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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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10. Lip 2019.

Getting to know youleleponsleleponsgettingtoknowyoujeffwittekjeffwittekrudymancusonetflixshotsshotsstudioswill you go to prom with mebest girl friendare we having a boy or girlamigos 4



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Komentari 5 363
Lele Pons
Lele Pons Prije 15 dana
Thanks for watching! Watch more stories from our future here
unicorn world
unicorn world Prije 3 sati
Ava 123
Ava 123 Prije 19 sati
Happy early b-day lele
Audrey French
Audrey French Prije dan
Hey lele I wanted to wish you a good and happy early birthday tomorrow I think its ur birthday but I wanted to say happy early birthday and ur one of my favorite youtubers happy b day
Miyah Lewis
Miyah Lewis Prije dan
I love you lele pons i dream so many times to see you
Johan Manuel Vargas
Mi børsten is to 25 jun
Sofia Ramirez
Sofia Ramirez Prije 21 minute
Happy birthday lele pons
Alyssa Jordan
Alyssa Jordan Prije sat
Happy birthday
Erik Landaverde
Erik Landaverde Prije sat
At the start I was like aye yo I’m watching ready player one
Giselle Cordova
Giselle Cordova Prije sat
Happy Birthday Lele I love you ❤️
Itzurgirl Bella
Itzurgirl Bella Prije sat
Easy and Peasy
Easy and Peasy Prije sat
Hola. Soy venezolana y tengo un canal de HRvid. Estoy tratando de abrirme campo en un medio tan dificil. Me gustaría que pudieras tomarte un tiempito y lo visitaras y me dieras tu opinión. Espero puedas. Gracias.
Areli Zavala
Areli Zavala Prije sat
Happy birthday lele i hope you have the nice birthday ever
Gacha Duckyys
Gacha Duckyys Prije sat
Brianna Lopez
Brianna Lopez Prije 2 sati
Happy birthday
Nola Aindemikal
Nola Aindemikal Prije 3 sati
Happy Birthday Lele!
Edsy SummerGirl
Edsy SummerGirl Prije 3 sati
Happy birthday lele
Faithanne Rukavina
Faithanne Rukavina Prije 3 sati
Please make more like this!!!!
lol-its safae playez/I make gatcha _RoBlox and more
I Love the story but the thing is HE ALREADY HAS A WIFE??!
iram78647 Prije 3 sati
Is it your bday?
LifeWithLonna periodt
bruh did she poison his coffee
Isabelle Gotcha life/Roblox/fun
Happy b day it’s 2 weeks from now btw today is June 25! Have a amazing day
Midnight_starz Is me
It’s JEFF. 😂
Kids Mode
Kids Mode Prije 4 sati
hi lele pons i am your fan and i LOVE YOU SSOOOOO MUCH!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍YOUR BINTEOS ARE NICE NICE NICE I LOVE YOU
The 3 Musketeers
The 3 Musketeers Prije 4 sati
That was so cool
Destiny Williams
Destiny Williams Prije 4 sati
Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈
María Castaño Guillén
Hola Lele , hoy es tu cumple y el mio y por eso te felicito. Saludame por favor
Yasmin Santoyo
Yasmin Santoyo Prije 4 sati
Happy birthday 🎂 lele
rose blackpink
rose blackpink Prije 5 sati
Feliz cumple lele
tako s vlog
tako s vlog Prije 5 sati
lele happy birthsday to you i love u (25jun)
julia the ugly turd
julia the ugly turd Prije 5 sati
Happy birthday lele
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez Prije 5 sati
Great video also HAPPY BIRTHDAY you are the best I am so glad I see your videos
Marcela Cerbin
Marcela Cerbin Prije 5 sati
lil flex
lil flex Prije 5 sati
Lele You rock plus I love you
Caitlyn Moore
Caitlyn Moore Prije 6 sati
Hi lele, I just wanted to say to u..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!🎉🎈🎁🎂
Amina Osman
Amina Osman Prije 6 sati
Happy birthday 🎁
sin Fleur De Paris
sin Fleur De Paris Prije 6 sati
Happy birthday Lele
Emma Beganovic
Emma Beganovic Prije 6 sati
Happy birthday! June 25th 1996
MartaX :3
MartaX :3 Prije 6 sati
Happy 23 Birthday, Lele! 2019-06-25
lovetee Kollie
lovetee Kollie Prije 6 sati
I'm scared...especially when the doctor put like a needle on in your creepy..
Ella Ranger
Ella Ranger Prije 7 sati
Today's the 25th and I'm only just seeing this video but happy birthday 🥳
Kylie _b14
Kylie _b14 Prije 7 sati
Happy Birthday Lele!!!
Smilestarrocks Prije 7 sati
That was kinda creepy tbh
gemma pianesi
gemma pianesi Prije 8 sati
Faith Taylor
Faith Taylor Prije 8 sati
Happy birthday lele x
Atlantic Energy
Atlantic Energy Prije 8 sati
Hey would anyone be interested in buying AI equipment?
Atlantic Energy
Atlantic Energy Prije 8 sati
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Ibis Castro
Ibis Castro Prije 9 sati
Te amo elle con mi corazón y Dayliy
Frendees Friends
Frendees Friends Prije 9 sati
Happy bday lele I luv u
Karla Charles
Karla Charles Prije 9 sati
This would amazing no lye 😁
Emily Hedgeland
Emily Hedgeland Prije 9 sati
Happy birthday
Multicolredflamingo 22
I love this
Stole Panevski
Stole Panevski Prije 9 sati
happy birthday Lele
Francesca Fiorenza
Francesca Fiorenza Prije 10 sati
Hey lele now it's your b-day haaaaappy birthday lele i love you so much ❤❤❤♥♥♥😘😘😘😘💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💙💚💛❤💜💗💓💞💕💖💘💝🖤
Kids Mode
Kids Mode Prije 10 sati
Hi lele pons I am fan you I love your video and today is your BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU
Health Adviser
Health Adviser Prije 10 sati
Happy birthday ....😊
Xenia rapti
Xenia rapti Prije 11 sati
Happy birthday tou you lele pons
Connie Blue
Connie Blue Prije 11 sati
Don’t h8 me
Don’t h8 me Prije 11 sati
Happy birthday Lele Pons
alondra mulero
alondra mulero Prije 11 sati
Happy Birthday Lele!!! Love uuu 💜💜💜💜
Victor Ahadi
Victor Ahadi Prije 11 sati
Zuzanna W
Zuzanna W Prije 12 sati
Hi lele It's the 25th of June so ... happy birthday!!! Hope u have a great day!! 🎉🎀🎁🎂🎈🎆🎇🎊
Monalisa Abigail
Monalisa Abigail Prije 14 sati
Happy birthday to lele pons wishing you a very happy bday ♥❤♥❤♥❤♥❤♥♥❤
aubrey the goat
aubrey the goat Prije 14 sati
On Lele tik tok I saw twan and her get married and she was prego
vorace Gamer004
vorace Gamer004 Prije 15 sati
Nice video
Deepa Salian
Deepa Salian Prije 15 sati
Happy birthday Lele 🎂🍰🎂🍰
Nadine Hernandez
Nadine Hernandez Prije 15 sati
Happy B- day! :) I am I huge fan. I will watch almost every video like 20 times :p 23! Love you Lele
Fay c
Fay c Prije 15 sati
I love this ❤️
FEL gaming
FEL gaming Prije 15 sati
Happy birth day lele pons
alan muouop!sfgbbjhrertghu
HAPPY BIRTHDAY lele i love you and your funny skits they are the best ever i hope you have the best birthday
Nina Dobrevska
Nina Dobrevska Prije 16 sati
I love you Lele👑🙋💙💚💛💜💕💓💟💞💖💗🌈🌼🌸🌺🌹🌷🌍
Nina Dobrevska
Nina Dobrevska Prije 16 sati
Happy birthday Lele 👑🎀🎁🎆🎈🎂🎇🎉🎊
maaya asad
maaya asad Prije 17 sati
Happy berth day my love ❤❤💖💖💜💜👄👄 love you so much
Addison Mitchell
Addison Mitchell Prije 17 sati
Happy late birthday i just seen this vid
Pretty Anna
Pretty Anna Prije 17 sati
That was really amazing😍
abby holloway
abby holloway Prije 17 sati
I’m kinda scared tbh
NTB - 2025
NTB - 2025 Prije 17 sati
Happy Birthday LELE!!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
abby holloway
abby holloway Prije 17 sati
Jeff is so hot.
Aranza Irigoyen Mendoza
Happy birthday lele
rachel benway
rachel benway Prije 18 sati
Happy birthday Lele love you
Aysia Braganza
Aysia Braganza Prije 18 sati
Eric McHenry
Eric McHenry Prije 18 sati
Happy Birthday Lele. I pray that whatever you do on this day your birthday that it is filled with love, laughter, music, family and friends. I hope that someday we meet and become the really good friends in life.
Kitty Kira
Kitty Kira Prije 19 sati
Happy Birthday lele
Ava 123
Ava 123 Prije 19 sati
Happy early b-day
Malena Garcia
Malena Garcia Prije 20 sati
Te. Amoo lele
GoDz_EcK0 Prije 20 sati
Que mamada
katie hofstetter
katie hofstetter Prije 20 sati
So good!
Jak-Kao Prije 21 sat
Keila Marroquin
Keila Marroquin Prije 21 sat
I think she is pergo
Olivia B
Olivia B Prije 22 sati
This is so cool and creative so fun to watch
michalina SORDYL
michalina SORDYL Prije 22 sati
Did any body now lele and Twan are getting married if you think I'm lying I'm not go look on tik toc the first video it's them getting them to be married
Noah Lebrun
Noah Lebrun Prije 22 sati
i know this is a partnership but i definitely need more content like this from you !!
M Rengasamy
M Rengasamy Prije 22 sati
Happy birthday lele I made me smile when I felt worried. May God bless you
Matee . aanaa
Matee . aanaa Prije 23 sati
This looks like the movie “ Ready player one “ if u haven’t watch it go ahead and do it , this movie is good
Kayla’s World
Kayla’s World Prije 23 sati
I can not believe that your birthday is tomorrow
sea star
sea star Prije 23 sati
Is it bad to say that I wish Lele did more short film then sketches. Cause this was good. I just wish that was what she made most of the time. (I do like her comedy sketches though)
Sami Bloomfield
Sami Bloomfield Prije 23 sati
You should make another one of these
KN3 KB7 Prije dan
Happy birthday lele you're my idol ( english) Feliz cumpleaños lele eres mi idolo ( spanish) Joyeux anniversaire lele tu est mon idol ( french) عيد ميلاد سعيد ليلي انت مثلي الاعلى (arabic) One of your big fans from 🇩🇿❤🇻🇪
Alexis Alari
Alexis Alari Prije dan
I had a dream of you and it was the best dream i could ever have cause i really want to meet you guys
xiomara Gomez bhp ppgubñ
I love your vides so much
Kermit Frog YT
Kermit Frog YT Prije dan
I don’t get this stories from our future?
Jdiggzgaming Prije dan
Luna’s world
Luna’s world Prije dan
Happy early birthday and ps we have the same birthday
Polani Pedrus
Polani Pedrus Prije dan
Black mirror who?
Kris Harm
Kris Harm Prije dan
Are you actually pregnant bc on tik tik there is a guy who posted a video that you were pregnant
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