Human Blood vs. Snake Venom!

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On this episode, get ready for PART TWO of our epic Venom vs. Blood adventure! Coyote and the crew are in DeLand, Florida at the Reptile Discovery Center, and after they've assisted with snake milking, Coyote is ready.. to mix his blood with SNAKE VENOM! What will happen when Coyote combines his own BLOOD with snake VENOM?! Watch now to find out!
Big thank you to the Reptile Discovery Center and owner Carl Barden and Mara for having us! Planning a visit to DeLand, Florida? Visit the Reptile Discovery Center! Head to their website for more information:
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13. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 80
Noobnation YT
Noobnation YT Prije sat
Strong mens scared by two things in this universe.. 1st. Women 2nd. Needle 😐
john pascal
john pascal Prije 2 sati
Is he acting or is he experiencing real pain during the blood extraction
spammer comander
spammer comander Prije 2 sati
Please do something on oscar fish there crazy please and thanks I subscribed
Vishal Biswas
Vishal Biswas Prije 3 sati
Pagal puddi experiment
Shadrow Prije 4 sati
Ye I rather animals bite me than take a needle also I'm not even kidding I'm scared of needles
Elijah Chambers
Elijah Chambers Prije 4 sati
You share my fear of needles!
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck Prije 4 sati
I'm coyote peterson Be brave stay wild we'll see you in the next adventure
seth engel
seth engel Prije 5 sati
i hate needles
Sneha Singhi
Sneha Singhi Prije 5 sati
How do you handle all this man. I am scared and freaking out just by looking at it. You are amazing
Lawrence Cacananta
Lawrence Cacananta Prije 5 sati
Like:yes if u got a shot on hand that's a vaccine Comment: no if no
JayFit Vlogs
JayFit Vlogs Prije 5 sati
Damn, this is scary!
Floppy Prije 5 sati
That squeal when the needle come out tho, lol
Unicorn Cupcake
Unicorn Cupcake Prije 5 sati
The venom looks like 7up or sun drop
Jaden Jacobs
Jaden Jacobs Prije 5 sati
Man thats alot of cayote in that tube
Anaya sharief
Anaya sharief Prije 5 sati
It is soooo scary.
ILLUMINATI Clapz Prije 6 sati
He went ahhhhhh
Austume vlawgs
Austume vlawgs Prije 7 sati
Im just wondering what will happen if snake got bitten by itself
SkinnyxThings Prije 7 sati
the sound at 3:22 thoo
TryT channel
TryT channel Prije 7 sati
I feel sick when u got injection
IamSatoo Prije 7 sati
Note: It usually does more damage. Remember he already has venom and poison in his blood.
JK Prije 7 sati
I thought he was gonna inject the venom into his blood
Fur GAMER Prije 7 sati
At least me and him have something in common
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez Prije 7 sati
On one of his videos : I dont do good with needles *gets bitten by the worst insects alive*
Metha Prije 7 sati
Who'd have thought Cayote's weakness would be needles lol
Allira Pritchard
Allira Pritchard Prije 8 sati
With the needle lol
planetpma Prije 8 sati
i’ve had blood drawn every month since i was 12. i love it. why are people so scared lol
joba Clayton
joba Clayton Prije 8 sati
This dude is being extra for no reason
Bouncy Boy
Bouncy Boy Prije 8 sati
You should get a bite from a hagfish
Dean • Suarez
Dean • Suarez Prije 8 sati
So Ty from dude perfect is really a wild man
Aruna Selvaraj
Aruna Selvaraj Prije 8 sati
Anyone know how they feed the snakes which are kept in boxes?!
Kaleigh Adkins
Kaleigh Adkins Prije 8 sati
he looks like my social studies teacher
Littlest Huffler
Littlest Huffler Prije 9 sati
Coytoe just mix red yellow you didn't have to do this.
Nikos Demiris
Nikos Demiris Prije 9 sati
Like my comment if you clicked on the video for a specific second 😂
CANISTILDO • Prije 9 sati
I mean, you're handling laboratory specimens and you're not wearing lab equipment like gloves and lab coats or maybe a face shield, it's dangerous. Maybe wear gloves at least. It's just my concern.
Hope Wonderland
Hope Wonderland Prije 10 sati
i felt this 😫
qura Prije 10 sati
Next video: What happens when all your blood turns into snake venom
Saleem Saleem
Saleem Saleem Prije 10 sati
All are talking about the needle pain..Lol
naruto uzamaki2
naruto uzamaki2 Prije 10 sati
How does he have a worse reaction to a needle then a poisonous snake 😂
pushkar Sarkar
pushkar Sarkar Prije 10 sati
From now on I will be afraid of orange juice 🙂
Green Screen Madness
Green Screen Madness Prije 10 sati
How the hell are you still alive?!
number 1 mr beast fan
number 1 mr beast fan Prije 10 sati
Forbidden Gatorade
JAYDON ROLAND Prije 10 sati
HoW iS hE nOt DeAd?!?
Montana Tatum
Montana Tatum Prije 10 sati
Fun fact #1 snake venoms will not hurt you unless it’s in your bloodstream. One could even drink it.
Chidoridrop -_WTB
Chidoridrop -_WTB Prije 11 sati
Coyote: Dont try to kill Snakes SHOVEL: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!
J u s t S u n f l o w e r s
why do people put snakes in those small trays? And call that they’re “Home?” I think they should have at least a medium cage.
Hanna Seay
Hanna Seay Prije 11 sati
When I was younger I stepped on a cottonmouth ,but lucky i wasn’t exposed to very much venom. One of the hospitals didn’t know it was a snake bite and sent me home with it in my blood stream. That caused my body naturally fight off the poison.
Angelica Esparza
Angelica Esparza Prije 11 sati
Your very very brave to do that
It's me SVB
It's me SVB Prije 11 sati
This is in my recommendation and I can't even see blood. But I do wanna know what would happen
Carty man
Carty man Prije 12 sati
Sub to Cartyman PLZZ
Artsie_draws Prije 12 sati
Bro I hate how over exaggerated this Chanel is I’ve gotten my blood drawn and didn’t even flinch and I’m 14 💀
GAMER OF HELL Prije 12 sati
You are crazy
Cadelyn Himes
Cadelyn Himes Prije 12 sati
I am 12 and I have had to get my blood drawn since I was 3 every six weeks
ZTplug Prije 12 sati
Alot of blood loss
B4C0N7R4P Prije 12 sati
You hate blood? It keeps you going
B4C0N7R4P Prije 12 sati
Why he is he so scared of a pin in his arm it a hundred times not worse than getting bit by thousand ants
El Pollo Loco
El Pollo Loco Prije 12 sati
Coyote: *lets venomous insects bite him* Also coyote: *is scared of a needle* Bruh
Suri Knox
Suri Knox Prije 12 sati
He tells us to not intentionally mess with snakes like these and stuff but uhh if I see any type of snake even if it’s the smallest in the world I’m in a different state faster than you can blink
regale chhangte
regale chhangte Prije 12 sati
He is not death yet, how is that even possible😪
Noah Alexander
Noah Alexander Prije 13 sati
he already tried it cause he said does it turn into jelly
red faced tomato
red faced tomato Prije 13 sati
you like one of my fav youtubers your amazing i stoped waching you for like 3 years and i should it have your amazing you so cool you like alot of stuff i like so if you read this ily so much and you sort of look like my dad its not bad but when i just saw you i thought of that lol
Eric Pereira
Eric Pereira Prije 13 sati
I had to do it but it didn’t hurt but I had to take ten files of my blood
JailSafe Prije 13 sati
I need a naked eye counter
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown Prije 13 sati
Is it true that if u get bit by a venomous and I suck it out and drink it will fight it's self
Masterkaizer _101
Masterkaizer _101 Prije 13 sati
Topest Snake venom Vs Corona virus
Masterkaizer _101
Masterkaizer _101 Prije 13 sati
goku's weakness is needles XD saitama's weakness is more funnier playing video games hahahaha😂😂😂 op guys weak at funny things
ZombifiedBuizel Prije 14 sati
Whenever I get my blood drawn I'm occasionally asked if I'm afraid of needles or squeamish of blood because I turn my head. The answer is no. Blood doesn't bother me nor do needles. I don't like needles but I'm not afraid of them. I dislike pain. I found that if I don't look it doesn't hurt as much.
gloom gril
gloom gril Prije 14 sati
Getting your blood drawn feels very very wired but it does not hurt tho
Skyanne Byrd
Skyanne Byrd Prije 14 sati
Phlebotomists entering the chat like "There's an additive in that tube that makes your blood clot Coyote" lmfao.
Petra DiMarco Davila
Petra DiMarco Davila Prije 14 sati
Get bitten by 4 non venomous snakes
Game King 66
Game King 66 Prije 14 sati
How did you not get copyrighted
Lorelei Taber
Lorelei Taber Prije 15 sati
Getting stung bit burned no problem getting blood drawn scared to death
Era Lancaster
Era Lancaster Prije 15 sati
And two of those (copperhead and cottonmouth) are very common here in Northern Virginia😓I go to a creek by my house and hiking in the woods and they both have those, I’ve lived here 16 years and haven’t ever seen one of either but I know people who have found copperheads in their garages and basements, scary stuff
Tammy Wilkie
Tammy Wilkie Prije 15 sati
It makes me jump through ur screen just to drink ur blood
Luisiana Avila
Luisiana Avila Prije 15 sati
In the the name of Me:JES- *SCIENCE!* Me: *awkard silence...*
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Prije 15 sati
Him scared of drawing a little blood: “AAAHH” my dad donating a pint of blood: reading “eats cookie”
Lazy lesbian
Lazy lesbian Prije 15 sati
I had 3 of those needles in the same HOUR when I was 12 I had 2 adult ones then they realized that they weren’t using the right one 😅 and then I had a few other ones for test. Kids don’t have seizures they aren’t fun and stay healthy.
syaadl Prije 15 sati
I think it'd be more interesting if the observation is done through a microscope but anyway cool video
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Prije 15 sati
The dislikes are the insane people that actually wanted him to get bitten by a snake
RoseyIsabella365 365
RoseyIsabella365 365 Prije 15 sati
He could have just gotten a girl and made her go to the bathroom at a serving time of the month 😂
Kyla And The Payne
Kyla And The Payne Prije 15 sati
cArL 𓆙
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