How to Handle High Balls in Tennis (Backhand and Forehand)

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In order to handle a high ball to your backhand or forehand in tennis, you need to adjust in two ways: prepare higher and hit more across the ball.
This video shows you Roger Federer and David Nalbandian in slow motion handling high balls on the backhand side so you can pay attention to their preparation and a different racquet path through the ball.
The usual mistakes when dealing with a high ball to the backhand or forehand are hitting it down - which brings the ball in the perfect zone for your opponent to attack, or hitting it back up which sends a passive ball over the net and allows the opponent to dictate again.
Hitting the ball horizontally enables you to hit with some pace and neutralize potential attacks.


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John Sommerstein
John Sommerstein Prije 3 godina
As many others have commented, your teaching videos are great: succinct; understandable; logical and accessible. Congratulations on really excelling at your craft.
Duc Nguyen
Duc Nguyen Prije godine
this guy is amazing at teaching others!
Brian Barajas
Brian Barajas Prije godine
@Feel Tennis Instruction version because it is quickly becoming remember , this time frame
Brian Barajas
Brian Barajas Prije godine
@Feel Tennis Instruction contact me at least one more thing remember the name will appear
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar Prije godine
Baby dance
Incorruptus Prije 2 godina
Aye for sure! This dude is an excellent coach!
NiCoOo Prije 10 dana
So the contact point is in front of your face, swing across the body. Wow I didn't know this
孫一雯 Prije 25 dana
Shirley Ng
Shirley Ng Prije mjesec
Great tutorial! Thanks!
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons Prije mjesec
2:30 tips start from here after a bit of bla blabla
The Beautiful Game
Not exactly bla blabla. The intro is important context to what he is teaching.
Jeffrey Wong
Jeffrey Wong Prije mjesec
So many great videos on this channel, it's all I can do to keep my head from exploding. Thank you!
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Prije mjesec
That’s Milosh from Seinfeld
Chance1957 Prije mjesec
Dan Oliver
Dan Oliver Prije mjesec
No mention of footwork.
Yaku - Tecnología
Yaku - Tecnología Prije 2 mjeseci
I think I saw a tournament there some weeks ago on the TV
pjcd1961 Prije 2 mjeseci
The only part missing here is one could run around and hit a forehand.
Harry Prije 2 mjeseci
6:30 9:31 Solution.
Joe Costner
Joe Costner Prije 2 mjeseci
my wife handles my high balls rather well
Muhammad Arqum
Muhammad Arqum Prije 2 mjeseci
Best tips to deal with high balls. Thanks
Bryan Nelson
Bryan Nelson Prije 2 mjeseci
Excellent instruction, many thanks
Demonthatgotlordkeith Prije 3 mjeseci
What if Nadal was hitting to my backhand on clay?
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar Prije 2 mjeseci
what is your business being in the court against Nadal on clay?
Guy Ittidecharchoti
Guy Ittidecharchoti Prije 3 mjeseci
Amazing thank you ! I am learning this for sure!
Jeff Burmann
Jeff Burmann Prije 3 mjeseci
Now this is the first video I’ve seen from you (subscribed), but your partner hitting balls to you seems to be a master, too. Effortless and perfect demos. *must give credit where credit is due. Thanks for the info!
HEMRAJ KHATRI Prije 3 mjeseci
Very useful tips
Krishna R
Krishna R Prije 3 mjeseci
Great video coach
q4short Prije 3 mjeseci
Best tennis instruction anywhere
Boysalehtennis68mks Prije 3 mjeseci
❤ .... 👏👏
Boysalehtennis68mks Prije 3 mjeseci
❤ .... 👏👏
Mark F
Mark F Prije 3 mjeseci
So good. Thank you!
John Kenneth Eramis
John Kenneth Eramis Prije 3 mjeseci
How to handel highball in backhand? Slice it you ************ lol
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
My inability to hit this shot accurately has led to me breaking 3 racquets. Pray for me, fellow tennis brothers and sisters.
aryu sure
aryu sure Prije 3 mjeseci
Just lost a match today because my opponent gave me the high balls treatment when he saw he could not beat me otherwise. I lost patience and the match. I think I got your lesson right. I'll try for sure! Thank you!
Catholic Animation
Catholic Animation Prije 3 mjeseci
Who else is wondering how Shaheed is doing right now after 7+ years of recording this video? Shaheed if you can read this, give us an update.
HEADSHOT9001 Prije 3 mjeseci
Search up Shaheed Alam. He seems to be playing for Team Singapore
Uncle Vee
Uncle Vee Prije 4 mjeseci
make sense, gonna try this tomorrow, beaten by these moon ball players are so frustrated
aryu sure
aryu sure Prije 3 mjeseci
@Uncle Vee You can say that again. :(
Lawrence L.
Lawrence L. Prije 4 mjeseci
I remember once in tennis class back in college in the early 2000's...I hit a Major high topspin forehand...the ball practically hit the top back fencing. I don't even know how I did was like a Rogue Wave type of thing. And one time, I Blasted a forehand down the line it just bounced off of the player's racket...and practically popped over the fencing.
Nathaniel Hasenauer
Nathaniel Hasenauer Prije 4 mjeseci
if this works then i will leave a like
Carl Frederick Coupet
Carl Frederick Coupet Prije 4 mjeseci
very useful tips. You know your tennis indeed.
jack coffey
jack coffey Prije 4 mjeseci
i have a one hander, and i have got a short angle shot off of the high ball that worked well in college, if you dont catch it out in front though, you can hit it to the fence though..
Corey Ray
Corey Ray Prije 4 mjeseci
I truly learned something new and valuable. Thanks! Subscribed!!!!!
Paul Raynaud
Paul Raynaud Prije 4 mjeseci
amaziing 😍😍😍😍😍😍
4eve R
4eve R Prije 4 mjeseci
Nikos Bozoglou
Nikos Bozoglou Prije 4 mjeseci
Rafa is punching the air right now
Mariano P
Mariano P Prije 4 mjeseci
why not a make a step back and wait for the ball to drop to a level that's comfortable for the hitter?
striker8219 Prije 4 mjeseci
For your opponent, every ball would be a high ball🙂 great video! Thanks
Arindam Kundu
Arindam Kundu Prije 4 mjeseci
Very good points, I will try them, I have been struggling as a starter. Thank you very much.
The Legend of Grumpybeard
You don"t need an entire video on this ....... just loosen your jock
Koutoubya Vision
Koutoubya Vision Prije 4 mjeseci
Watch the point at 1:23 had she waited 2 sec it would have been a high ball but thats why she s serena she s on it.
Koutoubya Vision
Koutoubya Vision Prije 4 mjeseci
From your pros example you should be giving the first real advice about high balls: the best way to hit them is first not to let them go high and hit those balls right after the rebound. Unfortunaly that requires great physical conditionning cuz if not you ll be late and the ball will be high. It still remains to be seen nadal hitting a high ball back hand unless obviously it the regular to spin type of ball.
Noobs〰Blyss Marvin
Noobs〰Blyss Marvin Prije 5 mjeseci
2:58 I would have continued to hit a high ball even if you hit a fast ball. I played so many times against a friend who often runs to the net so I practised the lob. Now I‘m 18 and win most matches with an average serve of about 130-140kmh or a some weird spin serves and I love playing high balls. At one point my opponent will try to make the point and going for a winner on clay from the behind the court is almost impossible, so I just return another high ball. And eventually they will make the mistake and this is how I win matches, not really nice to watch but effective
Mel Fox
Mel Fox Prije 5 mjeseci
Especially the recommendations about the backhand are very useful and I'll try to implement it to my game. What I miss here, is the inclusion of footwork and the moment to hit the ball. If u move backwards, you'll have much more time and can hit the ball at a lower position as it's falling down. This takes a lot of movement and you risk to get more defensive. A working example for it is Nadal. The more difficult way to hit highballs like flat balls, is to hit them very early while they're rising. This takes a lot of practice and footwork again to be right there just before the ball bumps. Plus the risk to lose control in the short period between bumping and hitting the ball. On the other hand, the advantage is to accelerate the ball with less power and putting pressure on your opponent. So it's the best way to attack and save energy. My compromise getting high balls to my one-handed backhand is the slice by the way. Or, if the ball isn't too fast, run around the backhand and hit a forehand out of the left corner (I am right handed).
Robert Barlow
Robert Barlow Prije 4 mjeseci
Back and forth movement works, but against better players who hit a heavy ball it’s much harder.
MG tv [Tennis & Daily life]
OMG! This video is what I really wanted
Paul Prije 6 mjeseci
The best of all your videos. Deals with a tricky shot for many players and this is not taught by all coaches
ram hla
ram hla Prije 6 mjeseci
Harry Prije 6 mjeseci
2:26 starts
Good Tennis ghofarism
Good Tennis ghofarism Prije 7 mjeseci
i will try it. i feel it will work well. thanks to you and Shahid.
fuselier Prije 7 mjeseci
Guess my balls don't hang low this time
KingKamehameha555 Prije 7 mjeseci
Brilliant idea!! Thank you!
Saadon Aksah
Saadon Aksah Prije 7 mjeseci
Calvin Bernard
Calvin Bernard Prije 7 mjeseci
Come to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I would love to learn from you.
Safa Raouf
Safa Raouf Prije 8 mjeseci
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Prije 8 mjeseci
Since you lose some power by preparing high, the optimal way to hit a high backhand would be to prepare at waist level (maximum power) and jump into the shot. That's what Marcelo Rios and Denis Shapovalov do.
YOGADHAYA Infotainments
YOGADHAYA Infotainments Prije 9 mjeseci
Where are you coaching?
Paul Choi
Paul Choi Prije 10 mjeseci
Good tip! Thanks.
Phip Bert
Phip Bert Prije 10 mjeseci
This guy is like the Mourinho of tennis.
raviayer Prije 10 mjeseci
The professor of tennis
TheShakilmitu Prije 10 mjeseci
Tom Zimmer
Tom Zimmer Prije 11 mjeseci
Lluís Alloza
Lluís Alloza Prije 11 mjeseci
Hello. Thanks for the video. What about slice backhand with some power? Works well for me and gets me on the offensive, if good enough, I can go to the net afterwards.
Michael Vonhaven
Michael Vonhaven Prije 11 mjeseci
Isn't it part side spin so, it's not as much topspin?
Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
Yes great job on the video keeping it clear great audio and good camera work...and demonstration...swing....
Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino
Thanks for that explainage its hard watch ing top players they so fast with their Raquet speed and camera angles are not as good as they used to be on tv...thanks the should help,my backhand is like Borgs comes off the ground hah hah...THANKS
Decay is headed your way!
Decay is headed your way! Prije 11 mjeseci
Good instruction. Tom
Historyden Prije godine
Just watch Nadal
yung t1mti
yung t1mti Prije godine
Lil Pump uh
Julio Munoz
Julio Munoz Prije godine
Jin Jin
Jin Jin Prije godine
Great instruction on high ball. High preparation is the key to hitting effective ball against incoming high ball
MrGhirbo Prije godine
vs high balls best shot to play is to hit the ball straight horizontal (not to get the ball going up or down ) and let the gravity take it down with a little bit of spin. Benefit is our ball goes deep ,forcing opponent to a short ball we can attack. To hit a horizontal ball u want to prepare rocket high at chest level and pull across (not from down to up)
Peter Prije godine
Thanks for the video, Novak Djokovic
Will Doyle
Will Doyle Prije godine
I've been dying (dying I say!) to fix this stroke on the FH side (BH is good). and the realization to prepare high and finish high and hit across the ball is paradigm shifting. I was for sure trying to hit in the bad examples (low to high and hitting up on a high ball). when i watch your videos - there's always a huge AH-Ha moment. THANK YOU GREATLY!
chess brilliance
chess brilliance Prije godine
The guy is not feeding you true high balls. Can you make a special video on deep high balls. Those are very anoying even with forhand.
ReservoirThing Prije godine
the main point is to think horizontally and let the gravity do the job
Alex Smoove
Alex Smoove Prije godine
i’m still struggling hitting high balls with a western grip. often times the ball goes in the net or barely goes over. any advice?
Reine Antonio
Reine Antonio Prije godine
May I ask what grip you use for your backhand?
smashu2 Prije godine
So this actually create more a side spin ball than a top spin ball like 60% side spin 40% top spin or 66% 33% interesting so its probably a good Idea to hit inside out if possible to maximize the effect of the spin and pull out the opponent wide...
antoine munier
antoine munier Prije godine
As always, you give here some great tips. Thanks a lot Tomaz!
Saadon Aksah
Saadon Aksah Prije godine
nice one!
shahed saffari
shahed saffari Prije godine
Jose Maurinho is actually pretty good at tennis!
James Reid VanVoris
James Reid VanVoris Prije godine
oldie but a goodie. no one else explain how to handle these high balls as effectively. you are #1.
Elq Prije godine
one handed or two handed or four handed :D
RamboK221 Prije godine
Chris Quidlat
Chris Quidlat Prije godine
How about hitting a high ball like Mary Pierce on the forehand where you’re kinda like slapping at it sideways inside out?
Wally Friend
Wally Friend Prije godine
I have tried this and it seems to go long at the baseline. if you take a few steps back then its fine. However with short high balls, you can''t be aggressive and still have to slice.
Fuzz Head
Fuzz Head Prije godine
Another great tutorial, thank you Tomaz you're a fantastic coach!
gameshelper1000 Prije godine
Top work!
Jannabi Kansa banik
Jannabi Kansa banik Prije godine
You are doing sooo good workout....😀this is too good teachings of you😋
C Davis
C Davis Prije godine
This guys is spot on accurate. I developed this same technique over many years - but wish I had this video and I could have saved a lot of time learning.
Lucas Fernandes Lima
Shaheed can you feed me one more high ball
ayman1035 Prije godine
Very helpful, Thanks a lot
Tennis Love
Tennis Love Prije godine
Can u make a video for wall practice?
Eric Prije godine
Nice video. I like the plentiful demonstrations, it helped something click that I hadn't been getting before about pulling across the ball with the same stroke. I needed ammo against the pushers who highball me until I hit a UE.
volleymaster2 Prije godine
Nice video. Thank you
Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper Prije godine
What grip? Angle of swing? You don't explain this.
Chrain 2.0
Chrain 2.0 Prije godine
Tom Cooper Angle of swing is explained. Just play with a normal eastern or semi western forehand, and normal backhand grip
Tomas Santillan
Tomas Santillan Prije godine
Satya Shree
Satya Shree Prije godine
Oh yeah that's true. You're voice sounds like Novak
POKER PESADO Prije godine
Excellent 👏🏼 i always returned with another high ball😂🤦🏻‍♂️...try to attack more
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