I Added 1 TRILLION People To Earth! | Solar Smash

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I Added 1 Trillion People To Earth in solar smash gameplay | The Frustrated Gamer is back for more solar smash update gameplay! See what happens when I unlock the secret solar smash cube planet and boost the population of Earth to 1 Trillion people! Solar Smash game is a mobile universe sandbox game where you can cause space destruction! If you enjoy this universe simulation game and would like to see more let me know! Let's play solar smash with The Frustrated Gamer!

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29. Srp 2021.



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Komentari 2 475
The Frustrated Gamer
Thanks again to Vessi! Click and use code "TFG" for $25 off your Vessi shoes!
Shams Haider
Shams Haider Prije 11 dana
Brandon please make a blue planet
Anton Musin
Anton Musin Prije 22 dana
z0mb13_vxmpyr Prije mjesec
@Ryans little place no he is not look at the top it says im first
Ryans little place
Ryans little place Prije mjesec
@z0mb13_vxmpyr no he is @Maxwell games
Coireall EKLADIOUS Prije mjesec
@Maxwell games ye
Абхишек Упадхье
9:20 that's a gamma ray bro
Абхишек Упадхье
2:00 yeah but how the hell are ya gonna wash it
 coin rich
coin rich Prije 2 dana
If you get the gas canon and on the gas giants they take forever to regenerate
diyana mahmud
diyana mahmud Prije 5 dana
Make black hole collided with another black hole
117 C I Nurain Khondokar
nice vdieo
azmain sadat azan
azmain sadat azan Prije 9 dana
Great video keep it up bro your solar smash contents are cool and great
Anil Kumar Ubbarapu
Anil Kumar Ubbarapu Prije 9 dana
The max poplution is 103b people
Caleb Isles David
Caleb Isles David Prije 11 dana
he just go to the beach and test it but you can literally use your bathtub or shower
puja saluja
puja saluja Prije 13 dana
Hello 👋 was your birthday dear
Marianne Mollerud
Marianne Mollerud Prije 14 dana
Shut UP silly man
NEER KANERIYA Prije 14 dana
Brandon I dubed 102 billion people😵😱.
dad 👨and lonnie
dad 👨and lonnie Prije 14 dana
100 billion in-store smash population
黄民 Prije 14 dana
mercery is 3 times smaller than earth。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。
黄民 Prije 14 dana
solar smashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Nikko Chan
Nikko Chan Prije 15 dana
Bombard america with the luftwaffe(german bombers)
Kendrick Kuan
Kendrick Kuan Prije 15 dana
play roblox
The good channel
The good channel Prije 16 dana
lukenotfound Prije 20 dana
I made my whole planet ground and I put max population in every every where there was ground
Silvia Avdala
Silvia Avdala Prije 21 dan
brandon, the heck man we are not making a vlog we are making a video of solar smash not talking about vessi shoes
Johny Kanta
Johny Kanta Prije 22 dana
I got 103 B 456 M people in my East!!
Wyndell Natnat
Wyndell Natnat Prije 23 dana
Frank cash chi
DeepaPrakash Ranganathan
Put a black hole at saturn
Rithvik K
Rithvik K Prije 28 dana
Geverson Martins Sarno
102 b
Khalil Xandree
Khalil Xandree Prije 29 dana
btw branded saturn dosent have population but when use the speed of light laser pep died in saturn or population
pro_dust_sans_bg Prije 29 dana
👎👎 sorry
Dibyanshu Dutta animations
Brandon make cube earth a lava cube
lanky box games justinCano
Play roblox wacky wizards and make potion but there a boss but it call boss bean
epic Prije mjesec
I shot a lot of gos cannons and put it in my wallpaper and it’s majestic
zein Prije mjesec
Tord mod
Timothy Jacob Magat
Timothy Jacob Magat Prije mjesec
If you freeze the intire regular earth and becomes ice planet
norazrina rameli
norazrina rameli Prije mjesec
the gauss cannon is named as coilgun that's all the frustrated gamer also your videos always brigten up my day!
Kenn's Kids TV
Kenn's Kids TV Prije mjesec
Brandon 53b Kindly Keyin 103b Keyin is the winner
Sam Prije mjesec
Try to get black holes to Saturn it will shrink smaller
Kool dude........ .nin.....
Abhinavtej Pilli
Abhinavtej Pilli Prije mjesec
103 billon people on earth
Nicola Marshall
Nicola Marshall Prije mjesec
My score 123456789k
Lionel Xaviel Villar
Minecraft earth
Aloshy Alanazi
Aloshy Alanazi Prije mjesec
The most people I got on the plane it is 100billion
Ryan texas
Ryan texas Prije mjesec
Brandon go to the system smash and shoot the lazer at the sun after that shoot the ice lazer at the sun
william ef tv
william ef tv Prije mjesec
HF ANIMATION Prije mjesec
make the planet from avatar the last airbender
james francis Del rosario
how did you got that update i got solar smash to
Bfamily.T Prije mjesec
Brandon the gear if you click it you can save And load it
Leandry Xyrx Alabado
lol he vaporised india and sri lanka
nilantha Amugodage
nilantha Amugodage Prije mjesec
Go to the flat 🌍 and get the octopus fly The sun until it,s gone look at flat 🌍 in a angle
Carrie Cmccharness
Carrie Cmccharness Prije mjesec
Why is there so much viewers but not a lot of subs or likes Please subscribe to frustrated gamer or I’ll delete your fortnight account
Carrie Cmccharness
Carrie Cmccharness Prije mjesec
That is a threat
Nooob Tran
Nooob Tran Prije mjesec
Not the cannon
Nooob Tran
Nooob Tran Prije mjesec
Shoot the lazer beam thing at it
Michelle Cler
Michelle Cler Prije mjesec
Brandon you csn destroy the moon and the sun with the laser or the cannon in the secret flat world
janoo m
janoo m Prije mjesec
[UNKNOWN] Prije mjesec
I actually got 100 bill
SAFEENA VK Prije mjesec
The solar smash didn't updated
SAFEENA VK Prije mjesec
I like this game
Indira Logan
Indira Logan Prije mjesec
I done turn cube world into ice cube
Shebang Roque
Shebang Roque Prije mjesec
Hadif Ziqri
Hadif Ziqri Prije mjesec
Brandon can you go to system smash and make jupiter eat every planet in the solar system
Alicia Harran
Alicia Harran Prije mjesec
Taposh Adhikary
Taposh Adhikary Prije mjesec
My name is not my name is so Rable c
sehaj the God vlogger
Brandon its vegan no you can't eat it Me I'm not dumb man
Turtle Prije mjesec
Okay I have made a planet ENTIRELY full of people and the max is 103B... Amazing how bright it is
Cora Reef
Cora Reef Prije mjesec
It’s called solar smasher
Kagawa Learn
Kagawa Learn Prije mjesec
Jeff Proksch
Jeff Proksch Prije mjesec
its gosss cannon its like gozzzz cannon
Lolomg9292 Prije mjesec
I got mine to 102b people
Matthew Santos
Matthew Santos Prije mjesec
Me too
PRO. SNIPERER 2 Prije mjesec
brandon i am playing this ganeme
jose Ang
jose Ang Prije mjesec
Prije mjesec
Congrats for 1M subs
Farish Danial
Farish Danial Prije mjesec
Earth is the moon
Eli Mihalic
Eli Mihalic Prije mjesec
My plan it was 59b 40m
Aj61406 Prije mjesec
Ahmanieee Cagatin
Ahmanieee Cagatin Prije mjesec
Brandon The Update Came Out On My Tablet!
ภาคภูมิ สิงห์ทอง
32billions fragment when i killed
ภาคภูมิ สิงห์ทอง
I have 31B humans in my earth
Pranthan Prije mjesec
my population was 103 billon by the way this is the max pepol you can get😎
AqUa_rOcK Prije mjesec
What but when I tried to add 1t to earth
Ronley Tan
Ronley Tan Prije mjesec
Use the gas can in Jupiter or Saturn and look up how many deaths or lives
Lamia Sherif
Lamia Sherif Prije mjesec
Can you explode kuwait becuse i live in kuwait
Lamia Sherif
Lamia Sherif Prije mjesec
K canucks block chord because I have often
Hunter Uzong
Hunter Uzong Prije mjesec
I added 101 blillion people to my planet
new gaming
new gaming Prije mjesec
You are you need to try this one more time stop the time and suit millions of times then remove start the time and look what the planet will smaller and smaller
Natan Sokolowski
Natan Sokolowski Prije mjesec
There is a update in solar smash 2
Magic Eye
Magic Eye Prije mjesec
Wtf hold on a freken sec when you turned Saturn and Jupiter into cheese 🧀 it says you killed 7b people 😳
Josephine Gyaltsen
Josephine Gyaltsen Prije mjesec
I don't know maybe I gave 17,000 if you did that
Josephine Gyaltsen
Josephine Gyaltsen Prije mjesec
Brandon there's another Island that despond why you posed to delete that
gustt4k Prije mjesec
1 xettilion
gustt4k Prije mjesec
I love the fustraded gamer
gustt4k Prije mjesec
I triyed to ad peaple in de tini aisland den de population be 945m
gustt4k Prije mjesec
Hey brandon im am brazillian so i cant spell dat much
Shawkat Khan
Shawkat Khan Prije mjesec
U should try to freeze the magma part of the flat 🌎 earth
Lennox and max
Lennox and max Prije mjesec
I thought it was called bessy
Lavyansh Chawla
Lavyansh Chawla Prije mjesec
my was 1.6 trilian
Lavyansh Chawla
Lavyansh Chawla Prije mjesec
try to make the moon #
Issiah Lopez
Issiah Lopez Prije mjesec
I seen A Easter egg from ocarina of time
Arnav Kalash
Arnav Kalash Prije mjesec
I got to 3.4 trillion people
Omega FNF
Omega FNF Prije mjesec
😚this is for whistling
Chinta durga
Chinta durga Prije mjesec
i like to see you survive minecraft dragon mod in 100 day
BIKINI LIFE HACK!! 😱 - #Shorts
OMG! How foxy they are! #Shorts