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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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9. Tra 2019.



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Komentari 22 814
Adam Al
Adam Al Prije minute
All the comments are about the lady in the blue blazer, it goes to show you how much we focus on things we don’t like, and ignore the things we love. Fucked up.
Asi Prije minute
The lesbian girl is so cute and polite aww
Oh Yeah Yeah Commander LVL999
The girl with the red lipstick thats judging is beautiful I need her instagram asap
Frostbite FPS
Frostbite FPS Prije 16 minuta
The first girl is a fucking vampire
Mikki Hintikka
Mikki Hintikka Prije 17 minuta
Blue lady was good. Life is boring if no-one ever says what they really think. That fat lady was ugly. not healthy and super ugly style no matter how sweetheart she was
Cerason Prije 18 minuta
who is the girl at 0:35
Chirag Sanil
Chirag Sanil Prije 24 minuta
Does anyone have an IG of the first girl?
Mikki Hintikka
Mikki Hintikka Prije 24 minuta
5:15 she is 0 scale from 0 to 10
elizah rocha
elizah rocha Prije 27 minuta
Broo The Black Stud Mad Fine 😭😍
fanni 513
fanni 513 Prije 27 minuta
How to kill people's confidence
soturi Prije 28 minuta
Madisson is so rude. Rate people, but don't hurt them. I hate this kind of people that thinks that being rude is funny
Clutch Kickers
Clutch Kickers Prije 32 minuta
the latina judging wants to be white so bad
Sam the Onion Man
Sam the Onion Man Prije 32 minuta
Everyone's beautiful it's just a matter of taking care of yourself.
Kim Taehyung, amirite?
Kim Taehyung, amirite? Prije 33 minuta
lmao the people behind the cameras seemed done with the blue blazer woman
ompperei Prije 34 minuta
That blue blazer girl. argh
Korana Ashleigh
Korana Ashleigh Prije 37 minuta
Plane looking redhead who dresses in Salvation Army's 80s stash really gave that 6 foot 3 guy a 7? Insane woman, insane. Also, crazy hair guy looks good too. He can't dress or groom his hair but he's handsome. Edit: Wtf? Asian girl's face is very pretty. What is wrong with these SJWs?
UMESH DESAI Prije 42 minuta
0:30 what's her name? She's sooooooo cuteeeee😍😍❤️
Ayes Prije 42 minuta
that black guy put all the women > xd
Natasha Moore
Natasha Moore Prije 45 minuta
This is lowkey not good. it’s degrading to people to be at the bottom
dmtz Prije 45 minuta
Awkward af lol Blue Blazer gotta go!!
Acid Prije 47 minuta
1: 8 2: 3 3: 4 4: 4 5: 6 6: 5 7: 2 8: 7 9: 3 10:8
kenzie Prije 48 minuta
awe carter’s giggle. i flipping love carter
HollieL Prije 48 minuta
4:15 omfg he gorgeous
Kam Margarethe
Kam Margarethe Prije 49 minuta
there’s a nice way to rate people but madison went for the throat lol
SoulEnthusiast Prije 52 minuta
The girl with the blue blazer is awful
Manveer Kaur
Manveer Kaur Prije 57 minuta
2:56-3:03 xdd
Yeee Boi
Yeee Boi Prije sat
5:04 she didn’t want to rate
maccifyme Prije sat
Oh wow, blue blazer girl rater herself HIGH! If I were to rate them, she would be at the bottom of my list and her attitude doesn't help her. She'd be like a solid 3, girl in denim vest a 6, girl in plaid skirt also a 6, and the man 7. If i take his voice to consideration he'd get a 9 though!
Kendall Monzer
Kendall Monzer Prije sat
The girl at 2:13 just turned very rude like tf
maccifyme Prije sat
I loved how the bigger blonde girl were literally SHINING when the dark skinned man rated her so high though! She instantly became so beautiful when she looked so happy!
Aria Prije sat
the guy in the white is my favourite he’s so nice
Adrian Labastida
Aww Carter all cutie blushed at 8:54
maccifyme Prije sat
Blue blazer girl is RUDE!
Mr. Divergent
Mr. Divergent Prije sat
I called the cops!!
Shekelberg Prije sat
why even have it on rankings from 1-10 and not 5-10
Tamanna Syed
Tamanna Syed Prije sat
It really sucks that western beauty standards are always in favor of white cis gender appearing able bodied and thin people. Sis literally said "white men" when asked who she finds attractive (as if they all look like james bond)lmao. There are women like myself who prefer the tanner complexion and a lil thick. imo the middle eastern looking guy was far more attractive than white dude, and the blonde girl was bangin. Get some Africans and people of other ethnicities & it mighta been different. The group of raters were not diverse as I would have liked in opinions/preference. lol.
Teresa Davis
Teresa Davis Prije sat
You know I want to appreciate the honesty of the girl in the blue blazer but she was just flat-out rude by saying things like well you can't change your face, or your face is weird
Nicole Wulf
Nicole Wulf Prije sat
“Yea carter fine” 😂💕
Gaggi Bisi
Gaggi Bisi Prije sat
Whats the blue blazer girl insta
Ashlee Prije sat
I mean you’re tall but.. you’re bald “there’s that”
Chan Prije sat
Can I just say that nobody was below a 6! And blue blazer is delusional. Lol
Qun91 Prije sat
9:12 She rated low all black people! What is wrong with her?
Daffy Potter
Daffy Potter Prije sat
One of the cruelest vids I’ve seen for everyone in it
Conker Acorn
Conker Acorn Prije sat
Is nobody gonna talk about how rude the woman in the blue she straight up called people ugly.
panic! At the trench
That dude was so cute to all of them especially Carter omggg ahhh I love him
the big bang
the big bang Prije 2 sati
The girl in the blue blazor has a crapy attitude for how she judged the people like she didn't have to go in details about what she don't like about them 🙄.
Mushfique Momin
Mushfique Momin Prije 2 sati
Ilah ,damn i wish i was white now
liquid onyx
liquid onyx Prije 2 sati
0:08 hahahahahahahahhahahaha
Udy Gaming
Udy Gaming Prije 2 sati
That guy with the fro looks good all he needs to do is shave slightly and shape up his hair and maybe get some different clothes
Nerdy Queer ‘zaddy
Blue blazer lady needs to go. Her super rude and borderline racist comments and rates should have no place on CUT.
Eviano Prije 2 sati
Butts and smiles - literally the vibe I am going for in a man. 😁
Mr tickle
Mr tickle Prije 2 sati
Also the half Asian girl who is in to white guys is cute 😚
Mr tickle
Mr tickle Prije 2 sati
The black dude is a solid 8 I like his deep voice and he's funny I like how fond of Carter he is
Keyrell Chattergoon
Keyrell Chattergoon Prije 2 sati
The girl with the green and grey skirt looks really fine😍🔥🔥
Udy Gaming
Udy Gaming Prije 2 sati
I like gay people by why they mostly gay 4
Oliwia Aa
Oliwia Aa Prije 2 sati
if the girl in the blue blazer told me that my face is weird i would laugh at her and tell her to look into the mirror first to see who’s face is weird 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣
Sophia Prije 2 sati
That’s horrible to be so disrespectful to someone permanent features I get this is a video but that bitch straight up insulted everyone
reece breyer
reece breyer Prije 2 sati
I don’t like that bitch that low rates everyone she trash too
kingslee aye
kingslee aye Prije 2 sati
7:07 kermit the frog everyone.
NaMiYummy Prije 2 sati
I find white men attractive but they never seem to me attracted or aleast want to date me, im a short olive tone curvy Asian i look more mexican if anything, black guys seems to find me the most attractive so i guess i ended up in the middle lol Now im married to a mexican. Hes 6'3 and im 5'2 we have a half asian half mexican baby.
Melisse Prije 2 sati
The girl in the blue blaer is straight up a bitch :S
Shaila Kennedy
Shaila Kennedy Prije 2 sati
That first girl harsh
D H Prije 2 sati
Americans are more focussed on not hurting someone’s feelings. We Dutch people don’t suffer from this; we say what comes to our mind.
Swoopiify Prije 2 sati
Lol at the people complaining about the girl in blue for saying the guy had a weird face and then one second later calling her ugly. I don't care if this is an anonymous comment section, you're spreading hatefulness yourselves so step off your f***ing high horses. You catty, insecure, and hypocritical lowlives, I know people just like you in real life and they're the last people I'd listen to when it comes to preaching morale
MuscleBunny Prije 2 sati
Why are people here defending the light blue blazer girl? We are *JUST LIKE HER* , giving our *HONEST* opinions about how we feel about her appearance and attitude. She’s doing the same thing to these people is she not? So stop saying that “Oh she’s just being honest”. Yes WE ARE ALSO BEING HONEST WITH HOW WE FEEL ABOUT HER. So fuck off
Bella Park
Bella Park Prije 2 sati
solid 1 for that blue blazer girl
SRTUV1 Prije 2 sati
*Afroman better improve his game*
ArlindBlaze Prije 2 sati
My guy in white sound like dababy lmao
Gen King
Gen King Prije 2 sati
The girl in the blue blazer actually pisses me off. Someone find her insta so I can flame her ass
osoRowdy Prije 2 sati
9:18 the girl in blue should of been next to the big girl in red. Nasty ass attitude gave her a -4.
enthksj Prije 2 sati
can we stop talking about that racist woman in blue and start talking about the dude in all white, like my god, he‘s literally the sweetest and funniest guy i love him 😍
Nils Müllhäuser
Nils Müllhäuser Prije 3 sati
Blue blazer woman is a fucking bitch
Kiwi Styles
Kiwi Styles Prije 3 sati
The girl with the blue blazer is the ugliest one lmao “your face is a little weird” her face is the weirdest face lmao she’s ugly asf
Cicofin Prije 3 sati
I always do this in my head
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Prije 3 sati
Need to be on CUT so they can roast the shit out of me lol. I want to hear these opinions of me.
Caronia Prije 3 sati
oof even if I'm straight oof the rate the one in the blue vest she looks damn hot LUL reminds me of ruby rose
Sydney Pettit
Sydney Pettit Prije 3 sati
That lady that everyone ranked high because of her curves... Idk not really my thing. She had a nice body but her lips weren't as sexy and that wouldn't be a big deal but the bright red lipstick made it impossible to look past. If you see this though don't take it the wrong way, you got a fine body. Just ditch the red lipstick, or maybe like... "Draw" your lips the way people do with eyebrows. Idk. Also. You do whatever style suits you, and if you like what your wearing cool cool. But you can be attractive in other stuff too. You could be a Marilyn Monroe beauty standard (minus the lips) with that body, so you can do sexy or classic or straight up chill and you still be fine. Just like. Dress cuz you're comfy in it not cuz you look good in it. Cuz you look good in any clothes guaranteed.
333mendo Prije 3 sati
madison is just the impersonification of my anxiety and bad attitude. can we get married?
Amulya H R
Amulya H R Prije 3 sati
First of all his face is not weird. He's just drop dead gorgeous.
Estelle Pieterse
Estelle Pieterse Prije 3 sati
Anyone else totally cringing troughout this whole video
Culture Montana
Culture Montana Prije 3 sati
Dat bitch with the blazer racist lol idc idc
SageKStroke52 Prije 3 sati
Blue blazer not even attractive...
soultae Prije 3 sati
This felt so awkward..what even
HyPr x Syke
HyPr x Syke Prije 3 sati
“Not if you turned around” 😂😂😂
Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Prije 3 sati
1000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Guys they are here to judge the looks That blue blazer girl was just saying her honest opinion
Shiver Prije 3 sati
Is Blue Blazer girl jewish?
Zen Prije 4 sati
Blue blazer girl without make up go straight to a 0 also no features
L B Prije 4 sati
The first one truly is gorgeous! (Going from looks; not sure about personality, though it seems good too)
Xx_Orochi_xX Prije 4 sati
6:05 “its like me as a man” dead ass bro they look related lmao
SOFI Prije 4 sati
This is pure shit
L A V E N N I E Prije 4 sati
i freakin hate the girl with that blue blazer
Sherie Babiie
Sherie Babiie Prije 4 sati
I hate this
Brodha Sattva
Brodha Sattva Prije 4 sati
I dont understand why tall white boy got a 10. Yeah, definitely the tall factor is important, but if he were 5'10 would he still be a 10? Nah. His face, hair and style look like somebody trying hard to be attractive. Which isnt attractive. Lesson learned: be tall. nothing else matters.
morgyn davis
morgyn davis Prije 4 sati
The man in the white is my new favourite person
louis Prije 4 sati
that bitch with the blue blazer is so rude and seems racist af
BASIC BETH Prije 4 sati
literally karter was beautiful
Lorenzo Montagna
Lorenzo Montagna Prije 4 sati
9:04 me 9:08 me again
kutkinderen Prije 4 sati
American people have no soul.
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