HIGHWAY 3: M3 Crash - BMW Emergency call [with subtitles]

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This is all camera angles from the crash and then the inside camera that the driver forgot in front of the steering wheel that reveals what happened after the crash (part 1 of the Highway 3 series)
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8. Pro 2019.



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Critical Prije mjesec
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Lik Iz Romana
Lik Iz Romana Prije mjesec
This is the funniest discount code ever seen
Radosław Bobinski
Radosław Bobinski Prije mjesec
@lukaszenko1933 siemanko myślałem że to nasz Bogus tak szaleje za granicą ale on by się nie rozjebal 😉
Chris Prije mjesec
It should be use code "hw310" for 90% off an m5
Delta Ruin
Delta Ruin Prije mjesec
I think you did take all the gopro and PUT the license plates ON to call bmw emergency for a normal ride.
lukaszenko1933 Prije mjesec
Legancko także tego się wyklepie tego
Princé Bankz
Princé Bankz Prije dan
That jackass messed up that beautiful machine
M M Prije 2 dana
loser :-)))))))))))))))))))
ruberlmao Prije 4 dana
gta gameplay irl
Datoda Prije 5 dana
For everyone who still doesnt understand how you can get away with something like this, here is how you pull this off: The driver was either the owner or a friend of the owner, who purchased the car new in 2017 and drove it 20k miles from the time it was bought to the time it crashed in the video. Most likely the footage is from somewhere around 2018, definitely no brand new footage. So in this year the owner regularly drives his car so it doesnt seem suspicious when a brand new car gets crashed, because usually the owner is the one crashing cars like this after it was purchased because they either dont know how to drive it or because they cant handle the power. Heres something everyone needs to know in order to understand how this is possible to pull off, because a single person obviously would never be able to get out of a situation like that. These people are an organized group, every single move is planned. These guys do this because of the thrill, because of the fame and most likely to scam insurance aswell. This crash wasnt real, it didnt accidentally happened. This fresh was a stunt. The driver in these videos never wore a helmet when running from the police like this. This was the only instance I know off where he actually wore a helmet, most likely because he wanted to be prepared for the impact and not accidentally crash too hard and lose consciousness or even die. Now to address all of the stuff people do not understand. The driver didnt take the plates off, atleast not after taking a picture of the car with them on (thumbnail). He did most definitely run however, after collecting the GoPros except for the one recording the dash. My theory is, that the guy in the background talking to the BMW assistant is part of the group, stalling them for long enough so the driver can get out of the car, take a picture and take off the license plates. After collecting all of the evidence in the car and the plates he probably ran down the street into a corner where others of his group had waited for him in a getaway vehicle. The guy in the background kept talking to the BMW to stall them from calling the police too soon. After the call ended, the guy most likely took the GoPro recording the dash, because there really isnt any other way they could get hold of this footage. That would be that then. Now on to how you can actually get away. The plates were as most people already figured out, fake. During the chase the police probably tried tracking down the owner but since the plates do not lead to the owner they had no chance, atleast not during the chase. They could very well be the actual plates, it wouldnt really matter, since the VIN leads to the owner either way. The owner can now just report his car as stolen and it wouldnt be questioned, since it was probably after midnight, noone checks on their car that late. The chase could very well have happened right after the car "got stolen". Maybe the owner wasnt home at the time, at a friends place, in which case he would have an alibi since his friend can provide the information that he was there with him. In that case it could be the driver who also owns this vehicle. The police there dont really care about stolen cars, so they wont investigate much and definitely wont check for DNA, because that doesn't work anyways since the owner has a history of driving this car for over 20k miles so his and everyone elses DNA would be everywhere. I dont think I left anything out, if you do have any questions as to what still remains a mystery just ask me and I will try to respond as soon as possible.
BluePixel Motorcycling
The owner is the guy driving the car, with a helmet on and cameras recording. It wasn't stolen haha
Critical Prije 8 dana
Watch the interview 2nd last upload on the channel
deemooleeg Prije 9 dana
paski 511
paski 511 Prije 9 dana
Why did he swerve there
Critical Prije 9 dana
Watch the interview and find out
Sven Laarrssoonn
Sven Laarrssoonn Prije 9 dana
hahahaahhah KARMA
memlord Prije 11 dana
So if you crash it automatically calls 911?
Bmf Prije 12 dana
Wouldn’t have happened if he left the traction control on 🤦‍♂️😂
Superbee is a Nonce
Superbee is a Nonce Prije 13 dana
So you steal the cars or...
Alex Rome
Alex Rome Prije 13 dana
Hey driver, you shouldn't of lied and said you crashed because you suck at driving.
marcelo igorra
marcelo igorra Prije 13 dana
Is a BMW Only drive 2 blocks😂😂😂
Septem / Andrei Pascu
Septem / Andrei Pascu Prije 14 dana
How did you get this footage if he ran away?
Septem / Andrei Pascu
Septem / Andrei Pascu Prije 14 dana
@Critical oh allright. Thanks man, great content
Critical Prije 14 dana
Watch the interview with Fragglarn on the channel. He explains
NISSAN DORI Prije 16 dana
Bloody idiot
Aidan Sheehan jr
Aidan Sheehan jr Prije 16 dana
Did the bystander say the M3 was robbed?
Critical Prije 16 dana
There is subtiles 🤷🏻‍♂️
I AM THE STIG Prije 16 dana
I can't understand how he got the footage back if it's legit the same dude in all the videos Mr police can I have my go pro out of the stolen car I was driving to post on HRvid Very strange
Critical Prije 16 dana
Watch the interview and read the descriptions ;) its not the same guy
KozmoCossak Prije 16 dana
"Vad sa du att han gjorde?" :D
Roope Juntunen
Roope Juntunen Prije 16 dana
That IS what you get for being stupid driver.
Zexy Prije 16 dana
After reading comments I'll answer few questions from the video. Car wasn't stolen, but plates were stolen from a different car. Driver indeed ran away but before he did, he took off all cameras, except thr dashboard one and he took plates off. Driver took cab afterwards. Car was retrieved after being at PD for 2 months. Driver was later on arrested but not driving or car related.
Ben Kay
Ben Kay Prije 17 dana
Ha ha ha, love it
KCK Prije 17 dana
Actually this is a real life testing on the car's Safety Features, that is why that dude was in helmet. He was ready for that sideways
Roque Costa
Roque Costa Prije 18 dana
Josh Wright
Josh Wright Prije 18 dana
Fake BMW drivers don't use their indicators
AJ 15
AJ 15 Prije 18 dana
0:39 that looked like a racing game lol
Ice Man
Ice Man Prije 18 dana
Amatures !!! LOL
Mysterious Prije 18 dana
J C A Prije 18 dana
bmw has an emergency call system? wooow
Alta Ice
Alta Ice Prije 18 dana
all his lights turn on 😭
Alta Ice
Alta Ice Prije 18 dana
buddy didn’t know the roads and panicked
cerT Prije 19 dana
idiots thats good so crash all your cars! just imagine someone walking on the sidewalk right there !
Comedy channel
Vee_e3e Prije 19 dana
Nigga left the traction off ffs
Kelvin Cao
Kelvin Cao Prije 19 dana
The guy who stole this car must be a m power owner as well, cuz traction control was off and all settings were on sport plus
Mark Prije 20 dana
That was just dump
JuergenGDB Prije 20 dana
BMW Drivers.... thats all I need to say.
Lucas Grey
Lucas Grey Prije 20 dana
taking the plates was a 200iq play
Matthew Zly
Matthew Zly Prije 21 dan
Hahaha co za debil
Paweł Chojnacki
Paweł Chojnacki Prije 21 dan
Andre Müller
Andre Müller Prije 21 dan
aayan goverski
aayan goverski Prije 21 dan
This video is a perfect illustration of why you shouldn’t immensely go over the speed limit
Zion lords
Zion lords Prije 21 dan
Wow thats crazy the car immediately knew that it was crashed look at the dash light up
rusav81 Prije 22 dana
I thought it was the 4th part of "back to the future"
Slim Docs
Slim Docs Prije 22 dana
Poppin the clutch on a M3 will do that
Slim Docs
Slim Docs Prije 22 dana
Hope you made it out good
Kevlor Prije 22 dana
this guy obviously never drive a RWD car at highspeed before. U never....NEVER make such fast steering commands. Poor car, f**king idiot
Critical Prije 22 dana
He definitly did
petar gamer_1
petar gamer_1 Prije 22 dana
14.6l/100km 😂🤣🤔🤔🤔
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson Prije 22 dana
What a knob
44 YAM x
44 YAM x Prije 22 dana
I dont know what everyone's talking about he didn't run away and he didnt take the plates with him.
Stancelord Prije 19 dana
44 YAM x Oh shoot my bad bruh I didn’t see that 😂
44 YAM x
44 YAM x Prije 20 dana
@Stancelord in the thumbnail the plates are still on the car.
Stancelord Prije 20 dana
3:23 yeah he did read that
Leprosu Gnome
Leprosu Gnome Prije 22 dana
Driver is probably a scammer.
Alex Swander
Alex Swander Prije 22 dana
That was a 200iq play. Dude fucked up and crashed, called the police and bmw emergency service and random pedestrians said it was stolen, maybe the pedestrian who said the guy was running was the guy who was running who crashed his car...
axel Bylander
axel Bylander Prije 23 dana
Why dident he just go straight
Xsn ow
Xsn ow Prije 21 dan
You can watch an interview with Fragglarn, he was the one driving. He explains a lot of stuff about this particular crash
alex mair
alex mair Prije 23 dana
0:26 that poor sign sure went for a ride!
Rapidshot Prije 23 dana
Did he over correct himself, I can’t understand fully on how wrecked
Rapidshot Prije 22 dana
Itsatrap oh I see now😬
Itsatrap Prije 22 dana
He hit some kind of a sign
Воскресе Мавра
why do people like you have money for such cars.... why...
Dsiy Prije 23 dana
There is longer version where the driver was chased by police, thats why he ran away when he crashed
Danny Coultas
Danny Coultas Prije 23 dana
Bmw for ya try kill a man stick to the audi bro
McLarenBMW Prije 20 dana
@Danny Coultas If you can talk shit about BMW then I can talk shit about Audi
Danny Coultas
Danny Coultas Prije 20 dana
Oh i am sorry bmw lover did my comment upset you 😂
McLarenBMW Prije 20 dana
If you like understeer
TaRiK Prije 24 dana
BMW rear drive is the garbage he has to put in the barricade only one is god and that is quattro
Qbal Prije 24 dana
Idiot! Just a shame he never got a severe knock to his head!