How Humans Broke the Game

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Komentari 8 669
TierZoo Prije 9 dana
yblaze Prije 3 sati
They aint fukin wit the team 🙏
james jamka
james jamka Prije 11 sati
Yeah love your channel
rgelmers97 Prije dan
Top 5 troll builds? 😁
Alan Pelo
Alan Pelo Prije 2 dana
you shoul do a Are penguins op vid
Ian Vickers
Ian Vickers Prije 2 dana
+White Eagle Hear hear! Our ancestors' survival is the reason we are here today. May we give such a gift to future generations...
Zach Attack
Zach Attack Prije 2 sati
You think you could make a video on the weirdest and most outlandish builds currently playable?
scheisstag Prije 2 sati
Just the concept of this channel makes me cringe. A lot of theories stay unproofed till today. In the clip they are shown as facts. Some things are simply depicted clearly wrong in this clip. Neandertahls never developed range weapons, says the clip: simply not true in reality. Neandertahls switched fractions: never heard of this before... and so on. So a nice attempt to make science easier to understand....but it should be still science and not just random made up stuff.
fcentauri8 Prije 2 sati
🤣🤣 The video game motif of this video amuses me so much
brian mcbride
brian mcbride Prije 2 sati
Can i play this game
MD. Jiad Parvej Joy5
1:47 Mozambique? Wait a minute....!
yblaze Prije 3 sati
Humans got so OP they started fighting each other 🙏
Lieutenant Lon McQ
Lieutenant Lon McQ Prije 3 sati
100% bullshit
MinorSacrusPyro Prije 3 sati
N8THEGR8 Prije 4 sati
That halo reach ref gave feels
Kyrenaz Kanir
Kyrenaz Kanir Prije 4 sati
Can you do a bird tier list? Take all the Notable birds like Eagles, Ravens and maybe parrots, add in small birds like sparrows and such for good measure?
Mini Fag
Mini Fag Prije 4 sati
Learning History the more fun way!
Mini Fag
Mini Fag Prije 4 sati
Real Life: 'The Game'
Anonymous Crab
Anonymous Crab Prije 4 sati
Neanderthals apparently had better memorization skills, but weren't as good at inventing as homo sapiens
Xander Katz
Xander Katz Prije 5 sati
Should humans be banned? Kinda unfair imo
Ollie the baby shark
Make a vid about the monitor lizard build. They have good intelligence and power
Atomclub 1
Atomclub 1 Prije 5 sati
What is this is it a gane?
Aiden Prucker
Aiden Prucker Prije 5 sati
Do city meta tier list
Keaganite 12
Keaganite 12 Prije 6 sati
"Infighting is their greatest weakness right now" Jesus fuck that's accurate as hell.
That nod to Animal Planets The Most Extreme had me screaming!
firebarrier Prije 6 sati
can you do the kea
White Eagle
White Eagle Prije 7 sati
I'd like a legacy Pangea server for nostalgia. Would be nice to have a go at the dinosaur meta before the Cataclysm balance patch hit and made mammal builds viable.
Vlad Gapchenko
Vlad Gapchenko Prije 7 sati
alcatrazzzyt Prije 8 sati
Life: Im I a game to you
Ali Kizilkaya
Ali Kizilkaya Prije 8 sati
Somebody should make a game to this. Primate Wars ^^.
HCeeOfficialMusic Prije 9 sati
Love dis bro
S K Das
S K Das Prije 9 sati
And then Humans invented CHEATS
A hole in the Wall, where men can see it all
so humans have the most potential when playing an mobility based build?
Sam Harvey
Sam Harvey Prije 10 sati
What is the video in the background called?
Ruben Haak
Ruben Haak Prije 13 sati
Human op
Nitro Shibe
Nitro Shibe Prije 15 sati
I'd like to see how you talk about martial arts
s n 0 0 z e
s n 0 0 z e Prije 15 sati
Mozambique here
R Rockwell
R Rockwell Prije 16 sati
Having a "larger brain" has nothing to do with intelligence.
Sam von Kleist
Sam von Kleist Prije 17 sati
Gage French
Gage French Prije 17 sati
Wow almost the whole team carted (Only MH fans will get this)
Aggro Traveler’s Bucket List
1:26 “that nigga can walk”
Cestarian Inhabitant
Cestarian Inhabitant Prije 18 sati
The neanderthal build sounds like it would now be sustainable in europe and north america. It's fun to think of the world as a game, makes you realize that 'science' is just us looking for more exploits to make winning even easier. In some parts of the world we're already at the stage where people can sit around doing nothing and still end up winning.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Prije 9 sati
The benefit of intelligence, team building, cooperation, and foresight. Slow but steady climb, now we just have to spec into global leader stat so we don't murder the rest of... well... life.
BowToTheBard Prije 19 sati
I'd love to see a video analyzing outdated builds that continue to be played even after more optimized builds have been discovered, such as the coelacanth, tuatara, okapi, and frilled shark. Nostalgia for the old days can really hold some players back.
Snail Bob
Snail Bob Prije 19 sati
So Neanderthals are solos in RUST
Working Whiskers
Working Whiskers Prije 19 sati
Had to pause the video to say, I love this content so much. Thank you.
Jessica Alburn
Jessica Alburn Prije 20 sati
Mozambique here
Samuel Faber
Samuel Faber Prije 20 sati
You should make a proposed patch on how users/admins can prevent future environmentally-related bugs from messing up our current build; various mobs being pulled from the game, natural disaster events and unchecked industrial griefing are messing with gameplay. Do you think our development too robust for our engine? edit: thought of better jokes
Cthulhoops Prije 20 sati
This channel is totally hosted by someone who gets his ass kicked in pvp by humans on a daily basis.
MrDarkyosh Prije 21 sat
Somewhat funny how people still don't know about research proving Africa was not the home of man. It's a touch weird since its been well established as a fact since like 2008
siraj Prije 21 sat
I really thought its been a month but it has only been a week. I need a new video
Kommissar Antilus
Kommissar Antilus Prije 21 sat
their disadvantages were their biggest strength, because hardship makes for stronger men that learn how to succeed in failure, the problem now is that our life is so easy that creates many weak men, and weakness manifests in violence, most of the times against the weakest, the classic example is the stereotypical husband that beats his wife because he had a bad day at work
BrianVoid Prije 22 sati
first humans in europe werent sub saharan afrikans I'm sure
Supreet Sahu
Supreet Sahu Prije 22 sati
Still waiting for virus tier list.
Tina Fawson
Tina Fawson Prije 23 sati
If Homo sapiens is level 99 what level is Master Chief then?
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Prije 10 sati
level 999 Genetically modified alien/human hybrid with ai perk and demigod armor. Pretty op.
KillerbeamWasTaken Prije 23 sati
you know, its funny that evey single person watching is a human main. imo Overrated AF.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Prije 9 sati
Only competition there is. Other then the universe trying to kill us, that's always a problem too.
Alabar3000 Prije dan
that active players chart lmao
NinjaMamut Prije dan
The like counter of this comment is the amount of people who would subscribe to Curiositystream if they fund and broadcast a TierZoo show.
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Prije dan
Humans are op, the high intelligence plus the opposable thumbs perk is a force to be reckoned with. This why you always put points into intelligence with ape builds.
Bill Chaos
Bill Chaos Prije dan
Can you also make a video explaining the history and evolution of the world from this part until today again like a online game ??
Templarfreak Prije dan
One of the recent leading theories is that Neanderthals didn't actually just disappear as much as we thought and bred in with us a lot more than previously expected.
JokerCrowe Prije dan
I don't know if you take suggestions for topics to cover, but I'd like to see which builds have reached the MAX in a stat. For example, you've shown that Blue Whales have the MAX in HP, and that octopi have the MAX in Stealth, and Humans have MAX in Intelligence. But what about Power, Mobility and Defense?
Josiah Sepulveda
Josiah Sepulveda Prije 7 sati
What makes octopi worse is that, although they have the max in stealth, they also are high in the intelligence state. Luckily, though, humans have used their Intelligence stat to craft thermal vision devices. So it all balances out.
Maciej Staszko
Maciej Staszko Prije dan
what means stl?
Zel Prije dan
I can only imagine how many evolutionary biologists and other experts not familiar with MMOs have stumbled onto this video and thought, "WTF is going on?"
ice checksolvea
ice checksolvea Prije dan
hyenas don't attack creatures taller than them. weird fact but worth mentioning.
David Barocio
David Barocio Prije dan
Make a video where you compare the greatest apex predators. Like how successful is the killer whale vs the polar bear vs the human vs the like hippo vs the tiger or something
Keanu R
Keanu R Prije dan
I love pvp but human meta is too casul. That's why i went with the Phage build, highest kill count in game.
Ferdinand Lagu
Ferdinand Lagu Prije dan
I love how your treating this as a game. The next thing you know we humans are going to get a hax ability like telekineses.
Jacob M.
Jacob M. Prije dan
Seabirds tier list?
Kid Plus
Kid Plus Prije dan
Humans aren’t overpowered. They just aren’t. They have losing matchups. Notably, the mosquito. Not only this, but a singular human is hardly a threat unless that human is from Texas or is serves in a military.
Kid Plus
Kid Plus Prije dan
Gabriel Abdelnoor humans are only overpowered on a theoretical level. In reality, they have many exploitable weaknesses. For example, they are extremely susceptible to stealth (not that it’s easy to fool a human, but that if you do fool a human, they will be significantly weaker). Humans are also facing a dramatic rise in the loneliness defect, which weakens one of the main gimmicks of the build. If you take into consideration that without prep time, and other humans they would be a low tier, that you can exploit their weaknesses, and that they are losing some of their strengths, humans don’t seem overpowered
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Humans are overpowered in the same way that fire ants are. Squish one and it's easy enough until they swarm you with the power of the colony. The only difference is that with humans they do some weird vibrations in the air, neat.
Comedic Noob
Comedic Noob Prije dan
"Infighting is their biggest weakness right now"' Well no shit, we've had two world wars and many wars in Europe and the United States has been in so much wars I think that we're the biggest threat to world peace right now
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Prije 10 sati
Still pales in comparison to the number we've lost over time. Sad to see humanity fighting over resources we can accrue and distribute more effectively when worked on cooperatively. Too many tribal bullshit games. Everyone seems to want to do right by their ancestors no realizing the same cycle of retribution that took them will take us if we continue down that road. I'd say gut and display the bodies of the power hungry degenerates perpetuating the cycle but that wouldn't solve any problems, so education and access to a better environment it is.
Ghost 676
Ghost 676 Prije dan
I like the runescape feel of these vids, you should use sea shanty 2 as a theme for future vids
Riley Thorn
Riley Thorn Prije dan
Whoa mean switch factions we pretty much mean make technically kind of a new species in a survey by mixing giving a small a few buffs to homo Sapien
Ceul Gai
Ceul Gai Prije dan
>Makes a video on humans >Makes 0 MTG references Ok
Stephen Whitford
Hey, Tierzoo, I've been trying to get an apex mammal predator main off the ground in the Komodo Island server, but the lizard mains keep shutting me down before I can get anywhere. How is it that this is the only server where they are the sole apex predator? Please, help me?
Ace Wyrick
Ace Wyrick Prije dan
why are level 1 humans so weak compared to other level 1 classes
Mr Reality
Mr Reality Prije dan
Can we have a nerf on the Archer fish please. It's water bolt keeps incapasitating my wasp main when i'm flying over water. My character will just fall into the water and that stupid Archer fish will one shot me. Either remove this fkn water bolt talent or atleast decrease it's accuracy by 35%
Gabriel Abdelnoor
git gud m8
Lego6lego Prije dan
Humans:Gets smart to make guns. Humans again: uses precious metals to make special gun Humans again again: nobody uses that gun It's called the Mozambique
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Humans:Gets smart to make guns. Humans again: uses precious metals to make special gun Humans again again: holy shit this gun is rly good Humans again again again: lets make it worse That gun is the Wingman.
Mel Prije dan
So Childish gambino was unlockable since the ice age
ToodyProCafé Prije dan
Humans are getting nerfed with the anti vax
Asian Man
Asian Man Prije dan
During my human play through I was attacked by a level 1 boss at the beginning and lost the only tool I had... My foreskin.
yblaze Prije 2 sati
During the birth level right?
Josiah Sepulveda
Josiah Sepulveda Prije 7 sati
Oh God. Same happened to me. But don't worry. We are more than our body parts, brother.
louisiana fast
louisiana fast Prije 2 dana
Didn’t know that Neanderthals where that tough... damn
Alexander Ticonuwu
Alexander Ticonuwu Prije 9 sati
Me too, never knew there were other ways to play human since I started playing at the Romans update.
There's too many human NPCs. When's the WW3 nerf coming?
Bobo Lobo
Bobo Lobo Prije 2 dana
well thats just how humanity works
Richard Kochnev
Richard Kochnev Prije 2 dana
this is how you get kids to learn history.
Jaden Cox
Jaden Cox Prije 2 dana
Can we get one on metamorphosis animals/insects
Lisa/Andrew Koch
Lisa/Andrew Koch Prije 2 dana
Did you know that every 1000 years the Developers give every animal and bug an Evolution point!
Mr Smiley
Mr Smiley Prije 2 dana
Can you do raven please.. they are very intelligent 😊😊😀😀
EvenSlash Prije 2 dana
Yeah human is op, but what they can do about mosquitos? Actually i want you to explain me about mosquitos
Gabriel Abdelnoor
They have to use high level gear to avoid getting eliminated by the mosquito's ult "Swarm". If they don't have the gear, they risk getting the "Malaria" parisite debuff.
Hans Brackhaus
Hans Brackhaus Prije 2 dana
I dunno about this video...
Tom Peled
Tom Peled Prije 2 dana
I'm a human main who tried playing as an orangutan. As soon as my game started, mom accidentally went to a human palm tree farm. Mom was killed and I was caught. I'll be taken care of by humans until I reach level 9. Why are humans forcing me to unlock language?
Marz Prije 2 dana
Hello, Why are you saying Humans sweating ability is unique ? Other animals do sweat :o
Gfk Owns
Gfk Owns Prije 2 dana
I'd sub if you linked OSRS in your video descriptions.
TheArabianRomanian Prije 2 dana
This is so well made
charmander the pokeman
I know its not really a meta but could you perhaps talk about carebears in the meta?
alex derpy racc
alex derpy racc Prije 2 dana
Lol nice explaining history to us generation z 😂
someonenamedroy Prije 2 dana
Can you make an episode about the desert server?
Kaede Akamatsu
Kaede Akamatsu Prije 2 dana
Still annoyed by the dev's useless sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia debuffs. Like, seriously; women, POC, queer, and trans builds are not harmful at all to the human's meta stance, but anyone who plays with these traits usually winds up with severe debuffs and early Game Overs... I hope they eventually get patched out and replaced with something that's a little more balanced. Oh, don't get me started on the classism debuff that seems to only be getting worse, and the devs are just ignoring it, even as it slowly destroys the servers.
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Personally, I think this debuff is linked to the "Tribalism" class trait that human classes have, making them ostracize those who are different. Though I'm no dataminer, so please do your own research before listening to me.
Mees Hermans
Mees Hermans Prije 2 dana
Tierzoo: ''Spears were the best two-handed weapon until the invention of gunpowder'' Me, A history student, Shadiversity viewer and general Medieval enthusiast: *Draws Poleaxe*
Matthew Earlson
Matthew Earlson Prije 2 dana
I’m so impressed with the level of depth this guy goes into... Spears, totally the best weapon and most common/favorite till guns. And Neanderthals did mate with Sapiens and that’s where some of the European features came from. I didn’t expect him to hit those points but was excited he knew them
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Prije 2 dana
Well I’ve watched all the tier zoo videos and now have a INT boost
Joshua Bignell
Joshua Bignell Prije 2 dana
I’m sooo confused is this a real game
Zel Prije 19 sati
+Joshua Bignell OK so te video and all the other videos on the channel are explaining biology, zoology and evolution in terms used in MMOs and video games. It isn't referring to any particular game but is meant to be a joke/funny and is also a good learning tool to encourage young gamers to become more interested in these topics.
Joshua Bignell
Joshua Bignell Prije dan
I’m not over 30 and I have played mmo games
Zel Prije dan
Joshua you are either over 30 or have never played MMOs/video games?
Wingo Lizard
Wingo Lizard Prije 2 dana
Nobody even noticed humans hacked the servers...
epic dabs mlg
epic dabs mlg Prije 2 dana
Humans actually were not originally in africal
Gabriel Abdelnoor
+acex222 pssh naw they came from my mums womb dummy
acex222 Prije 2 dana
Yes, they were. It's the scientific consensus.
Hyper Mist
Hyper Mist Prije 2 dana
Is a Jojo Reference?
Emperor Botz
Emperor Botz Prije 2 dana
Does this mean I can say the n word
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