Going to Walmart Dressed as Celebrities Challenge

Niki and Gabi
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We've gone through drive thru's dressed as celebrities, and since you guys loved our previous drive thru video, we wanted to give you guys more content dressed as celebrities, and thought it'd be great to go to Walmart dressed as celebrities as a prank / challenge! LOL watch to see how we did
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our going to Walmart dressed as celebrities challenge prank video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

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10. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 11 492
Sara Ticinovic
Sara Ticinovic Prije 2 sati
I love Gabby and ariana grende
Laniyah 15
Laniyah 15 Prije 3 sati
can you guys do both kardashian videos
Laniyah 15
Laniyah 15 Prije 4 sati
does anyone else think that gabby is sooooo funny in this video.... she should play Ariana Grande all the time
Lolika G sumi
Lolika G sumi Prije 5 sati
When all is set and done u will believe God is a women! Wtf! Speak respectful if u want comments to be respectful !!!
litzy _androblox
litzy _androblox Prije 10 sati
We all know alex is gonna be camila for halloween😂😂😂
Ariana Alvarez
Ariana Alvarez Prije 12 sati
6:58 I literally died😂
Diana De Leon
Diana De Leon Prije 13 sati
They look nothing like them
DoodleSquad 202020
DoodleSquad 202020 Prije 14 sati
Poor children
Havanna Ortiz
Havanna Ortiz Prije 15 sati
My name is havanna
Jiyana J
Jiyana J Prije 19 sati
kardentions please
Marc Daigle
Marc Daigle Prije dan
Go as you I mean you’re you like HRvidr’s oh si if eni1 recognize you
GalaxyGirl36 Prije dan
Rose are red Violets are blue You got a new subscriber Who is two 0w0
Ashley Gluck
Ashley Gluck Prije dan
Denise Flynn
Denise Flynn Prije dan
Who else. Ariana grande was going to break that class light
Maily Romero
Maily Romero Prije dan
Kardasins Walmart
Stacie Ruano
Stacie Ruano Prije dan
Last time I saw your video you showed the girls face so I remember how it looked like
ISB Family
ISB Family Prije dan
Omg "Camila Cabelo" really sounds and looks like Camila Cabelo
Tea Time
Tea Time Prije 2 dana
Welcome to Nikki Gabi and Alex channel
WolfyToons Prije 2 dana
billie eilish's hair is grey...
Chloe Guzman
Chloe Guzman Prije 2 dana
Definitely do the Kardashiens
ツDemonica Prije 2 dana
I love how Alex is always so in character for lady Gaga
Emmanuel Mejia
Emmanuel Mejia Prije 2 dana
I love y'all but you don't look like Camilla
Sian Patterson
Sian Patterson Prije 3 dana
A new idear for you is to go through a drive through and pretend you are blind lol
Holdup Watts
Holdup Watts Prije 3 dana
Yallis sister with the wig looks like Camilla cabollo
BaconPlayz03 Prije 3 dana
Who agrees that Alex kinda looks and sounds like Camilla
Radster Ruth
Radster Ruth Prije 3 dana
Rene Sekhmet
Rene Sekhmet Prije 3 dana
You guys are adorable
Bella Becerra
Bella Becerra Prije 4 dana
Why do they think they look like Billie and Ariana. Alex does looks like camila 💖
BillieEilishFan !!!
BillieEilishFan !!! Prije 4 dana
I LOVE BILLIE EILISH (yes Nikki, im a fan)
Tindra Brolin Lindvall
My name was wons Steffeny!😂
Luly Ortiz
Luly Ortiz Prije 5 dana
6:57 Hahahha O mi good
Cinthya Moreno
Cinthya Moreno Prije 5 dana
Oh it makes sense why gabi always picks Ariana for these things It’s because maybe because she likes to be Ariana
Abby potato
Abby potato Prije 6 dana
She doesn't look like Arianna at ALL
Belinda Long
Belinda Long Prije 6 dana
Fhylbert Angellie Bucu
Theyre so confident.... I mean I cant dress or do something like that on public.. thats why I love them!
Jen Brown
Jen Brown Prije 7 dana
U guys did so well Niki looks so much like billie
Janel Foss
Janel Foss Prije 7 dana
wow all I have to say is wow
Mega man Gamer
Mega man Gamer Prije 7 dana
What does Alex look like Camila Cabello
Miriam Lopez
Miriam Lopez Prije 8 dana
Sorry but I agree with anybody that said Alex did kilted it when she was lady Gaga
Miriam Lopez
Miriam Lopez Prije 8 dana
Hey My sister has that bike
mya Johns
mya Johns Prije 9 dana
Your older sis actually looks like camila
Ele Perez
Ele Perez Prije 10 dana
Bille is my favorite singer in the world
OtakuAngel Prije 10 dana
The bAlls
Brokenmoon Moonlight
Brokenmoon Moonlight Prije 11 dana
A kid looked at u when u was on a bike it was funny
Rigo Rivera
Rigo Rivera Prije 11 dana
3:39 why does Arianna need so many pillows
SpaceWolf Prije 11 dana
Y'all don't look like Billie :/
Abby McMurray
Abby McMurray Prije 11 dana
Three words for this video: Oh my lord
Roda Augustin
Roda Augustin Prije 11 dana
i am a big fan
Toshani Ramloul
Toshani Ramloul Prije 11 dana
Whos playin lady gaga and camila
Trixie Bustamante
Trixie Bustamante Prije 12 dana
She really looks like camila cabello
Kisha Singleton
Kisha Singleton Prije 12 dana
go camila
SofieMarie Esquibel
SofieMarie Esquibel Prije 12 dana
I domt think singers like ariana,Billie eillish, go to walmart2
SofieMarie Esquibel
SofieMarie Esquibel Prije 12 dana
Yes you should do Kardashians at Wal-Mart
anastasia eliashvili
anastasia eliashvili Prije 12 dana
Katelyn Wray
Katelyn Wray Prije 12 dana
Give me a shout out plz 🤣🤣
Katelyn Wray
Katelyn Wray Prije 12 dana
Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Demy zi
Demy zi Prije 12 dana
Alex kinda look like camila tho
ITZ DYAN_NEKO_CHAN Prije 12 dana
you all weirdo 😂😂😂😂😂
clown ies
clown ies Prije 13 dana
alex really sounds like cabello tho ;-;
Rose Lover
Rose Lover Prije 13 dana
Ehehehe it 😂 I won a 🥇
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