How to spot a pyramid scheme - Stacie Bosley

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Learn the techniques and tricks that pyramid schemes use to recruit new members and how to avoid being fooled yourself.


In 2004, a nutrition company offered a life-changing opportunity to earn a full-time income for part-time work. There were only two steps to get started: purchase a $500 kit and recruit two more members. By 2013, the company was making $200 million. There was just one problem -- the vast majority of members earned less than they paid in. Stacie Bosley explains what a pyramid scheme is and how to spot one.

Lesson by Stacie Bosley, directed by Wooden Plane Productions.

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Komentari 7 809
Steve Cornelissen
Steve Cornelissen Prije 16 sati
Jeremie Kalombo
Jeremie Kalombo Prije dan
nobody at all: Robin: Pyramid Scheeeeeeme!
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg Prije dan
Damn. They got my grandpa with this. He was a firefighter and a master carpenter. Just proves you can still get BS’ed even if you’re experienced in life.
Brigitte Labas
Brigitte Labas Prije 2 dana
@/nlinternational @/beautysane in France is also a scam
dispelll Prije 2 dana
Had a good friend telling me about how the people who started this pyramid scheme could sell their products in stores, but they were all set for $ and instead wanted to give other people the opportunity to succeed like they have. That same friend actually succeeded to the point that PS bought him a car, so I guess that's cool. For him. Not for the people he got to buy in under him I guess.
Homesman Prije 2 dana
Obrigado PVU!!!!
Guiller Castro
Guiller Castro Prije 4 dana
It's sad because there are a lots of pyramid cchemes here in the Philippines and they are LEGAL.
ABEL TOMY Prije 4 dana
Can anyone tell about forever living products..
Cavin Nkosi
Cavin Nkosi Prije 4 dana
ay hold on, is the icon at 4:39 supposed to be south africa?🤣🤣🤣
Dark_Meme2458 Prije 5 dana
Ayyyyy wait a minute
Kanash No
Kanash No Prije 6 dana
Thanks! Now I can effectively hide one!
Asitha Deavinda
Asitha Deavinda Prije 7 dana
U also doing piramid schem by telling share this to 3 peaple lol
Mahdi Malekzadeh
Mahdi Malekzadeh Prije 7 dana
The biggest red flag you will ever see is Soviet's flag. *soviet anthem plays*
Adhnan Musthafa Kari
4:41 Isn't this a pyramid scheme
Korey Hilton
Korey Hilton Prije 8 dana
wait til you hear how capitalism works
Zx Tek
Zx Tek Prije 10 dana
*cough* cryptocurrency
Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday Prije 10 dana
#DEPLUGHACK the man behind my smile and investment. He did what other scammed me of✌💯
Susan Michael
Susan Michael Prije 10 dana
#DEPLUGHACK May God bless you for restoring hope and trust to my life again 💞💯.
Susan Michael
Susan Michael Prije 10 dana
#DEPLUGHACK May God bless you for restoring hope and trust to my life again 💞💯.
Susan Peter
Susan Peter Prije 10 dana
#DEPLUGHACKS I just wanna say thank you for your good works. 💯💎💋
Susan Peter
Susan Peter Prije 10 dana
#DEPLUGHACKS I just wanna say thank you for your good works. 💯💎💋
Nicon boy
Nicon boy Prije 10 dana
#DEPLUGHACKS I will be grateful for what you've done for me God bless you💯.
Nicon boy
Nicon boy Prije 10 dana
#DEPLUGHACKS I will be grateful for what you've done for me God bless you💯.
Underwood Trey
Underwood Trey Prije 11 dana
God bless you retrieving my lost fundz. *DEPLUGHACKS* *DEPLUGHACKS*
Underwood Trey
Underwood Trey Prije 11 dana
God bless you retrieving my lost fundz. *DEPLUGHACKS* *DEPLUGHACKS*
Claire Anderson
Claire Anderson Prije 11 dana
Claire Anderson
Claire Anderson Prije 11 dana
Anjuman Islam Public School & Jr. College,
My brother lost prime years of his youth into LML and network wasnt just his youth but hard earned money until covid doldrums hit hard and he turned penniless !
gizaire Prije 12 dana
What are some examples of MLM companies that are NOT pyramid schemes? I can't think of any.
SleepyPanda3609 Prije 16 dana
Ted Ed is trying to let us share this video... *RED FLAG* lol don't take it seriously
Just A Guy Production
Just A Guy Production Prije 16 dana
It's actually really simple: a job pays you money to work, you don't pay the job money to work.
Wigiloco zambi
Wigiloco zambi Prije 17 dana
"How to spot a pyramid scheme" Quite simple actually, understand the business model and what a pyramid scheme is. If you understand those 2 it's impossible for you to be dragged into a pyramid scheme.
Insanis Stultitia
Insanis Stultitia Prije 17 dana
Any self declared authority or guru with the claim of a future reward upon the exchange of value from the individual and obligatory duty of the recruit to bring in others with the same claim is a sure MLM. Religious claim of life after death, sales of junk, influencers etc.
Çhäyáñ Hâldër_14
thankyou so much life changing knowledge
Chris Stanton
Chris Stanton Prije 18 dana
I still cringe at the thought that I tried out Amway and called everyone on my friends list. The guy above me told me to just treat people like a means to an end and I was like "F this im out". Im just glad nobody wanted to join my "business" lol...
JvJvaipas Prije 19 dana
Sounds like investing in crypto
Garth Vader
Garth Vader Prije 21 dan
*Warns people about pyramid schemes* *Encourages people to participate in the "right kind" of pyramid scheme* (at the end)
Mário Prije 21 dan
If it sounds like a pyramid scheme, it's a pyramid scheme, *especially* if they tell you it's not a pyramid scheme.
BPNave Prije 21 dan
Should have said "free of charge" at the end to really nail down the point that they were parodying pyramid schemes.
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Yeonmi Park claimed on Gofundme she set account for another North Korea Defector a single mother with her 3 years old the photo was blurred she lied so much she could made a fake account with fake photos the photo been photoshopped. A smear campaign against North Korea and China Government she is a compulsive liar pathological liar misleading misinformation fraudulent she have a donation on her account on her site as well. Who know how much she made get interviewed by mostly conservative.
Stop Fake Korean Defectors BS
Is Yeonmi Park a pyramid Scheme but she is a fraud she recutting people into her lying books and interviews she was on Ted as well deceiving manipulative people.
Prije 22 dana
17 year old Domics would of needed this.
Jet Prije 22 dana
Juraj Visnjic
Juraj Visnjic Prije 23 dana
Dwain Osborne
Dwain Osborne Prije 25 dana
4:41 sounds like a pyramid scheme
Lookoutitsdomke Prije 26 dana
"Legitimate MLM" Does such a thing exist? They're all pyramid schemes.
Spiritual Entrepreneurs
OMG HRvid stop recommending me this BS from people who actually don't research
John Yang
John Yang Prije 27 dana
Anyone know if world financial group (WFG) is a scheme? Can someone find out for me please?
orion 2250
orion 2250 Prije 29 dana
Le vel and thrive comes to mind
Thu Trang Hoàng
Thu Trang Hoàng Prije 29 dana
I've been tricked into this before. I was quite embarrassed myself but luckily I realized early on that there was something wrong with the system. Lots of those people started praising after joining for just 2 days. I was like, ugh... not for me tho. At least I'm proud I pulled out quickly :)))
Fran Carabajal
Fran Carabajal Prije mjesec
Don't join Amway, kids.
kourtnie3609 Prije mjesec
I’ll say this about MLM: an old friend approached me not too long ago to sell amway and it took me way too long to figure out what it was about. Like I listened to 6hrs+ of prerecorded and live talks from the higher ups and I still had no clue what the company was even about. It was only once I googled it for myself (even though they explicitly told us not to google the company and “just to trust them and what they told us about the company” 🙄🙄) that I realized that it was basically the OG of legalized pyramid schemes. ALSO keep in mind that 99% of the sales people involved have to fail for the top 1% to make 6 figures+…like MLM’s are designed that way and if they weren’t they would fail. You’d be better off putting your money in a slot machine at Vegas. At least those have a 5% chance of ROI instead of the 1% with MLM’s.
Asi Asees
Asi Asees Prije mjesec
Please read Bussines school Rich daad and poor Dad "Robert Kiyosaakki"
Asi Asees
Asi Asees Prije mjesec
You don't Know what is pyramid scheme,what is network marketing, nothing know shut up mouth
DissKuss Prije mjesec
Desperate for money I almost fell for such a scheme. Thank you for this video. I'm sure that saved a lot of people
Aditya Khapre
Aditya Khapre Prije mjesec
I laughed out loud at the end 😂
Necro Mation
Necro Mation Prije mjesec
Ro G
Ro G Prije mjesec
Ted-Ed: "How to spot a pyramid scheme." Me: "Get 10 friends to pay me $20 each, and I'll teach you." 😉
Benjamin Lore
Benjamin Lore Prije mjesec
why is there elevator music in the background
Important Manager
Important Manager Prije mjesec
I saw this idea on teen titans on cartoon network BTW
runescapeskilled Prije mjesec
So the entire economy
Safir Aksel
Safir Aksel Prije mjesec
My dad just fell into a ponzi scheme. Tried to warned him but he won't listen. A few weeks later, it got exposed by the media and banned. Thank God he didn't invest that much, but still...
Bahatman Prije mjesec
Frontrow in Philippines hahhahaha!
Vignesh Prije mjesec
Ithokke aa phygicart fundakal kandal mathiyarnn
haha funny vines
haha funny vines Prije mjesec
Lol go to egypt
Aaron Prije mjesec
I was told that it's a binary system. *what on earth is that anyway?*
Cold Canadian
Cold Canadian Prije mjesec
HRvid is….
jingje kwan
jingje kwan Prije mjesec
I like the fight fire with fire
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson Prije mjesec
How to spot a pyramid scheme: “Do you want to be free from the 9-5? Do you want to earn more MONEY 💵 💵💵💵💵 so you can live your DREAM 😍😍😍😍😍life?” Anything that tells you to drop your entire life, to commit fully and burn your bridges, ignore the concerns of your loved ones and give away all your money with the “promise” of a return, is in fact, a scam and likely linked to some sort of scheme.
Ebba Prije mjesec
I lost my sister emotionally, she hated the fact I could not support her on her miracle" products company. She became someone I do know anymore. So sad!
Joel Santiago
Joel Santiago Prije mjesec
"it's not a Pyramid Scheme, it's not even a scheme per se', it's a ..........🔺 I gotta make a call" - Michael Scott
Joel Santiago
Joel Santiago Prije mjesec
Basically dudes that post on IG and Facebook motivational pics about cars, money, lions etc but never really disclose the actual company they 'work' for 🤣😂😆😆🤣
Yaro Prije mjesec
how i spot pyramid schemes (besides the obvious recruiting requirement): - you need to go to a 'talk' to learn about what you'll sell (psychological manipulation) - the person trying to sell the idea will immediately mention someone "they know" living a luxurious lifestyle from their profits (wealth fallacy)
Suren Peter
Suren Peter Prije mjesec
The way they subtly said said send this to three other people raised a flag too lol
XonX Prije mjesec
I too lazy to sell anything to anyone or to recruit people. This is my built-in defense against pyramid schemes.
Jaime Calamba Jr.
Jaime Calamba Jr. Prije mjesec
with the fake pictures of own cars and other flowering words...
Prof. Iksia
Prof. Iksia Prije mjesec
cough cough bitcoin cough cough cough
Iridescent Vampire
Iridescent Vampire Prije mjesec
Esstentail oils are a scam and a pyramid scheme.
Psycho peoples
Psycho peoples Prije mjesec
যেমন ইভ্যালি🤷‍♂️
Roberix Prije mjesec
zaakknight Prije mjesec
Still, don't get the difference between multi level marketing and a pyramid scheme
Rowell Garcia
Rowell Garcia Prije mjesec
Carl Poppa
Carl Poppa Prije mjesec
axie infinity
Chris L
Chris L Prije mjesec
Kinda ended this vid like s pyramid scheme
永恒的中国 Prije mjesec
Worlds biggest ponzy scheme is islam just convert one more person into islam and get free ticket to heaven With 72 virgins . Lots of music and full peace.
J L Prije mjesec
My sister's friend is actually is caught up in this pyramid scheme.
Daryl Wathen
Daryl Wathen Prije mjesec
4:39..... Uhm....... Why is my country's outline in this part of the video?
xxkyoxx zz
xxkyoxx zz Prije mjesec
Αλεξανδρος Μεγας
Ιn Greece this happened at 2012-2013.. Many friends suddenly remembered you .... "You should be here" they told me.. If you know what i mean😉
DanishPro Prije mjesec
So basically, a piramide scheme is fraud?
永恒的中国 Prije mjesec
Worlds biggest ponzy scheme is islam just convert one more person into islam and get free ticket to heaven With 72 virgins . Lots of music and full peace.
und_ed Prije mjesec
The best (and most honest) sales pitch I ever heard from someone trying to get me into one of these: "How would you like to get in at THE TOP of a pyramid scheme?"
Moist Prije mjesec
It's Multi-Level Marketing
Loose Screws
Loose Screws Prije mjesec
how many people have a relative who falls for there and is always trying to recruit you?
Thejazz Bro
Thejazz Bro Prije mjesec
Anyone heard of B:hip?
Habsburg Jawbreaker
Habsburg Jawbreaker Prije mjesec
2:01-2:14 made me crack up for some reason.
Max Prije mjesec
If it sounds too good to be true it propably isn’t.
raspberry447 Prije mjesec
Anyone heard of "Emporio Global"? I need help finding more about it. It's going on in many countries: Colombia, Mexico, US, and so on. They even hold Zoom meetings. Someone I know recruited almost her whole family and myself. I would appreciate any help👍🏻
Alfred Johnson
Alfred Johnson Prije mjesec
Red flag: is the company call Amway or Herbalife?
Neil McCauly
Neil McCauly Prije mjesec
I'm no advocate of vemma, however what is being shared in this video is simply not true
Nate T
Nate T Prije mjesec
If you're the type of person that needs a TED talk to not fall for pyramid schemes...........than DM me, and let me help you diversify your income👍
Nithin Kumar
Nithin Kumar Prije mjesec
Glad I didn't invest in e-biz
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