GRETA (2019) Ending Explained

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In the suspense thriller GRETA, a young woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a purse on a subway and makes friends with its owner. But she comes to learn that Greta is not at all what she appears, as she turns obsessive and violent.
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13. Ožu 2019.

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Komentari 2 161
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay Prije 2 dana
Question: Why didn’t Francis just kill Greta when she chopped off her fingers? If she managed to do that, she might as well go all the way...
DNTME Prije 2 dana
Same old sexist shit. ***************Spoilers Ahead***************** The whole movie is about females, yet who is the only person shown killed? A male. By a female, of course so as to feed that fetish. Typical. And it has a totally unsatisfying ending, as so many do these days. Obviously looking to make a sequel if the demand is there. Hopefully there won't be. Crap endings like that need to be derided by potential viewers by them not showing any interest in a part 2.
JackAttack 2
JackAttack 2 Prije 2 dana
Did you even watch the movie you got a lot of details wrong
Stephen Jacewicz
Stephen Jacewicz Prije 3 dana
I loved this film. It is nearly perfect, and a stress inducing thriller. 5 out of 5. Maybe 4 and a half. It's one of the best films of the year probably and is underrated.
Rayne Shadow
Rayne Shadow Prije 4 dana
I'm mad that she killed the dog. She did not have to do that he didn't do anything to her if anything he was more committed to her than anybody else because he couldn't leave her but I will say this is the one and only time I wasn't suuuuper upset about the dog dying. Like he got more time to live then he would have in the shelter and lived comfortably for the time he did have left. Didn't have to die scared in a noisy shelter. And didn't die in a horrible animal abuse torture way. That might just be me trying to be positive in a bad situation though. I'm still mad he died.
EUPHORIC Le-WiS Prije 6 dana
This movie was like a more serious Cable guy.
putsome basilonit
putsome basilonit Prije 6 dana
Poor Stephanie...
Tom 680521
Tom 680521 Prije 6 dana
I am hungarian as well
Patricia Kayee
Patricia Kayee Prije 7 dana
The lost and found was closed. So I'm wondering if Greta puts the handbags out late so when someone goes and returns them to the lost and found, it's closed and then they return it back to Greta personally
Futcho Bishh
Futcho Bishh Prije 9 dana
Is this on Netflix!
Auzsa Beatty
Auzsa Beatty Prije 9 dana
I need friends like Erica
MusicTherapy Prije 12 dana
hi. i enjoyed Greta.Found it refreshing& original take on stalker. The suspense created in restaurant was.well done~ her face got distorted and.we.see.her.true.face!. I love Isabelle H.. I mean , once you get past technical inconsistencies its a decent entertaining film. I think there is definite sequel material here.
payson terhune
payson terhune Prije 13 dana
So what happened to Morton?
Queen Astrid Caserian
Queen Astrid Caserian Prije 18 dana
Never taking the bus again
Nick Wasinger
Nick Wasinger Prije 18 dana
Wait... did you just say that someone from Boston is naive to the big city and would just grab a bag off the subway? This is not how massholes function...
Svinja Prije 19 dana
ok why are all the bad people in the movie industry Hungarian
Frank Carter
Frank Carter Prije 22 dana
Shit I wish I could keep Chloe locked up heavily sedated in my house, she fine as hell breh👍
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay Prije 23 dana
Why didn't Frances just kill Greta when she chopped off her finger?
알니bvip Prije 23 dana
the metronome is the real MVP haha
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey Prije 26 dana
Ugh... I wish that this was a hansel and gretel "continuation" where Gretel takes over as a witch
ShyerLady Prije 27 dana
As a dog lover you cant help but hope Morton would show up at the end but no😭 For the ending i think when the girls reach the doorway leaving the house Morton should be found laying on the floor struggling to escape, that way all of them can have a happy ending.
Raeanne Bedard
Raeanne Bedard Prije 28 dana
I’m hoping those girls mailed the box straight to an insane asylum
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G Prije 28 dana
3:42 A flip phone in 2019? really? =_______=
Soggy Wafllez
Soggy Wafllez Prije 29 dana
Literally every horror movie ever I hit he/she once I better leave them lying there instead of stabbing them and hitting them multiple times till they die
ART A Reasonable Truth
Over half of this video is explaining the whole movie, not the ending. Thanks for the long-winded summary I guess??
Roberto Esquivel
Roberto Esquivel Prije 9 dana
Lol right?
WhyAlwaysTaj Prije mjesec
woulda killed that bitch in her sleep
Daniel  Nava
Daniel Nava Prije mjesec
The way your shoutting
D Sandoval
D Sandoval Prije mjesec
Your cat was in on it this whole time! 14:54 Cat makes his/her way inside to get it's paws on the prize. 15:04 Cat finds what it was looking for, leaves with the Meow Mix. Later that night: Cat calls up a couple of buddies and party's with a bag of cat nip.
Stephanie Bonilla
Stephanie Bonilla Prije mjesec
Umm my name is stephanie...
Nauna Qetoquana Revo
*Lol* Frances was not searching for wine glass, it was candles. And the other girls name was Samantha not Stephanie
Ugly Girl Does
Ugly Girl Does Prije mjesec
So...your advice to stalking victims is "do what your stalker wants?" You *might* want to look into how stalking tends to go....sincerely, bad views on the topic. Yikes.
Mackenzie yEET
Mackenzie yEET Prije mjesec
The toy box looks like the collectors box only without the designs on it
Mattteus Prije mjesec
Waitwaitwaitwait... she’s from Boston and she’s not suspicious of a bomb?? My suspension of disbelief is threadbare already.
Billy Ray
Billy Ray Prije mjesec
“You want me to be the bad guy? Fine! Now I’m the bad guy!”
Black Santa
Black Santa Prije mjesec
This was a very stupid movie. I absolutely can not stand it when the entire plot hinges on the main character being incompetent. They did EVERYTHING wrong.
kzintikween Prije mjesec
He has another cat. Not just the orange one from Black Christmas. At 14:46 a little black and grey tail comes through the door. Are we sure his girl is not just 3 cats in a trench coat?
C. F.
C. F. Prije mjesec
This movie is dumb. The trailer looked so good but so many stupid decisions were made in this movie. So many things could have been avoided. Like the part where Frances tried to escape but didn't hit Greta more or even tie her up. This movie just got me angry, I almost couldn't finish watching it. And it's interesting that Frances never told Erica the address of Greta....and why didn't Erica call 911 the moment she found frances...
focusonu Prije mjesec
This movie is boring. I couldn't get past 15mins.
BB Love
BB Love Prije mjesec
She was going to bring it to lost and found booth but they were closed for the day, that's why she brought it home and brought it to the crazy lady. I would've brought it back to lost and found the next day.
Lao Wei
Lao Wei Prije mjesec
Wow! Well explained. I felt I was listening to the radio and to one of those fast German soccer commentators from the Sixties again.
Jonah Edward
Jonah Edward Prije mjesec
If I were about to be a victim of Greta I would channel my inner Jay of jay and silent Bob. Smoke that mother like it ain't no thang!
Frobo Prije mjesec
This movie kinda sucks... it’s okay
Aavale' Storm
Aavale' Storm Prije mjesec
I just saw it and it was ok. I think they should have went into the fact that Great is a serial killer.
Spencer Brookes
Spencer Brookes Prije mjesec
To be honest here I hated the ending because I think Erica should have banged her and not listened to Francis. In that case Greta wouldn’t bang on the box trying to come out. Also I think Francis should have banged her when Francis cut off Greta’s finger and got it over with
philliponcarbs Prije mjesec
t'hell with the other characters -what happens to the dog?
Cassandra Calixte
Cassandra Calixte Prije mjesec
Greta Poisoned the dog and it died
realtalk Prije mjesec
PissMyAss Lynch
PissMyAss Lynch Prije mjesec
Joker 2019 Prequel
cat Prije mjesec
All my skrews are loose You can take that however you want
The Swagmaster General
This is giving me mad Killing Stalking vibes
Damian Marzano
Damian Marzano Prije mjesec
Awesome channel, dude. I've been watching a lot, make my daily work a little bit better haha
The Angry Engineer
The Angry Engineer Prije mjesec
Everyone needs a best friend like Erika. She was ride or die for real.
Poop Poop
Poop Poop Prije mjesec
Chloë Grace Moretz is SO Hot! I want to sniff her Poo Poo!!
The Purple Turnip
The Purple Turnip Prije mjesec
Sorry if this is wrong as im just watched this video, but why would you run into a basement when trying to escape, would it be easier to just make sure your captor is knocked out and then break a window?
shane gil
shane gil Prije mjesec
The end dance scene was hilarious
Haise Sasaki
Haise Sasaki Prije mjesec
14:41what did she said?
emma cutie
emma cutie Prije mjesec
The movie was very clichè i swear i ve see something similar like million times
this movie disturbed me so much, it doesn’t have screamers, gore or blood, ghosts... it’s just so psychologically hard and rly portrays how scary stalking and emotional abuse is...
LordCousland Prije mjesec
How is she a hungarian when that annyoing b-.... couldn't even pronounce Mézeskalács properly???? It pissed me off! Also, I so wanted her dead! ARgghhh... And the ending... implying that she might get out. OOOKKKeeeey... So those two girls just forgot to lock the door as well????? Just lock her in the room and call the police! 15-20 mins tops and problem solved.. Damn this movie was annoying and upset me! ARGhhh...
Cranjis McBasketball
In real nyc....the money or valuable items would be took from the purse....the rest in the trash....I'd take the money and call it finders keepers
Jasmine Casserly
Jasmine Casserly Prije mjesec
4:05 candles
Anonymous Prije mjesec
Is this ok for me to watch at a late night?
Nitara Jones
Nitara Jones Prije mjesec
What if a guy found the bag? 👜
madisoned Prije mjesec
What a good friend
Plutonian Mapping
Plutonian Mapping Prije mjesec
Isn't Greta a swedish name? No?
Kirra Mes
Kirra Mes Prije mjesec
Why didnt Chloe just pick up a fridge and throw it at the person, she's buff enough
TheCartoonGuy !
TheCartoonGuy ! Prije mjesec
Is it just me or is Erica the smartest, When I watched it she seemed to be smart.
Vuelkarr Prije mjesec
What kept Francis from just killing Greta's old ass. Shit makes me angry.
Mayra Reyes
Mayra Reyes Prije mjesec
I loved the movie!!!
Jennifer Kates
Jennifer Kates Prije mjesec
I would have just dropped the purse off at her front porch. Rung the door bell and got on.
Lee Ludlow
Lee Ludlow Prije mjesec
Please take pauses when you speak , it sounds like continuous drivel.
Kaisy &Hiccup
Kaisy &Hiccup Prije mjesec
8:22 He broke his mic saying *the box* like that
InsanityRoboTuber Prije mjesec
ummm what a staged ending
Natalie Nolan
Natalie Nolan Prije 2 mjeseci
moral of the movie: *DONT RETURN THE PURSE*
Dani Jacobs
Dani Jacobs Prije 2 mjeseci
Beat her ass bad enough to make her scared of you 🥰 she should have left Greta within an inch of her life at the restaurant
Dani Jacobs
Dani Jacobs Prije 2 mjeseci
You gotta out crazy crazy .. try to kill her and stalk her ass back.
Shameless Coal Burner
Shameless Coal Burner Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh, so this *isn't* a sequel to The Boy. Erica is the designated *Smart Friend.*
YungAndVicious Prije 2 mjeseci
*she could have just told Greta that she pees without washing her hands so that she goes away.*
honeytae Prije 2 mjeseci
14:48 peep the Scott Pilgrim poster 👀
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley Prije 2 mjeseci
Whose Stephanie
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley Prije 2 mjeseci
The titular actress was excellent..
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley Prije 2 mjeseci
I am so glad I did not pay a dime to see this.
John B aka Smooth Chocolate
Felicia Kelley what kind of movies do you like usually? Are you a jeans or shorts lady? And what do you like to do to unwind usually?
John B aka Smooth Chocolate
Felicia Kelley aww, you're not an old lady at all. I think you're a beautiful lady, even if I haven't seen you yet 😉 I hope to get to know each other more if you'd like.
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley Prije mjesec
John B aka Smooth Chocolate Thank you!! Got an old lady blushing 🥰
John B aka Smooth Chocolate
Felicia Kelley Ikr? I don't care what some people say about the reviews or endings explained to movies. They do help you realize what's worth it or not. It's nice to meet you and beautiful name too.
GRETA (2019) Ending Explained
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