How Serious is the Coronavirus? Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm Explains | Joe Rogan

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Taken from JRE #1439 w/Michael Osterholm:



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bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Prije sat
I been living this life...just didn't know it was called quarantine 🤣
C&C Phx
C&C Phx Prije 2 sati
I wonder how much joe gets paid from this video alone.
Michael Wescott
Michael Wescott Prije 4 sati
45% obese or severely obese.
frangitube Prije 5 sati
Wonderful. Direct and to the point. Except some young ones, including children without health conditions, have unfortunately died now. 😔
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Prije sat
These doctors keep telling us that wearing mask don't help, but yet when we turn on the TV everybody in the hospitals are wearing them. In any event, even if they don't stop th
zappabillhicks Prije 5 sati
he was right
Adam Parr
Adam Parr Prije 6 sati
Its a load of shite !
univibe23 Prije 6 sati
Seriously though, why the fucking hell is no one answering the fucking question-- if it's so contiguous why is it containing to N. Italy. And many Asian countries are hardly touched-vietnam???
k p
k p Prije 7 sati
what trash, i remember him before he was bought off
Peachrocker Prije 7 sati
He said you can get it just by BREATHING THE AIR a coronavirus patient breathes. That's insanely scary. Websites say you only get the virus from breathing in droplets of fluid from an infected person. so which is correct?
ryan miller
ryan miller Prije 7 sati
All the preppers having a field day. Dancing around in their bunkers enjoying their stockpile of food and walls of toilet paper saying whos crazy now
scott walker
scott walker Prije 8 sati
his facts are wrong, and just shows how out of thouch these "experts" are...
scott walker
scott walker Prije 8 sati
its fear mongering, thats all
michael mostert
michael mostert Prije 10 sati
We are ..... not prepared at all
therock007dmx Prije 10 sati
Ok we as a country need/must start making products here. We shouldn’t be depended upon China or India for the lifesaving drugs that we need here 😡. What happens when these countries get mad at us?
Dan Stuart
Dan Stuart Prije 11 sati
Over 70, smoking, obesity. Well the first one you can’t do much about, but the other two....
Miguel gonzalez
Miguel gonzalez Prije 11 sati
told u Wilson
GreenDruid Prije 12 sati
This is bullshit, he just said masks are not helpfull.. i saw a South Korean doctor say they are, and thats one of the reason S.Korea has been able to maintain low cases. The way the virus enters is through Nose/Mouth/Eyes, so if you wear a mask and also have some eyewear, wash your hands.. chance of infection is very very low.
Donut Care
Donut Care Prije 12 sati
This is a man who knows what he's talking about.
Lukas de Waal
Lukas de Waal Prije 13 sati
But why is Germany's death rate almost zero compared the amount of infections - why are the other countries with the same infected numbers' death rates so high vs Germany - it's bizarre
Krane Prije 15 sati
These doctors keep telling us that wearing mask don't help, but yet when we turn on the TV everybody in the hospitals are wearing them. In any event, even if they don't stop the virus completely any amount of reduction is better than none, and they certainly couldn't hurt.
GreenDruid Prije 12 sati
He has no idea, i saw a south korean doctor say "masks are super important" thats why they have low daily cases, because everyone in S.Korea wears them.
Don Meyer
Don Meyer Prije 16 sati
Mother Nature thinning the herd!
hue g rection
hue g rection Prije 16 sati
And yet they charge $300 for chantix
okow tina
okow tina Prije 13 sati
CoronaVirus is NOT airborne! W.H.O. Confirmed this!
armaliteAR10A4 Prije 19 sati
we are not seeing near the fear mongering numbers you just mentioned...? why is that?
David Coomber
David Coomber Prije 21 sat
The truth about Corona virus from the facts we have do not indicate this is a pandemic. The MSM are pushing project fear of steroids. Example another 200 people died today after contracting the Coronavirus, is not the same as saying 200 people died of the Coronavirus. You can have a cold and die in a road accident but it's not the fucking cold that killed you. If hospitals are being asked to check everyone how died to see if they had the virus of course the stats are going to be totally corrupted. In 2014/15 in England alone, not the UK 28,000 people died of the flu and it hardy made the headlines, why because the victims were very old or very sick. Let's. start looking at the facts not the fear because they will tank the western economy and place us into recession for a hundred years based of a lie.please check out the link below
Lucky Floralde
Lucky Floralde Prije 22 sati
Owen Wilson at 6:32
kcuf7 Prije 22 sati
I Hope this dude on joes show is wrong 😷
Nolan Do
Nolan Do Prije 23 sati
Joe can you put this out there please? What if all the companies were to work together and make masks and gloves for each individual? If we all wear a set( sick or not)? Wouldn’t that stop the spreading?
thomas RedCloud
thomas RedCloud Prije 23 sati
Has anyone thought about what's going to happen during mosquito season? I have.
JDiculous Prije dan
So we're dependent on China for drugs? Why do we all this to be the case?
Leo M
Leo M Prije dan
Reminds me of the trailer for the game the division
epstein was killed
The majority of Americans will not get C19. The majority of Americans who get C19 will only exhibit mild symptoms. The majority of Americans who exhibit serious symptoms will survive. The majority of Americans who die of C19 will have had an exacerbating underlying condition. Anymore questions?
Scottie Pimpin
Scottie Pimpin Prije dan
I literally graduated college 2 days ago, getting ready start a new life and this happens 😑.
sai sameer
sai sameer Prije 22 sati
That's just life I guess. I hope this doesn't lead to an economic depression. That can be far worse.
011177 Prije dan
The thing is they always take the worst case szenarios..... If you take Gemany 4 example we have 58.655 cases, 9.291* of people who had it and are fit again aand 456 deaths..... thats a mortality rate of 0,1% which is a normal flu. Italy has a Healthcare system like the kongo .hat do you expect.!!
Mark Pimentel
Mark Pimentel Prije dan
Can smoking cannabis through joints affect your lung health and if yes how?
Melvin Clarke
Melvin Clarke Prije dan
This guys full of crap
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Prije dan
I'm LOVING this quarantine!!! My wife and I are doing things we haven't done in years!!! *wink *wink
Raoul's Channel
Raoul's Channel Prije dan
CoronaVirus is NOT airborne! W.H.O. Confirmed this!
Timur Prije 11 sati
So how it's transmisible then?
Robert Jerome
Robert Jerome Prije dan
Robert Jerome
Robert Jerome Prije dan a hoax....this guy is a Biden man....,lies.....
Robert Jerome
Robert Jerome Prije dan
@yroohj gouy Have a Corona and lime
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Prije dan
im just wondering when the zombies are coming through, cuss I bought a katana. Guns will do u no good, you can run out of Ammo but h can never run out of this blade
John Golv
John Golv Prije dan
I once lived near several Minuteman sites. When you see them launched, the recomendation was to unfold your lawn chair, sit down, bend over, and ... Is this the end of the world?
Pickel Sandwich
Pickel Sandwich Prije dan
I think they will use chemtrails to spread the Coronavirus,,, they want to kill like 2/3's of the world population. They have been planning this for decades.
FitzChivalry Farseer
China recovered quick, also it didn’t spread far there.
Nahuel Ahpa
Nahuel Ahpa Prije dan
no talk about how it was manufactured and released?
Way2Real Prije dan
Corona-virus is real - people will get sick - some will die but MOST will live, just like any other potentially deadly disease. However, disease have been with Humans since the beginning of time. Humans have survived up until now living with all forms of disease, for example: "CDC estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) get sick from food poisoning, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die of food borne diseases". "As of March 2020, according to CDC, there have been about 23,000 deaths from Influenza flu virus during the 2019-2020 season, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC estimates there have been 38 million Influenza flu virus illnesses and 390,000 hospitalizations". "The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide, annual influenza epidemics result in about 3-5 million cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths". "As of March 26, 2020 - Worldwide cases of Corona-virus 500,542 - Total Deaths 22,334 - Total Recovered 121,214". 4% of total cases died and 24% of total cases have recovered. Total death 22,334 compared to total recovered 121,214 = 18% which leaves us with 82% recovery. Something not adding up here. "According to the World Health Organization, a pandemic is declared when a new disease for which people do not have immunity - spreads around the world beyond expectations". If this statement is correct, then all, or at a minimum, 75% of those 500,542 cases would have ended in DEATH. If the Corona-virus is so DEADLY as reported by the government and other intellectuals, the death rate would exceed the recovered rate based upon the FACT there is no CURE - so that in of itself should tell people we are being TERRORIZED with FEAR. Corona-virus is just another disease we must live with. It is very disturbing for the American government, all governments to require Nation/Worldwide quarantine. There is no known cure for any Virus - FORCED quarantine will most likely stay in effect indefinitely. Having said that, our God given Human liberties, our freedom to choose, freedom to live life according to what we feel is best for our family and community are being taken away. We are being FORCED to COMPLY with this MAN-MADE dilemma, even for those who do not agree with the quarantine. Shutting down Schools, no graduations to attend, no family reunions, restaurants closed, Movie Theaters closed - cancelling all outdoor Social Activities. Social Distancing, stay indoors, do not go to the beach or park. We need the Sun - the Sun builds our Immune System Defenses. We are Social Beings by Nature - This is IN-HUMANE, at the very least, if not CRIMINAL. People losing their businesses, their way of earning a living have been stripped away. The U.S government has yet to ask the opinion of the PEOPLE or gather a VOTE from the PEOPLE as to what is best for all - the government has assumed the role of GOD - telling us we need to comply and quarantine - live under (house arrest). We vote to put people into political office under the impression they will represent us, our VOTE is our VOICE - if my VOTE count so should my VOICE. We put these people in a political position to work with us - not DICTATE to us - Not to think for us - not to tell us what is best for our family. The governments are saying to us - "we the people are incapable of thinking for OURSELVES" - so they must THINK for us... WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
Blacksheep3011 Prije dan
I listened to this podcast few weeks ago and everything he said is happening please have him back ASAP
Alan Mathies
Alan Mathies Prije dan
kids go outside more and get lots of vitamin D. Also; their cells are produced at a faster rate for growth. Let's not over complicate simple things. There are studies published in British Medical Journal. Take your D,C and zinc. Most people who live in Northern Latitudes are deficient in D during the flu season and studies suggest supplementation decreases depression and increases white blood cell production.
Super Propaganda! Congrats, Joe!!
Moe Murda
Moe Murda Prije dan
This guy saying that masks are ineffective is complete nonsense. Watch how the Eastern countries are decreasing in coronavirus cases by wearing masks.
Bruce Hauge
Bruce Hauge Prije dan
I suggest you to watch the full podcast. He explains about the masks in depth.
0Turbox Prije dan
Now you know for what an UBI is good for. Everyone cold stay at home for a while and not have the fear of not having enough to eat.
monika laosi
monika laosi Prije dan
"Coronavirus is in your lungs and not your bums" ... stop hoarding toilet paper.
peanutfallacy Prije dan
So done with Joe, fucking gatekeeper piece of shit.
Jeff M
Jeff M Prije dan
Unit sent back to review JoeClip Corvid 19 start time 1:13 have reviewed this JoeClip Replay to check the facts, and compare with 3/29/2020: The expert was correct, with social distance and Gov control, 2,535 China death toll (Wuhan, who just had an earthquake 5.7 24 hours ago) lower death rates , 2:01 , if expert is talking about the good ol' U.S.A the death toll is 1,588, 101,242 cases. 3/29/2020 11:17 . Now, 2:52 Italy death toll passes 10,000. 4:58 Expert expose Bill Gates and Friends Plan 5:30 the National Guard and the big white boats with the red cross are launch. 7:03 6 months? 7:19 yes, it popped! 7:58 Expert said Gloves mask Nonsense ? Because, the genie is out the bottle, that's why The Honorable Donald J Trump and the House cut a check for $2 trillion 9:00 the wind, well, it's called the invisible enemy. 9:30 No vaccine soon, well expert, guess what Bill Gates and them came up with now 9:45 Expert, humans who are under 18 years of age super carriers example daycare adult to child schools are closed. Good. Sick leave, limit contact. Good 12:08 Correct. 13:35 the expert even call for the business/companies to get involved the trade war continue 13:31 Expert exposed P.R Plan and 14:46 drugs comes from China, Joe high comes down.There is a new normal. Back to present . . .
Airbeast Acm
Airbeast Acm Prije dan
This is how covid is airborne: watch from 1:53
monika laosi
monika laosi Prije dan
bunch of crap.
Ted modda Sokka
Ted modda Sokka Prije dan
*im just wondering when the zombies are coming through, cuss I bought a katana. Guns will do u no good, you can run out of Ammo but h can never run out of this blade*
MyNamesJeff2013 Prije dan
Ted modda Sokka Guns are for the other survivors who try to steal your shit.
astralseeker Prije dan
astralseeker Prije dan
astralseeker Prije dan
astralseeker Prije dan
Joel Hov
Joel Hov Prije dan
So the mask & gloves aren't affective??
Paul McCloud
Paul McCloud Prije dan
@Joel Hov If you do get hold of an N95 mask (which your not depriving from someone more in need ie medical) only wear if for short periods, like a trip to the shop and back. They can be difficult to breath in for extended periods. If you have breathing problems anyway, don't wear them and just maintain distance from others. Take care.
Joel Hov
Joel Hov Prije dan
Paul McCloud appreciate the information!! This was definitely helpful 👍🏾
Paul McCloud
Paul McCloud Prije dan
If you touch an infected surface with the gloves, your gloves will have the infection on them, not your hands. People are prone to touch their faces even without thinking. With gloves on your less prone to do that, and will catch yourself from doing so. As long as you remove your gloves once your back indoors, then wash your hands. So yes they are of use. With regards to the mask, the small cloth/paper masks really are not much use. Good if your infected and don't want to spread it, but not much use in preventing yourself from catching it. What you want is a mask classified as N95 or above. These are very effective in protecting yourself. However these are in very limited supply now, and are being supplied only to medical staff. I only have one because I need one for work. However they were available on Amazon, at least they were a week or so ago. Short of a mask, wear gloves and maintain distance from others. Distance is key.
hello456able Prije dan
The governments of the world are about to be exposed for what they have been doing for the last 100 years and the lies and deceit they have put on us the people of this world! When they are exposed we the people have to move in and take our freedom back and change this place back to the paradise it should be! And the Conspiracy researchers of the world will be rightly recognised as the real hero's they should be for having the balls to see the obvious and putting this info out to us the people warning us how dangerous the governments of the world are! They will not go quietly and are a ruthless bunch of murderers, paedophiles, psychopaths, liars, deceivers of the truth etc etc and will not stop at anything to stay in power! We want them all tried for crimes against humanity!
MrCedrichm Prije dan
Just heard this guy was in bed with big pharma. I believe hes involved with the vaccine also. If so, no wonder why he wants us scared. Thanks Joe 👍
Jeremy Peele
Jeremy Peele Prije dan
I hope the people that are hoarding toilet paper get this virus and die...... please God help us with this one.
Ram Long
Ram Long Prije dan
Did you know that they will charge you as a terrorist if you knowingly spred the virous
Roger Hammack
Roger Hammack Prije dan
YOU NEED to see where this came from. Many leaks > Heres one>
Erich Habich-Traut
There's a shortage of FFR's for medical workers, they are told to reuse their masks. Here are links to instructions for building a mask disinfector, to reuse them safely:
Pog Champ
Pog Champ Prije dan
45% of over 45s are obese? Fucking hell that's disgusting.
kcuf7 Prije dan
What if someone infected farts near you! can you still catch it? 💨 🥴
jjtech Prije dan
bunch of crap.
Jon La
Jon La Prije dan
If this sell out shill is covering a topic, you know it's a hoax.
Shmaebut Morris
Shmaebut Morris Prije dan
Joe sold out a while back
Ryan Kline
Ryan Kline Prije dan
Dirty China U lied Now the world is infected U will pay for this
Burgh Bear
Burgh Bear Prije dan
The masses begging to have irons slapped on them. Suckers.
chris Prije dan
It's not aerosol; it's droplet. This guy is passing wrong information.
parkt scil
parkt scil Prije dan
google how many deads in the usa every year mostly around 50.000 because of the flu and no president shut down the economy!!??
Kristi Singleton
DMT can cure Coronavirus😂😂🚽🚽
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore Prije dan
Put some Facts together
Jeffrey Christopher
Mr Rogan, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! ! ! I have a dear lady friend who's a social worker in a Bronx hospital and l had been telling her that a substantial number of people who were dying were older people that smoked cigarettes, she basically dismissed what l said as some sort of conspiracy theory, but to me it wasn't rocket science, all the experts would comment on people with pre existing conditions and particularly things involving the lungs, which more often than not means smoking which overtime ravages the respiratory system, it's not unkind to say that people in China smoke a lot, the same for Europeans, and folks from the middle east as well as Americans, now is the time for people to really stop BS - ing and quit smoking !
justin tyme
justin tyme Prije dan
I'm so fucking sick of this bullshit back and forth serious not serious tip toe
Strange Attractor
This guy's predicting 480,000 deaths. As a proportion of the 7 billion world population, that's 0.00007%. With an average age of well over 70. Now let's start talking about how many millions of people are gonna lose their jobs, homes and sanity over this.
Otto Rank
Otto Rank Prije 2 dana
Joe, please keep Eddie and Alex Jones off your show for awhile
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