are allowed to enter the final mini game, and in the end are captured and taken over by glitchtrap. This connection is eerily similar to what happens in the book story. This might be wrong, but i thought it was interesting :) have a lovely day matpat!
Yt Swaves
Yt Swaves Prije 7 sati
Orion Nebula The Last
Hey MatPat, here's a question for you: What if FNAF4 was to be played first? As in: what if the whole game series is supposed to be played this way *look below* FNAF 4, 1, 2, 3, Sister Location, 1, 5, 6 AND THEN 7
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin Prije 8 sati
: Im scared
Princess Spook123
Princess Spook123 Prije 9 sati
If the Bite Victim is talking to Michael Afton saying "IT'S ME", why is he killing his older Brother in FNAF 1?
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 9 sati
it was interesting that maybe you could have solved Golden Freddy a while ago. Not judging just making a statement. Love the series though. Can't wait to see more.
redstone ninja
redstone ninja Prije 9 sati
Chris afton is trying to protect stichwrath from people who would hurt it but is using to much power
redstone ninja
redstone ninja Prije 9 sati
Read my previous comment
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
No? Chris isnt even a real name for the bite victim in Fnaf 4 And the ones who possessed the stitchwraith are called jake and andrew
redstone ninja
redstone ninja Prije 9 sati
Also mattpat people call the crying child chris afton younger brother of red head Elizabeth afton and Michael afton aka eggs Benedict
redstone ninja
redstone ninja Prije 10 sati
But you did this 5 years ago
Chiroo Prije 10 sati
Andrew : Korega..... REQUIEM Da.
Lien Smith
Lien Smith Prije 10 sati
Me trying to watch this at 11:40 😰
Asianeyes007 Prije 11 sati
So basically, Golden Freddy is just a vessel for spirits just like every other animatronic in the series
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
Technically golden freddy is already a ghost unlike the other ones
Kids Cowley
Kids Cowley Prije 11 sati
hey i got a littel theory i dont have full evadence but i kinda think that baby is pigpatch
MemesByMe !
MemesByMe ! Prije 11 sati
Golden freddy in a nutshell: He attacc He protecc But mostly he want his life bacc .-. Idk if this was already committed....
Gir Sir
Gir Sir Prije 12 sati
The 7th book is "the cliffs"
Da Destroyer
Da Destroyer Prije 12 sati
There's another fnaf out game theory
Steven Dunagan
Steven Dunagan Prije 12 sati
Andrew is in the happiest day minigame
Henry Mohan
Henry Mohan Prije 13 sati
Henry Mohan
Henry Mohan Prije 13 sati
Henry Mohan
Henry Mohan Prije 13 sati
Wait dude is there any proof if afton played to die omg the spring bonnie?
Titansandeater Prije 13 sati
Quick question? If in ultimate custom night we are William afton then how is springtrap there?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
Because that springtrap is a recreation of the vengeful spirit
Titansandeater Prije 10 sati
@Scott Cotton did you see the theory where Matt part thought that the game was a entire dream? That their supports my idea there can’t be two of the main characters?
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Prije 11 sati
Titansandeater Fighting yourself is one of the most common tropes in fiction. It most definitely does make sense.
Titansandeater Prije 12 sati
Scott Cotton but thats different William afton is one of the main characters of the timeline and it makes no sense for afton and the springlock suit he was killed in to be there
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Prije 12 sati
The same way bonnie and withered bonnie are there
Isaiah tube163
Isaiah tube163 Prije 13 sati
when the new book and game come out : WHY SCOTT WHY!?!?!?!?
kämîlå Rîvërå
kämîlå Rîvërå Prije 13 sati
If you go to Scott's website, there will be a picture of Vanny, then tap and click page source, it shows a conversation between 2 people
Yeetgod405 Prije 13 sati
just had a thought. what if the old man consequences Easter egg in UCN (the one where you drown yourself) was of one of the spirits in Golden Freddy moving on to the after life (namely the crying child) and the one who stayed behind to torment William is Cassidy (i don't know i probably sound stupid)
CookieD Prije 13 sati
Theres a random question about fnaf 3 that ive always wanted answered and im super curious about it. Ok so whenever you unlock the happiest day minigame and start walking to the main table with the core 6 spirits, you pass some other tables with a combined 6 other souls sitting there. I really want to know who they are, ive suspected that they were the mediocre melodies but there are a few discrepancies with it, like some of the masks dont line up, and it wouldnt make sense because the mediocre melodies were made of remnant from ennard, ive also heard that they were the glamrock animatronics but that doesnt line up at all. So any ideas?
Caaldech Prije 13 sati
And I though Five nights at Freddie’s was just a game
StormyStar Prije 13 sati
Who else saw a video of someone brightening the grave ending? Taking from that, I think it was a hint to fnaf vr
mitspuk Prije 14 sati
so uh.. planning on reading that springtrap x oc mpreg _thing_ scott wrote?
Wiseman108 Prije 14 sati
NotARacoom Prije 14 sati
Ok. But you completely ignored a huge flaw that basically collapses the logbook section. If cassidy is talking to Mike's brother, why would Mike draw a picture of nightmare fredbear? He would have no clue. But since it's a flaw you completely gloss over it.
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton Prije 12 sati
It isn’t a flaw. Michael had the nightmares
william solis
william solis Prije 14 sati
Matpat nervously looking in his notes for Gregory
Austin Thibodeaux
Austin Thibodeaux Prije 14 sati
Dear Mr. Matpat,(THIS IS A LORE RELATED QUESTION) I’m sadly using my school account but I hope you read this comment still and hopefully answer, I have question about the series. For a long time now I think you overlooked a small detail or maybe it has no importance at all that has had my attention from day one when I read it. In the book “THE SILVER EYES” there is a small subplot where Jason finds a strange picture in the restaurant, a child’s drawing and in this small subplot he noticed the picture changed and if you want to look back abit in the book but the more significant part of this subplot is in pages 179-184. Where Jason gets all the drawings and has a vision I think or lives through a memory of one of the dead children and watches Springtrap take Sammy. That moment has always confused me and aggravated me because Jason doesn’t tell anyone about it so it is not fleshed out further and it I have been watching these FNAF videos you make since the start and I have also waited since 2016 to see you point it out or anything so I worry that you missed it or that this one moment that has been stuck in my head was just a useless moment that has no importance. I recommend you at least read the pages I mentioned cause I really want to know your thoughts. And I’m sorry if this is just asking for time you don’t have, I’m sure you have a ton of work to do for the rest of the lore and next vids to look back on such old news and minuscule details like this. I hope this is seen by you so I could maybe get some ease. From: a nerdy fan, Shade(basically my real online persona)
Tonster Prije 14 sati
Isn’t this the 20th time he’s said “solved”?
Shainah Younus
Shainah Younus Prije 14 sati
If I cant have all the games I will have all the books So far I have the first of the trilogy and all the fazbear frights :D
Joy Catenza
Joy Catenza Prije 14 sati
Who thinks micheal is purple guy?
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
Nobody Michael is purple in the minigames because of remnant
rainbow tnt
rainbow tnt Prije 15 sati
I thought there was a jumpscare in the intro
Rhys Denstedt
Rhys Denstedt Prije 16 sati
I found out mangels gender! In ultimate costume night there’s a preset called ladies night and mange’s in it!
Zethen Sain
Zethen Sain Prije 16 sati
i know who glitchtrap really is
Null_Phoenix Prije 17 sati
Matt, there is actually going to be 9 books, just check the fnaf gamepedia. U might think it is inaccurate but is actually quite the opposite.
I_Am_ RANDOM Prije 17 sati
MatPat:WE SOLVED FNAF! *fnaf 4 comes out* MatPat:NOW WE SOVLED FNAF *fnaf sister location comes out* Matpat:OTHER THAN ALMOST EVERYTHING WE SOLVED FNAF *fnaf 6 comes out* Matpat: WHY!!!!!!!!
Axton Vaughn
Axton Vaughn Prije 17 sati
i ject it in wiki
Sirlei Gonçalves Francisco
No, Circus Baby is Elizabeth, William's daughter, the Wiki is not canon and not official
Axton Vaughn
Axton Vaughn Prije 17 sati
curcist baby is aftons wife matpat
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
No dummy circus baby is possessed by william daughter Elizabeth
ranged fighter
ranged fighter Prije 17 sati
Garbage content
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
@ranged fighter Fnaf didnt even die yet lol
ranged fighter
ranged fighter Prije 15 sati
Why is he still making five nights at Freddie's content. Lol he's just beating a dead horse lol
Sirlei Gonçalves Francisco
And why?
Ray of Sunshine
Ray of Sunshine Prije 18 sati
I literally saw the title and said "we've heard that one before" 😭
kdog exe
kdog exe Prije 18 sati
Two box?..
zendos the animator
zendos the animator Prije 18 sati
Please russian sub
whenanimalsderpout thederpking
The sun man from security breach trailer is the stitchrwraith
Maddi Kersteter
Maddi Kersteter Prije 19 sati
so we gonna talk about in the flesh or not...?
Chungus Plays
Chungus Plays Prije 19 sati
I have been watching u since FNaF 1 the channels massive now I’m currently eleven almost twelve and u were my child hood anyway I love that FNaF started u also keep going u should have more than 1 billion subs
Burt Curtis
Burt Curtis Prije 14 sati
@Umber Gill Stuff like names aren't a good idea to make public and people's location but age is fine
Umber Gill
Umber Gill Prije 14 sati
@Burt Curtis I don't care that they are 12, my problem is with the exposition of private info to the world.
Burt Curtis
Burt Curtis Prije 16 sati
@Umber Gill There is literally nothing wrong with that, so what if they are 12? There are millions of people who's age is 12
Umber Gill
Umber Gill Prije 18 sati
You shouldn't be putting your age out on the internet
Golden Pig
Golden Pig Prije 19 sati
I FORGOT but I feel like 1993 would be an important date considering that the same year in real life a killing happened in a "Chucky cheese"
denasdumbass Prije 19 sati
been a couple years since i’ve been in the fnaf lore loop.. who are half of these people?!
BigMan Dan
BigMan Dan Prije 19 sati
Hey mat do you think that’s why the shadow Freddy exists because the shadow Freddy is the bite victim maybe shadow Freddy resembles the dark past of golden Freddy or they found out how to leave the suit
Wolf Animations
Wolf Animations Prije 20 sati
I kinda have a Theory what if its the crying child’s agony that is keeping will alive
Cody Stallings
Cody Stallings Prije 20 sati
Also heres some mangle stuff too
Minh Châu
Minh Châu Prije 21 sat
swamp thing
blah blah
blah blah Prije 21 sat
sir i am begging u to address the springtrap mpreg w the character that hold yr name
gaming with the mac
gaming with the mac Prije 21 sat
My question is does crying child want to hurt his father William afton because Cassidy is trying to torture William in custom night
Bella Lawson
Bella Lawson Prije 21 sat
THERES ANOTHER GAME COMING LOOK UP THE TRAILER ITS CALLED: “five nights at freddy’s, security breach”
Freya M
Freya M Prije 22 sati
Alligator mask. This could be just a small irrelevant detail but there's an animatronic in the new Security Breach game based off an alligator. Maybe a link?
John Terry
John Terry Prije 23 sati
If you take off spit spring Bonnie's suits you're actually she old man consequences
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije 23 sati
he attac he protec most importantly he always comes bac
John Bravo
John Bravo Prije dan
It’s funny how the series s called five nights at FREDDY’s but it focuses on other characters then the name in the title
a guy
a guy Prije dan
Stop making ur theories creepy (⊙_◎)
AlerMath55 Prije dan
One particular question tho If Willian Afton is the one starting all of this then... Why isn't no one talking about WHY he started the killing spree? I mean... Mat you already deducted that someone in this Universe (The Main owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza) hired a particular developer ( The Rogue DV) to HIDE the current reputation of the franchise. If that's the case then...Why above all of the characters ( Henry, Afton, etc) Why is the Owner doing it now and not when this all happened? And for the current stages of FNAF right now is that the owner itself is continuing this franchise even with its current reputation. Correct me if I'm the wrong one here MatPat but... If William is the murderer and Henry is his old friend Even if William was normal and turned evil for some reason...Why didn't Henry tried to stop him right? he did stop him yes...But it was too late WHY so late. Both of them were driven into madness because of the restaurant itself This specific restaurant is the ONE THING that made both of them turn mad at each other Henry being the mad genius to create futuristic animatronic to replace gaps of his sadness and anger of his mistakes and lost William being the person following Henry's ways of creation. We were missing and almost ignored that one missing thing Mat The one that made the Diner itself The Freddy Family Dinner Freddy's Fazbears Pizza And Fazbears Fright If the owner was self-aware about what was happening in his establishment well... Why even bother keeping it open? What is his/her purpose to keep this Franchise in particular up and running? And why HIDE the bad reputation and bad people that have been in the restaurant itself? This is a slice of the question I have for you Mat I wanna ask why is it being continued even based with its current history And with that...Why is the restaurant weirdly looking for more attention
Pro StarPlayer
Pro StarPlayer Prije dan
But wait how did Andrew connect to golden Freddy if he is in stitch wraith
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
Andrew exists only in fazbear frights which is a different universe
Hybo Productions!
Matpat: Hufff......Pufff.....sol-solved it......Scott: Uhh.....Actually no. Fnaf security breach is coming soo- Matpat: F*** You scott!!!
Your Best Friend Spinel
If this is true then that could also mean that old man consequences could also be the second soul in Golden Freddy. Just hear me out, the second soul being more rational is trying to get the vengeful spirit to move on as them bonding with each other while sharing a suit. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk 😘
Automatic Bomb 2
Automatic Bomb 2 Prije 9 sati
Someone on the Fnaf subreddit thought old man consquences is a egyptian god not a spirit
I am Springtrap
I am Springtrap Prije dan
I actually had the theory that two souls possessed Golden Freddy long before it was confirmed. As he had no endoskeleton, in the first game, how was he moving around? Teleportation. How? Multiple souls would be needed for that kind of energy
Baguetti Spaghetti
Matpat: And another theory done I’m so close to finishing this timeline Scott: *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*
The PuyoPuyo Show
I hope he does a video on the Chica story from Step Closer
Mamamew TheRani
Mamamew TheRani Prije dan
I just realised... you can’t die from overheating in UCN because you are playing as William Afton... he always comes back, no matter how many times he burns.
Creative Name101
Hey matpat! I just realized something! So you know the silver eyes book? Well theres a graphic novel. Cool right? So i have that graphic novel. Nothin special. BUT in the beginning of the book, a girl named Charlie goes to her fathers old house. She goes to her room and she has 3 toys, Theodore the bonnie plush that used to have the ability to talk and strangely said "l...ove...Y... Lie.." that can probably be made out to "Love You, Charlie" or there might be possiblity of Theodore saying something different but only a possibility so it might not be different, Stanly, a spooky looking unicorn, and one special little 'doll' that holds a tray of snacks and comes out a closet, Ella. But its strange that she has three closest one bigger than the other, though they never get mentioned, Though! About Ella, We now know that Charlie has the Ella doll that scientist wanted! Though these toys are only mentioned in the beginning of the story, But thats just a THEORY, a GAME THEORY!!
Gage Crowley
Gage Crowley Prije dan
In "bunny call," the first story, I made several connections between bob's family and the afton family
Michael Rohde
Michael Rohde Prije dan
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. These lessons of virtue apply to those that turn a blind eye to evil acts. There isn't a bigger example of this than phone guy.
Kristi kNIGHT
Kristi kNIGHT Prije dan
Scott: kids die ok? Mat pat: why?
CrystxlzX Prije dan
Cassidy: Can't move because no endoskeleton Employee: Puts endoskeleton in Golden freddy Cassidy: Cassidy swiggity swooty coming for that purple booty
Kat_kit Prije dan
I have a theory what if cassidy is not the one keeping him alive but instead want's to give him a permanent heck but the crying child is keeping his dad alive
Fox Prije dan
Well.... Here go again... : )
Eli B.
Eli B. Prije dan
what about the shadows
Breakout_ Gaming
Did he- Did he just- Did he just squeeze a meme into the video in the middle of nowhere?
Sid McLeod
Sid McLeod Prije dan
Ok mat pat let me ask you this WHO IS THe SPIRIT OF GOLDEN FREDDY who Cassidy or blondie boy now it’s swirly hair what’s next a blue frog ???
These Vibes
These Vibes Prije dan
i just binge-watched every single one of matpat's fnaf theories this legit took me 12 hours btw MATPAT UR THEORIES ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The_AFK_Player Prije dan
MatPat: "I SOLVED IT!" Scott Cawthon: *Finding more ways to make matpat stay up at night to try to salve more theory's* Everyone: "Oh S*** here we go again..."
The_AFK_Player Prije dan
*solve* (--sorry autocorrect)
Tek West
Tek West Prije dan
It feels like everything is coming full circle. Basically the first theory is now back. The very first one.
Absolut andi
Absolut andi Prije dan
Hey I watched some analysis videos of the security breach trailer and no one mentioned that you can see vannys shadow in this storage like room, just wanted to mention that. Also Sorry if there are mistakes in this sentence I'm German.
{ Vampire Cherri }
ha imagine if i watched this with my mom, "AY SOPSOP NASAN KA YUNG KANIN IS COLD NA, AK PA " for you philipinos uhh leave a translation
//DaGa merKev\\
//DaGa merKev\\ Prije dan
Matpat: i finally figured out fnaf more me: meh u may figured out golden freddy but i have more
Hannah Child
Hannah Child Prije dan
Matpat: "I finally solved the m-" Security breach: "Who's gonna tell him......."
Eunice Boadu
Eunice Boadu Prije dan
Theory: There’s this song that kinda relates to afton but it doesn’t ‘can you tell me who i am can you tell where I go I forgotten how to speak I’ve forgotten if I can if ‘ I thought if this isn’t afton then this is Cassidy and c.c and maybe why their talking through the book is because they can’t talk to each other normally