Here's a Tour of a $200,000 Custom Mercedes Sprinter Van

Doug DeMuro
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This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been customized into a luxury van, listed for $200,000. Today I'm reviewing this Sprinter and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of an ultra-luxury van, then I'm going to drive this executive Mercedes Sprinter.
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11. Lip 2019.



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Komentari 6 435
ctafolla Prije 3 sati
This sprinter looks beautiful .I don’t get why people are talking smack about it.I get that it is expensive but I can’t imagine how much effort it took to build this.
Gus P
Gus P Prije 3 sati
Doug demuro looks like a serial killer
Calvin Wu
Calvin Wu Prije 6 sati
the star light costs 40$ in china lmao
NoName Network
NoName Network Prije 13 sati
I drive for Amazon and we use these is the one word I would use to describe them
the.abhiram.r Prije dan
thas a dog bed alright a female dog bed 👉😎👉
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein Prije 2 dana
Pffft. A stock Mercedes Sprinter has almost 20 seats.
john K
john K Prije 2 dana
This video should be 10mins shorter.
RONALD HAZLEY Prije 3 dana
Basically paying 200k for 65k BTU.
J Vincent
J Vincent Prije 3 dana
Conversion vans...I don't care if they're Benz's or Chevy's...are f**king worthless junk.
Brunt Chieftain
Brunt Chieftain Prije 4 dana
Obviously we wouldn't be committing tax fraud with the partition down
hosank Prije 4 dana
#Vanlife brrroooooooo
Marta W
Marta W Prije 5 dana
Lead has too talking and too artificial sales chat. Tedious even when Don gets inside it is still tedious.
james Brittain
james Brittain Prije 7 dana
It's the mullet of Vans business in the front party in the back
Christobal Zanzibar
Christobal Zanzibar Prije 7 dana
Sick prom limo
Mazda 787B
Mazda 787B Prije 8 dana
CNC: Doug, are you sure you want to review that? We have more fast- Doug: *_VAN._*
BIGBOYKDOG Prije 8 dana
8 seats? I see 6.
Giorgos Papadopoulos
No bed with water mattress? Not interested!
halfdan Bartholemew
halfdan Bartholemew Prije 8 dana
Mercs are junk. Expensive and unreliable.
Kenroy Shaw
Kenroy Shaw Prije 9 dana
20:50 Doug checks rear view mirror..... instantly getting no results of visibility. Good driving habits though Doug !!👏
knaugde Prije 9 dana
American inside German outside. I think maybe Mercedes has a more stylish one I their program.
NAWW Prije 10 dana
9:17 really you spend 200k and they can’t even get you a PC with 19 9900k and RTX 2080 TI in SLI? Disappointing
Danny Klaas
Danny Klaas Prije 10 dana
drop the rakes on em #die6
A String
A String Prije 10 dana
Wish Mercedes would put a real diesel in their van.
Ryan clr
Ryan clr Prije 11 dana
*Imagine 200 Iphone X in just 1 van*
Mike Benz
Mike Benz Prije 11 dana
Всё просто супер!
Fakhrul Alam
Fakhrul Alam Prije 11 dana
I would say this is better than a tour bus
spartalives Prije 11 dana
That’s can is stupid, not in the good way.
Pete Beatminister
Pete Beatminister Prije 11 dana
Thank god for the heated seats - could get a bit chilly with that monster A/C in there... :) Btw., Mercedes Vans have the filler cap in this place since about 40 years or so, and I never had a problem with it.
N2M2 Z
N2M2 Z Prije 11 dana
SAMSUNG and Apple TV haha UNiTY
Tyler Barker
Tyler Barker Prije 12 dana
I’d pick this over a house that can’t go anywhere
nazirdjon Prije 12 dana
Cheapest sprinter loaded with cheap electronics for silly drug dealer partiers
Spencer Miller
Spencer Miller Prije 12 dana
take a shot every time Doug days "as you're driving down the road"
leo bee
leo bee Prije 12 dana
Doug is the kind of guy who wants to be Jeremy Clarkson,, a knob wanting to be a bigger knob
Jonathan Graves
Jonathan Graves Prije 13 dana
A “backseat” you actually look comfortable in.
Jim Da
Jim Da Prije 13 dana
Doug the kind of guy who floors the gas pedal and won't shut up so we can hear the motor. Doug you drive me crazy with that, especially when it's a sports car.
TONEakaSHOW Prije 13 dana
Feels like a limo from the 80s heading to studio 54.... Surprised there's no water bed and velvet trim smh mercedes, huge fail
lukas villar
lukas villar Prije 13 dana
Doug is the type of guy that buy a 200,000 Mercedes van for daily drive.
Bodhi KING
Bodhi KING Prije 13 dana
The bed is for for fucking 😂😂
usernamesSux9 Prije 14 dana
Dude.....please learn how to dress like like a man, and not like a 4 year child
pyramid architect
pyramid architect Prije 14 dana
This was awful this Mercedes sprinter is a glorified Chevy Astro Van the AC was the only thing that was truly impressive..!!!! 😭😂
ala ska
ala ska Prije 14 dana
Makes a 2020 Corvette seem like even more of a bargain. Can stay in great hotels for a longgggg time for the 120K left over.
Ørangey Prije 14 dana
Would've been better off withour those cheap ass LED lights.
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia Prije 15 dana
CNC Motors is like 7 minutes away from my house, damn
Leo Ravs
Leo Ravs Prije 15 dana
Why even have a rear view mirror 😂
Challenging YouTube
Challenging YouTube Prije 15 dana
Do you ever realize how Doug never actually gives the cars a “Doug score”?
PM Cuber
PM Cuber Prije 15 dana
8:36 what
Frederick Janta-Lipinski
How many times did he say and ??😂😂
Noa Williams
Noa Williams Prije 16 dana
No offense but that van looks like it’s worth like 40k
Alexandru Hasegan
Alexandru Hasegan Prije 16 dana
I'm wondering what will happen with the Mercedes logo if you will try to close first the right door from the back
Izzuddin Shmn
Izzuddin Shmn Prije 16 dana
I see ford raptor in 10:08
A Cabsalt
A Cabsalt Prije 16 dana
i mean come on, all the LED are not that expensive at this time, so what is that special about this`?
E p i c
E p i c Prije 17 dana
Now this is the van i’d like to get abducted on
My name is WHAT
My name is WHAT Prije 18 dana
The 2.2K dislikes are fake accounts from Tyler Hoover
Nick Bassett
Nick Bassett Prije 19 dana
$200,000 and they couldn't mount the cutoff switch?! Just leave it dangling by the cable?!
Project 1 Watcher
Project 1 Watcher Prije 19 dana
I can do that thing in Ukraine for maximum 20k dollars
Tyler Does stuff
Tyler Does stuff Prije 19 dana
My mom has this van
Baixista Solitário
Baixista Solitário Prije 20 dana
Shitty car
the.abhiram.r Prije 21 dan
there's better button alignment on my 2006 toyota camry
the.abhiram.r Prije 21 dan
doug is the type of guy to make a dougscore but not know what it means
msi Prije 21 dan
there is black light but its purple and not black
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