Girls Problems! Cool Outfit DIY And Fashion Hacks

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How To Get TRENDY With These Awesome DIY LIFE HACKS! Girls Problems In Real Life Part#3! Cool Summer Outfit DIY And Fashion Hack Ideas...
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Mr Degree presents super Funny videos! This video is created for entertainment purposes ...Thanks for watching, and subscribe today!
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11. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 1 391
Federico Carcarino
El video e stato copiato da 123 go
Alyciana Diaz
Alyciana Diaz Prije sat
Alison- Studio
Alison- Studio Prije 2 sati
Te trolleare toca MAS INFORMACION Mas informacion
Hania Tucker
Hania Tucker Prije 2 sati
Anyway they rnt rlly hacks
Hania Tucker
Hania Tucker Prije 2 sati
Such a ripp of with 5 minute crafts
Norbert D'souza
Norbert D'souza Prije 2 sati
😉😏🤓 never seen before ,AMAZING🚴🏾you have gone far 🎖
The ironing one u could have turn it into a watermelon buy coloring it the right way
Tiny Toast
Tiny Toast Prije 3 sati
0:07 and this is what you call a controlling boyfriend 😃
alexas little world
alexas little world Prije 3 sati
Did anyone know how she made this?
จีละนาด คมทิลาด
Wipawee_ 2549
Wipawee_ 2549 Prije 4 sati
cute 108
cute 108 Prije 4 sati
9:30 you can put and water
Martin Heredia
Martin Heredia Prije 4 sati
Clare Wessel
Clare Wessel Prije 4 sati
But why would a guy be turned off by a short dress?
Josefa Silva
Josefa Silva Prije 4 sati
bia gacha
bia gacha Prije 5 sati
5:10 da pra ver o sutã dela
Denise Badilla
Denise Badilla Prije 5 sati
El vídeo esta muy bueno pero la música esta horrible
Pam Cute
Pam Cute Prije 5 sati
5 minutos craft ya a echo eso q iso la chava con el suéter rojo
Brianna Kawaii
Brianna Kawaii Prije 5 sati
Manami Das
Manami Das Prije 5 sati
Valdemir Gonçalves
Valdemir Gonçalves Prije 6 sati
Love your video
cjj j
cjj j Prije 6 sati
Wtf thumbnail?
Valery Arroyo estanislado
Hablé en español porque yo soy peruana
Betty Carvajal
Betty Carvajal Prije 6 sati
Copiona de 123 go spanish q mal q copeen
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez Prije 6 sati
Mehboob Alam
Mehboob Alam Prije 6 sati
H i
H i Prije 7 sati
The first one you don't have any pants or a bra
Kassidy Cardenas
Kassidy Cardenas Prije 7 sati
Wasnt his shirt just burnt and now its not??
juan carlos
juan carlos Prije 7 sati
I love
Jorge Ybarra
Jorge Ybarra Prije 7 sati
Why everytime somthing happens to the girls the gyes are like eww
Jorge Ybarra
Jorge Ybarra Prije 6 sati
Right like im a girl and you have to have ugle faces
Le'Onicus Kimble
Le'Onicus Kimble Prije 8 sati
Y’all going home tomorrow night love you guys love 💗
Jorge Ybarra
Jorge Ybarra Prije 8 sati
These arent hacks
Nancy JuSo
Nancy JuSo Prije 8 sati
No se vale el video es la copia de ideas en 5 minutos son unos groseros ellos qué groseros
Flavia Huete Urvina
Flavia Huete Urvina Prije 8 sati
Nou much inglish
Flavia Huete Urvina
Flavia Huete Urvina Prije 8 sati
Woooou omg
Pauline Lowery
Pauline Lowery Prije 8 sati
Who sings the songs
Taylor Escoto
Taylor Escoto Prije 8 sati
You have a chance can get a student at least I have to go visit my parents and I will be there in the morning to see where the night takes are so I will get you the information you have on file for the weekend and we will be there for sure I will be there for the interview at noon so I can get it done before the end of this y torun I have to go visit her and see if she has come to my parents house in a few days I will be
nelly fuertes baldeon
you mi are hello daz suibuyt😡😆
Jazmin Garay
Jazmin Garay Prije 8 sati
Con la forma de la plancha le doy un 10 like si piensan lo mismo
Jazmin Garay
Jazmin Garay Prije 8 sati
Quedo re lindo como se ve la remera quemada
Isabella Bustos
Isabella Bustos Prije 9 sati
sonitaaa 2008
sonitaaa 2008 Prije 9 sati
Es como un poco machista yo creo
nahuelly pamela Vaz
nahuelly pamela Vaz Prije 9 sati
Asly Benitez
Asly Benitez Prije 9 sati
estan vien de la cavesa tontos 😋😋😋😋
Flávio Melo
Flávio Melo Prije 9 sati
Amo esse canal
Amy Acker
Amy Acker Prije 9 sati
How do you randomly just get more shorts
Jeremy Saffell
Jeremy Saffell Prije 10 sati
3:18 How does all those things fit in that bag?!
Bella N Piper
Bella N Piper Prije 10 sati
2:11 she is Mary poppins
Ventura Sánchez
Ventura Sánchez Prije 10 sati
Q machista
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