GRETA (2019) Ending Explained

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In the suspense thriller GRETA, a young woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a purse on a subway and makes friends with its owner. But she comes to learn that Greta is not at all what she appears, as she turns obsessive and violent.
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Komentari 100
Ale Prije dan
What if the ending was a dream?
Sovann T
Sovann T Prije 2 dana
The entire time she could've just fight Greta.. Just a crazy old lady, nonetheless still an old lady, jesus Christ so many opportunities for escape lol
less than normal
She chopped her finger tho
Vikram Kapoor
Vikram Kapoor Prije 3 dana
I'm surprised by all the small mistakes here... she did try to return the bag to the lost and found, one of their dads own the loft and they're "breaking it in", and she was looking for candle sticks not wine glasses... what's happening?
Steve VC
Steve VC Prije 3 dana
ENDING EXPLAINED???? LMAO You need to give people more credit. You must think we're all fucking idiots if we can't understand the ending. Seems there's only really one idiot here.
Bunker Sieben
Bunker Sieben Prije 3 dana
Turn in the bag to police, not in person. You never know who you may encounter.
gjh Prije 5 dana
wait, what about the dog??
Queron Jones
Queron Jones Prije 5 dana
I'll 360 a bitch if i have to
Kamilla Virág
Kamilla Virág Prije 8 dana
Magyarok rajtam kívül?
Gacha Gracie
Gacha Gracie Prije 8 dana
Is it just me or in zombie/supernatural/murder mystery movies, do people ALWAYS say ‘let’s spilt up’. I mean. That’s so dumb! If there is a killer/ghost/zombie somewhere then I would NOT want to split up. Comment if you agree with me. ._.
Radmon Carrington
Radmon Carrington Prije 8 dana
*greta killed the detective* 3 second later *dancing like a real psycopath* Me: *am i joking to you*
Sam Hodd
Sam Hodd Prije 9 dana
this reminds me of the movie ma
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Fudge Prije 9 dana
The colors are georgeous in this movie
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Fudge Prije 9 dana
Ive just seen the movie. It pissed me off. The girl is at one point stuck in a box, greta opens the box and the girl doesnt jump at her throat doesnt punch her nothing.
Ha Nghiem
Ha Nghiem Prije 9 dana
Who can i watch this movie... i can not find it?
zunkwind Prije 10 dana
12 minutes in and you've not spoken about the ending...for a video called Ending Explained theres not a long of explaining going on.
zunkwind Prije 10 dana
This guy got lots of details wrong. Candles not glasses, Samantha not Stephanie etc
Morphine Dreamzz
Morphine Dreamzz Prije 10 dana
greta says she can't work her phone, which is an old ass nokia phone. when she starts blowing up frances phone, it's all imessages, nobody caught that? also this dude says "stephanie" like 7 times and the chicks name was "samantha". the movie was good but there are things that don't make sense.
Paige Elwell
Paige Elwell Prije 11 dana
Bit random but you kind of sound like the guy from Wotso Videos lol, Awesome video as usual!! x
Kyleigh Mathias
Kyleigh Mathias Prije 11 dana
Wonder what Greta would do if a dude returned the bag
Monty2289 Prije 11 dana
Real talk Chloe looking like a hot snack
Creature Creator
Creature Creator Prije 12 dana
The outside subway scenes are TTC like omgggggggg
Shannon Harper
Shannon Harper Prije 12 dana
please do Chambers (Netflix tv. show!!) Love your channel!!
ReplayTSL Prije 12 dana
What if a boy showed up at her place?
wefgwegwe wegweg
wefgwegwe wegweg Prije 13 dana
watch missery. same idea but much much better plot and what not
Roseelesbian Prije 16 dana
Ericka the best girl ever
pahz place
pahz place Prije 18 dana
really?!?! you're trying to figure out what led her to do all this mess?!? She's nuts and bolts! That's you're explanation right there. I can see if she started behaving in a dysfunctional way due to one incidence or due to the fact that she lost her husband (as any sane woman that loves her husband and loses him would feel and act a way for some time. But this broad was killing the patients of the hospital, she was abusing her daughter and left her with life long scars, she came up with a plan to leave purses on the subway, as a way to lure in those that she can replace as her daughter to abuse! There's no going along with her said plans and being nice and bonding, as she has a history of not only dysfunction, but abusive behavior. I've found many wallets in my life time. Especially in the last 2 years and even though I chose to return it in hand, the exchange happened in a normal and regular fashion. As returning wallets for me doesn't come with a ruse that will allow me to connect and make friends with strangers and or as a means for me to benefit however. The character in this movie is crazy no hell. As you can tell that nothing (that took place in her life) prior to her meeting this girl was normal or wholesome. lolololololol as she faked a French accent. I mean who has time for all that shit. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew She had to stay in character 24/7. But truth be told most folk fall for all that pretense and! what a bore
Ema kostic
Ema kostic Prije 18 dana
vau this was amazing
yewwowduck Prije 20 dana
Another attempt of masking "I know I have this habit of turning my voice up" with "keeping my voice at that tone the entire time I talk"
ChairThrowerFan Prije 21 dan
Whats with the recent trend of Hungarian psychopaths in movies? :D First the Prodigy now this
Hex Op
Hex Op Prije 21 dan
14:55 for cat tail.
Renee Sapin-Beuch
Renee Sapin-Beuch Prije 22 dana
😍 cute kitty cat😄 what's your kitty cat's name?
agent 47 idk
agent 47 idk Prije 24 dana
CimixLix Xx
CimixLix Xx Prije 24 dana
Hold up, what if boys found the bag and decided to return it? What would happen to the boys????
Jack Washington
Jack Washington Prije 24 dana
"iiii deserved it"
Mihály Insperger
Mihály Insperger Prije 25 dana
She's hungarian? Im proud of my country now..
No Body
No Body Prije 24 dana
Yeah for some reason, Hungary has made a come up in Horror movies. One of the Ouija movies, The Prodigy, and now this one
swag levi
swag levi Prije 25 dana
Headcanon that greta is that one girl from breaking bad
Gizmo Prije 25 dana
So, I cant get my kids to leave and she cant get one to stay... Perhaps I just need to go full on batshit crazy...
Sian Nelson
Sian Nelson Prije 27 dana
In my country the name on the other bag was Samantha
Cami-Dan Prije 28 dana
I had to see this movie. Saw it. It was great
x_ky lo_x
x_ky lo_x Prije 28 dana
Well i guess i dont have to spend time watching it now .
Kristanna Clegg
Kristanna Clegg Prije 28 dana
Right after I watched this movie I went to cinema restroom and found a purse, with loads of money and an ID I near shat myself
1x1x1x1 Prije 28 dana
Where can i watch this movie i didn't get the chance to watch it in theaters :(
A Piece of Garbage 04
A Piece of Garbage 04 Prije 28 dana
Just had a trailer for Greta pop up before the video. *COINCIDENCE?*
DanMatrixCube Prije 28 dana
i got n add at the beggining of the vid it was greta trailer XD
Cinnamon Roll 321
Cinnamon Roll 321 Prije 29 dana
Me, a Hungarian: *nods* noice
Stefan B.
Stefan B. Prije mjesec
Even if she wouldn't have been a nurse, it's New York City. How hard could it be to buy date rape drugs/sedatives? Huppert is the French Meryl Streep; a goddamn powerhouse. She picks very interesting and challenging roles. I recommend among others "My Mother" (based on a Georges Bataille novel) and "The School of Flesh" (based on a Yukio Mishima novel).
N1savage Prije mjesec
Foundflix x dead meat
Ahsfreakshowlove Prije mjesec
I literally got a “Greta” trailer before watching this video wtf😂
ᴘᴇᴛʟᴏᴛ ɪᴛʜᴀɪ
This is why .. sometimes you have to steal lol 😂
The Force
The Force Prije mjesec
So strange, got an advert for this film just as I was about to watch this. *Coincidence* *I* *think* *not*.
em b
em b Prije mjesec
referred to as... *ThE BoX*
Vocare Ragnum
Vocare Ragnum Prije mjesec
First hear the story from Foundflix,then check video on dead meat. That's how i watch these horror movies!!!
iain rickwood
iain rickwood Prije mjesec
I literally got a trailer for this movie b4 this video
Lagilitty Prije mjesec
Da fuck I got a greta ad when I tapped on this
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who got an add of this movie at the start of the video
Clonetrooper1139 Prije mjesec
My problem with the character's naiveté is that she came from Boston. Not Kansas. She should be well versed in the risks of city life.
Olzy12 osbourn
Olzy12 osbourn Prije mjesec
There was the trailer for Greta before this video
Deion Vargas
Deion Vargas Prije mjesec
I don't care. The movie was great.
Tanja Buchholz
Tanja Buchholz Prije mjesec
"You're a natural", lol. Love your skits!
ッfelicityksj Prije mjesec
Okay her name is Samantha not Stephanie, thank you for tuning in
Anis South
Anis South Prije mjesec
Even if you were from boston a naive idiot like francis would never exist like cmon a person like francis would only exist if she lived under a rock and dont have any communication whatsoever
Justin Buergi
Justin Buergi Prije mjesec
But what happened to the dog?
KingOf Noobs
KingOf Noobs Prije mjesec
How the hell does the cup stay on the plate at 11:17?
1960's Clint Eastwood
I've seen a drunk homeless man dancing Ginuwine for a subway ticket in NYC already...
Cloudy Thursday
Cloudy Thursday Prije mjesec
First of i would be not suprised if it comes out, that in fact Greta killed her husband herself. Probably because he had a affair or something like that. And secondly even if Francis would have went along with it in the first place, Greta would have escalated at one point. As the relationship she wanted isn´t one with a grown up women and a mother, but with a little girl and her mother. One she can completly control. Dressing how she wants, doing activities she dictates and a room with teddy bears and dolls. Pointing to a situation where she alone has control and the other party is subversive to her or will get physical punishment. Just as she did with her own daughter. Greta would have at one point escalated no matter what Francis did. Because she never wanted a normal mother/daughter relationship.
Bored Prije mjesec
if this lady doesn't return it there must be one one that is too lonely, one that had time ,one that is so kind, one that's hurt, will. They return the bag , and then what happened? the role of mother played within greta, the music playing and scripted story telling make the lady who return the bag emotional and stayed with greta because only one that gets emotional will return the bag, after the woman founds out what's up and why is it so weird it will end just like any other dead body in the basement. bUT ... But if the opposite happened greta will live her live like any other mother in the world, the woman? will stick like a gum forever and ever
money bxndz
money bxndz Prije mjesec
what’s the outro song?
huhu play
huhu play Prije mjesec
nowadays, movie makes people afraid to do the right thing.......great job guys
aja brooks
aja brooks Prije mjesec
I woulda bucked that bitch
Rory Moran
Rory Moran Prije mjesec
please do an ending explained on the ending to his video.
Hello There
Hello There Prije mjesec
I went and watched the actual movie and it’s soooooo good
LittlePantherG Prije mjesec
Oh no not THE BOX.
Diamond swift
Diamond swift Prije mjesec
peachy Prije mjesec
Monkeiass had a greta ad before this Eek
JJ Prije mjesec
okay, but why leave the cupboard with the bags unlocked, i mean come on now !!!
Rizzo Grant
Rizzo Grant Prije 26 dana
Why put them there in the first place put em in the attic or something ffs Other than that I mostly really enjoyed the film👍
John Mark Pinter
John Mark Pinter Prije mjesec
Is this the same Greta from The Boy?
James Nguyen
James Nguyen Prije mjesec
This movie is just like the Steven king book and movie Missory
Aaron Henderson
Aaron Henderson Prije mjesec
Is that hannah from 13 reasons why
bukhrin Prije mjesec
Somebody call ICE on her!
Jepoy Poy
Jepoy Poy Prije mjesec
The name on the post it note in the bag is SAMANTHA BALE, not Stephanie
Right Gretas an old woman right? Why dosnt she just dropkick Greta? like shes a old woman, one dropkick break the old bags spine show the bags and the dead body boom problem solved
Lucy Clifford
Lucy Clifford Prije mjesec
nah imma just keep that handbag if i see it.
EnderBossGaming Prije mjesec
Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein, und das... Oh, not that Erika...
Bombah Deputta
Bombah Deputta Prije mjesec
Greta..... Another 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧 movie .....ive watched it already its a very big disappointment
Captain trash can S
Captain trash can S Prije mjesec
This is how I save money from having to go the theater
ben’s art
ben’s art Prije mjesec
I got an advert for greta on this
David Gregory
David Gregory Prije mjesec
Why didn’t Greta move the metronome after the first time it led to the secret room being found?
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Prije mjesec
Evey horror movie*Oh I think he's/she's unconscious. Better leave him/her just lying on the ground* Just tie him/her up
Malique Warren
Malique Warren Prije 2 dana
Take A hiko - Happens in nearly every horror/thriller and it pisses me off every time.
Take A hiko
Take A hiko Prije 12 dana
I hate when the main character just hits them once and just runs
Rizzo Grant
Rizzo Grant Prije 26 dana
Or... y'know... kill them.
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Prije mjesec
What is wrong with these people, Why can't they just tie or restrain the villain
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Prije mjesec
Why does no one restrain the Main protaganist
The Slavic Bear
The Slavic Bear Prije mjesec
*FoundFlix* : _"... titular..."_ *Me:* **giggles**
Kerri D
Kerri D Prije mjesec
Boston’s a big and unfriendly city just like nyc the protagonist is just an idiot
Christian Franklin
Christian Franklin Prije mjesec
so...strangers on a train with women?
Lol_me Prije mjesec
You gotta think OUTSIDE THE BOX
Robmoney 4life
Robmoney 4life Prije mjesec
Unless ur trapped inside the box
Lol_me Prije mjesec
Please please please do come back to me as an ending explained!
Le' cockaroacha Albeano
They made this movie out to be Greta as some super natural force.. she wasn't and this movie sucked. Sucked a ween.
Annisa Shaliha
Annisa Shaliha Prije mjesec
~goo goo bananas~
Sarah McCabe
Sarah McCabe Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who actually enjoyed the movie? Yes? Awww 😭
Rizzo Grant
Rizzo Grant Prije 26 dana
No I really liked it. I was pretty much on the edge of my seat the whole time haha. I always say, if the critics don't like it, give it a go to see what the fuss is about. You'll either get a great story or an hour or two of entertaining failure!
SerpentsOfTheVoid Prije mjesec
there should be an ending explained on what happened at the end
Edward Carnby
Edward Carnby Prije mjesec
7:46 "She decides the only way forward is to talk to Greta." ...Wait, what? Not gonna talk to the police? Not going to get a restraining order? Not gonna use the testimony of the various people at the restaurant who saw this woman freaking the Hell out as evidence that this human being shouldn't be out in society, much less around you? These writers are assholes, man.
Ciara !
Ciara ! Prije 21 dan
The restraining order was going to take over a year
Bethany Smithson
Bethany Smithson Prije 29 dana
Unfortunately she did all of those things and none of them worked. Oof.
Deborah Tabaranza
Deborah Tabaranza Prije mjesec
I've watched the movie last night and the police in the movie isn't really a big help at all. After Greta attacked her in the resto the police men were there and they got her but release her the day after she was prisoned.
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