Here's a Tour of a $200,000 Custom Mercedes Sprinter Van

Doug DeMuro
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This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been customized into a luxury van, listed for $200,000. Today I'm reviewing this Sprinter and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of an ultra-luxury van, then I'm going to drive this executive Mercedes Sprinter.
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11. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 5 886
Toe Cruncher
Toe Cruncher Prije 3 sati
I don’t know what’s gonna come more earlier for this guy. Puberty or his parents
SMT 1228
SMT 1228 Prije 5 sati
Who Would play Fortnite in the back of that Sprinter?
ITX Official
ITX Official Prije 6 sati
This episode reminds me of the good old "Pimp My Ride" days ;)
North Ayase
North Ayase Prije 8 sati
So Doug is 6'4 & his head touches the ceiling, making the inside of the van 6'4, so if someone were to own one of these they would be able to say... "Cruisin' down the street in my six four".
Promotions Only
Promotions Only Prije 12 sati
What fucking idiot mentions black light then doesn’t choose the option? The Doug idiot.
Ultimate Prije 13 sati
Tobey Prije 17 sati
haha waited for doug to skip the driving xD I mean who ever buys that does not drive it anyway xD but well I guess with out the driving there could not be a dougscore
M433 DH6
M433 DH6 Prije 23 sati
Doug, please do a GMC motorhome
Mith playz
Mith playz Prije dan
( A N D )
LordChameleon Prije dan
Doug the type of guy to flip the "No Fun" switch for passengers making "Doug the type of guy jokes"
Abdullah Ashour
Abdullah Ashour Prije dan
This is the best van because it has a playstation only
Nick Silva
Nick Silva Prije dan
Anyone else notice the classic mini convertible?
John Goubran
John Goubran Prije dan
You are rich
Raymond Lee
Raymond Lee Prije dan
Bonkers bed?
coolness 8123
coolness 8123 Prije dan
Is it just me or did the trunk get bigger and smaller when he got closer and further away
Infinite Flight Channel
I thought it said Dover on your tshirt
Luke Prije dan
Doug, I drive those everyday and fuel them up with no problems.
*-ElektroGamerTR-* Prije 2 dana
hold my beer, we have 2 maybach s650 's
Boi Beaner
Boi Beaner Prije 2 dana
Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Daddy Doug warrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!
mjotrainbrain Prije 2 dana
Why are y'all liking this video, a man died! 😭😭😭 RIP Tyler Hoover
LemonGameshark Prije 2 dana
Absolute waste of 200K
Vincent Finkel
Vincent Finkel Prije 2 dana
The Tech inside looks cheap😒
civicturbo2009 Prije 2 dana
For everyone posting that this thing isn't worth 200k, and is full of fleeBay/Alibaba parts, I agree. It's build by the coach builder to be a party van (single night rentals) not a "executive vehicle" owned by one individual who wants quality and luxury, if it was it wold be run by a Crestron or AMX automation system, same as the owners luxury mansion.
Сергей Краев
Похоже парни из Бердычева неплохо устроились в Америке!)
SavageKiller224 Gaming
2:30 I thought he was sitting on a toilet LOL
Dakota Averill
Dakota Averill Prije 2 dana
nice dig on hoovie at 9:00
yogibearstie Prije 2 dana
Just don’t turn on the black lights and look at the bed.
jdl 96
jdl 96 Prije 2 dana
The van of rich Indian and Muslim families
Dane T
Dane T Prije 3 dana
Lost me on this one bud. Nothings special about than van except the price tag. I've seen 70s vans with more bells and whistles.
Alec Hodgson
Alec Hodgson Prije 3 dana
goenøtter Prije 3 dana
Doug the type of guy to get blown away by a fucking van
Hawthorne Jayne
Hawthorne Jayne Prije 3 dana
I would make a trip van out of one of these that had a mini fridge. small bed just enough to stretch out to sleep. I would then have some dimmable led lights with some fair air conditioning and heating. And a fairly comfy seat in the back with a front pull out table big enough for up to a 17 inch laptop with a couple inches on the sides. I would deal with the storage part of it by having built in drawers under the bed so the bed would end up being somewhat tall. This would not be to live in but to do some light traveling and not need to find a hotel everywhere I went. However, 200 grand for something that doesn’t really have that much functionality wouldn’t really be very high on my list. That’s a rich person thing lol. I wouldn’t even need speakers built into the back just a decent Bluetooth speaker I could put somewhere to enjoy a movie on laptop. Side note you can also get wireless internet routers if you really wanted to go that far.
Mr Gonzalez
Mr Gonzalez Prije 3 dana
Whoever customed the van made big profit
Gavin Lewis
Gavin Lewis Prije 3 dana
Doug got paid for this review, for sure....
Kris Menon
Kris Menon Prije 3 dana
This is crap for 200k
Adverse Aries
Adverse Aries Prije 3 dana
What a waste. Should have camperized it.
Damian Austin
Damian Austin Prije 3 dana
You can spend $200K but you can't buy taste
kiddyip Prije 3 dana
It seems very cheap made......
Vlad Yakimov
Vlad Yakimov Prije 3 dana
200k really? This bus from 90ten only for party no more -look on Russiaan vip bus on European vip bus ! On Ucrain vip Bus !
Dan Vizcar
Dan Vizcar Prije 3 dana
200k They couldn't upgrade to to a ps4 pro?
wadez1000 Prije 4 dana
The fuel door is normal in Europe.
Cameron White
Cameron White Prije 4 dana
0:39 really the only thing i'm interested in is the Bel Air 9:18 Damn me and this guy I talk to would buy this van just for one little thing
Ewan Finch
Ewan Finch Prije 4 dana
You could jack off in the back of the van with the partition up Y E S . . . PERFECTT
Alhassan Seidu
Alhassan Seidu Prije 4 dana
Nice van
reno salvo
reno salvo Prije 4 dana
OMG The interior ambiance of this van is totally off-putting, the use of space, the layout, the color, the lightning, the surrounding view, the furniture placement, the overall design, everything just felt wrong & induce uncomfortable feeling, definitely not a place I want to be in.
Invader Prije 4 dana
10:38 Doug, that's a party bus. Aint no dogs or children sleeping in that bed. 😉
Lexor888 Prije 4 dana
I'm slightly disappointed he didn't try the black light, I highly suspect half of the interior would "light up" immediately 🤢
Alex Revega
Alex Revega Prije 4 dana
the price is wrong Doug. It's like 170.000.
Aidan Mountain
Aidan Mountain Prije 4 dana
Damn why you gotta do my man hoovie like that😤😤
Damien Lindquist
Damien Lindquist Prije 4 dana
How tf can you have a black light?
S M Prije 4 dana
Why I’m not impressed
The_Doctors_Tardis Prije 4 dana
That bed is totally not for sleeping.
Ayush A.
Ayush A. Prije 4 dana
Sorry to say Doug, for the first time in your channel.... That "car" isn't worth the price. Not at all $200k.. its more like $80-100k
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Prije 2 dana
Ayush A. Id never in a million years pay 100k for a van with 5$ chinese rgb kit, tv, seats, ac and playstation
kendrid Prije 4 dana
"Curtains that stay where you want." Those are $100 Home Depot Bali blinds.
Brian Salomon
Brian Salomon Prije 4 dana
How can you justify spending 23 minutes describing a van? Do it in 10 minutes or less and go for a cup of coffee
Jonathan Sefcik
Jonathan Sefcik Prije 4 dana
You must be new to this channel.
Tyler Tucker
Tyler Tucker Prije 5 dana
Don’t play like you didn’t see that Bronco II back there 🧐 review that please? 🙏
Simone Doolittle
Simone Doolittle Prije 5 dana
I wish I have that van 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Sufan Gaming star
Sufan Gaming star Prije 5 dana
Do review on toyota camry 2019 ,,,,,,plzzzzzzzzz
Nicolás Vecinos
Nicolás Vecinos Prije 5 dana
“Tttthhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss is a.....”
Jean-Marc Feldman
Jean-Marc Feldman Prije 5 dana
Flicks the buzz kill switch
GodBlesstheUSA Prije 5 dana
lol at 8:30...
Josh Gray
Josh Gray Prije 5 dana
Delta Ruin
Delta Ruin Prije 5 dana
Doug the type of guy who thinks he really saved 97% on wish.
Damsa The Rock Gabriel
Finnaly a car biger then him :))
FamilyWinn Prije 5 dana
Sprinter is a leftover from when Mercedes and Chrysler were merged. It is a piece of junk no matter how many champagne bottles you put in the back.
Burned Aura
Burned Aura Prije dan
tbh you cant trash a vehicle if you never owned it. My family owned the previous generation sprinter as work vans. These vans have reliably been used to haul passengers and products. Not to mention these were used by police forces all over the world which is a high standard. Even though its by Chrysler and MB, it is a really quality product. Idk about this 200k scam tho
Momentos graciosos de Fortnite
Musclerocker Prije 5 dana
Can you do a 2004 Ford Focus svt
Hamilton Dashcammer
Hamilton Dashcammer Prije 6 dana
I can't wait to watch all the porn that's going to be filmed in there!
The Truth
The Truth Prije 6 dana
These are nice. Had the pleasure to ride in one. Worth every penny
colla 555
colla 555 Prije 6 dana
Well, that's a DHL parcel van, so that's why it doesn't handle like a sports car.
Whayo AjRed YT
Whayo AjRed YT Prije 6 dana
0:37 why couldn't u review the bel air?
Jacob Gallagher
Jacob Gallagher Prije 6 dana
You pay 200,000 and get a ps4 instead of an Xbox.
Flyingwire Prije 6 dana
Doug, review Bristol Blenheim if you get a chance
windwhisper Prije 6 dana
Might as well buy the basic sprinter van and do the upgrades yourself. Pay 20-30k if that and get everything + more
Янка Яснанебец
✨ America - rich country. There love to decorate the cars. - 🚗
kasparpl1993 Prije 6 dana
toilet lack a problem is.
Life of Po
Life of Po Prije 6 dana
Doug the type of guy to drink champagne on the way to Walmart
Ihtesham Khan
Ihtesham Khan Prije 6 dana
Doug, the type of DeMuro to recommend quality HRvid videos
Hans Prije 6 dana
Perfect white van for pedos, kids can’t resist this sick ride
John G.
John G. Prije 6 dana
that remote for the starlight headliner is the exact same as what I got w/cheap LED color changing lights.
Daniel Prije 6 dana
Where am I supposed to pee when I have the partition up making poor decisions?! Just open the slider while I’m in Walmart parking lot??
Sylver Syrfer
Sylver Syrfer Prije 6 dana
Doug’s Hoovie dis :/ Hey Doug, with friends like you...What an assh**e
TheAangzoe Prije 6 dana
Man I would go crazy in that back seat, shit turns into a bed, that's what I call the backseat of my car when I'm clapping cheeks
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy Prije 6 dana
Marco Castellani
Marco Castellani Prije 6 dana
11:17 equal spacing and perfect alignment of the buttons will be an extra $10k
Jury Lu
Jury Lu Prije 6 dana
CNC motors, how much cars do you want to score? Doug, yes!
Sam's Performance
Sam's Performance Prije 6 dana
this is the least desirable review on this channel) some things i've noticed during the video like ugly power outlets or BLACK outmatching seatbels or cheap remotes or absence of even a tiny fridge makes this van not worth 200 k, come on...
Nicholas Bowen
Nicholas Bowen Prije 6 dana
That would be awkward if u were 6’4ft+ bc everyone else is walking around casually while the taller ppl have a tiny squat going 😂
Nicholas Bowen
Nicholas Bowen Prije 6 dana
9:14 proof ps4 is better
UpwindVermin2 Prije 6 dana
How many kids fit in their
James Johnson
James Johnson Prije 6 dana
imagine meeting Doug and he does his "Doug Score" on your girlfriend ? ....analyzing her "Quirks & Features"
vetteboy1024 Prije 6 dana
I want to own one! Just need another $199,900
JP Prije 7 dana
An awesome childhood is growing up with one of these. ;) shout out to my dad who was very much a 70s cat with love of those mark iii conversion vans ... driving everyone around while my friends and I got to play SNES on a 12” aux powered tv monitor.
Jimbo388388 Prije 7 dana
i'm 6'8" so I'm screwed. returning my order. Thanks Doug...
Klaus Rickenbaugh
Klaus Rickenbaugh Prije 7 dana
$200k and couldn't even spring for a custom remote for no more than $2000 (at the MOST) instead of having that crap basket of remotes... Probably $80k of markup in this thing.
ThreeBodiesFound Prije 7 dana
We’ll all see it on pornhub soon.
EMWarraich Prije 7 dana
but why?
Tux Pad
Tux Pad Prije 7 dana
Hang on, why the hell does it even have a rear view mirror if you can’t see out back?🤣
Sebastian Eriksson
Sebastian Eriksson Prije 7 dana
15:56 just like Kim Kardashian
Roshiar Fares
Roshiar Fares Prije 7 dana
Can anyone please tell me the song at 8:45
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