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8. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 4 305
Sourav Das
Sourav Das Prije 6 minuta
Please do the Joker
wbrentwilliams Prije 41 minute
Mary Jane should never be that homely.
The Doctor
The Doctor Prije sat
Only begun this drone war has Yes
Iperial Android
Iperial Android Prije sat
The non mcu filmmaker killed me
Saul Romo
Saul Romo Prije 2 sati
Cuando en México ?
Dirge Cry
Dirge Cry Prije 3 sati
Really hope Sony doesn't let Disney get hold of Spiderman. He needs protection from the rat.
Liz Prije 3 sati
Starring: Every Non-MCU Filmmaker made me bust out laughing. "You can be the smartest guy in the room, the most qualified, and no one cares." That pretty much sums it up right now LOL.
Richard Madigan
Richard Madigan Prije 3 sati
Joker... obviously joker
Kate Olivier
Kate Olivier Prije 3 sati
Batwoman!! Please
Sophat Sem
Sophat Sem Prije 4 sati
Asura Prije 4 sati
Soooo I found out Epic Voice Guy doesn’t do the game trailers anymore.....and they are NO LONGEr entertaining to me.
Sofia ТВ
Sofia ТВ Prije 6 sati
Just Jodia
Just Jodia Prije 6 sati
ZenDaria 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Samarpan Baniya
Samarpan Baniya Prije 6 sati
Do friends next
ankit sharma
ankit sharma Prije 7 sati
Do jhon wick parabellum man!!!!?!!!?!??!))+?))7-;()8&
Neverender Prije 7 sati
Homecoming was better
Spew Sideways
Spew Sideways Prije 9 sati
Honest Trailers in perfect form. Gwen Stacy dying....wa wa waaaaa
thisdamnthingy Prije 10 sati
Zendaria, that was clever.
Jonathan Farrow
Jonathan Farrow Prije 11 sati
You ever notice Peter Parker is too busy being Spidey to focus on school? Spiderman Episode 3: Homework
K 1 R B Ž
K 1 R B Ž Prije 12 sati
Get the bronies crazy, (My Little Pony: the movie, 2017) or Tall Girl (Netflix) for the “life is hard” people.
{Insert Love and Support here}
I dare you to do My Little Pony:the movie (2017) *wink wonk*
Akuma Prije 12 sati
guys do brother bear honest trailer, most underrated Disney movie ever and joaquin phoenix is there too
Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi
Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi Prije 13 sati
Do Batwoman Trailer Please.
mung naulak
mung naulak Prije 13 sati
Please say 'How you doin'?
NATHAN WAHL Prije 14 sati
say "get that corn out of my face"
NATHAN WAHL Prije 14 sati
do a honest trailer of a honest trailer
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy Prije 14 sati
how many people tell you to do non-hollywood movies?
Hinarf Narfy
Hinarf Narfy Prije 14 sati
Also, when is a non-child molesting branch of entertainment g oing to occur?
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson Prije 14 sati
far from home > homecoming
Tarik Cropper-Bullen
Tarik Cropper-Bullen Prije 15 sati
Do Akira
walk3rk1ng Prije 15 sati
say the Statue of Liberty is our hottest landmark
David Ebhomielen
David Ebhomielen Prije 15 sati
Aaron Brant
Aaron Brant Prije 15 sati
I don't know why everyone's rooting for Ned to be Hobgoblin. Considering how excited he was to being 'The Guy in the Chair' he'd be much better suited to MODOK.
SolarDwagon Prije 16 sati
Somehow not your best work. Felt kinda... checklisty in making fun of it?
chesstteerrr Prije 16 sati
Yeah this super heroes are stupid on every movie
Aniruddh Mutnuru
Aniruddh Mutnuru Prije 17 sati
Sees numbers of subscribers: Me: Nice
KindaDumb Prije 17 sati
I dont understand the first 4 seconds of these videos anymore. We all know you're going to make an Honest Trailer for the major blockbusters, so why act like it's fan service?
Gail Luther
Gail Luther Prije 17 sati
2:13 🤣🤣🤣🤣omg
Not Enough Love
Not Enough Love Prije 17 sati
You can either do San Andreas, Joker, (2017) My Little Pony, orrrrrr say: “Stay out of my shed okay?”
Joseph van Wyk
Joseph van Wyk Prije 17 sati
This honest trailer was as lame as the movie itself - no hard feelings. Can't blame you at all.
Marina G
Marina G Prije 17 sati
Let me see that Toooom that Tom Tom Tom Tom Tooom ahhahaha
thank your bloodline, next
These keep getting better and better, see if you can spice up the tragic my little pony movie (2017)
DARK LEGACY Mayhem Prije 18 sati
This Peter Parker still can't rely on himself nor stand on his own 2 feet without help from Iron Man, Iron Man's Tech, or his friends. This isn't Spider-Man. This is an Iron Man fanboy playing hero. The real Spider-Man can stand on his own 2 feet.
William Monger
William Monger Prije 19 sati
Adom west was the best Batman
Edwin Èlmore
Edwin Èlmore Prije 19 sati
"every non-MCU filmmaker" SAVAGE (scorsese cof cof)
Josh Adams
Josh Adams Prije 19 sati
Please say: "Are you pregnant?"
Csharp Prije 19 sati
In honor of Election Day coming up, do an honest trailer for House of Cards!
Csharp Prije 19 sati
Do Jason Bourne (2016)
SmexiVan ;D
SmexiVan ;D Prije 20 sati
I actually haven’t seen this movie. Wasn’t planning to. I paused at the reference to euro & road trip. Now going to watch it...
Atelixon Prije 20 sati
Not the clock tower scene man! Why you gotta remind me of that. 😭
Shakara Johnstone
Shakara Johnstone Prije 20 sati
Gotta do the JOKER next right?
The Q!
The Q! Prije 21 sat
I'm a new subscriber, love your videos, PLEASE SAY IN THE NEXT VIDEO, ''''' Q Ali is the new awesome dude! '''''
Nado LFC
Nado LFC Prije 21 sat
Please say "he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!!!"
Liad X
Liad X Prije 21 sat
So how did shooting drones get people wet?
KingBradleyXIII Prije 21 sat
Say: In a world about to change... one weeble will weeble its last wobble
Squigiman Prije 21 sat
Probably already stated somewhere in the comments, but not Mary Jane.
Ryu Tamayose
Ryu Tamayose Prije 22 sati
Say "creeper awwwwwmannnn!!!"
W0NK042 Prije 22 sati
Spider-Man: Not So Far From Friends Now - July 2021
W0NK042 Prije 22 sati
Movies Anywhere.. in the USA.
Dazuku Yt
Dazuku Yt Prije 22 sati
We need your help. You need to comment bring back spider man the new animated series. The 2003 one on MTV. Comment it to group people this show
Arghyadeep Pal
Arghyadeep Pal Prije dan
Those Zendaya moments though lmfao!!!
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