H-MART KOREAN SUPERMARKET Taste Test! BEST & WORST Korean Grocery Market Foods

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Went to H mart Korean supermarket to try out some of the food items they had there. Went for fish cake noodle soup, kimchi, SPICY fried rice and other already made food items along with some frozen korean foods to find out which ones are the best!
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29. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 100
Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling Prije mjesec
Another reason Asians may be part vampire is that we don't seem to age 🤔
victor ramirez
victor ramirez Prije 6 sati
Nevemind that. I need that bowl. 🤣🤣🤣. Shoot the link
mochie812 Prije 4 dana
Are u related to Jacky Chan?
The angel of darkness
The angel of darkness Prije 12 dana
Maybe hopefully that 2% Asian in my will be nice and I'll look young forever since I'm so small
Marie Cordez
Marie Cordez Prije 13 dana
Naw theVinegar is like garlic asians love it lol ppl true
Lela A
Lela A Prije 16 dana
Strictly Dumpling I wish you can invite BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜🔥
Delani Neal
Delani Neal Prije 25 minuta
HRvid told me I never finished this one, I'm glad I came back. Also I wanna go to Hmart now. Hungry.
It'sme It'sme
It'sme It'sme Prije 2 sati
2:20 Yes Mike you’re HOT!😂
kacn99 Prije 2 sati
Please do a dumpling review from this store!
victor ramirez
victor ramirez Prije 6 sati
Where did you get the bowl?? I need one. 🤣🤣
Zech Merquise
Zech Merquise Prije 9 sati
9:00 I have the same exact rice cooker in the background!!!! Pink Cuckoo! And it’s fantastic!
Alex Orange
Alex Orange Prije 12 sati
I forgot to like coz I was so deep in the vid
Sheerpurple Prije 14 sati
The H Mart in this video is located where??
Lyric Nelson
Lyric Nelson Prije 14 sati
I really want you to come to New Zealand To taste our food
J C Prije 17 sati
Yum....sooo good!!
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed Prije 17 sati
Excellent work Micky please keep up the good work just a quick question regarding this vlog what is the name of the air fryer you are using please thanks
wiIdfIowcr Prije 18 sati
neeeed the dumpling episode! :P
Josue Mendez
Josue Mendez Prije 20 sati
I live minutes away from that Hmart.
Ory Day
Ory Day Prije 21 sat
Flying Pan 5:40
D J Archer
D J Archer Prije dan
I love the fact that you love korean food !!!!!!
Rifat Ahmed
Rifat Ahmed Prije dan
Damn in NYC we get one kimbap for the price of two where you live
Kimber raven Whalen
That comment about bats is so funny
Lucy Park
Lucy Park Prije dan
The best way to eat gimbap, for many Koreans, is to pair it with tteokbokki sauce. It takes gimbap to another level.
Lucy Park
Lucy Park Prije dan
- Tips for picking dumplings from a Korean When you go for dumplings in a K-mart, guys. Definitely go for the Bibigo ones. They're the real deal.
Buffy A
Buffy A Prije 2 dana
I found an h mart locally the other much good food!
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Prije 2 dana
So, do you have a cooking channel? Because I would love to see all these asian foods being made.
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Prije 2 dana
It seems like the united states is the only country that doesn't eat anything with blood in it. Well, maybe some places in the deep south.
Bandi Crawford
Bandi Crawford Prije 2 dana
That comment about bats and vampire Asians made me spit out my tea! This is why (even as a vegan) I can't get enough of this channel. I love your videos!
Emily Gilbey
Emily Gilbey Prije 2 dana
I love this. I never know where to start in an Asian supermaket! I'm definitely gonna get a hotpot cooker and some of those soups or hotpot sets!
clarrus12 Prije 2 dana
Michael Dixon
Michael Dixon Prije 2 dana
we don't get to H mart often but my mom goes overboard every time so like twice a year.
Write Away
Write Away Prije 2 dana
I love Korean foods. It's the best
Jrose Gaming
Jrose Gaming Prije 2 dana
Him and his hot oil usage reminds me of the two shots of vodka lady
studioskim3 Prije 2 dana
I introduced my mom to this channel... and she introduced me to this video, LOL!
I'mtheboss Prije 3 dana
15:55 hahahhaa what the pigs walk and gets all the flavor on its feet hahhaha cuuute
I'mtheboss Prije 3 dana
mike get a dog and make vedio together feed him what u eat lets see whats the reaction.. im just curious
I'mtheboss Prije 3 dana
ilove dogs i hope i have one.. make videos with him huhu...
Mia Phasay
Mia Phasay Prije 3 dana
Do 99 ranch market in Kent
Supo Akinleye
Supo Akinleye Prije 3 dana
Hmart in Wheaton is my go-to
Miriam Caro
Miriam Caro Prije 3 dana
H-Mart! I shop there every week for IndoMie onion flavored instant noodles, cheap(er) butter, fruit soju, and fresh veggies with the best prices in town. And fish I can't find anywhere else. And wonderful sweet buns and great bakery. We don't have as large a selection of kitchen products as you have, but we do have Shin Shin next door which is my favorite department store. In both places, the staff is wonderful and the prices are reasonable. I Love My Neighborhood! It also has a Boo Han market just across the road from H-Mart. and go just 20 miles up the road to Federal Way, there is the big Chinese market. I feel like I have been transported to East Asian culinary Heaven. 😋😛🍜🍲🍶🍱🥂
Ele Mark
Ele Mark Prije 4 dana
I’m Korean. I love my Korean food!!!
Robin’s Mojo
Robin’s Mojo Prije 4 dana
I don’t know how I got here but I am sure happy i came! My Haitian ass loves Hmart and I love Korean food 😋 thank you for sharing!
Christina West
Christina West Prije 4 dana
Omg !!!! Bats !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
wolfnaruts Prije 5 dana
You’ve been visiting the different market in Seattle, you should try going to Seafood city to experience Filipino supermarket!
thraellock Prije 5 dana
Oh I love H Mart, I used to live in Federal Way and I was like 10 minutes away from there. it was my jam. So much good stuff there. Getting Kalbi and good rice and vegatables. The presliced seafood for sushi. Heck yeah man. Also, Milkis is amazing.
Devon Christie
Devon Christie Prije 5 dana
I live near Portland, Oregon and this makes me wish I could drive up and go shopping with you.
SciaccaProductions Prije 5 dana
My mans daily grocery bill is probably bigger than my monthly grocery bill. Right on.
Sohyon Warner
Sohyon Warner Prije 5 dana
Nothing to do with your 8% Korean gene...Korean food is just really delicious
recycle363 Prije 5 dana
What is the song played at the beginning ?
Jared Whitaker
Jared Whitaker Prije 5 dana
Pig Trotter wasn't my favorite meal, but there was a small shop down the street from my apartment in Asan that specialized in it and It was my favorite place to walk by. Nearly the whole block smelled amazing!
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Prije 5 dana
Bro I want this in my life endless money just to eat whatever I want everyday
BornOfChaosAndOrder Prije 5 dana
To this day, I still don't know how Mike can put down that much food...
iMolika Men-Thlang
iMolika Men-Thlang Prije 6 dana
I applaud Mike for eating with jeans on. I’d be in my thanksgiving pants. 😂🤣
Sandy Tsui
Sandy Tsui Prije 6 dana
Hi may i asked which location is this hmart at? It is huge. The h mart i go to in NYC are pretty standard supermarket size.
Lou Dario Orawetz
Lou Dario Orawetz Prije 6 dana
You know its good when he is taking a step back
ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ
ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ Prije 6 dana
You make me want to eat Korean food. Gonna have to try it. Thanks for the review.❤️
nicolelis Prije 6 dana
H mart is fantastic
Elysia Tan
Elysia Tan Prije 6 dana
I love the fire noodles but I’ve never had their fried rice. It looks good!! They have dumplings too, but I’m not a fan of those. The meat inside is not the best
ursus_canis Prije 6 dana
Hmart always has the best produce, i swear. Since i don't have a car, my friend gives me a ride and we make a whole expedition out of it
Dat Le
Dat Le Prije 6 dana
Love you chest
Jacky Ngo
Jacky Ngo Prije 6 dana
Tbh I wish they have H mart in Canada except we don't really have a Korean influence so I don't think one will come anytime soon
tired MT
tired MT Prije 7 dana
Pickled garlic- can it every year- holler if want some. thx for your great channe
cshum04 Prije 7 dana
Flying pan...
Karen Wingfield
Karen Wingfield Prije 7 dana
H Mart is my happy place too! We lived in Korea in 2012 to 2014. When I get "Korea-sick" (instead of homesick), I go to HMart!
Dalton Fury
Dalton Fury Prije 7 dana
Man I'm digging the videos but the music has got to go. That stuff is worse than christian-rock.
Janelica Marcos
Janelica Marcos Prije 7 dana
Yakult is not korean
Anis Madihah Maznan
Anis Madihah Maznan Prije 7 dana
Mikey's every video is 3 or 4 videos of other youtubers. I just amazed of the quality & his vibe every time i watch his video. Worth every second
Angelina Cruz
Angelina Cruz Prije 8 dana
It looks like a regular supermarket. 😊😊☺☺
deadly lust3040!
deadly lust3040! Prije 8 dana
Man I need to be taught by this master
Stace D
Stace D Prije 8 dana
H Mart is such an important part of my life. Like a family member
John Glenn
John Glenn Prije 8 dana
“I’ve been eating pig ears since I was a kid. That’s why I have great hearing!” Lmao!!!!!
Shannon Anderson
Shannon Anderson Prije 8 dana
Hubby and I love that store. We slways find interesting things there. We also shop at the 99 Ranch market in Shoreline, and a small Vietnamese store in Everett.
Phelan Christopher
Phelan Christopher Prije 8 dana
I wish I wasn't as picky about what I eat cuz I'd love to try all of this.
Rosemary Oberholtzer
I'm glad and sad that I don't live closer to a Korean market. I seriously miss the food but my budget says thank you. The last time I went I spent $80 on snacks alone. 😂
Rings Circles
Rings Circles Prije 8 dana
how much did you spend?
Rhiannon Clarke
Rhiannon Clarke Prije 8 dana
Asian foods and culture makes me sad to be white ngl... I wish I could’ve been raised more on this glorious authentic food
nidhogg68 Prije 9 dana
hey my dad works at the malri hyang that showed up in the beginning
Ainovaj Uaeteil
Ainovaj Uaeteil Prije 9 dana
I've gone to the HMart in Houston and it is my new favorite grocery store. Problem is, I live in Louisiana. Lol
Bettie Neal
Bettie Neal Prije 9 dana
I think that for those of us who have never had the honor of physically going to South Korea, the prepared foods at H-Mart or Assi Plaza are fantastic. I haven't been to H-Mart yet because it's is a bad part of town but Assi Plaza is pretty much the same thing. I'll have to keep an eye out for the corn dogs though.
Camille LeSage
Camille LeSage Prije 9 dana
Daaang. This HMart is much more impressive than the one in my town.
Micah Hegland
Micah Hegland Prije 9 dana
Nicolette B
Nicolette B Prije 9 dana
We have Zion market here in San Diego - love it! I can't help but love the instant porridge 😋
issi Prije 9 dana
He eatin good.
GKXPress Prije 9 dana
Mike: *picks up a leg* "ITS LIKE A PTERODACTYL WING" XD
Lejon Brames
Lejon Brames Prije 9 dana
"JuSt A HINT of H0T 0IL"
Kris Camille Bodiongan
I love Korean food! Melona and Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich Matcha are my favorites! ♥️♥️♥️
강한빛 Prije 9 dana
Is this in Hawaii?
Silverpiano Prije 10 dana
Korean kimbap is meant to be eaten without sauce :D but sometimes people dip it in tteokbokki sauce.
Stephanie Spinner
Stephanie Spinner Prije 10 dana
I love watching the supermarket ones it helps me for when I go! I’m always clueless and don’t eat meat so I struggle!
Linda Gilbraith
Linda Gilbraith Prije 10 dana
I love that he thinks a tiny "hint" of hot oil is three spoonfuls!
Rose Jurkowski
Rose Jurkowski Prije 10 dana
This guy's great, I'm laughing my ass off.
Nanda Mendez
Nanda Mendez Prije 10 dana
This H-Mart is so much bigger than the one in Boston 😭😭😭
Dave A
Dave A Prije 10 dana
One NEVER sees a stray dog or cat around an H-Mart.
jean Prije 10 dana
I miss H-Mart!
jean Prije 10 dana
Korean fried chicken - go hit 9 Delicacies in Everett. It’s yum!
Rachel Jacob
Rachel Jacob Prije 10 dana
Need a H-Mart, Ranch 99 or Jusgo Frozen Dumpling Face Off!
Armina vivian Sonnie
Armina vivian Sonnie Prije 10 dana
U R funny
langtoronto Prije 10 dana
You need to marry a Korean gal...
Lysu Loves
Lysu Loves Prije 10 dana
I love H Mart!! That’s my happy place too lol
Junell C
Junell C Prije 11 dana
I’m having HMART withdrawals, I haven’t gone since March😥
Joe Dankowski
Joe Dankowski Prije 11 dana
This what I miss most about my office closing, the H Mart a couple blocks away.
EX S Prije 11 dana
5:50 Electric FLYING Pan Hahahahahahahaha
Jeremy A
Jeremy A Prije 11 dana
"You could say I have a foot fetish, you wouldn't be wrong" I'm dead...
Mimi Kviat
Mimi Kviat Prije 11 dana
The packaging for the Bertha said Flying pan 😂
Manjula Kamath
Manjula Kamath Prije 11 dana
I always think of that episode in Shinchan in which they had to finish huge bowls of Ramen and they'd have it for free and they just blow up in size and can't move.
MissSmiLes67 Prije 12 dana
I'm surprised they let you film at H-Mart. The one near me has no camera signs at the store, lol.
Sahar Siddiqi
Sahar Siddiqi Prije 12 dana
Love our hmart, but it's not nearly as nice as yours (wish they sold that fish cake soup!)