Hitting A Pothole In A Tesla Cost $2600

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On my Tesla Model 3 road trip, hitting a pothole cost $2600 & 7 hours.
What's A Tesla Road Trip Like?
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The Tesla Model 3 Performance is an exceptional performing vehicle, it's fast, fun, and full of new tech. I took my Model 3 for a 2,000 mile road trip, and on that journey, all was going well. That is, until we hit a pothole. If you can believe it, a single pothole cost over $2,600 to fix, and required 7 hours of time from start to finish, leaving the Tesla service center.
While Tesla isn't to blame here, low profile tires are becoming the new trend, and they're not any good in my book. They're expensive, heavy, and cause ride quality to suffer, all for what some feel is improved aesthetics, and perhaps some slightly more responsive steering. But the Model 3 Performance only offers one wheel size, so tires with less than 2 inches between the wheel and the road are the only option. Do any of you have low profile tires? How has your experience been?
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10. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 8 803
Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained Prije 3 mjeseci
Thanks for watching everyone! Lots of pothole fans, this is great! I try not to have a negative vibe in my videos, but I think some frustration probably shined through in my tone on this one. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, pothole-free day! If you want to experience expensive potholes - Tesla Referral Program:
bendadestroyer Prije mjesec
Born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska. I know everything there is to know about potholes.
chad jaeckel
chad jaeckel Prije mjesec
@Michael Rivera What no replies?
Gary Crowell
Gary Crowell Prije 2 mjeseci
Harrison gets pretty chewed up after a few winters.
Crypto Rainmaker
Crypto Rainmaker Prije 2 mjeseci
You could have a machine shop re-weld the rim on both the inside and out. Otherwise, you could sell the rim pair on ebay or another platform stating the item is as-is with no warranty. I'm sure someone with the right skill set could repair it and re-sell!
Jay Pase
Jay Pase Prije 2 mjeseci
I own the identical car as you so this video has made me seriously thinking about selling my 20" OEM rims. I already have a 19" set of Braelin BR10 alloys with winter performance rubber on them since I live in Ontario, Canada
Kelz Prije 4 sati
The county/state pays for it contact them they reimburse you take pictures of damage and location
THREES VLOGS Prije 22 sati
Drive thru michigam in a tesla it would be a total loss
Born To Drive!
Born To Drive! Prije dan
No Hazard Lights on while parked on the shoulder? Shouldn't you have them on by the state law or personal safety Jason?
Andrew Popdžek
Andrew Popdžek Prije dan
its your fault. Only your. You should buy long range awd with 19th or basic 18. Non performance has enough power all the time
Mikuláš Berka
Mikuláš Berka Prije dan
Can you please use metric system like Engineer? :)
troykatt05 Prije 2 dana
I would have bought a new set of 18" wheels and tires for that much.
Sybo Man
Sybo Man Prije 2 dana
I wish you would have taken a picture of that pothole, just curious. And I agree, 20" wheels with thin tires should absolutley NOT be the only option.
Mr Spitos
Mr Spitos Prije 2 dana
280 bucks for a aliingemnt ??? Thats heaps
Rulux Prije 2 dana
Some potholes are insane
Rulux Prije 2 dana
My Cobalt takes through San Bernardino and laughs at your Tesla tanking 50 in a row 😂 sometimes cheap crap is better than rich crap California, especially San Bernardino has terrible roads
HighHoe Kermit
HighHoe Kermit Prije 2 dana
$280 for wheel alignment??!! Just wow.
Ryan Beymer
Ryan Beymer Prije 3 dana
"We have nice roads in Idaho" = False
J. Milb Agency
J. Milb Agency Prije 4 dana
I hit a pot hole tonight , one a knew about and avoid on a daily basis only this time someone distracted me and I hit it. I can not see any visible damage to my wheels on the passenger side however it was one heck of a jolt through the cabin and I am not yet sure if damage occurred... is it worth bringing in if I cant see any damage to the wheels? The tires did not lose any PSI and there is no sidewall bubbling.. I know your not an expert however after your experience you probably know more than I do.. Also, as an insurance agent, this would be covered as a collision claim , so hopefully you got some money back from that avenue minus your deductible
Matthew Dylla
Matthew Dylla Prije 4 dana
Honestly I would defer to your judgement on almost anything but...why don't you get aftermarket wheels and tires?
KinDzaDza123123 Prije 4 dana
10:00 - the only traffic except teslas is police?
Gypsy Collabo
Gypsy Collabo Prije 5 dana
Bought a Raptor because the roads are so bad in IL. Surprised the state didn’t charge YOU for hitting the pothole.
ZenBeeYT Prije 6 dana
$280 for alignment? What kind of alignment is that? In my country, It could cost me for around $8-10 on a very good service center. Plus you can have a free coffee while waiting. :)
RubCuber Prije 7 dana
It's not because of low profile tires, it's because of crappy low profile rims lol
GhostOfAMachine Prije 7 dana
I always disliked low profile tires for a reason that they make the ride rough on top of vulnurable to potholes. I rather keep the 14" wheels on my truck
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Prije 7 dana
We've come a long way from when the Corolla had 175/70/13 tyres (whose wheel rims also needed only 4 instead of 5 nuts)
miguel silva
miguel silva Prije 7 dana
*laughs in 90s high profile tires and 1000kg cars*
Mille Pun
Mille Pun Prije 7 dana
Nice chrome delete, is it vinyl?
Macks Power
Macks Power Prije 8 dana
So no option for smaller wheels, what about steel? You could straighten it out.
Cliff H
Cliff H Prije 8 dana
better idea save money buy the smaller wheels and tires.... haha thinking the state will pay to fix the car lol dream world. lol
Stephen Powdexter
Stephen Powdexter Prije 9 dana
Negligence of Illinois: they should at least have posted a warning ⚠️ sign or road painting of some type.
Carl Willows
Carl Willows Prije 9 dana
11:32 Worth a view and a like
Glen Declerck
Glen Declerck Prije 9 dana
Clearly you haven’t hit the road in Belgium yet.😂
Alierr Trillo
Alierr Trillo Prije 10 dana
Have you considered stop being an ass wipe?
Raghunandan Reddy C
Raghunandan Reddy C Prije 10 dana
I really don't understand why people/ companies use such low profile tires.
Tistou Blomberg
Tistou Blomberg Prije 10 dana
9:19 "I'm not sure where I'm going with this" You got my like!
Kerig Pope
Kerig Pope Prije 10 dana
I think the pothole is on our state flag. 😒
Kerig Pope
Kerig Pope Prije 10 dana
I LOLed when you said you called IDOT for compensation...and I'm sure they did too! Welcome to Illinois, land of the pothole! (they're our only landscape feature) 😁 I once saw the back end of a minivan sticking out of the had fallen into a sewer sinkhole in downtown Chicago. Now THAT'S a proper midwest pothole! 😂😂😂
Pak Yin Siu
Pak Yin Siu Prije 11 dana
Well, you have "got $100,000 underneath the hood of" your S2000. Why do you care about the $2,600? lolll
Andrew Valentin
Andrew Valentin Prije 12 dana
2 hours of labor to change 2 tires
Its—Me Anthony
Its—Me Anthony Prije 12 dana
Me: Ugh R.P.P “Rich People Problems”
Justin Bailey
Justin Bailey Prije 13 dana
the worst mistake you made was buying a tesla, lmfao
Daniel Nichols
Daniel Nichols Prije 13 dana
Nascar has been using 12 inch disc for decades; you don't need these giant wheels for performance. If you go to an amateur road course event ppl are running 16s 17s and 18s for the reasons EE just talked about (plus it's cheaper!) . Most cars have more than enough braking power than they will ever need. These low profile tires really don't look that good anyway. And clearly it does cost you in the end.
Tofuu YAYA
Tofuu YAYA Prije 14 dana
at that price you can get a 18 inch flow formed wheels and tire set and you'll be set, lighter wheels, tougher wheels, meatier tires, less unsprung weight.
furtif massacre
furtif massacre Prije 14 dana
I can't even afford a gallon of water
Mohamed Abdinur
Mohamed Abdinur Prije 14 dana
The rim looks like they used poor material with it's cracking and graining. I'm not a materials engineer but it would be nice if you got a materials expert to look at that rim ... they could be faulty with impurities; better to get Tesla to pay for it in that case.
Edwin Au Yeung
Edwin Au Yeung Prije 14 dana
Hey have you considered not hitting a pot hole? lol
Fanta Prije 14 dana
Hey Jason....... oh nevermind
Witgang Younotube
Witgang Younotube Prije 20 dana
280 $ for an alignment?!?!?! what a scam!! where i live the tire change came free with the 4 tires i bought and the wheel alignment costed me only 30$ , you could say it must be more complicated in other cars but certainly not 10 times more complicated.
consolemaster Prije 20 dana
Dam. Alignment on them is $280!!!! Geeze. I'm so concerned.
sprafa71 Prije 21 dan
Now i know i cant get a tesla in my city. . . . or country, as my city has arround 4-6 potholes per km, my car is old and can handle it, my dream was to get a tesla but.... knowing this, ill have to change tires every few months
VVV Prije 23 dana
That's my 1 year salary
Blue Shurburt
Blue Shurburt Prije 24 dana
This dude just needs to learn how to drive
Alan Essex
Alan Essex Prije 24 dana
Hey Jason, have you tried not hitting a pothole? Just kidding and I know I'm 10th million person to do that but could not resist.
Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook Prije 25 dana
Could the wheels be a less squishy alloy compound?
johnboylong40 Prije 26 dana
Every episode I feel better and better about my normal car.
HadesOmega Moto
HadesOmega Moto Prije 26 dana
Dang don't drive that in Oakland, California. Such expensive tires you'd think they would come with a road hazard warranty. I have a folding chair just like your BTW =)
LordShargaas Prije 26 dana
As a guy with a compact car fitted with 19" wheels, I agree. They feel great on track, but for daily driving I would switch back to 17" if I could.
Gabriel Collazo
Gabriel Collazo Prije 27 dana
Calling a model 3 an expensive car is priceless 😂😂
beanwithbacon Prije 29 dana
"We have nice roads in Idaho." Uhhh I live in Utah and have driven all over Idaho, Washington, Utah, and Oregon. I'm going to disagree with that statement.
beanwithbacon Prije 29 dana
The infrastructure in this country is a joke. Third World tier. Europe has bad weather, too. The roads there are very nice.
Aaron Schwarz
Aaron Schwarz Prije 29 dana
The reason for the large wheels & thin tires "aesthetics" also known for drawing in vain narcissistic pricks who prefer the look over the function *women, vehicles, etc* / lots of drawbacks & few advantages // sounds more like the BMW community or people who buy shitbox modern non AMG Mercedes Benz vehicles (Thanks John Cadogan for the inside info) That wheel should not cost that much, nor should the tire / someones marking up those prices like jewelry, inkjet cartridges, perfume & cologne, other overpriced nonsense that's more about vanity & less about function or performance //
Brian Castillo
Brian Castillo Prije mjesec
Take it to mexico it would be 2 times cheaper than that
MiLo Prije mjesec
In Europe you can actually sue the state for a pothole. If they dont pay you can make your insurance pay for it, of course your insurance would go up from then on.
Lenny Barre
Lenny Barre Prije 25 dana
Yeah, but they usually put some deteriorated road/pothole roadsigns to clear themselves of any responsibility.
A Luthier's Journey
A Luthier's Journey Prije mjesec
Take this coming from an experienced tire tech, the Tesla wheels used are very susceptible to damage. Now that’s either talking about the material used for the actual barrel to the paint. I’ve had the paint on Tesla wheels crack in the paint around the face from just road pressure. Seems like negligence on Tesla’s part.
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