HUGE Abandoned Volkswagen Collection Found after 40 YEARS!! | 1960 VW Beetle | Turnin Rust

Turnin Rust
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Lance & Wyatt get a lead on a potential honey hole, with rumors of some Volkswagen Bugs that have been sitting for over 40 years!
Join in as we head out to see if this honey hole is a as promising as it sounds, or if it's a complete bust!
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Turnin Rust
P.O Box 865, Bogata Tx, 75417

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6. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 926
EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 Prije 4 sati
jsprag8054 Prije 20 sati
VWs cool and all but those are buckets of rust and plenty of them around in much better condition. What you paid the tree men was much more than those cars are worth.
miraxell Prije 21 sat
Where i can watch the restorations of them?
Raul Wasaby Carrion
Does this guys Fox the Cars ir just Buy them ?? I Will like to see a vídeo fixing them
Mark Collins
Mark Collins Prije dan
The tree trimmer's are gonna charge more than they paid for the VW's !
meliketrolleys Prije 2 dana
first car was a 63 VW with a sun roof. Loved that car! Love your Jesus T shirt.
Packy Prije 2 dana
Turnin Rust is a class operation. Gave the man his money plus. Straight up..... Blessings.
armando patane
armando patane Prije 2 dana
What’s another dent guys f#*** that fender drag it
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Prije 2 dana
Mark Collins
Mark Collins Prije 2 dana
Man, the vw thing alone is worth more than 750 !
resuohmas Prije 3 dana
I want that 1980 ford dang it's mint !!!
M M Prije 3 dana
Wonder what is in the jug...
James McCullough
James McCullough Prije 5 dana
Damn, your videographer is good. Mixing sucked, but the video was excellent!
Cuba Monier
Cuba Monier Prije 5 dana
Hi. Thanks for the videos. question. you recover them to sell them restored or sell them as they are. In what state are you. I am cuban. I love old cars. All old cars have their charms. Good job to recover those cars. someone could restore them and put them on the streets ... thanks for that job.
Joseph Suva
Joseph Suva Prije 6 dana
nice old car a great car of the oldiest....
Sharon Wiley
Sharon Wiley Prije 6 dana
How in the world did somebody leave those car in the lot for fourty year it is don't make no sense ok but you did a very good job anyway ok god bless you for showing us those old car is very valve that nobody know about that as soon as you get a chance to restore those will be as beautiful when fix it up just right ok I have a very good vision how it will look like ok peace of mind ok
Happy Hippie US Army
I would love the thing
Happy Hippie US Army
you still got that Jetta?
FODHS Prije 8 dana
The Maverick was not thought of as a good car in its day.
im batman
im batman Prije 8 dana
47:05 whats that cool tune please anyone know?
Jimmy Spangler
Jimmy Spangler Prije 8 dana
Can't wait to see some more on what you guys do with these!
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson Prije 9 dana
that pickup would get you at least to road violation tickets in Wisconsin just for cross'n the state line.
Vivette s
Vivette s Prije 9 dana
The first V. W. was in pretty bad shape.
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson Prije 10 dana
It's nearly therapeutic listening to you guys chew the fat. I grew up in the midwest but moved to a 'big city' (Phoenix) after high school. I miss the mannerisms, drawl, and uh, natural goodness of rural America. You know, where smiles and waves are taken at face value.
Marcello Bruffinton
Marcello Bruffinton Prije 11 dana
Love Yah Tee-shirt JESUS JESUS JESUS
Moynul Islam
Moynul Islam Prije 11 dana
my time west
Moynul Islam
Moynul Islam Prije 11 dana
Donnie Gray
Donnie Gray Prije 11 dana
got more $$$ than they have good sense. Never seen anything like it! GEEZE
frits duwel
frits duwel Prije 11 dana
next time a forklift
Christer Albäck
Christer Albäck Prije 11 dana
I love the dogs in this video. ❤️
EVCarGuy Prije 12 dana
Guys! New subscriber today. It's so refreshing to see a video by "car guys" where every 3rd word isn't a curse word. Thanks so much!
Jay Luceno
Jay Luceno Prije 12 dana
Bring back life to the past god speed.
1618RSP Prije 12 dana
can you restore the tree that you cut down?
lenny108 Prije 13 dana
how can they keep these cars for forty years on their lawn?
M Y Prije 15 dana
Jude Williams
Jude Williams Prije 15 dana
Superb filming 👌
isunamitch Prije 15 dana
What's the first car on the right hand side @1:10:23 ???
Turnin Rust
Turnin Rust Prije 15 dana
Ford Fairlane
Alan Wann
Alan Wann Prije 15 dana
I must compliment you on this video,I have enjoyed this.
Rodrigo Lozano
Rodrigo Lozano Prije 17 dana
Mavericks And Beetle are most popular in Brazil....🇧🇷
Richard Worden
Richard Worden Prije 17 dana
I love the tye dye look of the bug you all pulling out at 34:13 .
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson Prije 17 dana
The next time you move vehicles, I hope you use your heads for something besides wearin your caps backwards
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson Prije 17 dana
I have a question. Why didn't you morons just put temporary tires on those bugs just to move them? You surely do like to do things the hard way don't you.
Hippie Chic
Hippie Chic Prije 18 dana
I hope you make some video's when you do those vehicles up.
Mike deAngelo
Mike deAngelo Prije 18 dana
Volkswagen beetles make the best trikes
Mike deAngelo
Mike deAngelo Prije 18 dana
Volkswagen beetles make the best trikes
benjdymond Prije 19 dana
Wow. I have never seen a Volkswagen Thang
Chris Stokes
Chris Stokes Prije 20 dana
VW fans from all over. Will be watch this and loving every part you guys dig out. great to watch thanks
Mauro Villegas
Mauro Villegas Prije 20 dana
Did u ever fix thAt Jetta coupe ?
Mauro Villegas
Mauro Villegas Prije 20 dana
I love vws and I would love to see this run !! Also are u willing to sell it ? I’m also in Texas
Turnin Rust
Turnin Rust Prije 20 dana
We have plans to get the engine running! Probably not restoring it, not our style but it would be sweet to get that diesel goin!
toot tall
toot tall Prije 21 dan
There is very little you can't get for VW bugs NOS or aftermarket. Only question is money. They are getting to be worth more than they used to be, still you can't spend a lot to rebuild one unless you plan on keeping and using it. Oh, the world record for swapping out VW engines with hand tools is like 90 seconds So it shouldn't be a problem to swap motors in and out. Pans can be had, but that's a heck of a job. However, if you or anyone else is going to rebuild you keep them bone stock. Bone stock VW's are super rare now, in running condition. I went to a car show some years ago, (not too many) of all the hot rods and classics at the show, a bone stock bug got all the attention... actually it was the first unmolested one I'd seen since... the 70's I think.
Carlos  Olave
Carlos Olave Prije 21 dan
Traducción a spanglish pliss
swiftangel88 Prije 21 dan
Love that you paid him a little extra, even at $1,000, still a great deal. God Bless.
Bobbytigerboy Prije 22 dana
Hold up. Did he sell it for $750 or $7,500? Either way its a deal but $750 is a steal.
Jonathan Presly
Jonathan Presly Prije 23 dana
29:42 Your camera guy should be careful about stepping over winch cables under tension. You never know when something may fail. Be it the cable or something on those old cars. Could really get hurt.
Mark Foster
Mark Foster Prije 23 dana
Major hard work but you guys will make the vw beautiful again Marco from Australia
AshYo Prije 23 dana
You don't have to quote yourself but kk.
Darryl Goben
Darryl Goben Prije 24 dana
Dear God dealing with Southern man I'd rather just shoot my f****** self
firebird14420 Prije 25 dana check this one out!!
Paul Aspen
Paul Aspen Prije 26 dana
That ‘60 ragtop 🙌 I have a restored ‘63 ragtop. Hope you save it
Andra Buddy
Andra Buddy Prije 27 dana
But it'cool video ❤️👍
Robert Pierson
Robert Pierson Prije 27 dana
Well, when are you going to do some restoring?
Sabith Fatha
Sabith Fatha Prije 28 dana
1962 VW BEETLE IS MY favourite car man i love it forever❤️❤️❤️
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