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With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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12. Svi 2019.



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Komentari 80
Alex Cio
Alex Cio Prije 7 sati
People love so much to talk about things, they love more speaking than doing!
Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron Prije 14 sati
It wouldn’t work
7th Quark
7th Quark Prije 21 sat
We're doomed, there's no way we avoid the catastrophe. I just hope it comes fast, because I want to see how it ends.
start at 18:00
RaRaRasputin Prije 5 dana
The sketch was better than him trying to Save the World.
Leo Keupp
Leo Keupp Prije 5 dana
I don`t know what`s the worst: The lack in history, the thought, Stalins biggest concerns were american hamburgers or the thought, that americans biggest fear is the lost of hamburgers… (especially when climate chance is worse than every terrorist attack in history ever)
Craftymom19 Prije 6 dana
John “No one solution is going to be nearly enough here. We need to tackle this from multiple angles and there are a lot of different ideas...” Covid-19 “hold my beer”
Craftymom19 Prije 5 dana
No, however it will take at a minute for humanity to bounce back to “normal” activity after. Death is a factor, and several companies have picked up much earlier than predicted that telecommuting is cheaper than owning and operating big offices therefore may not open all of them again once the all clear is given. There’s two factors changed. Who knows what else will change as this crisis continues to ripple though our lives. Be safe everyone.
lqwert1 Prije 5 dana
but covid19 won't change the fundamental behavior of human beings in an international level , sadly.
George Chiarovano
George Chiarovano Prije 7 dana
Ya know John has taken a lot of stances on this show and yet the one that pisses me off the most is the pie is better than cake. There’s a reason people eat cake when they celebrate and pie when they’re alone at a diner, John
Jess Frankel
Jess Frankel Prije 7 dana
Bill Nye: "I swear by science." No, you swear when explaining science. Epic. F--kin' epic!
Curtis Howard44
Curtis Howard44 Prije 7 dana
I've always wanted to hear Bill say fucking.
Luke Archie
Luke Archie Prije 7 dana
I just found him though Rick and morty and oh my gosh his voice is so satisfying
Nate Wap
Nate Wap Prije 8 dana
Huh how bout that (fake news) cow burps r super bad... All I know is if I remember 1 thing from this episode it will def. b that. Great info as always J.O. 😉
Aaron Oneal
Aaron Oneal Prije 8 dana
If you are looking for away to help the planet you can use ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees
Burnt Grapes
Burnt Grapes Prije 9 dana
8 DEGREES??!??? Holy FUCK
Nageeb Mahfooth
Nageeb Mahfooth Prije 10 dana
No one gonna talk about Isabella 6:47 ???
GodZefir Prije dan
We want the help him forget the past.
Konstantinos Ntinos
Konstantinos Ntinos Prije 11 dana
No! I don't wanna pay another tax. Simple as that! My country is poor, we don't have heavy industry! The one's who have must pay the price! Or find another way! Take the money from those that pollute without increasing the product price. They have plenty of money! They are billionaires. I m not! They can live with 1 billion me!
Siddharth Rath
Siddharth Rath Prije 4 dana
You won't have to. If your country doesn't pollute, you don't have to worry. Countries that have high emission levels need to worry about it.
InsomniaB Prije 11 dana
Rajab K.B
Rajab K.B Prije 11 dana
17:01 was soooooo unexpected
Erik Schminke
Erik Schminke Prije 12 dana
"When something costs more, people by less of it" I love how the left understands the simplest economic principles when it comes to issues like climate change.. but they completely derp on these when it comes to labor.
albert rogers
albert rogers Prije 13 dana
By the way, Bill Nye is WRONG about nuclear, and so was John Oliver's program on nuclear waste. No other energy source produces less or more easily contained waste per gigawatt_hour than civilian nuclear. Consider the streets of London in the days of horse-drawn carriages.
albert rogers
albert rogers Prije 13 dana
There is exactly one way to Get Rid Of Fossil Carbon Combustion. It isn't wind, it isn't solar, and it damn' well isn't feeding alcohol to motor cars. It is civilian nuclear power. One kg of fissile massive nuclei -- thorium, uranium or plutonium, can deliver as much energy as thousands of tons of chemicals like coal with oxygen. It is the only energy source that was not flattened by the steamroller of the fossil carbon Industrial Revolution. Half of the Green New Deal is aimed at Americans who may think themselves unduly energy-extravagant. But that doesn't apply to half or even 3/4 of the rest of the world. The people, the industries that dominate the industrial world and are responsible for fossil CO₂ emissions, know very well that "renewable energy" of immediate and recent solar origin, cannot defeat them. Coal and oil swept away sea vessels driven by wind, and a Tall Ship makes far better use of it, that a huge whirlygig device at the top of a tower can succeed at responding to hundreds of thousands of TV watchers going to their kitchens and turning on kilowatt appliances, when what they're enjoying is interrupted by commercial or even end-of-program breaks.
Jens Prije 13 dana
I would like to see a show about industrial heat and the problems of changing to sustainable solutions
Fred C Stacey.
Fred C Stacey. Prije 15 dana
As a british person I can confirm that I know nothing about John Oliver. Wait what did I say?
sporadic Sparkyz
sporadic Sparkyz Prije 17 dana
John no ones ever heard of me in England excuse me I'm sitting watching this on my sofa in the uk
dddduuuuuhhhhhhhh Prije 17 dana
Love how he never mentions paying people to not work. That would literally suck money right out of the pockets of workers. How is that fair?
Steph Gracia
Steph Gracia Prije 17 dana
Putting a tax on carbon basically created the yellow vest movement in FRANCE. So yeeeaaahhh… great job "green new deal". Thanks for making the middle class (your regular average joe) wake up to the loss of its social and economic status through job "flexibility", open borders society, "green industry" and the overall financial burden of it all.
Lil Crappie
Lil Crappie Prije 19 dana
Then this show be called this week tonight
The Gaming Asian
The Gaming Asian Prije 20 dana
So how you guys doing with the green new deal.....I’ll check back in a few years
Alex Vashus
Alex Vashus Prije 20 dana
Bill Nye the Science Guy swearing has ruined my childhood innocence
Nettie Malo
Nettie Malo Prije 20 dana
Thank you!!! Canada's carbon tax is really low right now! Trudeau's grown a beard and he and the Ontario premier need to get together with Mike shriener and we very well could have it flourishing! Stay safe everyone!
Lil Crappie
Lil Crappie Prije 23 dana
I wonder where that HOSE basket went
Alejandro Dillman
Alejandro Dillman Prije 25 dana
It's so refreshing to watch your show. You're the best comedian and the best journalist. It really makes my day to watch it, thanks... I saw Planet of the Humans produced by Michael Moore and they pretty much say we're fucked unless we change our consumption patterns; meaning renewable energies are not really renewable after all. It woud be awesome if you did a show digging further into that topic. Keep up the fantastic work!
Dougal Tolan
Dougal Tolan Prije 25 dana
8:15 Do remember that its cows belching, not farting thats important. It is a very useful filter to spot idiots that havent got a clue what they are talking about. If someone says cows fart greenhouse gasses, ignore them!
kitube14 Prije 27 dana
Generally i agree with what John Oliver says, but he really should have looked at the green new deal in more detail. It is quiet ridiculous and in no way achievable. Yes we have to act fast for the good of the climate but from what i could understand the green new deal is just a huge program to drastically expand the government, or for those who coined it to become famous and get votes. It definitely is not a rational nor pragmatic project to help the environment.
Kasia Prije 27 dana
The problem is, if you make the cheaper energy source more expensive than other energy sources that were already too expensive for vast majority of people in the country who already struggle to make ends meet, you might cause this mass of people to get even more impoverished leading to their life chances and those of their children's to plummet even more. If you raise prices and don't raise incomes, at some point people might start to revolt. Elsewhere in the world, particularly in western Europe, the availability of ecologic product and services is really huge. But only top earners could afford to switch to them on a permanent basis. People with minimum wages or not much higher than that who are still a huge majority even there would love to buy and live ecologically. BUT THEY CAN'T F..KING AFFORD IT.
Mikoto Misaka
Mikoto Misaka Prije 27 dana
Mr. Oliver.. Cheesecake IS pie. It's just called cake because it's a bit more solid.
Judge Prije 28 dana
His brain already is pudding...and it's still funny.
shnglbot Prije 28 dana
bookmark 6:57
dean julian
dean julian Prije 29 dana
The green new deal.
dean julian
dean julian Prije 29 dana
The green new deal.
Paul Lacroix
Paul Lacroix Prije mjesec
One of Joe Rogan's podcasts guest, I think it was Tim Pool, said that AOC put on in the Grewn New Deal that the government with Pay the "Unwilling to work " so they can be economically stable. How come they didn't mention this in this episode about the green deal? That's kind of an important detail
peespooropinions Prije mjesec
If the green new deal stops the flatulent cow Laura Ingraham from opening her talkative head asshole I'm in for it
Riya Singh
Riya Singh Prije mjesec
John, would you please do a video on how this Covid 19 pandemic is actually healing the world and how we need to sustain it in the future to be better. It is a huge cost but I feel we all could do with some good news.
Rachel B
Rachel B Prije 17 dana
It is ironic...maybe this is nature's way of healing itself. It's heartbreaking to think about it that way, but it's completely just when I consider all the horrible things we've done to this planet--oceans, animals, plants...and how we waste and defile it all. All for our own comforts. Maybe I should stop thinking about this...I'm depressed enough as it is. Riya Singh: Sorry, I realize you were trying to look at the positive side, so...Go Earth! You can do it, Nature! (that cracks me up...I must be going insane--is it horrible to root for the demise of humanity?) God bless you and your loved ones, and stay safe!
Yusril Atfan
Yusril Atfan Prije mjesec
Bill Nye: 10:21 10:54 18:33
Siddharth Sridar
Siddharth Sridar Prije mjesec
Bill Nye meets Samuel L Jackson meets Gordon Ramsay
Lan Mandragoran
Lan Mandragoran Prije mjesec
Shit....I usually find AOC a braindead annoyance, and now I find myself sympathizing with her green deal objective. Guess that's why she was elected, she can't always be wrong.
Lan Mandragoran
Lan Mandragoran Prije mjesec
Suits was real good for the first couple seasons =(
Anya Prije mjesec
Hey John Oliver way to prove you're part of the big conspiracy network of climate change, or you're just actually know what would help the environment? making big corporations pay for the damage that they have done to our planet, instead of taking more money from people that have little fault for the massive dumps of air/water/land/brainwash (advertising and consumerism) pollution that big corporations create. why not tax those who use deforestation to profit or make them pay and plant more trees that would improve our atmosphere. I'm tired of the notion taxing will change the environment significantly when there are so many other tactics that have not even been proposed. Mark my words, if the U.S. does implement the carbon tax, science is gonna release info about global warming decreasing which will be lies and orchestrated statistics so the individuals believe the tax dollars are a worthy and brilliant change when it is all part of a big money-making scheme with no real interest to do real change that could save this planet and improve life for future human beings
Jet Cave
Jet Cave Prije mjesec
What the world needs now, is Bill Nye yelling at everyone. I am on board.
Lord Turtle
Lord Turtle Prije mjesec
“Happy now?!” *John bounces up and down like a child” “YES I AM HAPPY!”
Jasmine Duker
Jasmine Duker Prije 29 dana
He’s fucking adorable. He’s old enough to be my dad but he’s adorable.
Melake Dagnachew
Melake Dagnachew Prije mjesec
My take away from this honestly is that if cows can belch methane (which is flammable) then I’m willing to bet that at some point large, lizard creatures could too. WHICH MEANS DRAGONS ACTUALLY FUCKING EXISTED... unless... here’s my theory. Maybe dragons didn’t actually breath fire on their own. Perhaps they could just fly and roar like how they would but whenever they did they released methane. So if an ancient civilization encountered one then when it roared at them like dragons do the methane was ignited by the many fire they had because at the time that was the only light source. And then when they wrote about dragons and drew pictures they described them as creatures who could breath fire because that civilization would have no idea what methane is so they just assumed fire came from their mouths. DEBUNKED.
William Sleppy
William Sleppy Prije mjesec
The problem is the face of the plan is AOC and A LOT of people cannot stand anything she supports, that is the problem people have no interest because she in my opinion presents herself as a spoiled brat
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki Prije mjesec
nope this deal wont go through.
Filipe Sengo Furtado
Kirt Kirt
Kirt Kirt Prije mjesec
3:58 who's the conservative british guy? he sounds like a boris johnson nigel farage nybrid
Bao Doan
Bao Doan Prije mjesec
Covid-19 is Earth's "Green Deal" for humanity.
Lil Crappie
Lil Crappie Prije mjesec
I will high five who ever can count how many times green new deal was said in this video.
N T Prije mjesec
Bill Nye is an idiot and an asshole and John Oliver you are also. How come you pussy liberals never bring up the fact that it's China that produces the most pollution and will continue to, no the US. And China is only going to produce more and more in the future so it is not on America. That AOC bitch needs to go back to making mojito's and bloody mary's. That bitch is retarded. So Oliver, how but hurt are you going to be when Trump wins the election ahaha.
N T Prije mjesec
And in 2040 it will change to 2060, bullsh...Kinda like the ice caps should have been gone already. It is complete crap that is amazing people are still falling for it. There are more and more people realizing they full of it with their end of the world lies
Benjamin Prije mjesec
Fuck yeah Bill Nye.
Guillermo Godoy
Guillermo Godoy Prije mjesec
Or let a global pandemic do its job and reduce the amount of fuel used by 60%
Dystopia Prije mjesec
More information about Green New Deal:
Connor Mitchell-Zaphod Johnston
5:10 - PIE.
Daniel Schöld
Daniel Schöld Prije mjesec
Hearing Bill Nye say "here's some fucking menthos" makes this the best video ever
We live in a society Bottom text
SuperGamer5 Prije mjesec
But like actually fuck Bill Nye
meh870 Prije mjesec
Safety glasses off motherfuckers. ~Bill Nye the Science Guy
mrpopo Prije mjesec
no one expect jim bobs want your lemons. i can give myself cancer also data security & vault 7/11- what does the nsa and those other 16 agencies actually do? cos it sure isnt keeping my data or anything else safe
Signals of Virtue
Signals of Virtue Prije mjesec
Start off the segment with a lie. Jeesh.
Abyssrouge Prije mjesec
There should be a meme of “Safety glasses off motherfuckers”
Ian Magruder
Ian Magruder Prije mjesec
And right there is the problem w the far left: stupidly presented, unpopularly phrased policy that gives ammo to the opponents of real change. And then if you don’t kowtow your messaging to them, you fail their purity test, and they don’t vote. Either way, they help the GOP win, either w voter suppression or fueling the opposition base...
Friends of The Amazon Jungle
So how come my horse can fart 😥
Omar Agalar
Omar Agalar Prije mjesec
funny thing is he never mentioned the cost and how unrealistic the plan is. just shows that the show is extremely biased and there is 0 objectivity
Omar Agalar
Omar Agalar Prije mjesec
@Dynamite24 my point is how are you going to even stop it from burning? you still cannot afford it. Even if the USA dumps its entire 22 trillion dollar economy now it will barely solve 25% of the costs let alone 100%. My point is its not affordable, in any way. "should we let the world burn bc it was too expensive?" the world wont burn Al Gore and Paul Ehrlich said the same things in 1970 and 2006 but nothing happened maybe you open your eyes and look at proper facts? your arguments are extremely emotion-based and childish
Dynamite24 Prije mjesec
Omar Agalar should we just let the world burn because it was too expensive then?
Omar Agalar
Omar Agalar Prije mjesec
@Dynamite24 2 trillion a year? the plan states it has to be done by 2030 and from what I learned in mathematics 2 trillion * 10 is 20 trillion dollars, not 93. If we paid 2 Trillion ONLY for the plan, it would take the USA at least 46 years to achieve the plan, and that if it isn't delayed which I highly doubt. The plan is literally a communist's paradise. There is no way you can achieve it.
Dynamite24 Prije mjesec
Omar Agalar, so we have to pay around 2 trillion every year, nothing our GDP can’t handle, and most of that is from giving up coal and oil right?
Dynamite24 Prije mjesec
Omar Agalar, guess we’ll burn then
Orion Rodriguez
Orion Rodriguez Prije mjesec
This Bill Nye would have been way better of a reboot vs the one we got from Netflix
Mellie Chovexani
Mellie Chovexani Prije mjesec
Salty af Bill Nye ... I don't hate it
Lucas Vazquez
Lucas Vazquez Prije mjesec
Who came hear just for bill nye swearing
Kaushiki Kushwaha
Kaushiki Kushwaha Prije mjesec
"Fuck you cake it is!!"
Puzuzu Prije mjesec
“When something costs more people buy less” Hmm Cocaine, heroin, Rolex watches, Gold,..... And for economics 101 students - it’s profit dummy not turnover!!!!
Ben Perreth
Ben Perreth Prije mjesec
Bill Nye, you enlighten my brain high, bill you are a true friend, and this is not the end
Bug Prije mjesec
To be fair, animal agriculture _is_ the leading cause of climate change. Environment is the second reason I'm personally vegan behind ethics and before health. The world's current level of animal product consumption is simply not sustainable; it will have to be reduced drastically in order for us to stop from getting to the point of no return. And yet, the level continues to rise globally.
Dynamite24 Prije mjesec
So it’s not the oil and coal we burn from jets, cars, fires, trains, ships, war machines, and stuff like that?
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