*GIANT* Nose Imposter Mod in Among Us

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We add a MEAN GIANT Nose Impostor in Among Us

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Mod by: @Lookumz

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24. Stu 2021.



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Tyler Sipress
The turkey mod. Everyone is a butcher , but the “imposter”is a turkey and he is trying to do his tasks and collect all of the different Thanksgiving foods so he can escape, the turkey can put down a oven wall, he can put down a cranberry sauce trap where the crew mates trip and are stunned for 10 seconds he can take their guns and he can kill them by dropping plates on their heads or smashing them with a spoon he can search little mini fridges around the map to find abilities like invisibility, speed boost or, a mini game in the mini game the crew mates have to escape a maze before the turkey finds them, the turkey can shake all of his feather which blinds all crew but the “crew mates” get different weapons they can choose from a fork which is like a shotgun, a knife which is a sniper, or a weight to weigh meat which is a mid range weapon,
Dog Water Gamer
Speaking of facial features, the eye mod would be perfect. The impostor is a giant eyeball, (obvioulsy) they can blink to become invisible, shoot lasers, get people stuck in eye boogers and use eyedrops to go faster. The Eye can also do a hide and seek minigame! I hope you like the suggestion. Like so Ssundee can see.
Stephen - Brawl Stars
Garry: “I’ve been practicing my whole life for this moment”
misuyy fong
It’s just always makes me laugh when he uploads
That guy scy guy.
I have an idea for a concept of mod: So how this works is the impostor's main way of killing crew mates is via mini games, but the crew mates only participate in the mini games if they are put it a cue. The cue does not mean they are stuck in a certain place but this is like some sort of one of those abilities where the impostor marks someone and a crew mate dies at the next meeting. One idea for an ability that an impostor uses to cue a crew mate for a circus or county fair themed mod would be "Smoke and mirrors" where you get stuck in a box of mirrors and smoke and someone has to save you by saying something like "follow the sound of my voice" in order to save them before something like 10 seconds. If you want to see this type of mod in play then please like, not because I want the support but because it will make it more likely to be seen. Thank you for reading through this entire comment if you did.
Natalie Gleespen
Dog mod : The imposter can bite and jump above the map.
Debo Gaming
Exodia mod. Gather the 5 pieces on the map.
Master Malandro
The beast mod. Everyone is a cheetah to start. As a cheetah everyone has a speed buff. To get more animals (bear and wolf) you have to complete a certain amount of your tasks to get the new morphs. The imposter has to get a certain amount of kills to get more morphs. For the crewmates: the cheetah gives a speed buff, a claw slash stun, and a spots confusion which just messes up the target’s controls. The bear is the second morph. As the tiger you get the claw slash stun, but you also get a smash that lets you smash through red x’s in the walls, and you can roar to go invisible. The final animal is the wolf. The wolf gets all of the previous abilities, a howl that summons wolf pack buddies that give you another life (the cool down for this is 100 seconds) and you can jump up and around the map. For the imposter: all these can be decided to kill or not when activated. Please make this a mod, I love animals and I would love if this was a mod in among us :)
Hey SSundee! Here's my idea for a mod! You could do a Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild mod. It could be similar to the league of legends mod, but instead of the league of legends's monsters/bosses, it could be BofW (Breath of the Wild) bosses like Calamity Ganon ( as the main boss) lynels, moldugas, ignus taluses, hinoxes, guardians, and any other monsters that seem fit. (If you don't know what any of these are, you can always go into videos or the internet and find out what they are)
ssundee i’m so glad you are doing well for yourself still. you were one of the biggest parts of my childhood and just hearing your voice again makes me feel alive again. i love you man
Pika Verse24
Imagine having a “Creepy VHS Tapes” Role in Among Us
OBunnyGirl Gaming
Grinch mod: Crewmates go around collecting presents and put them under a tree. The imposter can become the Grinch to steal presents, go invisible, and have special kills. The kills are candy cane (it will throw candy canes that will stab someone), give presents (drop a pile of presents of them, and light the candle (To include other traditions it would be lighting the blue candle, that I forgot what was called, and set someone on fire. A mini game would be decorating a tree with 10 ornaments and the last person to finish will die by having a tree fall on them
Lily Costello
Mod idea: The. Birthday Party Mod
Acacia de Verteuil
Gardener role
sami yemmi
It’s just always makes me laugh when he uploads
Hi! I love watching the among us vids and I figured out a good mod. A hunger games mod. I hope this becomes a mod. :)
Sibling Squad
The army mod: People have there own bases and stuff they can buy weapons and they get money from each kill they get. Each team has to try to bomb the other opponents base. There are responds until the base is destroyed by. ( I’m a fan )
RAPHAEL Prije 28 dana
Yaqin Johnson coit
SSundee always makes my mornings amazing he’s the best at entertaining people including me
Hunger Games Mod: It's Hunger Games in Among Us. All beans spawn around some loot, and there is loot that spawns around the map. There is a 5 minute grace period where you can't kill each other. After that grace period, it's every bean for themselves.
Super Humans in Real Life
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This is the COOLEST Art
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*OFFICIAL* DUMB Mod in Among Us
DUMB WAYS TO DIE Mod in Among us
*JOB SIMULATOR* Mod in Among Us