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Michele Morrone - Hard For Me (Lyrics) 🎵
Lyrics video for "Hard For Me" by Michele Morrone
Debut album "Dark Room" available here:
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🎤 Lyrics: Michele Morrone - Hard For Me
You keep telling me that I am free to go
But I am addicted to you
It's a lie
It's a lie
It's a lie
When I'm not here, you're alone
Can you walk by your own?
Don't you lie
Don't you lie
Don't you lie
And I think you should know
That I won't let it go
It was like a million times
I'm singing a lullaby
And I think you should know
That I won't let it go
I thought that it was enough
But I don't wanna say goodbye
And I think you should know
It was hard to say
Every minute that we spent together
Doesn't matter for you
It's a lie
It's a lie
You're a liar
Every time you wanna walk the door
I don't blame you
I don't blame you
And I think you should know
That I won't let it go
It was like a million times
I'm singing a lullaby
And I think you should know
That I won't let it go
I thought that it was enough
But I don't wanna say goodbye
And I think you should know
And I think you should know
Hard for me
Hard for me
It was hard for me
Hard for me
Hard for me
It was hard for me
Hard for me
Hard for me
Yeah it's hard for me
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ishrat jahan
ishrat jahan Prije 9 sati
wow nice song
Aye sha
Aye sha Prije 22 sati
He can sing, dance , act, what in industry he can't do
Pearl Marie Alera
Ahhhh I'm so really obsessed with this guy, I can't stop smiling and my heart is like going to explode😍😍😍
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Jane W Prije dan
I mean admin 🤣
Love youuuu💕❤️👏🏼👏🏼
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A beautifull song
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bro I'm crying too much, 😭.
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This is so useful thanks!
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0:47 😂❤
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Ari Rose Prije 11 dana
My boyfriend has been ignoribg me for about a month.... I've just been non-stop listening to his music
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Mohamed My love I hope you see this and just know you are my everyday heart beat 😍 I love you forever
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My massamo
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Ugly and the best way for Don 't
Jose Duarte
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Do you think you should know about the new York City new Zealand and
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Namita Mullick Prije 15 dana
Great voice and song!
Seonyeonhoes Prije 15 dana
*ArE yOu LoSt bAbY gOrL😏😏*
Emeline Artison
Emeline Artison Prije 17 dana
Beautiful 😭😍😍
Isabela Cotote
Isabela Cotote Prije 17 dana
I listened to this song and fell in love with it, but I did not know the singer until I saw in the film 365 dni
itz wõlfie
itz wõlfie Prije 18 dana
Why does it sound like "when I'm not here, you're aLoRnE-"
Sandra Ives
Sandra Ives Prije 19 dana
Yes please.... I love this song
Shanthi K Kannangara
Shanthi K Kannangara Prije 19 dana
Pls be with future wife. Don't mess up you life.Be good person. Good luck.
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I love u Sara 💖 u are the best thing that has ever happened to meeeeeeeeeeee
Toni Pain
Toni Pain Prije 22 dana
Proof love is blind😍
Chelsia Jong
Chelsia Jong Prije 23 dana
I think he sing for his ex wife ..
sam m
sam m Prije 25 dana
Are you lost baby girl..? 🖤
Aji Putri
Aji Putri Prije 25 dana
Fav song🥰
مــريــم مــحـمــد
Sandra Xxxx
Sandra Xxxx Prije mjesec
lil chubbyz
lil chubbyz Prije mjesec
It's so sad that his love of his life died in the end when she was pregnant 💔💔
DITI BURMAN Prije 25 dana
Where can you read the book??
DITI BURMAN Prije 25 dana
@Doha Doha Where did you read the book??
Doha Doha
Doha Doha Prije 29 dana
@lil chubbyz no they acted like she died but if they release the 2nd one you can see that she didn't
lil chubbyz
lil chubbyz Prije 29 dana
@Doha Doha oh thx for telling me my mom said she died
Doha Doha
Doha Doha Prije 29 dana
@lil chubbyz no if you read the books she got kidnapped by another men
livia santos
livia santos Prije mjesec
Alguém do Brasil que ama esse homem? 💕✨
Siren Phantom
Siren Phantom Prije mjesec
Movie was trash that needs to burn... this song, however, is fire and I love it.
Marvi Bandral
Marvi Bandral Prije mjesec
Just a beautiful song n a sexy guy ooo damm cool💕
Juju Lopez
Juju Lopez Prije mjesec
I freaking love him😍😍😍😍
Michele Morrone
Michele Morrone Prije dan
Hi greetings
Federica Persichini
Federica Persichini Prije mjesec
His voice looks like Stash of the kolors’ voice... it’s an italian band😅
tanima putul islam
tanima putul islam Prije mjesec
Oops amazing lyrics n voice😍
grace arsenio
grace arsenio Prije mjesec
Merry me massimo😘😘
Jaxon Parr
Jaxon Parr Prije mjesec
365 days
Anush Ka
Anush Ka Prije mjesec
He had me at "Are you lost Babygirl ?"
Bassam Almanaseer
Bassam Almanaseer Prije mjesec
365 brought me here , who feel lost with such kind of this song 🥺 2020 please that’s enough. ❤️
Priyanka Prije mjesec
aRe yOu lOsT bAbYgOrL?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Prije mjesec
Sounds like a mix of Enrique Iglesias and James Arthur
Danaz Mousa
Danaz Mousa Prije 4 dana
Yeah you right 👍🏻
Aline Santos
Aline Santos Prije mjesec
margo venkateswaran
margo venkateswaran Prije mjesec
is this on top 40 it should be
Veronica Wang
Veronica Wang Prije mjesec
How come he’s so perfect
Michele Morrone
Michele Morrone Prije dan
Hi greetings
Shajeda Ahmed
Shajeda Ahmed Prije mjesec
Who is here from " are you lost babygirl?" ?????
Luna Noury
Luna Noury Prije mjesec
365 dni 🥺❤️
Melissa Wells
Melissa Wells Prije mjesec
I am listening from New Brunswick Canada
mikhail shaheed auto
Can you tell how to give credit to non copyright music and dont get demonatize
meryem's journey
meryem's journey Prije mjesec
That man it's paradise 🥰🥰
Tamara Valentin
Tamara Valentin Prije mjesec
Whoever gave the thumbs down does not know music and talent..
Suzanne Bawden
Suzanne Bawden Prije mjesec
Are you lost baby girl
HuNG Prije mjesec
the production *chef kiss*
lxna.edits. Prije mjesec
„Hast du dich verlaufen kleines?“
Fiamma Sosa
Fiamma Sosa Prije mjesec
This song is for his wife
Félix Martin
Félix Martin Prije mjesec
Maaan I just think of that one girl so often, but she told me to not talk with her again and when she post something about being sad I just want to talk to her and sometimes I feel like she is sending me message through these and she was quoting this song and I found myself here.. Wondering if she is talking to me or not, wondering if it would be a great thing to text her back. Its like this song of macklemore : these days... Sometimes I write a paragraph but then I delete the message.. Sorry if this text is messed up but I let my emotions flow and hoping someone is feeling that way too..
kaylee dawn
kaylee dawn Prije mjesec
This is s really pretty song i love it so much 💙💜
Jonalyn Española
Jonalyn Española Prije mjesec
I'm gonna make a cover of it 😍🤭
Cruse Brown
Cruse Brown Prije mjesec
365 days 🤷‍♂️👌
200_Percent_Coma Prije mjesec
Thought it was Lewis Capaldi who sang this at first.
Diana Araújo
Diana Araújo Prije mjesec
Everyone: you can’t hear comments! Me: Are you lost baby girl ?
Hiba Oufkir
Hiba Oufkir Prije mjesec
Are u lost baby girl ? ( masimo ) No one : Not even a single soul : Masimo : are u lost baby girl
Oufkir ilham
Oufkir ilham Prije mjesec
wtf we have the same last name hahahaha
Oufkir ilham
Oufkir ilham Prije mjesec
Jahan Nijhum
Jahan Nijhum Prije mjesec
He is so so soooo hot n sexy. Can't take off my eyes from him 😍
Angela Reid
Angela Reid Prije mjesec
I personally loved the are you lost baby girl I have soooo fell in LOVE with him soooo gorgeous 😍😍 loved loved loved this movie and sound track
elyan asad
elyan asad Prije mjesec
if u really find this guy hot u have dady issues and he is trying way to hard :/
Gabriela Prije mjesec
Something related to your comment... am I the only one who feels like his voice sounds like he is constipated?
Ben Gomes
Ben Gomes Prije mjesec
ArE LoSt BaBy GoRl
jasmine lucchetta
jasmine lucchetta Prije mjesec
cutiesxbabies Prije mjesec
Vrann Ponteras
Vrann Ponteras Prije mjesec
One of my favorite song of you ❤️ 😊
Vrann Ponteras
Vrann Ponteras Prije mjesec
I really love your voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️ sounds good 🥰
Týnuš_ka 122
Týnuš_ka 122 Prije mjesec
Hayley Green
Hayley Green Prije mjesec
All I can think of is the boat scene 🔥🔥😍🤤🤤🤤so hot OMG🥵
Pit Boss
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Emma bl
Emma bl Prije mjesec
Is any daddy here I'm lost 😭😭😭😭
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Hot and joss🤗🌹
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Mverona Dimalanta Prije mjesec
Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤️
Tricia Hatfield
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Damn he's sexy!
אודל שמואל
אודל שמואל Prije mjesec
Loveeeee ♥️
Mel B.
Mel B. Prije mjesec
Wooow, what a beautiful voice and what a hot guy 😍😍😍
Michele Morrone
Michele Morrone Prije dan
Hi greetings
Esmanur Memmedova
Esmanur Memmedova Prije mjesec
Sophian Pudin
Sophian Pudin Prije mjesec
Love you
Apolo Prije mjesec
Part 2 is on 2022 laura said in an interview, we need to wait because they can't shoot with this pandimic.
Nur Raihan Rahim
Nur Raihan Rahim Prije mjesec
If im not mistaken, part 2 will be release on 2021 isn't?
sarah wright
sarah wright Prije mjesec
Gonna cry
Husna Karimzada
Husna Karimzada Prije mjesec
Ohhh 2022 to Long
Abigail Jordan
Abigail Jordan Prije mjesec
Oops i had no idea its sung by the man i had recently fell for..😍😘
Seri O. Salee
Seri O. Salee Prije mjesec
Mónika Veronika Lénárt
Nicole Heers
Nicole Heers Prije mjesec
From Australia, amazing love torn love will always remain deep in my soul. Felt that.
Regina Kruse
Regina Kruse Prije 2 mjeseci
I love your sexy Voice Miki 🎼🎤❤️ 😍😘
Lili Castro
Lili Castro Prije 2 mjeseci
Saudações 🇧🇷👏 extraordinário
Grace Sanchez
Grace Sanchez Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi there from Malaysia 🖐️.. The lyrics the word hit me so hard..
Jojo Chupuo
Jojo Chupuo Prije 2 mjeseci
maimuna akter
maimuna akter Prije 2 mjeseci
I think this song from Michele for his ex wife
Angela Parisa
Angela Parisa Prije 2 mjeseci
Fav still now ❤️
Andrea Hortelano
Andrea Hortelano Prije 2 mjeseci
he reminds me of a wattpad character. He's hot, and also he has a nice voice❤️❤️❤️
Suga Swaeg
Suga Swaeg Prije mjesec
His voice sounds like Jacob Buenaventura or Wade Rivas
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman Prije 2 mjeseci
My Goddddd ❤
kim yuri
kim yuri Prije 2 mjeseci
Are u lost babygirl?🔥
Erica Douglas
Erica Douglas Prije 2 mjeseci
Are you lost babygirl?😂🎶
Renish George
Renish George Prije 2 mjeseci
Omfg he iss damn hot 😍😂#365 days+ he is sings nice
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